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GANGSTAR RiO: THE CiTY OF SAiNTS (by GameLoft) - GamezBLog.Pep...

gangstar rio city of saints - GANGSTAR RiO: THE CiTY OF SAiNTS (by GameLoft)
18.10.2011 13:49 EDT
Which is the best gangstar game? =>

Download Page:

> Manufacturer: Gameloft
> Platform: Java
> Genre: Sandbox
> Release date: 25/11/2011

View ScreenShots =>

[+] For the first time ever in a sandbox game, you can explore the fascinating and dangerous city of Rio de Janeiro. Strike back at those who tried to kill you and left you for dead. With a new face and new reason to live, you'll infiltrate your former gang and find out who needs to pay. With countless thrilling missions to play plus new weapons and vehicles like a jetpack and tank, you'll become totally immersed in the gang life of Brazil's most notorious city.

Video Trailer (GamePlay Video) =>

Features ↓

* For the first time in a sandbox game, explore the hot, beautiful, & violent city of Rio de Janeiro.

* Explore 5 neighborhoods from the favelas to the business district, beaches and colonial city.

* Countless thrilling missions: Protect people, assassinate politicians, infiltrate a gang and win races.

* Utilize a wide range of weapons and vehicles including BOATS, HELiCOPTERS, TANKS & even a JETPACK.

* Multiple improvements with sharper graphics plus a new and more dynamic cover system.

* An immersive story of revenge. Strike back at those who tried to kill you & left you for dead!

