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Assassins Creed 2 Walkthrough (PC) - game.cheats

Assassins Creed 2 Walkthrough (PC)
images - Assassins Creed 2 Walkthrough (PC) Newest pictures
Set in 2012, the player controls Desmond Miles who has escaped
from Abstergo Industries with fellow employee, Lucy Stillman.
Desmond was initially forced to enter "the Animus," a machine
that helps him to relive the genetic memories of his ancestor
Altaïr ibn La-Ahad. After escaping, Desmond enters a more
advanced version of the machine to relive additional memories
of another ancestor, the nobleman Ezio Auditore da Firenze,
who lived during the Renaissance period of late fifteenth century
During the reliving of Desmond's genetic memories, the player
controls Ezio, who becomes an Assassin after his father and
brothers are murdered by a traitor to the Auditore family. While
controlling Ezio, the player is able to explore game renditions of
Italian cities, regions and landmarks in open world gameplay.
Additional skills available in this release are the ability to swim
and eagle vision, which allows the player to identify landmarks
and specific people. Leonardo da Vinci is an aquaintance of Ezio
and assists him by creating new weapons from codex pages
that Altair left for future assassins. The player also has the
opportunity to play with Leonardo's flying machine, based on
the original plans designed by da Vinci.
Assassin's Creed 2 Walkthrough Introduction
1. Follow Lucy to the Animus.
2. Have a seat inside to trigger a cutscene.
3. Press the buttons as directed to make Ezio kick and
4. Wait for Lucy to pull you out and direct you to chase her.
5. Hold the run button and follow Lucy through the
6. Let Lucy take care of the enemies.
7. Keep running until you get to the room with the narrow
cubicle walkways.
8. Continue to follow closely behind Lucy.
9. Stop as soon as Lucy stops.
10. Use your eagle vision to get through the locked door.
11. Find yourself in a garage full of guards.
12. Press the punch button to take out the guards one at a
13. Clear the area to trigger a cutscene that leads you to
Lucy's secret hideout.
14. Follow Lucy upstairs to a room.
15. Speak with each of the characters in the room.
16. Explore the remainder of the compound slowly.
17. When you are finished, walk up to the Animus and sit
down to begin the first mission.

Mission 1: Boys Will Be Boys
1. As enemies approach, lock onto them to put up your
guard and block attacks.
2. To counter attack, hold up your guard and press the
attack button.
3. Take care of the first group to trigger the arrival of the
4. Continue to use the same strategy until a cutscene
5. Loot the unconscious bodies for money.
6. Once you have collected 200 florins, the mission ends.
Mission 2: You Should See the Other Guy
1. Talk to Federico.
2. Lock onto him while holding the two free-run buttons to
chase him to the doctor.
3. Approach the doctor wearing the odd mask.
4. Give him the 200 florins to patch you up.
Mission 3: Sibling Rivalry
1. Accept Federico's challenge to a race to the top of the
2. Run up the face of the building.
3. Get to the white wisp finish line before Federico to end the
Mission 4: Nightcap
1. Walk to the glowing view point at the top of the tower.
2. Synchronize it to complete part of the map.
3. Take a leap of faith from the tower into the haystack to
trigger a cutscene.
4. Jump from the pile of hay.
5. Follow the target on your map to Cristina's window.
6. Watch for guards indicated by red dots on the radar and
red arrows in the game.
7. Avoid them.
8. Proceed to the base of Cristina's window.
9. Climb up to trigger a cutscene.
10. Run from the guards until the radar stops glowing red.
11. Locate a hiding spot indicated in blue on your radar to
end the mission.
Mission 5: Paperboy
1. Find the exclamation point on your map to locate Ezio's
father, Giovanni.
2. Agree to deliver the letter for him to trigger the
appearance of a new radar target.
3. Run towards the target.
4. Keep an eye on the ever watchful guards.
5. TIP: Traveling on the rooftops will eliminate the need to
worry about the guards.
6. Keep following the target to the man on street level.
7. Approach the man indicated to trigger a cutscene.
8. Follow your new order to return to GIovanni once the
cutscene is finished.
9. Run back along the rooftops to avoid being detected.
10. Return to Giovanni's residence.
11. Find the door highlighted in white.
12. Open the door to end the mission.
Mission 6: Beat A Cheat
1. Locate Claudia.
2. Speak with her for your next assignment: Claudia wants
you to teach a lesson to her unfaithful boyfriend Duccio,
the cheat, and provides you with his location.
3. Proceed across town.
4. Approach Duccio's location to trigger a short cutscene.
5. To take him out quickly, grab Duccio and throw him to
the ground.
6. Begin kicking while he is on the ground.
7. After he has been beaten for a while, Duccio will run
away and end the mission.
Mission 7: Petruccio's Secret
1. Locate Petruccio and talk to him to get this next mission:
to gather three feathers for him.
2. NOTE: Each of the three feather locations is indicated on
your map.
3. TIP: There is a limited amount of time allowed to
complete this mission successfully.
4. Locate the nearest feather map marker.
5. TIP: All three feathers are located on rooftops.
6. Climb up to the nearest rooftop.
7. Run to the first feather across the rooftops.
8. Once you have gathered the first feather, collect the
second and third in the same fashion.
9. After you have picked up the third feather, the timer
10. Make your way to Petruccio's door, indicated on the map
as soon as you have gathered the third feather.
11. Knock on the door to end the mission.
Mission 8: Friend of a Friend
1. Locate Maria, Ezio's mother.
2. Follow her for an errand.
3. NOTE: Be patient. Maria moves slowly. Lock on to her so
that you do not lose her in the crowd.
4. Once she arrives at Leonardo Da Vinci's location, a
cutscene is triggered.
5. As soon as the cutscene ends, pick up the small chest on
the ground.
6. Lead Leonardo and Maria to the target that is now
displaying on your map.
7. Once you reach the target, drop the chest in the swirling
light to end the mission.
Mission 9: Special Delivery
1. Locate Giovanni for your next few missions.
2. First accept a series of letter deliveries.
3. Locate the locations of the two deliveries on the map.
4. Run to each location.
5. Enter the light wisps to deliver each letter.
6. Each delivery will trigger a story line cutscene.
7. NOTE: The final task in the mission involves collecting a
carrier pigeon for Giovanni.
