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REAL FOOTBALL 2012 (By GameLoft) - GamezBLog.PepeRonity.Com - ...

real football - REAL FOOTBALL 2012 (By GameLoft)
03.08.2011 08:57 EDT
REAL FOOTBALL 2012 (By GameLoft)
Published Date: 02/09/2011

Download Page =>

[+]The next edition of the football game!. We have screenshots of Java!

ScreenShot =>

* Face/Cover of RF 2012 is out ;) Check =>

[+] The stock returns in a fantastic new season!

* David Villa plays the best football simulator for mobile phones. Improved graphics and animations, menus more intuitive, so many game modes and Bluetooth multiplayer mode, you will experience all the emotions that renders football so great. Realistic atmosphere with lively stages and new spectators. Now you can also choose the European and national teams to glory from qualification right through to the final.

* This is Real Football! The real taste of football with better graphics, animations,intuitive menus and animated stages More than 240teams and hundreds of real players in 9 championships, thanks to FIFPro licence. Many ways as a Cup, Championship and Challenges for playing the historical epic encounters of the past New features: choose a European team, play in qualifying and get the victory!

* Challenge your friends locally or Bluetooth and the ranking scale RF League playing a season.

* Many targets and screens with a quiz to test your knowledge on football.

* The selection screen of players and team selection will be great compared to previous versions. The biggest change, however, will probably also on phones with smaller screen resolution break with the view!

Our waiting finished.... ;) and is it best RF game?

