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THE AMAZiNG SPiDER-MAN (by GameLoft) - GamezBLog.PepeRonity.Co...

the amazing spider man - THE AMAZiNG SPiDER-MAN (by GameLoft) Games
24.04.2012 13:57 EDT
Published Date: 13/6/2012

» Download Page:

=> Playing on a new movie about Spider-Man! The Amazing Spider- Man - comic book series about a superhero Spider-Man, which is published by Marvel Comics since 1963. New feats of man - a spider waiting for you again. Stand up to defend their city again!

» View ScreenShots:

↓ Features ↓

* The official game of the most anticipated superhero film in 2012

* The role of Spider-Man go through 10 huge levels Repeating the story line movie

* Fight with the wicked Using superudary Spider and incredible tricks Like Spider Vision.

* Explore huge levels , Jump between buildings and skillfully avoid the trap.

* The sophisticated levels with not easy fights in an incredible three-dimensional environment.

Please write comment & share your think about gameplay of this game. :) Awesome GamePlay!!

plz help me anybody when i am playing the amazing spiderman samsung f480 240x320 touch game .in level 7 after beating all enemies the lizard boss ran away and i am get in trouble and i dont know how to finish that level. if any guy know my problems solution plz tell .thanks
29.03.2013 06:35 EDT, shakir
Please.....this game in multiscreen mai lao
05.08.2012 03:11 EDT, pravinpathekar
The game is hard,do it has cheats?
28.07.2012 04:28 EDT, roger619
But it's the best java game anyway .
28.07.2012 00:08 EDT, shakib200
This game is good , but not better than toxic city .
16.07.2012 18:15 EDT, shakib200
Spider man more powerfull than before,good game. But not better than toxic city.
14.07.2012 13:14 EDT, dipjit1
no, there is no any new combos unlock. in spider man toxic city there were so many unlockable options
09.07.2012 03:56 EDT, Mr.Tension
Some one tell they have get new fights after collecting all the hidden camaras in the amazing spiderman
07.07.2012 02:49 EDT, theavangerboy
yes i have collected all cameras but nothing new...........
07.07.2012 02:14 EDT, Mr.Tension
There are no new thing will get after collecting all the hidden camaras in the amazing spiderman any one found anything please tell me guys
06.07.2012 12:36 EDT, theavangerboy
I hate waiting
03.07.2012 09:09 EDT, steevjames
the amazing spider man i give 9 out of 10 if gameloft need 10 out of 10 means the dark knight rises should be fully in 3d effects try for tht gameloft
02.07.2012 11:29 EDT, rakesheddy
Gameloft shud make FPS for java.... just 4 ones. Am tired of platforms game!!
02.07.2012 10:09 EDT, marvel007
GL With a recorded profit of more than $24.1 million in 2011, the France-based company has quickly become one of the leading game developers in the mobile sector.
02.07.2012 02:59 EDT, Mr.Tension
which is your favourite game
01.07.2012 10:03 EDT, steevjames
Any info
30.06.2012 10:50 EDT, steevjames
coming soon by gameloft: Dark Knight Rises,Hero of Sparta 2, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, HAWX 2, N.O.V.A 2, Modern Combat 2 Fallen Nation, Far Cry 3 ect
29.06.2012 21:30 EDT, steevjames
Where is dark knight rises or hero of sparta ? Atleast screenshots.
29.06.2012 08:55 EDT, steevjames
Game is superb but Spidey cant do jump wisely and has less aerial attacks. Thats the only minus point of this title. Otherwise its awesome.
29.06.2012 01:26 EDT, Strife
I think that perhaps 'The Dark Knight Rises' game will release in 20 th July because the movie is releasing in 27th july. Waiting for the screen shot of this game. KALKUT = VENOM
28.06.2012 07:46 EDT, Aniruddha
I think gameloft is going to make The Dark Knight Rises game better than 'The Amazing Spider man' game. I think that this will be an army type game. However, some versions of 'The Amazing Spider man' game are not working on my nokia 7230. Whenever i'm going to open it the application is failing. This a very disgusting problem. I think that some versions are not secure. Therefore i'm hoping that it will not happen to The Dark Knight Rises. - Kalkut is bengali word which means Venom.
28.06.2012 07:39 EDT, Aniruddha
I want to play a Superman game from Gameloft...Superman: Man Of Still movie will be released on June 14,2013...I hope that Gameloft will make this game...!!!