8. Once the letters are delivered, the rooftop location of the
carrier pigeon co-op will display on the map.
9. Climb to the rooftops.
10. Make your way to the carrier pigeon co-op.
11. Enter the light to complette the task and end the mission.
Mission 10: Jailbird
1. Return to Giovanni's residence.
2. Knock on the door to trigger a cutscene.
3. NOTE: Through the cutscene you learn that Giovanni has
been incarcerated. Ezio decides to visit his father in jail.
4. Proceed towards the indicated map marker.
5. TIP: Be wary as you approach the jail. Guards are
plentiful in the area and are on the lookout for you.
6. Approach the jail from the rooftops to its south.
7. Take out any archers by throwing them from the top of
the jail.
8. Continue to climb to the highest tower, Giovanni's
9. Make your way to the white wisp of light to trigger a
10. Talk to Giovanni.
11. Fall into the hay pile to end the mission.
Mission 11: Family Heirloom
1. Return to Giovanni's cell.
2. Use eagle vision to locate the hidden door.
3. Open the door.
4. Walk into the secret room.
5. Open the chest to obtain a sword and new costume.
6. Exit the room.
7. Lock onto the two guards drawing their swords and
draw your own.
8. Wait for each opponent to attack.
9. Press the block button and counter attack to take each
10. Once both guards are dead, a target displays on your
11. Proceed to the new target via the city rooftops.
12. Knock on the wispy white door to end the mission.
Mission 12: Last Man Standing
1. Trigger the final mission in the sequence.
2. Walk around the corner to the map marker to trigger a
3. Quickly climb a building once the guards begin chasing
4. Continue to race across the rooftops to lose the guards.
5. Once the guards have been lost, the mission ends.
Mission 13: Fitting In
1. Proceed to the arcade to trigger a cutscene.
2. Learn about the gameplay mechanics. They will cover:
Blending: Walk into the midst of a group of women.
The white webbing on the ground indicates you have
successfully blended. Follow Paola from the building
and practice the blending skill as she makes her way
past the guards in the area. Continue to keep her
within your sight and follow her as she circles back
around to the harem.
Stealing: Once you've arrived back at the harem,
practice pickpocketing amongst the group. After you
feel comfortable within the group, head out to try
your new skill on some city inhabitants. Pick the
pockets of five passersby and walk away. Once you
have successfully lifted change from five people, the
mission is ended.
Mission 14: Ace Up My Sleeve
1. Speak to Paola to be introduced to a new weapon.
2. Take the weapon across town to Leonardo to get it to
3. Knock on his door to trigger a cutscene.
4. Leonardo provides you with the hidden blade before
being interrupted by a guard at the door.
5. Equip the blade when the guard begins to beat Leonard.
6. Step up behind the guard.
7. Press the attack button to assassinate the guard.
8. Pick up the guard's body.
9. Carry it to Leonardo's workshop.
10. Drop the body into the white light to end the mission.
Mission 15: Judge, Jury, Executioner
1. Return to Paola for your instructions to assassinate
2. Proceed to the rooftop target on the map.
3. Once you arrive at the target, a cutscene is triggered that
displays Uberto walking into an area building.
4. Drop down from the rooftop.
5. Blend with the group of people heading towards Uberto.
6. Approach the entrance of the building and take note of
the two heavily armed guards.
7. Go around the corner of the building.
8. Locate the small group of women for hire.
9. Hire them.
10. Lead them to the guards stationed at the front door.
11. Target the guards.
12. Give the order to distract them.
13. Open the door and enter.
14. Equip your hidden blade.
15. Run up to Uberto.
16. Assassinate him to trigger a cutscene.
17. As soon as the cutscene ends, make your escape.
18. Get up to the rooftops as quickly as possible.
19. Run until you have successfully lost the guards.
Mission 16: Laying Low
1. Locate Paola for another tutorial mission in which you
learn to reduce your notoriety.
2. NOTE: Notoriety is measured by a red ring around the
icon that displays in the upper-left corner of the screen. A
full ring indicates 100% notoriety.
3. To reduce notoriety, you may either:
Remove posters from the walls of the high and low
platforms throughout the city. Locate posters on
your radar. Each one removed reduces notoriety by
25%. and each removes twenty-five percent of your
Locate a herald and pay him 500 florins to reduce
your notoriety by 50%.
Assassinate an official represented by a moving
poster icon to reduce your notoriety by 75%.
4. The mission is complete once your notoriety is reduced
to 0%.
Mission 17: Arivederci
1. NOTE: You cannot begin this mission unless your
notoriety is at 0%.
2. Begin to escort Ezio's mother Maria and his sister across
town to the city gate.
3. Avoid bumping into guards and they will not notice you.
4. Run after each checkpoint indicated on the map on your
way to the city exit.
5. NOTE: The exit is blocked by a row of guards.
6. Hire the group of ladies for hire in the area.
7. Target the guards.
8. Instruct the women to distract them so the guards let
down their defenses.
9. Lead your mother and sister through the city exit.
10. Continue to the final checkpoint outside the walls of the
city to end the mission.
Mission 18: Roadside Assistance
1. Lead Maria and your sister Claudia through the canyon.
2. Continue until a cutscene is triggered.
3. As soon as the scene ends, fight off the enemies attacking
your family until another cutscene is triggered.
4. Fight off the next batch of enemies to defend your family.
5. Once the second group is taken out, the mission ends.
Mission 19: Casa Dolce Casa
1. Follow Mario into the large villa.
2. Continue up the stairs into the home.
3. Talk to Mario before running some errands.
4. Head back to town.
5. Follow the map marker to the blacksmith.
6. Enter the shop.
7. Purchase some armor (greaves) and a dagger.
8. Leave the shop.
9. Continue down the street.
10. Locate the doctor.
11. Purchase five medicinal items to end the mission.
Mission 20: Practice Makes Perfect
1. Head outside the villa.
2. Talk to Claudia until she walks away.
3. Enter the villa.
4. Locate Mario and speak with him.
5. NOTE: Mario urges that you become trained in combat.
He teleports you to a fighting pit.