Write your comment about GamePlay!
Dudes i expected it to have a bulldozer but a tank is ok
16.02.2013 11:48 EST, glord951
(READ THIS COMMENT) I downloaded this game but dont have Tank,jetpack,zombies and even a helicopter please upload a new version with Tank,jetpack,etc.
22.06.2012 07:31 EDT, aam33
Gangster rio is best racing, running, shooting games.
05.01.2012 03:02 EST, sagurathod
01.01.2012 04:44 EST, panamaprime
24.12.2011 23:42 EST, panamaprime
NEW GL Games are out!! Plzzz arif upload dem 4 us we are hungry 2play...
11.12.2011 18:07 EST, marvel007
Dis game is suck!! we nid super action games...not dis 1...
11.12.2011 18:02 EST, marvel007
huh!! Just completed this game bt not so fun like gangstar gangstar rio s40 version there are no helis. Zombies , jetpak,and what we waiting for a tank.. nothing 2 play...
07.12.2011 08:03 EST, kaustubhdox
I agree. This game sux. Gameloft forgot making good java games
Who found helicopters in this game ?
05.12.2011 04:51 EST, fred3576
It's graphics and gameplay is very very very bad. It doesn't have the call-contact option. The buildings in this game are like haunted mansions. And it's sounds are also too bad. So, this game sucks! Gangster 2 and 3 were much better than it.
03.12.2011 14:31 EST, শাকিল হাসান
whos there can found tank ?? (except mission)
02.12.2011 07:36 EST, [ BOBBYFC ]
02.12.2011 01:08 EST, panamaprime
Nice gameplay bt lack of action in s40 devices.....
30.11.2011 08:55 EST, kaustubhdox
@Ralph and Everybody : s60v3 can play SE version of gangstar rio greatly . .:) .
30.11.2011 08:44 EST, [ BOBBYFC ]
980 kb version (Nokia) is poor :( There are nothing Tank, zombies and others feature like 1,4 mb version (SE) So... What should i do? I don't have SE phone, just Nokia s60v3 :(
28.11.2011 10:29 EST, Ralph _Johnson a.k.a Rilokiddrock
i wonder where the tank after all main mission completed
27.11.2011 21:40 EST, pokémaniac™
In my view gangstar miami is the best gangstar ever.gangstar rio is number 3.
27.11.2011 14:22 EST, gangstar51
no tank and no jetpack?haha that is ur version,on my SE ver had jetpack and tank, but i cant find helicopter,i heard that helicopter is at the top of several building and yup gangstar 2 is the best storyline
27.11.2011 11:31 EST, pokémaniac™
Wow!! I jst finish playing mine....very interesting! But i prefer ganstar2:king of la..coz is da best ganstar eva!!
27.11.2011 10:47 EST, marvel007
In ganstar2 almost all d action nd gameplay end in da house,club,hotels nd warehouses!! But in gangstar4 all d action nd gameplay end outside!! Wel...ganstar4 look very interesting nd awesome but very easy 2play nd i cn't find helicopter there!!
27.11.2011 10:41 EST, marvel007
i think there is a jetpack instead of a helicopter & with that we can land on a helipad... i have completed upto 69%... tanker mission is over..tank & jetpack are awesum..sad is that it is the last gangstarrrrr... missing it.. dont know what gameloft will do after this...
27.11.2011 10:21 EST, panamaprime
27.11.2011 09:16 EST, azazel7
The 240x400 samsung version not good properly it s5230 on because he finds so much that to play already neither may be on him :-(
27.11.2011 08:33 EST, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
where helicopter?i played se 240x320 ver
27.11.2011 06:41 EST, pokémaniac™
@panamaprime i have completed upto 45% this mission you must pick up health pack and armor around and focus on three handgun man.
27.11.2011 02:51 EST, azazel7
Itz the worst gangstar game for s40v5, flop den gangstar 1, mission r easier then easy , gangstar 3 i took m0re den 1 week 2 finish da game, but gangstar i finished within 6 hours, worstest
27.11.2011 01:33 EST, magma6
@ panamaprime, yes. Its last & I agree with you.. The game is awesome.. :) 110/100
i have completed upto 25% percent in this gangstar rio but struck in some level in rio where we have to beat everyone with hand to hand combat while my life is just going on & iam dying plzzz give me cheats for this game ??? do gangstar miami vindication cheats work in this game??????????
26.11.2011 23:57 EST, panamaprime
The game is really awesome of all the gangstar games, there are so may improvements like sharper graphics,sounds & take covering mode,meele mode,& also great vehicles like new cars,jeep,police jeep,ambulance,bike,& what not a tanker whoa we can blow everything in the way same like the gta, the helicopter & not last not least the jetpack...yeah... i like this game...thinking is this is the last gangstar of all gangstar series guys???????????
