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MOTOCROSS: TRAiL EXTREME (By GameLoft) - GamezBLog.PepeRonity....

motocross trail extreme - MOTOCROSS: TRAiL EXTREME (By GameLoft)
24.06.2011 06:38 EDT

Download Page =>

Published Date: 2/07/2011

Image Preview =>

[+]Rev up your bike and perform dozens of crazy tricks in 5 great locations. From the Grand Canyon to the snowy mountains of Alaska or the spectacular Urban Motocross Arena, enjoy an impressive physics engine for a mobile game and discover several game modes like Big Jump Contests and Time Attack races. Step into a true motocross atmosphere thanks to Career mode, allowing you to unlock even more content and customization options for your bike as you progress.

Video Preview =>

* An impressive physics engine for a realistic experience

* The most fun and spectacular motocross game on mobile!

* A deep Career mode with lots of unlockable content and customization options

* Several game modes: Time Attack, Big Jump Contests, Trial Competitions and more!

* 5 locations: Queens District, the Grand Canyon, Alaskan Mountains, Colorado Forest and the Urban Arena

* A true motocross atmosphere with an in-game garage and cute babes to cheer you on

If you like,please vote 10 for this entry..

write comment and join with us!
Wat a game vai!although 2d viewing but just fit for it.also the gr8 gameplay n nice controll trics..ah..superb!
Rocking man...! Hope it will be the best game of 2011. Pls guys vote this game. I'll give 9.9 for this game. -.1 for published the game too late...
04.07.2011 11:02 EDT, jaaaaaan
nice work atleast better than GLU motocross.
04.07.2011 08:35 EDT, Mr.Tension
Arif vai s40 v3 128~160 upload koro
02.07.2011 14:29 EDT, TRÏPLÈ R™'THE NOBODOY'
Awsome game. Frnds plz vote
02.07.2011 14:28 EDT, TRÏPLÈ R™'THE NOBODOY'
Please n73 version added! Please hurry up!
02.07.2011 09:42 EDT, jakaria13
Onno moto cross theke different.
30.06.2011 23:44 EDT, Exit
wowwwwwwwwwwwwww, can wait man hurry up gameoft :)
27.06.2011 00:14 EDT, Mr.Tension
When this games come
26.06.2011 00:59 EDT, I.m.a.Gamers0
Oooo...Want this game.Upload this as fast as u can..\m/Rock on
25.06.2011 07:22 EDT, SДУДИТДИ
At last..gameloft is back on the track..!
25.06.2011 01:59 EDT, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
Excellent. U R Really A Gr8 Gamer in Pep. World. Musayel.
25.06.2011 00:53 EDT, ANTI PORN COMMITEE
U R One of the Best Games Collector in the world !
hope it will also release in symbian and android platform
24.06.2011 14:42 EDT, Meadul
I want to download the game
Sound cool.. Cant wait
24.06.2011 11:49 EDT, swapnali
Nd yup, i votd 10pts 4 ur nice site
24.06.2011 11:03 EDT, Old Iz Gold Suman © 2014
A new bike game by gameloft is always incredable, hope ths game woud come in 3d also, so tht fans can get more exctd, no more words 2 gameloft, they r always awsm, thnx 4 info.. Arif
24.06.2011 11:02 EDT, Old Iz Gold Suman © 2014
24.06.2011 10:50 EDT, StuxNET N-KhAn
Hey you! Do u know @rif?... This guy is really the best... he's really not the prince, but the true KING OF PEPERONITY when we talk about games. Congratulations, man...

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