27.06.2012 16:55 EDT, imhulk26
Now ten to fifteen days of waiting
27.06.2012 09:25 EDT, steevjames
hope GL's batman now grew up from lego batman ( too small bat man) lol
27.06.2012 07:52 EDT, Mr.Tension
Dont lie so big lies
27.06.2012 07:36 EDT, steevjames
only 20 minutes for the dark night rises release stay tune
27.06.2012 07:14 EDT, rakesheddy
Any News??? Or screenshot?? About Dark knight rises & Hero of sparta 2....
27.06.2012 06:47 EDT, marvel007
Burn the rope will be next.
27.06.2012 06:33 EDT, Mr.Tension
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
27.06.2012 03:56 EDT, imhulk26
the dark night rises releasing shortly at today the game is checking in gameloft lab . it will be out at today
27.06.2012 03:46 EDT, rakesheddy
Rakesheddy why you always lie? your sick don't know anything,you just give wrong info for joke.
27.06.2012 03:07 EDT, gangstar38
27.06.2012 01:17 EDT, rakesheddy
I like top five games are 1.The Amaising Spiderman 2. Ghost recon future soldier 3. Prince of persia the forgotten sands 4. Splinter cell conviction 5. Men in black 3 etc
26.06.2012 22:06 EDT, steevjames
My top 5 java game- 1.Zombie Infection 2.Gangstar:Miami Vindication 3.Wild West Guns 4.Heroes Lore Zero 5.Ghost Recon Future Soldier
26.06.2012 19:54 EDT, gangstar38
My top 3 fav Super Hero games : -- 1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The Avengers 3. The Dark Knight :)
26.06.2012 14:44 EDT, imhulk26
Hope assassin creed liberation wil come for java??
26.06.2012 12:58 EDT, marvel007
Assassin's creed 3 will release for ps3 and xbox sametime assassin's creed liberation will release for ps assassin's creed liberation,first time ever assassin's creed will have female heroin.
26.06.2012 11:44 EDT, gangstar38
waiting for splinter blacklist splinter cell conviction is one of my favourite games.
26.06.2012 07:42 EDT, steevjames
Battle field 3 : close quarter, also coming this year but for win vista or greater only
26.06.2012 02:21 EDT, Mr.Tension
Watched Splinter cell blaclist demo gameplay , not very much change from spliter cell conviction just change the places. and sam looks young. how is possible :) he is going to old .
26.06.2012 02:18 EDT, Mr.Tension
oh shit, far cry 3 shifted to november. seems ubisoft deal this like GRFS late late late.
26.06.2012 02:17 EDT, Mr.Tension
Yes!! Splinter cell:blst also coming for pc!!
26.06.2012 02:05 EDT, marvel007
I don't know for surely pc version coming or not.splinter cell:blacklist maybe also coming for microsoft windows.
26.06.2012 01:13 EDT, gangstar38
@Mr Tension, yes brother I'm talking about the console version as well as PC version. Ubisoft has shifted the release date of Far Cry 3 to November 28. To believe search on Google.
26.06.2012 01:04 EDT, Strife
Here are the sorted list of most anticipated upcoming console games and movies due to released on the rest of 2012 and 2013:-Assassins Creed 3, Brothers In Arms:Furious Four, Far Cry 3, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell:Blacklist, The Expandables 2, Resident Evil, Skyfall, The Hobbit, Die Hard 5, The Seventh Son, Iron Man 3, Star Trek 2, Epic, Super-Man:Man of Steel, Wolverine 2, Smurfs 2, 300:Battle of Artemisia and Thor 2. All,if not some of the titles are expected to be released by GL for java handsets.
26.06.2012 00:59 EDT, Strife
you are talking about PC version or mobile??
26.06.2012 00:41 EDT, Mr.Tension
why bad news. Farcry3 PC version will be release on september ubisoft already disclosed. obviously GL relase after this as usual.
26.06.2012 00:41 EDT, Mr.Tension
Bad news! The release date of Far Cry 3 is shifted from September 4 to November 28!
26.06.2012 00:38 EDT, Strife
@gangstar38, what about PC version of splinter cell. I am a big fan of splinter cell. Splinter cell conviction PC version was awesome. I have a PC version.
26.06.2012 00:12 EDT, Mr.Tension
I have a problem with The Amazing Spider man N73 version. This games version is not working on my phone. Please do something for this.
25.06.2012 21:56 EDT, Aniruddha
Yah! Truely there will be a new Splinter cell, thats d return of Sam fisher into a new thrilling adventure game!! Title> SPLINTER CELL:BLACKLIST set to release 2013 nxt year...
