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ZOMBiEWOOD (By GameLoft) - GamezBLog.PepeRonity.Com - gamezblog

zombiewood gameloft - ZOMBiEWOOD (By GameLoft) Games
04.03.2012 11:38 EST
ZOMBiEWOOD (By GameLoft)
Published Date: 6/3/2012

Download Page:

DESCRiPTiON: Zombies have taken over Hollywood! But despite being an inexperienced college student, you have managed to stay alive… so far. Now it’s time to find your girlfriend, who disappeared when the mess began. Travel across a zombie- filled California and survive a massive onslaught of insane zombies. With 68 fun missions and super-intuitive gameplay, Zombiewood is probably one of the most addictive mobile games ever released!

View ScreenShots:

* Run and gun as you shred through waves of zombies that get progressively harder to put down. Become the ultimate survivor!

* Power-up your hero with more destructive weapons and cool gear.

* Enter a hilarious journey with cartoonish characters and environments inspired by Hollywood hits. Unleash the fury with a huge arsenal including dynamite, flamethrowers, shotguns and more.

* Discover 13 maps and 68 missions to complete on foot or while driving crazy vehicles. High-octane action with auto-aim and continuous fire for maximum damage.
Write Comment!
17.03.2012 10:15 EDT, Jakir Niloy
When ghost recon future soldier release on mobile.ghost recon future soldier online by ubisoft release on pc few days ago.
17.03.2012 09:07 EDT, gangstar38
The "Zombiewood" Cheat...??
14.03.2012 23:56 EDT, dimasnaghspega
come on GL release ghost recon future soldier in this month
14.03.2012 01:22 EDT, avi00714
this is a stupid game!gameloft is the worst game site
12.03.2012 06:36 EDT, russia1
dosto need games for pc
11.03.2012 16:29 EDT, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
amar moba e support kore na :( :(
11.03.2012 16:27 EDT, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
Good morning ,happy sunday :-)
10.03.2012 19:26 EST, ❇ charmx
what is next gameloft game tell me anyone
10.03.2012 06:44 EST, avi00714
you have to wait for Farcry 3 till sep 2012 bcoz *ubiSoft will relase this game on PC platform at sep 2012* after that GL will release.
10.03.2012 05:57 EST, Mr.Tension
you have to wait for Farcry 3 till sep 2012 bcoz ubidoft will relase this game on PC platform at sep 2010 after that GL will release.
10.03.2012 05:56 EST, Mr.Tension
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09.03.2012 19:15 EST, xgtrhrt
Wots d nxt GL game?
08.03.2012 04:08 EST, marvel007
just coz of cartonish this game fail,other wise weapons are very nice gun, short gun, pistol, geranade cool.
07.03.2012 23:10 EST, Mr.Tension
We wnt games lyk.... Men in Black 3,Farcry 3 & Hero of Sparta 2...
07.03.2012 14:14 EST, marvel007
Marvel007 I totally agreed with u!
07.03.2012 09:27 EST, J@ckvn_cr247
@gangster 100% agreed.
07.03.2012 02:47 EST, Mr.Tension
Really its a nyc game, but d missions,zombies & girls.... repeat itself. D missions are almost dsame, dat makes it SUCK!!!
07.03.2012 02:45 EST, marvel007
Hm... Actually i think gameplay is ok..but the story of thiz game is realllyy Suck...same girl and same missons? What the hell re u thjnkjng,GL?
06.03.2012 20:15 EST, J@ckvn_cr247
When NOVA 2 will come? If u know about it, plz tell us.
06.03.2012 10:53 EST, hridoy010
Description was so cool but zombiewood is one of the worst gameloft game i ever play.just one word simply suck.
06.03.2012 04:59 EST, gangstar38
so boaring game
06.03.2012 04:25 EST, avi00714
actually GL recruits Kids employees at thier JAVA platform they all are learning how make java games therefore now we have to bear this type of games hahahaha.
05.03.2012 23:32 EST, Mr.Tension
I just play this game.why gameloft made such a poor game? If zombie infection 3 would come, it would be great.
05.03.2012 19:16 EST, hridoy010
Discription is good but screenshot bad.
05.03.2012 10:48 EST, hridoy010
full description is " this will be the shit game " hahahhah. what the f******k, y GL making idiot games :)
05.03.2012 06:24 EST, Mr.Tension
Full discription plzz..
05.03.2012 04:38 EST, marvel007
i think this game will arrive in this week buds
05.03.2012 02:01 EST, panamaprime
I want new cricket game in gameloft platform for java
05.03.2012 01:54 EST, avi00714
its funny :)
04.03.2012 23:10 EST, Mr.Tension
Cartoon edition of Zombie Infection 3 ??:-D:-D
04.03.2012 19:48 EST, Strife
Dis game shud be release 2morrow and nxt week pes 12
04.03.2012 17:06 EST, OLUWATOCYN
I Hope the Game is Out in Monday, or the Next Week :)
04.03.2012 14:23 EST, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
I hope this game release in few days.
04.03.2012 14:11 EST, gangstar38
When released?
04.03.2012 12:17 EST, avi00714

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