26.11.2011 23:54 EST, panamaprime
Gameloft plz release a extended version of s40v5 wher ther is bikes, tanks, jetpacks forests etc
26.11.2011 23:36 EST, magma6
@bobby fajar c bener bro,,bagus banget gangstar 4... Oh ya,,kok ak gk nemu helicopter ya..??
26.11.2011 22:36 EST, sontoloyo11
hei, rif . . What do u think aboutgangstar 4? I think its a excellentjava game, and greatly last sequel ofgangstar . . I like when a dead the allperson in the city changed to zombie. .And now! Jetpack is already, andambulance and police can createmission like GTA SAN ANDREAS .the#1 Gangsta game for mobile!! :))
26.11.2011 22:26 EST, [ BOBBYFC ]
Wow,,its cool in my s60v5.... Thx bro..
26.11.2011 18:51 EST, sontoloyo11
Awhh...! So dissapointed! There is no tank,zombies and even no helicop in s40v3,5,6!:(
26.11.2011 17:59 EST, J@ckvn_cr247
this is the worst gangstar game ever
26.11.2011 16:10 EST, debessh
So wots d nxt action game??
26.11.2011 14:51 EST, marvel007
It's a Cool game, I'm waiting for Samsung S5230 240x400 Touchscreen Landscape Version :)
26.11.2011 12:26 EST, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
Angel name.isn't it?but he is ugly.
26.11.2011 09:50 EST, azazel7
Mere dissappointment for s40v5 users n0 byks, n0 tanks ,n0 helis nd even n0 jet packs
26.11.2011 09:38 EST, magma6
sorry for double message i posted
26.11.2011 09:23 EST, comrad3
What, 884 kb ? Gameloft give me a medium version for me ? After i waiting month to month ? I disappointed but thank you Gameloft !
26.11.2011 09:19 EST, comrad3
What, 884 kb ? Gameloft give me a medium version for me ? After i waiting month for month ? I disappointed but thank you Gameloft !
26.11.2011 09:19 EST, comrad3
happy ending of waiting, the game is beautiful, thanks bro...!
26.11.2011 08:53 EST, m_@fif M★ςykur
26.11.2011 07:53 EST, marvel007
Thrilling story , enhanced graphics , lots of actionable combos , various weapons , what do you want more?? Play it on Sony Eric. , thats all are included in GANGSTAR 4 !! Three cheers for Gameloft for making such an rocking gangsta game in mobile game history . HIP HIP HURRAH......:-D:-D:-D
26.11.2011 06:07 EST, Strife
the game is available for all phones on
26.11.2011 04:23 EST, BOGDAN
26.11.2011 03:34 EST, magma6
26.11.2011 02:59 EST, Mr.Tension
old story, old game, same like previous gangster games. not anything special. boring.
26.11.2011 02:49 EST, Mr.Tension
com on release 4 se 240*320 am waiting!!
26.11.2011 02:11 EST, marvel007
26.11.2011 02:08 EST, hawxace
25.11.2011 23:33 EST, azazel7
when it is releasings 40v3/5 ?
25.11.2011 22:42 EST, antu100
I like this well
25.11.2011 22:09 EST, ajas.mk0
Finally 1month,7days's come.
25.11.2011 21:12 EST, gangstar51
What ?! 2.1 mb for s60 v5 ? I think for s40 v3/5/6 maximal version 1 mb ! Please upload quickly !
25.11.2011 20:26 EST, comrad3
Please add for my s40
25.11.2011 18:35 EST, gamescreen last the waiting is over . Its time for showdown brothers ! Happy playing:-D
25.11.2011 17:28 EST, Strife
plz list vision n73.Ok.
25.11.2011 16:31 EST, merajuk
Dis game is out!! plzz upload 4 se 240*320. TNKS
25.11.2011 14:45 EST, marvel007
Guys hold ur breath itz out for s60v3 nd s60v5, m0re cming s0on
25.11.2011 13:54 EST, magma6
I am sad.look likes today game will not come.see what happen next day.
25.11.2011 12:46 EST, gangstar51
I think we have to wait more three or four days to get this game . Tooooooo.....much.....waitingggggg
25.11.2011 11:13 EST, Strife
Apology 2 al, the info dat i hrd abut gangstar rio release in s.e k800 was a rum0ur, sorry for givin wrng info;-(
25.11.2011 09:52 EST, magma6
magma. where?!give me a link
25.11.2011 06:37 EST, pokémaniac™
25.11.2011 05:31 EST, magma6
Its remind me the time of Asphalt 6 releasing , the game was released in wapshop but we have got it in hand after one week !! Just getting impatient guys :@
25.11.2011 04:45 EST, Strife
Alow,what time it come out?
25.11.2011 04:17 EST, merajuk
<Rilis skrg jo p'lma s'X Ad b'tunggu in game>= skrg aja rilisnya Cz udah lma gamex blm k'luar2 juga.
25.11.2011 01:49 EST, boydmc
Moga rilis skarang.... -_-
24.11.2011 23:55 EST, sontoloyo11
Oooh.. This game alreade exist on Gameloft shop, please upload quickly :D Can't wait for this most waited great game
24.11.2011 16:32 EST, Ralph _Johnson a.k.a Rilokiddrock
Hope today,the day gangstar rio come out.
24.11.2011 15:34 EST, gangstar51