25.06.2012 14:57 EDT, marvel007
There will be new splinter cell game release in are coming for ps3 and xbox name are splinter cell: blaclist.third echelon will be replaced by fourth echelon and sam will be leader of this organization.good news is sam sigeature goggles will be back.i hope gameloft also release it for mobile version.
25.06.2012 13:31 EDT, gangstar38
Devil May Cry by Gameloft!! Just dreaming about that......
25.06.2012 11:03 EDT, Strife
Hero of sparta 2 & Far 3
25.06.2012 09:03 EDT, marvel007
NOva 2 & Farcry 3 ...........
25.06.2012 08:38 EDT, Mr.Tension
I'm eagerly w8ing 4 "The Dark Knight Rises" & "Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation"...I hope dis 2 games will Rock!!!!! :)
25.06.2012 08:34 EDT, imhulk26
Waiting for The Bat Man:The Dark Knight to be Rises on our handsets very very soon ;-)
25.06.2012 05:42 EDT, Strife
Yah! surely there wil b a girl hero in the Dark knight rises. CATWOMAN & BATMAN they are the main character & hero in the movie.. so stay tune for the java game!!
25.06.2012 04:53 EDT, marvel007
GL plz introduce Girl hero. all your heroes are male. Need girl hero
25.06.2012 02:02 EDT, Mr.Tension
Oh Yes! I got two new extra cool combo attack by collecting all 30 cameras! Yahooo!! Awesome visuals.
24.06.2012 21:54 EDT, Strife
The game is an application on my phone
24.06.2012 12:56 EDT, jaksy
Anybody have collected all 30 cameras and unlocked something??
24.06.2012 12:18 EDT, Strife
Whats the use of the customers support option in the amaizing spiderman
24.06.2012 09:18 EDT, steevjames
Hey Guys, I got a question. In Spider Man Toxic City a symbiote black suit was unlocked for finding all hidden comics throughout the levels. In Amazing Spider Man there also some hidden camera and I found them all but unlocked nothing. Have you found some object??
24.06.2012 00:51 EDT, Strife
Spidey Rocks!!
24.06.2012 00:29 EDT, Strife
Very good game.but not amazing.
23.06.2012 13:52 EDT, gangstar38
And another matter is that Gameloft have never confirmed Hero of Sparta 2 to be released on May/June, this is just supposed by a blogger on a gaming forum, even he is not sure about this!
23.06.2012 09:18 EDT, Strife
I dont think that Gameloft will not release Hero of Sparta 2 this month, because two games are already out by this franchise and another blockbuster Dark Knight Rises is going to release within three weeks!! If they release any game between the gap that will be something casual type game, not a high voltage action like Hero of Sparta!!
23.06.2012 09:07 EDT, Strife
Ubisoft + GL = Top class game :)
23.06.2012 07:55 EDT, Mr.Tension
3 top games in a row GRFS + spider man + ice age 4. now guys ready to bad one. The little Pony or burn the roops may be next. lets wait & see :)
23.06.2012 07:55 EDT, Mr.Tension
Waiting 4 nxt game
23.06.2012 07:39 EDT, gamerking
Hero of sparta 2 will come for this month thats conformed by gameloft. So everyone get ready to play another game this month. Hope its not like immortals. So the screen shots of this game can come any day.
23.06.2012 07:32 EDT, steevjames
I think Hero of Sparta will be released on August because in July they going to release another blockbuster Dark Knight Rises.
23.06.2012 07:00 EDT, Strife
Ubisoft is releasing Brothers In Arms:Furious Four on October, so may be Gameloft can release the title on java platform.
23.06.2012 06:55 EDT, Strife
23.06.2012 05:52 EDT, Mr.Tension
GL now right back to its track, quality games deliver once again. hope they maintain this.
23.06.2012 05:51 EDT, Mr.Tension
The Dark Knight rises, Burn the ropes, Asphalt 7: Heat, HOS2, The oregon trail american settler, Modern combat 3 fallen nation, Nova 2, Far cry 3. coming up nexts.
23.06.2012 05:50 EDT, Mr.Tension
I have finish all level and I killing the Lizard. It so hard but it is best game ever. I give you 10/10 perfect!! ;-)★
23.06.2012 05:22 EDT, Afiz ('.')
@Gangstar38 change difficulty to easy mode or upgrade all the attributes to their peak. I think if you already have defeated Venom, then surely you can defeat Lizard.