6. Complete each of the training exercises three times before
continuing to the next exercise.
7. Once you have completed training, begin fighting with
8. Defeat him and he will run away.
9. Follow the map marker to Mario's back room.
10. Speak with the man in the room to complete the mission.
Mission 21: What Goes Around
1. Head to the second floor of the villa.
2. Speak with Claudia.
3. Leave the villa.
4. Proceed to the southern end of the town.
5. Exit the town's gate.
6. Locate the horse stable outside the gate.
7. Pick out a horse and ride it southeast to the next map
8. Begin your trek to Tuscany.
9. After you arrive, locate Mario.
10. Jump from the horse once you find him.
11. Discuss accepting a mission to take out Vieri.
12. Follow Mario up the hill.
13. Climb the broken section of wall to the walkway on top.
14. Use your throwing daggers to take out the three archers.
15. TIP: Two of the archers are located on rooftops... the
third is located at the highest section of the parapet on top
of the wall.
16. Drop down inside the wall once you have taken out the
17. Find the crank that opens the gate.
18. Finish taking out the enemies just outside the gate.
19. Follow your allies into town.
20. Listen to Mario's instructions about distracting guards.
21. Proceed through the city towards the next marker, taking
out any guards in your path.
22. Find the injured soldier who informs you that Mario is in
need of assistance.
23. Continue your current course until you find Mario in the
midst of a melee fight.
24. Take out the guards.
25. Head towards Mario's next target on the rooftops at the
north side of the city to trigger a cutscene.
26. NOTE: The cutscene shows Vieri entering town and
sending his men into battle with Mario's forces.
27. Receive your instructions to assassinate Vieri.
28. Jump from the rooftop to the stairs that run up the right
side of the parapet.
29. Continue to the highest section of the parapet.
30. Locate Vieri in the midst of a group of guard.
31. Grab Vieri.
32. Toss him down onto the ground.
33. Finish him off with a killing blow to end the mission.
Mission 22: A Change of Plans
1. Talk to Mario outside the villa.
2. Follow him inside.
3. Read the letter you have received.
4. Locate Mario in his back room.
5. Speak with him to trigger a cutscene.
6. Begin retrieving four codex pages from various parts of
the villa for Mario.
7. Climb to the top of the estate.
8. Move to the view point to display all four codex page
9. Find each at the four locations displayed on the map on
the ground level.
10. Locate Claudia on the lower floor of the villa.
11. Listen to her complain about her chores.
12. Leave her to her woes.
13. Head over to the architect and discuss investing to earn
more money.
14. Decide which investments are worth making before
exiting the architect screen.
15. Head to the room to the north.
16. Talk to Mario to trigger the opening of a secret doorway.
17. Follow Mario down the stairs.
18. NOTE: Mario shows you the Altair costume. You must
locate the five hidden assassin's tombs to unlock the
Mission 23: Practice What You Preach
1. Return to Florence to meet up with Leonardo.
2. NOTE: Leonardo uses the four codices to provide you
with some new skills.
3. After completion of the cutscene, watch your map for a
marker directing you to the courtyard behind Leonardo's
4. Proceed to the courtyard to practice the three new stealth
kill skills.
Hiding Spot Kill: Hop into a pile of hay. Press
Air Assassinate Move: Head to the platform
directly over the dummy. Lock onto the dummy.
Press "assassinate."
Ledge Assassination: Climb up onto the ledge
below the upper balcony railing. Press "assassinate."
5. Once each of the new stealth kills has been practicedm
the mission ends.
Mission 24: Fox Hunt
1. At the start of the mission, you are asked to find a man in
the crowd in the village square in green on the map.
2. Use eagle vision to find the man flowing gold.
3. TIP: Guards glow red. The other inhabitants are
4. Approach the man to trigger a cutscene.
5. The man lifts your cash-filled pouch.
6. Lock on to him and give chase.
7. Keep an eye on the blue arrow for his location.
8. Keep running hard.
9. Once you are within range, press the grab button while
running to tackle him and trigger the mission ending
Mission 25: See You There
1. Begin the mission running with La Volpe.
2. Meet him at the spot above you when he stops to trigger
a cutscene.
3. La Volpe will take off as soon as the cutscene is done.
4. NOTE: You won't be able to keep up.
5. Continue after him, proceeding to his destination indicated
by the icon on the map.
6. NOTE: Move quickly along the rooftops as there is a time
7. Arrive at the destination to trigger a cutscene and end the
Mission 26: Tomb 1 - Novella's Secret
1. Follow the map marker to the underground tomb
2. Activate the skull carving on the wall.
3. Drop down.
4. Use the lever to the north to open the gate.
5. Climb into the next room.
6. Continue working your way to the map marker.
7. Leap left from the platform.
8. Grab the pole to swing to the next platform along the
9. Use one of the wooden beams at a time to leap to the
next platform.
10. Climb along the craggy rock wall to the next platform.
11. Use the lever on the back wall to open the gate in the
middle of the stairwell.
12. Jump through the passage in the center column.
13. Continue to the platform along the outer wall.
14. Turn right.
15. Swing across the next set of wooden beams to the next
16. Leap from the edge of the platform into the hole.
17. Continue to the bottom of the stairs.
18. Head to the opening to trigger a cutscene.
19. Proceed into the next room for a platforming challenge.
20. TIP: Be aware of the guards on the upper levels.
21. Head to the west side of the room.
22. Vault across the series of rocks to reach the part of the
wall you can climb.
23. Inch to the left while the guard on the left is facing in the
other direction.
24. Get to the ledge under the guard.
25. Perform a ledge assassination to take him out.
26. Pull up to the platform.
27. Find the second guard to the north.
28. When he turns away, run behind him and take him out
29. Head east.
30. Jump across the series of beams.
31. Swing from the rope to the eastern platform.
32. Pull the large lever.
33. Jump south across the hole.
34. Look to the left.
35. Cross the narrow beam.
36. Run along the wall to the overhead platform.
37. Jump to the next platform to the north.
38. Leap out to the suspended wooden block.
39. Turn south.
40. Grab the wooden pole to swing to the next solid
41. Pull the platform lever to open the double doors below.
42. NOTE: This attracts the attention of three guards who
come to investigate.