Write Comment! :)
Rf 2012 is a total mistake on nokia s40v3,v5,v6 and s60v3. The replays are so short. It shows only the shot being striked by a player and does'nt show the team work. The refree backs the guilty player player when issuing a card. In s6ov3 version the game seem to run better when the sound is on but when the sound is off it runs in a hooky mode. I think the makers of rf 2012 versions for nokia were in a rush. Im using nokia c5 s60v3. I deleted the game after trying many versions of rf 2012 and getting the same problem. I still retain 2011 version since 2012 version is a disappointment . Gamelof...
17.06.2012 17:28 EDT, filet619
Is omented for mad pupil
14.05.2012 13:41 EDT, joseph.ansah0
gameloft football games have always been the best on mobile phones. The problem im having with the 2012 version is the replay. Its very short
10.01.2012 11:19 EST, filet6
rf 2012 has no improvement in the s40v3/5 apart from the menus. It is rather inferior to rf 2011 in the aspect of replays. 2011 rf replays is more detailed and interesting. The 2012 rf replays only shows shots/goals it does'nt show the team work.
10.01.2012 10:59 EST, filet6
rf 2012 has no improvement in the s40v3/5 apart from the menus. It is rather inferior to rf 2011 in the aspect of replays. 2011 rf replays is more detailed and interesting. The 2012 rf replays only shows shots/goals it does'nt show the team work.
10.01.2012 10:58 EST, filet6
Bro,i wonder something..what is difference betwin Real Football 2012 and Real Soccer 2012?? I played only Real Footbal ver. that is why i asking.
although it's a good game, the etl mode is extremely erratic. i got frustrated and deleted the game. i've played se version on my naite.
24.11.2011 23:35 EST, extremebuddy
despite the camera view it's the best soccer game ever. gameloft made enough changes in it. play & enjoy.
13.11.2011 20:19 EST, extremebuddy
mine is nt working or playin 4 se w890i plzz brothers where do i download my version frm? Coz i cn't find it at gameloft shop on ma phne!
12.11.2011 05:44 EST, marvel007
plzz upload 4 se w890i version...tnks
10.11.2011 15:43 EST, marvel007
plz upload 4 se w890i tnks
31.10.2011 06:55 EDT, marvel007
I don't know what u guys want gameloft to change in dis great soccer game, even on PS soccer games aren't 2 different 4rm previous onces. 2 me i think it is just fine, at least it is better than FIFA and PES for mobile java
22.10.2011 05:41 EDT, ehijiechrysler
they must add psl south african league in real footballs
20.10.2011 14:31 EDT, moses.skosana
Wating for pes..
06.10.2011 07:39 EDT, el.gunnerz7
time waste game as there is no difference RF 2010, RF 2011.
09.09.2011 07:07 EDT, Mr.Tension
10 points for thiz blog! Reaalyy nice blog! :D
08.09.2011 08:06 EDT, J@ckvn_cr247
Thanks a lot to EveryOne For Writing your comments on this topic.. :) please keep sharing your comment.. :) best regards GamerARiF
i think realsoccer2011 is batter than realfootball 2012
06.09.2011 00:50 EDT, Umar
i realsoccer2011 is batter than realfootball 2012
06.09.2011 00:49 EDT, Umar
Let play rf league everyone!:)
05.09.2011 21:39 EDT, J@ckvn_cr247
ouch sir pls.. find another rf 2012 .bec. that is error .. motorola v3. plx...
05.09.2011 18:04 EDT, rholzky
Hmmm, vebe dekhlam game ta valoi ase...
05.09.2011 08:29 EDT, lal-sabuj
i need RF 2012 for SE 176*220 Full version,pls add soon!
04.09.2011 20:25 EDT, wijo0
Its not horizontally !!!!
04.09.2011 14:16 EDT, deadclownjunior
Let me ask version for s40 240x320 camera is not level?
04.09.2011 09:53 EDT, I_love_Việt_Nam
add for RF 2012 SE 172*220 soon!
03.09.2011 04:36 EDT, wijo0
First, thanks arif added v s40v6 for me and second i think it isnt best rf game becoz about camera, gameplay, transfered isnt different rf11!:|
02.09.2011 22:02 EDT, J@ckvn_cr247
Very disappointedbecause the camera isnot recording thehorizontal
02.09.2011 19:14 EDT, I_love_Việt_Nam
Graphics is good,animatios good but is same thing new way,no new one.menus much more easy.not much more diffrient then 2011.over all very good games.
02.09.2011 17:27 EDT, gangstar50
rf 2012 176x220 jar pls
02.09.2011 16:19 EDT, psyramiz
Ya in s60v3 ,340 *240, screen is h0riz0ntal jst sh0otng is space key ,its dificult to sh0ot powerfully
02.09.2011 15:07 EDT, el.gunnerz7
please add the version sam s5600 or f480 ts 240*320.hurry!i ca'nt wait.
02.09.2011 12:32 EDT, sahil360
This game is the same as RF 2011 and you know what I Think RF 2011 is better than 2012...
02.09.2011 11:36 EDT, reuben3800
I had waited al0t with l0st of expectati0n 0nly to be shattered,that screensh0t kinda fake or rf 2013? Game is same as 2011 including david villa, dnt waste time to d0wnl0ad this game ,play 2011.. Its same what a awful game ,b0ring
02.09.2011 11:03 EDT, el.gunnerz7
The camera is not like that shown :#
02.09.2011 07:59 EDT, 2K3_B
Ekran yine aynı :# resimdekiler gibi kamera yok :*
02.09.2011 06:58 EDT, 2K3_B
02.09.2011 05:39 EDT, fendi.saputra
Plz add 240-320 s40 v3
02.09.2011 04:03 EDT, 2K3_B
OMG! Please add ver 240*320 or 320*240 as fast as you can! Thanks!
02.09.2011 03:19 EDT, J@ckvn_cr247
please add 4 my mobile sam s5600 or f480 240*320.hurry dud!i ca'nt wait.
02.09.2011 03:17 EDT, sahil360
Please n73 version added. I can't wait!
02.09.2011 02:51 EDT, jakariamirza10
do'nt forget to add this game 4 sam s5600 or f480 240*320 touch screen.
01.09.2011 15:55 EDT, sahil360
We are Waiting plz add fast
28.08.2011 09:44 EDT, arunkumar.ng0
Admin for the game I never knew gamers for release ? Thanks !
28.08.2011 05:40 EDT, I_love_Việt_Nam
Villa again!
28.08.2011 02:33 EDT, Tazdid
Real football 2012 is cuming when did real football manager is going to come.
26.08.2011 13:07 EDT, sroy68
So you are member VietNam or abroad so?
26.08.2011 11:18 EDT, I_love_Việt_Nam
Rf 12 Ne zaman çıkacak ?
26.08.2011 10:11 EDT, 2K3_B
Cho mình xin vài hình ảnh của game rf2012 này với.thanks
26.08.2011 01:46 EDT, I_love_Việt_Nam