23.06.2012 03:25 EDT, Strife
Do anybody know how to defeat lizard boss or the amazing spider-man cheat code.
23.06.2012 02:03 EDT, gangstar38
my all skills are full., now i m playing in hard mode and is awesome
23.06.2012 00:12 EDT, Mr.Tension
Venom is too easy in level 9 i defeat without a single continue. coz his tactics are same as level 4. Lizard was little hard to defeat.
23.06.2012 00:11 EDT, Mr.Tension
Lizard is not dat hard to kill, go try Venom at chapter 9
22.06.2012 12:04 EDT, marvel007
What about the lisard
22.06.2012 08:53 EDT, steevjames
The strongest and the hardest of d 3 boss is d Venom!!!
22.06.2012 08:45 EDT, marvel007
Gud news guys...The little pony & littlest shop pony is on the way!!!
22.06.2012 08:40 EDT, marvel007
22.06.2012 08:35 EDT, theavangerboy
Poor sand man , Venom & Dr :(
22.06.2012 08:29 EDT, Mr.Tension
guys flash news tha all waiting gsme the dark night rises is releasing today at 7 pm lets party
22.06.2012 05:09 EDT, rakesheddy
whats nestx? Dark knight / HOS2/burn the roops
22.06.2012 03:56 EDT, Mr.Tension
finish ....any question dear friend's.
22.06.2012 02:49 EDT, rider00
@steevjames, increase your skills ands its easy to defeat, you already defeat in level 4.
22.06.2012 02:34 EDT, Mr.Tension
All heroes of the avengers have failed against spider man lol :)
22.06.2012 02:32 EDT, Mr.Tension
hard mode is really nice
22.06.2012 02:05 EDT, Mr.Tension
21.06.2012 09:46 EDT, theavangerboy
Top 10 best action games ever created by Gameloft-1st.Amazing Spider Man,2nd.Ghost Secon FS,3rd.Zombie Infection 1,4th.Hero of Sparta,5th.Brothers In Arms AOW,6th.Far Cry 2,7th.Assassins Creed 4,8th.Immortals,9th.Zombie Infection 2,10th.Chuck Norris
21.06.2012 09:32 EDT, Strife
anyone know cheats its difficult to defeat venom in level 9
21.06.2012 09:31 EDT, steevjames
gameloft movie games are good, but when GL make PC games for mobiles i.e top class. see MIB (movie game) only good, avengers ( movie game) only good, GRFS (PC game) OUTCLASS.
21.06.2012 07:44 EDT, Mr.Tension
I need GRFS types games full of action with guns, geranade, launchers, tanks wooooo lol
21.06.2012 07:42 EDT, Mr.Tension
Finished both on Nokia s60v3 and Sony Eric 176*220 but the real difference is Sony Eric version is more cinematic than Nokia as usual.
21.06.2012 04:54 EDT, Strife
Play EA games on PC, outclass. Crysis 2, battlefield bad company 2, needfor speed the run, FIFA, bullet storm etc etc. but on mobile EA flops.
21.06.2012 02:34 EDT, Mr.Tension
GL is best jsut coz of Sound effects. other wise graphics/gameplay of other companies are also very nice
21.06.2012 02:32 EDT, Mr.Tension
gameloft simply the best than the gameloft ?
21.06.2012 02:16 EDT, sinchan12
those who have low sets , ready to lose tier 5 key :)
21.06.2012 00:43 EDT, Mr.Tension
Oh Dear! Can you imagine I have done a 28 hit combo attack!! Its unbelieavle. Jumping from roof to roof feels like we are playing a blockbuster console title!!
20.06.2012 20:46 EDT, Strife
"THE BEST". It really really rocks. The unlockable combos and their hitting style make it the best beat'em'up java
20.06.2012 20:40 EDT, Strife
Yah! Gameloft are doing da great and da best game ever for java gamers dis year!! Full of actions, long missions, awesome stuning visual, graphics and style and immersive stories!!!
20.06.2012 20:13 EDT, marvel007
Gameloft has done an oath to provide us the best gameplay in our tiny little java sets, and this year they started with Ghost Secon FS, Ice Age and Amazing Spider-Man. If they keep their form like this we are going to enjoy some ultimate gaming exp.
20.06.2012 19:59 EDT, Strife
gameloft rules EA sports sucks.Gameloft kings,EA sports servants
20.06.2012 12:39 EDT, sinchan12
Fantastic... I giv it 9/10.. Kip it up GL!!
20.06.2012 12:12 EDT, marvel007
this game no is so good, because other elements are too big, and see zoomed in squares..