43. Move to the ledge over the haystack.
44. Wait for the guard to stop next to it.
45. Lock onto him and drop down for a silent kill.
46. Take cover in the haystack until the next guard arrives.
47. Lock on to perform a hiding spot kill.
48. Repeat the hiding spot kill with the third guard.
49. Head to the open door to the north to trigger a cutscene.
50. Chase the last remaining guard.
51. Go around the closed gate and continue to follow the
guard to the large hall.
52. Run up the stack of boxes to the right.
53. Jump into the open area of the hall.
54. Swing across the beams to continue the chase until the
next gate locks ahead of you.
55. Look right.
56. Climb to the handrail.
57. Jump the series of wooden beams.
58. Keep following the guard until the large stone door closes
behind him.
59. Climb the scaffolding to the right to confront the group of
60. Start off by fighting defensively and countering attacks
with your sword.
61. When the area is clear, continue down the hall to trigger a
62. After the cutscene, proceed down the hall.
63. Enter the room filled with treasure chests.
64. Collect the items from the chests.
65. Open the coffin.
66. Go through the door to the right of the coffin.
67. Exit onto the streets of Florence.
Mission 26: Tomb 2 - Il Duomo's Secret
Mission 27: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
1. Start the mission with the map marker.
2. Turn on eagle vision.
3. Check the green area in the street in front of the large
building to locate Lorenzi d'Medici.
4. A cutscene is triggered as soon as you spot him.
5. As soon as the cutscene completes, begin defending
6. Move near his blue arrow.
7. Ready your sword.
8. As enemies attack, stab their backs.
9. Remain near him to counter enemy attacks for quick kills.
10. Once the area is clear, begin to escort Lorenzo across
11. Continue running toward the map target with him.
12. Ignore the fighting around you.
13. Should anyone confront you directly, place yourself next
to Lorenzo and counter any incoming attacks.
14. The mission ends as soon as you arrive at your targeted
destination with Lorenzo.
Mission 28: Farewell Francisco
1. Talk to your target who informs you that Francisco is
leading an attack at a tower on the other side of town.
2. Get to the rooftops.
3. Proceed to the tower.
4. Hit the waypoint on the building overlooking the
courtyard outside the tower to trigger a cutscene.
5. Make your way to Francisco on top of the prison tower.
6. Climb the northeast corner of the building.
7. Ignore the enemy guards you run into as you climb the
8. Get to the top level.
9. Head over to the northwest corner to trigger a cutscene.
10. Take a leap of faith from the corner after Francisco.
11. Lock onto him as soon as you land.
12. Give chase.
13. Equip your hidden blade.
14. Assassinate him as soon as you are close enough to end
the mission.
Mission 29: Assassination #1 - A Day at the Market
Lorenzo explains the plot to cut off Florence's supply line. You
are tasked with assassinating a local merchant in the San Marco
district to prevent t ... read more
Four to the Floor / A Blade with Bite
1. Talk to Lorenzo.
2. Pick up another codex.
3. Take the codex to Leonardo da Vinci for translation.
Mission 30: Evasive Maneuvers
1. Return to Villa Monteriggioni.
2. Make your way to Mario's quarters.
3. Go back out to the training grounds with Mario for
another lesson.
Dodge: Catch incoming attacks with your bare
4. Execute the dodge like a regular counter attack.
5. The mission completes once you have successfully
dodged three times.
Mission 31: Behind Closed Doors
1. Locate the man in the small village northeast of the city.
2. He provides you with the details necessary to take out the
Archbishop Salviati in a small nearby compound.
3. Continue to the gate at the south wall of the compound.
4. Take out the archers on top of the walls with your
throwing knives.
5. Send your men in to take out the remaining guards.
6. Once the area is clear, climb the wall to the right of the
7. Drop down to open the gate using the draw handle inside
the compound.
8. Take out the enemies that surround you with
9. Wait for the Archbishop to join the fun.
10. You will be able to pick him out by his unique attire.
11. Counter attack him to finish him off.
12. Once he is dead, your men will join you to finish off the
remaining enemies.
Mission 32: The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk
1. Head southeast from town to the villa.
2. Your next target is at the abbey in a restricted area further
to the southeast.
3. NOTE: Even with an infamy level of zero, you will be
detected and cause trouble.
4. Continue to the abbey.
5. Head to the western side of the building furthest from the
restricted zone.
6. Climb to the top of the building.
7. Spy on the inhabitants.
8. Use eagle vision and find your target glowing gold.
9. Head to the southern perimeter.
10. Find the carriage covered with leaves.
11. Jump into cover.
12. Wait for Stefano to get to the southeast corner of the
13. When he stops, quietly jump from the leaves and take
him out form behind.
14. Leave the area.
15. Lose the guards to complete the mission.
Mission 33: Town Crier
1. Make your way to Tuscany.
2. Talk to the man in the town square at the center of town.
3. He wants you to assassinate the town crier at the top of
the tower.
4. Accept the mission.
5. Head towards the tower.
6. As you get closer to the tower, you will hear the town
crier calling.
7. Proceed to the east side of the tower.
8. Climb it.
9. Cling to the top of the platform to avoid the two guards.
10. Find the ladder leading to the spot where the crier stands.
11. When the guards move, run up to the top and
assassinate the crier.
Mission 34: Come Out and Play
1. NOTE: This is the second assasination mission.
2. Head to the south of the city.
3. Follow the map marker to the general location of
Bernardo, the assassination target.
4. Climb up to the rooftops.
5. Use eagle vision to find the target highlighted in gold.
6. Watch him repeatedly circle the market with two guards.
7. Make your way to the well in the center of the market.
8. Face south.
9. Cling to the inside of the well.
10. When Bernado approaches the edge of the well, lock
onto him for a quick kill.
11. Bernardo's death triggers a cutscene.
12. Eliminate the guards once the cutscene is finished to
complete the mission.