I just visit gangstar miami's one year ago,i remember the day.i out of internet for few days,when i come back gangstar miami is out.
24.11.2011 13:07 EST, gangstar51
ooh! com on....release
24.11.2011 08:01 EST, marvel007
Ohh come on.... I'm running out of patience....!!!! >_<
24.11.2011 07:22 EST, sontoloyo11
Awwh...h! Cant wait ANYMORE! Hope its releaz today!
23.11.2011 20:49 EST, J@ckvn_cr247
Hope it come in 25 november.that will be great.
23.11.2011 13:34 EST, gangstar51
plz release gangstar rio i have to play it
23.11.2011 11:33 EST, girishmandhal
Nice... I can't wait for this game
23.11.2011 09:04 EST, Ralph _Johnson a.k.a Rilokiddrock
What about six guns
23.11.2011 05:33 EST, iconic1
I hope it will be different from last 3 parts.They all similar with gameplay,graphic,nothing new
I am sorry beny,i apologiz's to you.beny was right about gangstar rio and i was wrong.
23.11.2011 02:16 EST, gangstar51
If itz out in gameloft shop, den itz confirmed that it wil release dis week, c0z when imm0rtals was out in gl shop ,it was released aftr 2 days
22.11.2011 19:07 EST, magma6
Be|\|¥ is lieing.gangstar rio not out in the gameloft platform version not release.
22.11.2011 13:14 EST, gangstar51
22.11.2011 04:20 EST, marvel007
Its out in gl shop it is:
22.11.2011 02:43 EST, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
Its out in gl shop it is:
22.11.2011 02:35 EST, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
This game izz not on gl shop b'coz it iz not yet released!!!
22.11.2011 01:23 EST, kaustubhdox
Whatttt????t some says that this game iz out in gl shop???
21.11.2011 23:41 EST, kaustubhdox
Some say it will come out this week.other say next month,1st week.what is it bro?
21.11.2011 18:08 EST, gangstar51
It's out in Gameloft Shop
21.11.2011 10:58 EST, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
Jetpack,zombies,new cars,bikes,new planes,jet ski boat & many more....cant wait GL plz release dis game as fast as u can.
21.11.2011 07:42 EST, kaustubhdox
I' heard its coming dis week nd itz confirmed
21.11.2011 06:38 EST, magma6
21.11.2011 02:39 EST, Jakir Niloy
What the...!!! 1st week december..??!! Ohh c'mon.....
21.11.2011 02:34 EST, sontoloyo11
On Facebook Gameloft announced there is big surprises for java users on next month !! well....well....I am ready for waiting:-D
20.11.2011 12:30 EST, Strife
Oh shit, gangstar rio is cming in da 1st week of nxt m0nth, as i read in gameloft blog uk, m0re info go uk
20.11.2011 09:49 EST, magma6
3 more weeks?oh come on
20.11.2011 08:34 EST, pokémaniac™
a combine of gangstar and zombie infection,haha look at the enemy walking like zombie
20.11.2011 08:31 EST, pokémaniac™
Are the real zombies in this awesome game????? Cant wait....
20.11.2011 05:52 EST, kaustubhdox
maybe 1 more week
20.11.2011 02:18 EST, debessh
@gangstar51 it iz true that this game izz releasing in 1st or 2nd week of december...
19.11.2011 23:40 EST, kaustubhdox
Bro,are that true?some say it come in 3 week.
19.11.2011 09:31 EST, gangstar51
Dont worry guys just 3 weeks remain for dis awesome rokking best seller game!!!
19.11.2011 07:48 EST, kaustubhdox
Waiting is suck..!!! >_<
18.11.2011 23:11 EST, sontoloyo11
Oh common gameloft, u take 2 long time... Now u can release dis rocking one...
18.11.2011 22:32 EST, jaaaaaan
when release gangstar rio city of saints?
18.11.2011 12:23 EST, mannu119
Hoping it wil b d best game eva!!
18.11.2011 07:17 EST, marvel007
I think Gangstar will be release within a week , like Tintin and Assassins Creed ! Those were released one after another . Otherwise who knows .........!!?!!
18.11.2011 05:59 EST, Strife
Gangstar rio is not releasing on nov. but due to its high demand it will release in starting 1st or 2nd week of december... im just hoping dont be afraid
17.11.2011 21:13 EST, gsbaghel
Where's wally now? Release today.i am awaiting so much for gangstar 4,i will not be happy other then gangstar.again await for 5-6 day,to on gameloft.
17.11.2011 15:50 EST, gangstar51
ok look like everyone realy dispointed,am stil waiting ths awesom game
17.11.2011 14:40 EST, pokémaniac™
add this game for my Nokia C5-03
17.11.2011 11:43 EST, avinash.yadav3
still waiting egarly... what happens to gameloft why dont they release this awesome game...?
17.11.2011 07:40 EST, gsbaghel
plzz release!!
17.11.2011 02:09 EST, marvel007
Hey plzz add GHOST RECON:FUTURE SOLDIER Preview pics!!!
17.11.2011 00:21 EST, kaustubhdox