20.06.2012 11:43 EDT, Kripto
Guys hero of sparta is conformed for this month so it will come soon
20.06.2012 11:22 EDT, steevjames
Press 5+5+0 for a new exclusive combo attack, but first you have to upgraded your power. For quick upgradation by golden spiders use chase levels in Select Level option. Happy GAMING!!
20.06.2012 11:09 EDT, Strife
Wot abt....HERO OF SPARTA 2 ??
20.06.2012 10:05 EDT, marvel007
Wow, English version was coming. Thank you. ;-)
20.06.2012 09:20 EDT, Afiz ('.')
The best Gameloft ever!!!! Wow, what the visual effects! Really amazing. Impressed!! Obviously the next Gameloft will be The Dark Knight Rises.
20.06.2012 09:16 EDT, Strife
20.06.2012 08:46 EDT, marvel007
Advance form of Spider man toxic city
20.06.2012 07:58 EDT, Mr.Tension
one of the best gameloft action games
20.06.2012 07:36 EDT, sinchan12
This game is out in ""
20.06.2012 07:33 EDT, steevjames
Please add the amazing spider man for SAM L700 176*220.
20.06.2012 07:31 EDT, litontri
20.06.2012 07:25 EDT, gilangganteng
Wow! Fantastic, delicious.....full of action. Wot amazing game!! Da best eva
20.06.2012 06:57 EDT, marvel007
lot of thanks........... dear arif
20.06.2012 05:55 EDT, rider00
so english is out.. next gameloft what is and date?
20.06.2012 05:36 EDT, Kripto
why u need description, play the game and you will know the descrition.
20.06.2012 01:25 EDT, Mr.Tension
Full description plzz
20.06.2012 01:21 EDT, marvel007
The English version is out!!
19.06.2012 23:59 EDT, marvel007
The english version is out!! @Arif.. Plzz upload!!
19.06.2012 23:51 EDT, marvel007
This game nokia version is out in rugme
19.06.2012 22:32 EDT, aviinash1
I just pity all this leech that cant even spend a single coin on wapshop.and yet they demand as if the game is officialy release.if you people cant w8 4 the release try kiss your butt 1st b4 crying in this gameblog.stupid fool
19.06.2012 20:19 EDT, corey08
still waiting for s60v5 version .hmmmmm
19.06.2012 15:58 EDT, max.payne11
Patient guys.....English version coming soon!!!
19.06.2012 14:58 EDT, marvel007
Why didn't have english language version and where nokia versions?
19.06.2012 12:49 EDT, merajuk
hi dear ! Where is the nokia s40 vers....
19.06.2012 11:56 EDT, rider00
Yah! Da best super hero game ever!!
19.06.2012 08:26 EDT, marvel007
The best beat'em'up java game I have ever played!! Gameplay is so addictive and convicing that the older Spider Man PC games seems to be worthless comparing to it!! Lots of stylish combo, solid hitting style, stunning visuals, smart bosses, immersive story and long levels provide you the ultimate Spidey adventure on you handsets. Superb game, it deserves 9.5 out of 10 and another great creation from Gameloft!!
19.06.2012 07:42 EDT, Strife
THE Amazing Spider man - "Listen people of the new york ,and game lovers i'm not coming to help you! Because i'm very busy with Gwen Stacy right now, so don't wait for me."
19.06.2012 05:01 EDT, Aniruddha
Venom- "These mumblings are not going to work! No one can kill us, we are planing to kill all the people of this Newyork city". LIZARD,- "Where is your beloved Spider man! Tell him that he will never get the chance to destroy me or venom , if he tried we will kick is bucket"
19.06.2012 04:50 EDT, Aniruddha
"Waste of time, commenting here"ice age 4 is of on use for nokia 5800 and also for amazing spiderman no links....
19.06.2012 04:47 EDT, rocksrocks0
Help! Help! SPIDER MAN ! Help! We have been attacked! Venom and Lizard are killing many citizens! Protect us and destroy this super villan ! Where are you? Come quickly! Save our life from this denger!!!???!
19.06.2012 04:37 EDT, Aniruddha
Yeah..i think 2...this game will b the best superhero game in history for JAVA!!
19.06.2012 03:24 EDT, imhulk26
It seems dis wil b da best super hero game!!