Game này bao giời mới ra hả mọi người :D hihi
26.08.2011 01:43 EDT, I_love_Việt_Nam
Hai my name is siva please add for s60v3(240*320)
25.08.2011 12:36 EDT, nanishiva999
Hai arif. My name is kumar. U have add any new games please tell me
23.08.2011 04:35 EDT, nellikumar
please, please don't forget to add this game on my phone screen 320*240 (X2-01)
22.08.2011 05:43 EDT, nabed1515
22.08.2011 02:18 EDT, tamim.ctg
Plz add it........ 1024 kb
20.08.2011 09:10 EDT, abidul
not forgetting to add 240*320(s40v3) about 950kb....
18.08.2011 08:03 EDT, oneils
well i think c. Ronaldo deserves the the front page, but please do something about the transfer window.. I mean you the player and CPU should be able to transfer players when transfer window is open
18.08.2011 07:58 EDT, oneils
17.08.2011 03:04 EDT, Hitesh1236™ [Be A Gamer]
Hope the game out this year
16.08.2011 16:13 EDT, deadclownjunior
please,please,please,please add this game version also 4 my sam 240*320 s5600 touch screen .i think this year only messi
16.08.2011 09:23 EDT, sahil360
cristiano ronaldo
16.08.2011 05:26 EDT, lulu310
Yea..any chance we can play it sooner than september?
15.08.2011 14:53 EDT, reborn20110
Waiting waiting waiting. . . But when will this come. . . ? ?
14.08.2011 20:54 EDT, ameeno0
The next is Lionel Messi
14.08.2011 17:14 EDT, aroma7
The next player is Lionel Messi
14.08.2011 17:03 EDT, aroma7
Realfootball is obviously the best and well-known mobile soccer game. But my problem with this game is the name of the players, they are totally spelt wrong to the extend that i can't even identify them. Please i would like you people to give the right names as well as right spellings to the players, and for the convenient of us when playing. I hope 2012 will be funtastic. Thank you
14.08.2011 09:34 EDT, karisman1
screenshots looking great, maybe this time kaka
13.08.2011 01:51 EDT, debessh
Love real football. . . The best sports game in the world. . . -this time its gonna rock. . . .
10.08.2011 21:33 EDT, ameeno0
Show ea who is boss.
10.08.2011 12:49 EDT, gangstar50
I think Messi should be in d 4rnt page.
10.08.2011 07:29 EDT, jaaaaaan
Messi or c.ronaldo
10.08.2011 06:27 EDT, usman050
Messi or c.ronaldo
10.08.2011 06:27 EDT, usman050
I am waiting to download the game.
Oho... Rf 2011 was the best gameloft game of the previous year! So.. Lets see. Wht changes are comming in dis game.
09.08.2011 23:12 EDT, jaaaaaan
Hmm make them to release the game as early as possible bcos it will be better than the others...
09.08.2011 08:37 EDT, bn-ababakar
I 've played every version of real football like RF2011, RF2010 etc. But i think this one will be best
09.08.2011 05:28 EDT, Perman
For java, i think it will b 2.5d. sym,ios n droid must b much better anyway
Whose on the screen doesn't matter to me.most important is that how'll b the new theme otherwise we would gonna get bored.there have to b some new cool work,new tricks like being upside down n on that angel kicks the ball to goal! Waiting for another blinder in gr8 rf series
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08.08.2011 20:38 EDT, fkjgjfgjkgh
it will be MESSI of course
08.08.2011 07:38 EDT, calepeko3
'Openning ceremony in the world cup' please add.
08.08.2011 00:12 EDT, bishudwy
Happy Friendship Ðay :)
07.08.2011 09:24 EDT, ❇ charmx
m waiting for it too.
06.08.2011 15:01 EDT, Naruto The Great SAGE
Waiting for Real Football 2012 Arif brother. Also for CM Manager 2011
06.08.2011 10:44 EDT,
06.08.2011 08:50 EDT, Egyption Eagle©²º¹¹
Can't wait anymore. Hehehehe :-)
06.08.2011 03:43 EDT, Tazdid
please use the del piero's screen shot
05.08.2011 09:46 EDT, anjoz13
I hope more skull for the player&thnx arif
04.08.2011 16:04 EDT, Egyption Eagle©²º¹¹
Oh, great, i hope Rf 2012 more a more perfect
04.08.2011 14:07 EDT, Kid love xxx
Amazing ! Hope better than rf11!
04.08.2011 10:26 EDT, J@ckvn_cr247
ooo..its amageing..waiting 4 dis..arif da ur r grt man..
04.08.2011 10:17 EDT, SДУДИТДИ
google image search shows two covers with ronaldo and messi on one, second cover has puyol and gerrad
04.08.2011 08:38 EDT, swapnali
We wana c xavi/ iniesta or fabrigus in the cover
04.08.2011 07:57 EDT, Tazdid
Waiting for such penalty function from long time. Hope this will be available in s40 v5 series. Can't wait for game.
04.08.2011 05:39 EDT, swapnali
Hope this game will be availabe for nokia (128x160) s40v3.
04.08.2011 05:23 EDT, Tazdid
I hope the legend player was going to be in.
04.08.2011 05:18 EDT, hussein18
hope the game will be also release in android and symbian platform.
04.08.2011 04:12 EDT, Meadul
I would like 2 see C ronaldo on the cover page.
04.08.2011 04:02 EDT, Tazdid
Wow, my favourate game, grt news 4 me, i want RF 12 wth new features like passing style nd saving style by goalkey, if ths game is coming wth 3d version thn it will be more realistic...
04.08.2011 03:50 EDT, Old Iz Gold Suman © 2014
I hope Rooney is in front of her picture..
04.08.2011 03:37 EDT, briyan3
Is it 3D or non 3D?
04.08.2011 03:31 EDT, Tazdid
I think puyol should be on front screen
04.08.2011 02:41 EDT, vikrm
Cristiano Ronaldo deserve to front page
04.08.2011 01:59 EDT, jakariamirza0
I think messi or ronaldo will be in the front picture!
03.08.2011 21:50 EDT, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
I don't like football game,expect real football 2006 3D this bast football ever play.i hope real football like that game simple and amazing to play.
03.08.2011 21:35 EDT, gangstar50
wow cant wait to play this game now!!
03.08.2011 21:33 EDT, ace_zed
Woooooow Hei Buddy i like this game..!
03.08.2011 21:05 EDT, I.m.a.Gamers0
Datz gr8 newz 4 FB games fans... But hope 4 more Action & Cricket games!
03.08.2011 15:32 EDT, ®¡cky™
03.08.2011 13:43 EDT, Exit
Cool post my friend :-) thank you!
03.08.2011 13:41 EDT, ≈☆Fαηfαη.crea
03.08.2011 12:55 EDT, Я$R™ ρlαηet inc.
03.08.2011 12:51 EDT, ❇ charmx

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