Mission 35: With Friends Like These
1. Begin on a rooftop overlooking the square.
2. Be sure you have zero notoriety.
3. Use eagle vision to pick out Torri del Salvucci.
4. Drop down to street level.
5. Follow him at a distance.
6. Obtain some ladies for hire to blend if need be.
7. Continue to the city limits.
8. Climb the wall using the ladder to the right as Torri makes
his way through the guards.
9. Follow him to the outdoor amphitheater.
10. Jump the wall to the left of the main entrance.
11. Once you are close enough to the target, a cutscene is
12. Fight off the guards after the cutscene finishes.
13. The stronger ones can be downed with the disarm
14. Once the area is cleared, finish off your target.
Mission 36: Road Trip
1. Locate Lorenzo and talk to him.
2. Lorenzo provides you with a Medici cape that makes you
permanently invisible to the guards.
3. Follow the map marker to Leonardo's.
4. Knock on the door to end the mission.
Mission 37: Romagna Holiday
1. Travel to the mountains.
2. Talk to Leonardo while he is fixing his wagon.
3. After talking to Leonardo, a cutscene is triggered in which
you are in control of a horse drawn wagon.
4. Rock the wagon while you steer to lose the enemy
soldiers who are trying to jump on board.
5. The wagon does have a health meter. If it sustains too
many hits, it will be damaged.
6. The middle point of the wagon ride triggers another
7. After the cutscene, you will beging taking enemy fire
from archers with flaming explosive arrows.
8. Dodge the fireballs to avoid additional wagon damage.
9. Hop off the wagon while Leonardo continues his journey.
10. Take out the awaiting group of enemies.
11. Use disarm attempts and grab and toss them to the
12. Once the area is clear, head to the waypoint to complete
the mission.
Mission 38: Tutti A Bordo
1. Transport to the city of Forli.
2. Head to the far northeast corner of the city and find
3. Before heading off with him, you need to save a nearby
woman in trouble.
4. Find the row boat at the map marker.
5. Hop on board.
6. Steer with the oar in back.
7. Row south and circumvent the corner of landing jutting
out into the water.
8. Row into the light in front of the woman.
9. Pick her up and deliver her to the light near the dock to
end the mission.
Mission 39: Intermission Holiday
1. Follow Leonardo onto the shift.
2. Hit the waypoint to travel to the future.
3. Follow Lucy to the downstairs warehouse.
4. Begin your challenge.
5. Activate eagle vision.
6. Look for the four glowing red switches: two on the upper
catwalk and two on the ground floor.
7. After hitting all four switches, locate Lucy.
8. Return with her to the Animus room for a cutscene.
9. After the cutscene, you are in Acre with control of Altair.
10. Continue moving down the road.
11. Enter the castle gate.
12. Lock onto the running figure and give chase.
13. If you lose sight of him, use eagle vision and watch for
the glowing gold.
14. Follow the figure across rooftops and onto the parapet.
15. Climb the tower at the end of the parapet and have a seat
to trigger a cutscene.
16. Leap from the tower to return to present day.
17. Move into the Animus to return to medieval Italy.
18. Climb to the small balcony halfway up the tower.
19. Proceed to the balcony railing.
20. Stand under the beam.
21. Leave the analog stick in neutral.
22. Hold the high profile button.
23. Tap jump to have Altair hop up and grab the beam.
Mission 40: Benvenuto
1. Talk to Leonardo.
2. A man escorts you and Leonardo through Venice,
highlighting many of its attractions.
3. The tour is interrupted frequently with cutscenes.
4. Hug Leonardo in the final cutscene.
Mission 41: That's Gonna Leave a Mark
1. Begin near a heavily-guarded area.
2. Follow Rosa as she runs in circles looking for her
3. Kill any guards that bother Rosa.
4. Wait for Rosa to drop to her knees.
5. Pick her up and carry her to the waypoint marker on the
6. If chased, hire some mercenaries to distract the guards.
7. At the waypoint, Rosa and a friend leave in a gondola.
8. While they are in the gondola, you need to defend them
against the archers on the buildings surrounding the
9. Cross the river by skipping over the poles to the
10. Assassinate the nearest archer by tossing him into the
11. Continue up the river.
12. Stay ahead of the gondola and intercept archers before
they can shoot Rosa and her friend.
13. Watch for red dots on the map that indicate the presence
of guards.
14. Pick up Rosa from the gondola ride.
15. Take her to a table in the hideout area to end the mission.
Mission 42: Cleaning House
1. Talk to Antonio, the head of the thieves guild to trigger a
cutscene and memory sync.
2. Speak with him again for a mission to identify and kill
3. Head north to the green area on the map to find the first
4. Use eagle vision to find the glowing gold traitor.
5. Swim underwater to the south side of the largest boat in
the water located off the docks to the north.
6. Cling to the south side of the boat.
7. Climb to the outside rear-left edge of the boat.
8. Lock onto to the traitor.
9. Quietly pull him over the edge of the boat and toss him
into the water.
10. Head south and east to the next target.
11. Use eagle vision directed at the rooftops to see him
pacing in circles.
12. Make sure he is not looking before positioning yourself
along the building ledge.
13. Wait for him to walk past and take him out with a stealth
14. Head next to the northeastern boundary of the city for the
third target.
15. Wait until he is not near.
16. Jump from the rooftops into the water.
17. Cling to the ledge below street level.
18. Wait for him to circle back.
19. Lock onto him and take him out with a stealth kill.
Mission 43: Breakout
1. Talk to Ugo standing on a rooftop in the center of the city.
2. Ugo needs you to free prisoners held captive in three
different locations in the city.
3. Head north to the first group.
4. Watch out for the guards standing in the alleyways that
surround the makeshift prison cells.
5. Infiltrate the area by the rooftops.
6. As you approach the small holding cell, a dialog between
the guards triggers.
7. Wait until most of the guards walk away, leaving you
with one single guard.
8. Drop down and assassinate him.
9. Open the door of the holding cell.
10. Expect other nearby guards to attack as you do.
11. Fight off the enemies.
12. Return to the rooftops with the freed prisoners and get
back south to Ugo.
13. Use the rooftops to get south, clearing a path as you go
by killing rooftop archers.