19.06.2012 02:47 EDT, marvel007
ice age 4 cheat code plz friends any 1 knows the code plz tell me
19.06.2012 02:08 EDT, rakesheddy
ice age 4 cheat code plz
19.06.2012 01:50 EDT, rakesheddy
I need female heroins lol
19.06.2012 01:33 EDT, Mr.Tension
The amazing spider WOMAN
19.06.2012 01:32 EDT, Mr.Tension
C'mon Spider man!
19.06.2012 01:29 EDT, supratim14
Are anybody dying for cheat code? The god is listening... Wait.,.. My fellow..... Wait..,waiting is good for health ....;-);-):->:-P;->
19.06.2012 01:03 EDT, supratim14
plz give the cheat codes of ice age 4 plz any one
19.06.2012 01:03 EDT, rakesheddy
Marvellous!! Finished the Russian version of Amazing Spider Man in HARD mode! I bet you Guys, who have not playing this game yet are going to experience an evolution of java gaming history.
19.06.2012 01:00 EDT, Strife
upload cheat codes for ice age 4 plz any one
19.06.2012 00:59 EDT, rakesheddy
plz cheat codes for ice age 4 plz tell any 1
19.06.2012 00:56 EDT, rakesheddy
Very honestly speking that this posted page seems premature. You guys are already know that we can't read Russian language. This really unexpected from you guys. The posting of this game creates a disheveled condition for everybody. This very disappointing for all of us. Hope that you guys will solve this problem quickly
19.06.2012 00:52 EDT, supratim14
plz any cheats for ice age 4
19.06.2012 00:42 EDT, rakesheddy
Oh! What the hell is this?! I'm waiting for this Amazing Spider Man game for 30 days. And Now I'm tired of waiting. I'm egarly requesting please release this as soon as possible
18.06.2012 23:20 EDT, supratim14
this game is not out.. and is fake, so need remove it
18.06.2012 16:33 EDT, Kripto
GL make a unique platform for java and release hero of sparta 2 srceenshots and videos then quickly the game also.
18.06.2012 11:36 EDT, gamerking
GL release ths game with large version for nokia S40 320x240
18.06.2012 11:34 EDT, gamerking
GL release 15 or 20 level of game with full action and advnture.
18.06.2012 11:32 EDT, gamerking
GL plz release ths game. All r waiting 4 ths game
18.06.2012 11:31 EDT, gamerking
We NEED eNglish version GL.
18.06.2012 11:30 EDT, gamerking
Ths game is taking so much time.
18.06.2012 11:28 EDT, gamerking
Does GL ever released 20 levels game with full action in java platform ?
18.06.2012 11:27 EDT, gamerking
18.06.2012 10:57 EDT, theavangerboy
Hey Mr. Tension r u completed this game? Can u tell me how many levels it has??!?
18.06.2012 09:20 EDT, imhulk26
all GL heroes are male, Now we need females, need Saima fisher instead of Sam fisher, ALia instead of Ezio, spider woman, woman in blakc, ghost recon samina soldier.
18.06.2012 08:28 EDT, Mr.Tension
why GL left to make sexy games:), in past they were making sexy games lol :)
18.06.2012 08:24 EDT, Mr.Tension
But still GRFS is d best
18.06.2012 07:51 EDT, Mr.Tension
i m not very much intrested in story, luckliy russion version included k800i version :) so i m enjoying, gameplay is nice, graphics also cool, bosses little bit tough but once you understand technique its easy to defeat. so i want enaglish language just bcoz to update health, power etc.
18.06.2012 07:50 EDT, Mr.Tension
when r u going to add nokia version of the game(Nokia X2-00)
18.06.2012 06:31 EDT, Chris I
no iam telling about ice age 4 game friend it hangs on my j108i i need cheat code for ice age 4 to play all levels it hangs on my j108i at first stage so any solution for tht
18.06.2012 04:48 EDT, rakesheddy
Are u trying 2play d Russian version on ur phne?? @Rakesheddy
18.06.2012 04:38 EDT, marvel007
please help me friend please
18.06.2012 03:42 EDT, rakesheddy
240* 320 j108i sony ericssion cedar
18.06.2012 03:41 EDT, rakesheddy
if there is no cheat, you can get save game file if some one finish this game. by the way whats your mobile screen resolution.
18.06.2012 03:34 EDT, Mr.Tension
o god i think i dont play this game without cheat code bcoz iam using cedar j108i when playing this game at first stage it hangs it hangs so i asked cheat code to see all levels
18.06.2012 03:13 EDT, rakesheddy
Sorry bro there is no cheat code for ice age 4 (i think)..