Finally we have reached the much acclaimed 17th Nov......hold your breaths guys!!!!:-D
16.11.2011 23:30 EST, Strife
Are it release Midnight?don't know,time will tell.i can not await any much anxiety.
16.11.2011 05:53 EST, gangstar51
hey admin plz added wild wist gun,asphlt6,driver san fransico,the adventcer of tin tin,imortals and gangstar rio gameloft games updated versone from my samsung s3653/f480 full touch screen size 240*320 landscape so plz plz plz...
16.11.2011 04:24 EST, mkatp.amt
Kapan game ini diluncurkan ? Minggu ini ? Dan saya sangat kecewa pada gameloft jika game ini tidak full version untuk hp s40 240x320
15.11.2011 23:56 EST, comrad3
15.11.2011 14:27 EST, marvel007
Waiting for dis mega game
15.11.2011 13:06 EST, magma6
yes. I think too :)
i think it will be release within 7 days... i can't wait for this awesome game....
15.11.2011 04:58 EST, kaustubhdox
TELL me when it releasing and date it releasing?
15.11.2011 03:15 EST, merajuk
I well wait
14.11.2011 22:36 EST, merajuk
Well......lets wait and see;-)
14.11.2011 09:01 EST, Strife
Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints Release Date for (java): November 17 2011 midnight Description: Action game that is in Brazil, and Angel is seeking revenge against murderers of the band. Increased number of vehicles and weapons, and better control.
14.11.2011 05:43 EST, gsbaghel
plz add this game for s40v3 240-:-320
14.11.2011 05:27 EST, gsbaghel
Hope this gangsta may be scheduled to be released tomorrow on the eve of Brazilian republic day Nov 15........waiting:-)
14.11.2011 04:32 EST, Strife
Hope this gangsta may be out tomorrow on the eve of Brazilian republic day Nov 15........waiting
14.11.2011 04:29 EST, Strife
In immortals you didn't release 128*128 s40 v2. So please this version this time.
13.11.2011 13:44 EST, Perman
Best gangstar game? Yes! But best game of the year? Hm...let's see...
13.11.2011 03:22 EST, J@ckvn_cr247
Any one knows when it releasing?
12.11.2011 22:03 EST, gsbaghel
First of all wow. some say it's not awful. hear this,it's mobile game not want more,go get it.what more you want for java's 3 mb to game play first of jet ski improve gangstar 3 jet ski just annoyance.shooting is improve.zombie,that remind me game i play in ps3.japaness gangstar type game.tank cool.fighting is improve.over all best gangstar's one of my top 3 game's in this year,can became best game of the year.
12.11.2011 06:31 EST, gangstar51
I dnt knw y GL dnt wana do farcry3 prediator2 .n.o.v.a2 nd hero of sparta2 they only foccus on ipad nd iphne. Plzz....they shud try nd release nd do d best 4 java games platform!! We are also expectin them 2 release all dis action games.....tnks
12.11.2011 04:37 EST, marvel007
checked screenshots & trailer sounds like gangster miami so i think game will be average. why dont GL try to make these games FARCRY 3 PREDATORS 2 SPLINTER CELL TOTAL OVERDOSE DEAD TO RIGHTS I love to play action , guns, machine guns, short gun, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, gunshup helicopters & blasts every where woww:) only GL can make this type of game. But now a days their concentration is towards IPHONE & IPAD i saw trailer gangster rio for iphone and that was superbbb:)
12.11.2011 04:24 EST, Mr.Tension
hmmmm , waiting guys, sometimes GL create Hype for game but game is totally different. also where is screen shots ????
12.11.2011 02:50 EST, Mr.Tension
are this game for s60v5 tell me
12.11.2011 00:31 EST, Hitesh1236™ [Be A Gamer]
When gangstar rio release.
11.11.2011 15:50 EST, gangstar51
Screenshots released a long time ago, trailer also released a few days ago and even the iphone version is released on app store. Tension is should come out before 15 Nov. Can't wait more brother:-D
11.11.2011 08:15 EST, Strife action...?? Oh boy, its will be the best gang game ever!!! Aweeesoome!:o
10.11.2011 21:44 EST, J@ckvn_cr247
10.11.2011 15:38 EST, marvel007
An 1 min gameplay trailer is released on youtube.Oh man,what a game they have made.Nice graphics,new vehicles like tank and jetpack,more action moves and even zombies! in some places.This is going to be the best gangstar game ever of this series.
10.11.2011 06:32 EST, Strife
Hey guys this izz the last game from gameloft in gangstar saga it includes more vehicles @ more choices in planes. Even when we r in the boat/jet ski we feel 3d graphics it iz the best gangstar game releasing late november...
10.11.2011 04:57 EST, kaustubhdox