14. NOTE: This will make your return trip easier.
15. Head to the bottom of the courtyard.
16. Drop onto the top of the cell.
17. Lock onto the lone guard and take him out.
18. Release the prisoners.
19. Take them back to Ugo via the rooftops.
20. Head west to the last group.
21. Perform a double assassination on the two guards in
front of the holding cell.
22. Fight off the other guards who hear their alarm.
23. When the area is clear, escort the four prisoners back to
24. Avoid the water, as the prisoners will die if they fall in.
Mission 44: Monkey See, Monkey Do
1. Talk to Rosa.
2. Pay attention while her friend demonstrates a climbing
3. Cling to the wall under the scaffolding.
4. Perform a big jump upward.
5. At the peak of your jump, press the grab button to get
hold of a ledge, securing the height of your jump.
6. Perform this move a few times to reach the top of the
scaffolding and complete the mission.
Mission 45: By Leaps and Bounds
1. Meet Rosa in front of the Frari, the tall tower at the center
of town.
2. Accept her challenge to use your new climbing skill to
reach the top of the tower within a time limit.
3. Begin climbing upward.
4. Once you reach the first level of the rooftop, start clinging
to the main tower.
5. At this point you will need to use your new climbing skill.
6. Make your way to the top and synchronize.
7. Leap down to street level.
8. Talk to Rosa to end the mission.
Clothes Make the Man
1. Head to the docks.
2. Talk to a guy about looting three chests for some
3. Look at the map.
4. Head to the first chest marker to the south.
5. Drop down into the river to the west while the guards are
looking east.
6. Sneak behind them to steal the loot.
7. Continue east to the second chest outside the wall of the
8. Hire the group of thieves to the north of them.
9. Use the hired thieves to distract the guards.
10. When the guards leave in pursuit of the thieves, loot the
11. Head to the edge of the restricted area for the third chest.
12. Hire another group of thieves to go after the guards.
13. While they are busy, loot the chest.
14. Climb to the rooftops.
15. Hijack a small row boat off the dock on the other side of
the restricted area.
16. Row to the waypoint across the water to end the
Mission 46: Everything Must Go
1. Visit Antonio.
2. Accept the mission to trigger a cutscene.
3. There will be a quick time event during the cutscene.
4. Your first task is to kill five archers surrounding the
building in which Emilio is camping.
5. Head to the rooftops.
6. Locate the guards and take them out.
7. A yellow marker appears on your map.
8. Follow it to Antonio for your next objective: Kill Emilio.
9. Head east to the building where Emilio is stationed.
10. Hire some thieves to distract the guards outside the
11. Enter the gates of the compound.
12. Climb to the top of the building.
13. Reach the top to trigger a cutscene in which Emilio is on
one of the lower floors in the building.
14. Take out archers on the rooftop.
15. Drop down to one of the upper levels of the building on
the south side.
16. Take out the guard.
17. Move east from the southern platform.
18. Look down a hall of stairs for Emilio,
19. Assassinate him once he is close enough to trigger a
20. After the cutscene, talk to Rosa to complete the mission.
Mission 47: Birds of a Feather
1. Begin in the center of town.
2. Follow the enemies who meet and begin walking away
from you inconspicuously.
3. Ignore any guards who bump into you.
4. Do not react to any attempts at a fight.
5. Try to blend if they turn around and look at you.
6. TIP: Hiring a group of working ladies for this mission will
be helpful.
7. Watch the two meet with some friends in the large open
8. After this cutscene, keep following them without getting
9. Continue to hire working ladies to keep your cover.
10. Proceed to a dock to trigger a cutscene.
Mission 48: If At First You Don't Succeed...
1. Locate Rosa and Antonio.
2. Walk around the Palazzo Ducale to figure out how to
infiltrate the building.
3. Lead Antonio to the first map marker for a chat that
triggers a new map marker.
4. Run to the second marker to look around.
5. A third marker appears to the southeast.
6. The building is surrounded by a restricted zone, so go
around it.
7. Climb the tall tower for the third marker.
8. Leap from the tower and wait for Antonio.
9. Continue to the north end of the Palazzo for a fourth map
10. Avoid the restricted zone's boundaries as you go around
the western side of the Palazzo.
11. A fifth map marker guides you onto the top of the
12. Climb the northern face of the building.
13. Use the scaffolding to bridge the gap between hand
14. When you reach the top, make your way to the map
15. Hit the last waypoint to end the mission.
Mission 49: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
1. Find Leonardo's new shop in Venice.
2. Visit Leonardo.
3. Head to the rooftop with him to test the new flying
4. Play with the flight controls after the cutscene ends.
5. Once you've landed or crashed, the mission ends.
Mission 50: Well Begun is Half Done
1. In this mission you need to head to four eastern areas of
the city, to kill the heavily armored guards.
2. Continue to the nearest area.
3. Use eagle vision to find the first two guards glowing gold
standing on a bridge.
4. Stealth kill both.
5. Head to the ship in the river that runs through the city.
6. Board the ship from the water as it is a restricted zone.
7. Climb onto the side.
8. Make sure no one on deck is watching.
9. Take out the two brute guards glowing gold who are
patrolling the deck.
10. Head south and get the two brute guards on opposite
ends ot the walkway near the river.
11. Stay in the water, hanging onto the ledge of the walkway.
12. Wait for each to approach and take them out from the
13. Head north and take out the three archers on the
14. Once these three are dead, the mission is complete.
Mission 51: Infrequent Flier
1. Begin flying.
2. Pause your game.
3. Check your map for the locations of all the fires in the
4. Check the target to the far southeast. If
5. Follow the northernmost trail of fires that head east and
then north.
6. Turn south toward the Palazzo.
7. Continue to the waypoint destination at the top of the
8. Land on the roof.
9. Use eagle vision to spot the target to the north open level
a few floors down.
10. RUn around the top of the buildingm heading south and
then east.
11. Take out the three archers with silent kills.
12. Head to the northeast corner of the rooftop.
13. Climb the white northern wall.
14. Descend onto the white wisp waypoint below.
15. Hit the waypoint to trigger a cutscene.
16. After the cutscene, exit through the eastern doorway into
a hall.