18.06.2012 03:06 EDT, imhulk26
but i need cheat for ice age 4
18.06.2012 03:00 EDT, rakesheddy
Ice age 4 is a vry easy game to play...i don't think that this game needs any cheat! :)
18.06.2012 02:44 EDT, imhulk26
ok what about ice age 4 game does tht game has any cheat codes
18.06.2012 02:38 EDT, rakesheddy
ψ..... Mehn...i'm dying here...NO ENGLISH! Yet? 
18.06.2012 01:48 EDT, bobnelsing
this game is not officially released how come cheat first :)
18.06.2012 01:37 EDT, Mr.Tension
any cheat codes for this game
18.06.2012 01:36 EDT, rakesheddy
I'm being tired of waiting for dis game! :-(
18.06.2012 01:12 EDT, imhulk26
Wow... Dis game Rock!!
17.06.2012 17:59 EDT, marvel007
em•♥«☀h☺Lª ∂† u® ßσy™©☀»♥• swªg™© L♥√ﻉµ¾¼»½¢«±³¬¢×ŦƕǷǮǯƩɰɱɮɸʢʡɷȹȸʭ͏ЖДжФѪѪ҈҉‏‰†‡™Ω₦↔♠♦☺♣♥%ˆℓ № ℗ ℠ ™ Ω ⅓ ℮ ⅔ ⅕ ⅖ ⅗ ⅘ ⅙ ⅚ ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞ ⅟ ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ↕ ↖ ↗ ↘ ↙ ∂ ∆ ∏ ∑ − √ ∞ ∫ ≈ ≠ ≤ ≥ ◊ ff fi fl ffi ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ ¨ © ª ® ° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ fahad º ¹ ÷ ð Ħ œ Ξ ΛΌ Ύ Ί Ή Έ Ώ ΐ Γ Θ ί ή έ ά Ψ Ω Φ Σ Π ΰζ θ η λ ξ δ γ π ς τ φ χ ψ ω Љ Њ Ћ ЌЏ Ў Ѓ Ё Ђ Б Д Ж Й Щ Ш Ф Ц Ч Ы Ю Я Э f(x)=a_0+∑_(n=1)^∞▒(a_n cos⁡〖nπx/L〗+b_n sin⁡〖nπx/L〗 ) Л ђ њ љ Ѳ ѣ ‡ † ‰ ‽ ⁰ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ ⁺ ⁿ ℅℠ ™ № ffl•♥«☀h☺Lª ∂† u® ßσy™©☀»♥• swªg™© L♥√ﻉµ¾¼»½¢«±³¬¢×ŦƕǷǮǯƩɰɱɮɸʢʡɷȹȸʭ͏ϴЖДжФѪѪ҈҉۝۞۩ᴥΏῼ‰†‡‖₱₯™Ω₴₦↔▓♠☻♦☺♂♀♣♥╥♪♯♫'%Yˆ~JOP†ó?[aJÿYWRQ 17.06.2012 16:33 CEST, bobne...
17.06.2012 11:04 EDT, steevjames
em•♥«☀h☺Lª ∂† u® ßσy™©☀»♥• swªg™© L♥√ﻉµ¾¼»½¢«±³¬¢×ŦƕǷǮǯƩɰɱɮɸʢʡɷȹȸʭ͏ЖДжФѪѪ҈҉‏‰†‡™Ω₦↔♠♦☺♣♥%ˆℓ № ℗ ℠ ™ Ω ⅓ ℮ ⅔ ⅕ ⅖ ⅗ ⅘ ⅙ ⅚ ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞ ⅟ ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ↕ ↖ ↗ ↘ ↙ ∂ ∆ ∏ ∑ − √ ∞ ∫ ≈ ≠ ≤ ≥ ◊ ff fi fl ffi ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ ¨ © ª ® ° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ fahad º ¹ ÷ ð Ħ œ Ξ Λ Ό Ύ Ί Ή Έ Ώ ΐ Γ Θ ί ή έ ά Ψ Ω Φ Σ Π ΰ ζ θ η λ ξ δ γ π ς τ φ χ ψ ω Љ Њ Ћ Ќ Џ Ў Ѓ Ё Ђ Б Д Ж Й Щ Ш Ф Ц Ч Ы Ю Я Э f(x)=a_0+∑_(n=1)^∞▒(a_n cos⁡〖nπx/L〗+b_n sin⁡〖nπx/L〗 ) Л ђ њ љ Ѳ ѣ ‡ † ‰ ‽ ⁰ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ ⁺ ⁿ ℅ ℠ ™ № ffl•♥«☀h☺Lª ∂† u® ßσy™©☀»♥• swªg™© L♥√ﻉµ¾¼»½¢«±³¬¢×ŦƕǷǮǯƩɰɱɮɸʢʡɷȹȸʭ͏ϴЖДжФѪѪ҈҉۝۞۩ᴥΏῼ‰†‡‖₱₯™Ω₴₦↔▓♠☻♦☺♂♀♣♥╥♪♯♫'%Yˆ~JOP†ó?[aJÿYWRQ
17.06.2012 10:33 EDT, bobnelsing
Gameloft u stink + ur crazy
17.06.2012 10:05 EDT, jaksy
Gameloft u stink + ur crazy
17.06.2012 09:56 EDT, jaksy
June 24...why did u guys even post it..? First it waz russian 2nd it didn't hav a nokia version and now this!