08.11.2011 03:29 EST, rubenlagon
As per info on Gameloft blog the Gangstar Rio may be released on or before 17 th November.
06.11.2011 23:48 EST, Strife
we cn't wait for gangstar rio pls tell ur tge exact releashng date for it
02.11.2011 08:56 EDT, gsbaghel
Very good
01.11.2011 09:13 EDT, sumon.spk
01.11.2011 05:44 EDT, Jakir Niloy
hello my friend,,, this game is already out,,, but it's just in my dream! He he he...!!! :-D
01.11.2011 02:33 EDT, m_@fif M★ςykur
Thinking wat will be the next! Gangstar new york or gangstar san francisco.
31.10.2011 10:25 EDT, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
Mst hai
31.10.2011 02:17 EDT, chuddakad.shaan0
i'm very very waiting for gangstar rio, please nokia 320x240
30.10.2011 13:47 EDT, ipay.sevenfold0
dang please be nokia 324*240 im begging
30.10.2011 00:05 EDT, deangeloreed
Please full version for nokia s40v3/5 240x320
29.10.2011 21:53 EDT, comrad3
Please release this game as soon as possible we r ...,
29.10.2011 12:03 EDT, rajkamalus
It will be the best game for nokia symbian s60v5 phones
27.10.2011 23:59 EDT, shkslm
Please add this game 128 160 full version or multiscreen its size was under 1 mb please please please please please please my brother and another say please
26.10.2011 05:57 EDT, usman.ahmad1
if is 3mb on sonyericsson w810i wow! Dat wil b great nd sure...
26.10.2011 03:05 EDT, marvel007
Rocking?Depends on the size. If its 3mb on c6 then i'll be sure..
25.10.2011 21:14 EDT, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
Nothing can be said now. Hoping it will be better than miami vindication.....screenshots look like familiar gameplay with prev. Games of the series
25.10.2011 05:48 EDT, ηεo $тнє 0ηε$
gangstar rio is going be the best gangstar game ever
25.10.2011 05:48 EDT, gsbaghel
Yes it will rock! Should be the best in series.
25.10.2011 05:45 EDT, Gold Productions
yeah! i thnk ths is the best gangstar series
25.10.2011 00:12 EDT, pokémaniac™
not so different from the previous gangstar, but it should has better graphic and gameplay... So, wait again!... Now, waiting is the 3rd from the list of my daily activities...
24.10.2011 18:34 EDT, m_@fif M★ςykur
hpe it wil b hot nd interesting
24.10.2011 12:40 EDT, marvel007
24.10.2011 09:27 EDT, Jakir Niloy
I hope this game will be proper tested. Coz previous miami vindiction had lot of issues n bugs. Damn i still want 2 play proper version of Gangstar MV.
am tiping gameloft to go on 2do or develop smackdown vs raw 4java game!!
24.10.2011 04:31 EDT, marvel007
plz....release nd upload..tnks
23.10.2011 17:25 EDT, marvel007
haha,it's a cover of gameloft fb fan page. .
23.10.2011 06:08 EDT, [ BOBBYFC ]
nokia 320*240 c3-00 and x2-01 games upload in 1 mb
23.10.2011 03:24 EDT, sayedsadhin
are this game for s60v5
23.10.2011 01:29 EDT, Hitesh1236™ [Be A Gamer]
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22.10.2011 20:22 EDT, fdgergre
jaldi upload karo yar our raha nahi jata gta 4 khel khel ke pak gaya hu yar
22.10.2011 08:52 EDT, dinesh.pavan
New gangstar game i like it and i can't wait
22.10.2011 02:40 EDT, veasnatra02
When come spidar man total mahyam
21.10.2011 10:56 EDT, souravde
Plece add gangstar rio game
21.10.2011 10:54 EDT, souravde
when this game is releasing give us exact date
21.10.2011 05:36 EDT, gsbaghel
Whos the man on picture? Lol
21.10.2011 01:37 EDT, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
20.10.2011 21:43 EDT, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
do'nt forget 2 upload this game 4 my sam f480 240*320 touch screen!please,...,......!.
20.10.2011 16:22 EDT, sahil360
20.10.2011 13:57 EDT, Jakir Niloy
Wen d game is out! Make it fit 4 my phne.... Sonyericsson w810! Full details. Tnks
19.10.2011 14:25 EDT, marvel007
Plz...release all dis games! We cn't wait nomore.....
19.10.2011 14:16 EDT, marvel007
19.10.2011 11:10 EDT, Jakir Niloy
what gangstar rio is the last version of gangstar????
19.10.2011 05:24 EDT, Reza Maulana Al-Rasyid
When screen Shot coming.
19.10.2011 03:38 EDT, gangstar51
Give me the carect date of the game come out
18.10.2011 23:36 EDT, souravde
Plece add Ra one game more versone Add plece
18.10.2011 23:35 EDT, souravde
the game is relising for ios
18.10.2011 19:35 EDT, Meadul
Cool, when coming out ???
18.10.2011 14:24 EDT, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
That is life love my India..................
18.10.2011 14:15 EDT, ROMEO~Bsc.HMCTT~

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