17. Jump the ledge.
18. Get to the ground level of the Palazzo.
19. Take out the target.
20. Exit the Palazzo through the southern exit.
21. Jump into the river.
22. Go under water to lose the guards and end the mission.
Mission 52: Knowledge Is Power
1. Visit Leonardo.
2. He provides you with a new pistol based on the mystery
3. After the cutscene, proceed to the yellow map marker for
directions on using the new pistol
4. Lock onto the three dummies across the river.
5. Shoot them with the new weapon.
6. TIP: Press down on the firing button to increase
accuracy, especially when aiming from a distance.
7. Return to Leonardo after all three targets are shot to end
the mission.
Mission 53: Damsel In Distress
1. Locate Antonio in the Dorsoduro district to the south.
2. Speak with him to trigger a cutscene depicting a murder.
3. When the cutscene ends, look for the murderer on your
4. Track him down.
5. Stop when he threatens to kill another courtesan.
6. Lock onto him.
7. Equip the pistol.
8. Charge the shot fully and take him out from a distance to
complete the mission.
Mission 54: Nun the Wiser
1. Return to the bordello.
2. Speak with Antonio and the nun.
3. Follow them to the carnival to end the mission.
Mission 55: Ribbon Round-Up
1. This game needs to be completed successfully to earn
the golden mask.
2. Talk to the game master.
3. The challenge includes gathering up ribbons from the
local women.
4. Approach the groups as indicated on your map.
5. Pick pocket 25 ribbons to finish successfully.
Mission 56: And They're Off
1. Complete the obstacle course within the indicated time to
successfully complete the mission.
2. Run on ground level to run through the first four
3. Ascend the side of the building for the fifth.
4. Continue platforming the side of the building for the sixth.
5. Turn left after the sevent and jump from the edge of the
6. Grab onto the ledge off screen.
7. Swing around to access the next series of waypoints.
8. Towards the end it is necessary to climb to the rooftops
to finish up.
9. After the twelfth waypoint, dive from the west end of the
building into the river.
10. Continue up the ramp to street level.
11. Collect the last few waypoints on street level.
12. Locate the final marker on the boat.
Mission 57: CTF
1. Head north to the Capture the Flag carnival game.
2. Begin on the rooftop facing a yellow waypoint on the
3. Run towards the waypoint.
4. Ignore the red marker indicating your competition.
5. Run as fast as you can.
6. Jump down to street level.
7. Grab the flag.
8. Climb to the rooftop to prevent being tackled.
9. Take the flag back to the start point for one point.
10. Winning requires three points.
Mission 58: Cheaters Never Prosper
1. Fight off any opponents with your bare fists to
successfully complete this mission.
2. Counter attacks work fine even without any weapons
3. Continue countering until the enemies with swords
4. It is then acceptable to wield your own weapons.
5. Defeat each of the opponents to end this last carnival
Mission 59: Having A Blast
1. Retrieve the golden mask from the thief who took it.
2. Head towards the large green area indicated on the map
to begin your search.
3. Climb the nearest building.
4. Use eagle vision to look around.
5. Pay close attention to the intersection of the two major
roads for his location.
6. Return to street level.
7. Hire some courtesans.
8. Begin to follow the thief.
9. Lock onto him.
10. Use the courtesans as a distraction.
11. Once you do, the thief will stop.
12. Step behind him and pick his pocket for the mask.
13. Once you have retrieved the mask, continue to the party.
14. Equip the mask as you approach to gain entry.
15. The nun greets you and suggests you use her
courtesans to help stay incognito.
16. A cutscene is triggered in which the thief enters and asks
the guards to find you.
17. The guards begin their patrol.
18. If you are located, the mission ends.
19. Blend as much as possible in the midst of groups of
party goers.
20. Keep on the look out while you are blending for a more
permanent hiding spot.
21. Stay on the move until the timer runs down.
22. Once the timer ends, a cutscene is triggered during
which the Doge arrives on a boat.
23. Hire some courtesans and head towards the boat.
24. Stay at the fence.
25. Use your pistol to take out the Doge from a distance.
26. Jump into the river.
27. Swim under the bridge.
Mission 60: An Unpleasant Turn of Events
1. Find Antonio in the north of Venice to learn about your
next assassination target, Silvio.
2. When the cutscene ends, so does the mission.
Mission 61: Caged Fighter
1. Proceed across town.
2. Find an injured soldier on the rooftops with some new
information on finding Bartolomeo, who will be able to
help find Silvio.
3. NOTE: A large green area overlapped by some restricted
area is added to your map.
4. Get to the rooftops.
5. Continue to the target.
6. Watch for the semi-circle of guards surrounding
7. Target the guards from the rooftop.
8. Take out the first two at a distance.
9. Fight off the remaining two.
10. Unlock Bartolomeo.
11. Fight off the additional guards that appear.
12. Continue towards the new target to the south.
13. Stick to the streets as Bartolomeo does not climb.
14. Avoid guards as much as possible until you get to the
15. Your arrival triggers a cutscene.
16. Kill the guards remaining after the cutscene.
17. Open the nearby gate to end the mission.
Mission 62: Leave No Man Behind
1. Move to the first target.
2. Climb to the top of the building in the center of the
restricted area.
3. Spot the three guards outside the gate from the rooftop,
4. Assassinate two at once.
5. Kill the remaining guard.
6. Open the gate.
7. Free the prisoners.
8. Head east to the next map marker.
9. Have your men fight the guards.
10. Unlock the gate to trigger a cutscene and free the
11. Head to the last group of prisoners at the third map
12. Charge the gate.
13. Have your men attack the guards.
14. Release the prisoners to end the mission.
Mission 63: Assume the Position
1. Your mission consists of leading a group of soldiers to
three different locations.
2. This may sound easy, but they cannot climb and will
instigate fights with guards every chance they get.
3. Watch your map.
4. RUn towards the target.
5. Try to avoid red dots indicating guards.
6. Take out the guards in the small yard near the target.
7. Enter the yard to get to the first waypoint and display the
second marker.
8. Continue to the second marker, following the same rules
as with the first.
9. Proceed to the third marker.
10. Kill the guards and access the waypoint to trigger a
Mission 64: Two Birds, One Blade
1. Knock on Bartolomeo's door.
2. Climb the west side of the tallest tower in the area that is
marked by your map.
3. Once you reach the top, a cutscene is triggered.
4. After the cutscene, return to street level and help Bart.
5. Leap to the northeast.
6. Proceed to the new map marker.
7. Focus your fight on Dante when you reach the brawl.
8. Use disarms and sidesteps to take him down.
9. Once Dante sustains sufficient damage, a cutscene is
10. Lock on and chase Dante and follow him through the
enemy soldiers to Silvio.
11. Break through the line of soldiers.
12. Perform a double assassination on both targets.
Mission 65: All Things Come to He Who Waits
1. Leave Leonardo.
2. Break into the walled-off area to the northeast.
3. After the cutscene, begin trailing the courier through the
4. Stay behind far enough so as not to rouse suspicion, but
do not lose him.
5. Take to the rooftops as soon as he crosses a line of
soldiers to avoid being spotted.
6. As soon as he breaks through a second line, a cutscene is
7. After the cutscene, sneak into the building.
8. Climb the face of the building.
9. Get to the top.
10. Look right.
11. Dive into the pile of hay on the ground.
12. Leap from the hay to attract the attention of the guard.
13. Dive back into the pile.
14. Take out the guard when he comes to investigate.
15. Sneak up behind the target.
16. Take him out.
17. Steal his outfit to end the mission.
Mission 66: Play Along
1. Follow the leader through the city.
2. Do not to bump into anyone, or Ezio will drop the chest.
3. Get to the end of the trail to trigger a cutscene.
4. Next is a fight with Rodrigo Borgia.
5. Use a sword in the first phase and aggressively throw
strikes to whittle away at his health.
6. Counter his attacks.
7. Back him into a corner if possible.
8. Begin using bare hands once he calls for backup and use
disarm techniques on his comrades.
9. Stick with disarms when the third group shows up.
10. Once the area is clear and it is down to you and Rodrigo,
return to using your sword and an aggressive offense.
11. After he is worn down sufficiently, a cutscene is
triggered, ending the mission.
Mission 67: X Marks the Spot
1. Be sure you have collected and deciphered all of the thirty
codex pages prior to beginning this mission.
2. Fourteen codex pages are acquired through the natural
course of gameplay.
3. There are 16 additional pages in the following cities:
Venice: 6
Florence: 5
Tuscany: 2
Forli: 3
4. Each codex is guarded by a row of enemies.
5. Once they are obtained, they need to be translated by
6. Activate the glowing item.
7. Approach the wall of codex pages to access a puzzle.
8. Use eagle vision.
9. Spot the faint red outline of a picture.
10. Rotate each piece into its correct position to complete the
11. TIP: Beginning at the perimeter to arrange the border is
12. When the puzzle has been completed so that the pieces
form a world map, the mission has ended successfully.
Final Mission - In Bocca Al Lupo
1. Talk to Mario for your final mission assignment: the
assassination of Rodrigo Boriga in the Vatican in Rome.
2. Break into the Vatican.
3. Climb the wall to the west.
4. Use the beams sticking out from the wall to jump to a
hanging platform to the south.
5. From the platform, jump north onto the wall of the
6. Make a straight-forward climb to the top.
7. Jump the wall and fight the guards.
8. Once the area is clear, find the lever on the north wall.
9. Pull it to open the gate to the next area.
10. Double assassinate the two guards at the far end of the
next yard.
11. Climb to the level above and to the right.
12. Find the lever to open the gate ahead.
13. Be ready to fight multiple guards before opening the gate.
14. Once they are taken out, climb to the top of the west
15. Make your way to the glowing waypoint to trigger a
16. When the cutscene ends, Ezio is on horseback.
17. Enemy guards knock you from the horse.
18. Jump back on.
19. Take off quickly at a full gallop to get over the next large
20. If you get knocked off again, take out your attackers.
21. Once they are dead, climb the tower ahead.
22. Take out the guards at the top.
23. Leap into the hay stack below.
24. Take out the enemies on the next parapet.
25. Leap into the pile of hay at the bottom.
26. Stay there.
27. Take out the patrolling guards that pass.
28. Climb to the next tower.
29. Hang on the ledge.
30. Waiting for the patrolling guard to come near so you can
pull him over the edge.
31. Two other guards are facing the opposite direction.
32. Double assassinate the pair by running up behind them.
33. Jump off the other end of the tower.
34. Take out the lone guard.
35. Head into the next area.
36. Take out the next group of guards in a melee battle.
37. Clear the yard.
38. Climb the scaffolding to the next level.
39. Flip the lever to open the gate into the Vatican.
40. Be careful not to be seen after this point or the game
41. Continue through the first hall.
42. Skip between circles of priests.
43. Jump into the midst of the group of priests on patrol.
44. Walk with them to the far end of the hall.
45. Silently assassinate the guard at the south end of the hall.
46. Pull a switch to open a door to the next hall.
47. To the left is a guard that patrols in a circle pattern,
moving between the northern and southern halves of the
48. When he's behind the wall to the left, move forward and
take cover in the next group of priests.
49. The second section of the hall is a bit tougher, as the
guards at the far end will spot you if you repeat the last
50. When the second patrolling guard goes behind the wall
to the left, follow him slowly.
51. Slip behind him and behind the other guards staring
down the hallway to open the next gate.
52. Finally, you reach the massive hall where Rodrigo Boriga
is speaking.
53. Move along the high platforms to cross to the far side of
the room and position yourself directly above Rodrigo.
54. Lock onto him and execute an assassination.
55. Ezio jumps down and a cut scene shows Rodrigo's
56. Be aggressive in your attack, constantly throwing sword
57. Rodrigo eventually retreats.
58. Use eagle vision to spot a couple of spots on the wall that
you can activate to open the secret passage Rodrigo
escaped into.
59. Run down the secret hall and Ezio will confront the
enemy again.
60. Grab Rodrigo and throw him against a wall.
61. As he tries to get up, hit him with two kicks and grab him
62. Repeatedly throw him against a wall, kick him, and pick
him back up.
63. Once Rodrigo is defeated, the game is over.
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