17.06.2012 07:08 EDT, bobnelsing
this game will atleast take 3 days
17.06.2012 06:11 EDT, steevjames
Another 9 or 10 days of wait for this suck game.
17.06.2012 06:05 EDT, gangstar38
Is there any prb with this site...some mints ago i didn't see my comnt? Wht is going here?!!?!
17.06.2012 05:39 EDT, imhulk26
What the fuck!!..where is my comment??? Bullshit!!! :-@ :-@ :-@
17.06.2012 05:37 EDT, imhulk26
Yes,you are will come 26-28th june.@imhulk26
17.06.2012 05:28 EDT, minhajulabedin
I heard by some1 that 'this game will be released on june 24 in Europe & june 26 in US'...but i'm not sure about it! :O
17.06.2012 05:19 EDT, imhulk26
Where english version!! Still russian version
17.06.2012 03:50 EDT, Afiz ('.')
17.06.2012 02:52 EDT, bobnelsing
J•♥«☀h☺Lª ∂† u® ßσy™©☀»♥• swªg™© L♥√ﻉµ¾¼»½¢«±³¬¢×ŦƕǷǮǯƩɰɱɮɸʢʡɷȹȸʭ͏ЖДжФѪѪ҈҉‏‰†‡™Ω₦↔♠♦☺♣♥%ˆℓ № ℗ ℠ ™ Ω ⅓ ℮ ⅔ ⅕ ⅖ ⅗ ⅘ ⅙ ⅚ ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞ ⅟ ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ↕ ↖ ↗ ↘ ↙ ∂ ∆ ∏ ∑ − √ ∞ ∫ ≈ ≠ ≤ ≥ ◊ ff fi•♥«☀h☺Lª ∂† u® ßσy™©☀»♥• swªg™© L♥√ﻉµ¾¼»½¢«±³¬¢×ŦƕǷǮǯƩɰɱɮɸʢʡɷȹȸʭ͏ЖДжФѪѪ҈҉‏‰†‡™Ω₦↔♠♦☺♣♥%ˆℓ № ℗ ℠ ™ Ω ⅓ ℮ ⅔ ⅕ ⅖ ⅗ ⅘ ⅙ ⅚ ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞ ⅟ ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ↕ ↖ ↗ ↘ ↙ ∂ ∆ ∏ ∑ − √ ∞ ∫ ≈ ≠ ≤ ≥ ◊ ff fi fl ffi ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ ¨ © ª ® ° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ fahad º ¹ ÷ ð Ħ œ Ξ Λ Ό Ύ Ί Ή Έ Ώ ΐ Γ Θ ί ή έ ά Ψ Ω Φ Σ Π ΰ ζ θ η λ ξ δ γ π ς τ φ χ ψ ω Љ Њ Ћ Ќ Џ Ў Ѓ Ё Ђ Б Д Ж Й Щ Ш Ф Ц Ч Ы Ю Я Э f(x)=a_0+∑_(n=1)^∞▒(a_n cos⁡〖nπx/L〗+b_n sin⁡〖nπx/L〗 ) Л ђ њ љ Ѳ ѣ ‡ ...
17.06.2012 02:50 EDT, bobnelsing
hi friends this game is nice but it was not playing sfx sound on my j108i sonyericssion cedar i open the game and playing it plays music but not playing sfx sound of this game i dont know why ? and i need cheat codes for this game to see all levels without playing can any 1 help me plz
17.06.2012 01:43 EDT, rakesheddy
C'mon Gl release ths game quickly.
17.06.2012 01:26 EDT, gamerking
This game really suck
17.06.2012 00:39 EDT, gamerking
This game is not out. This games some russian versions was out because it was a mistake from gameloft side
16.06.2012 08:18 EDT, steevjames
seems this game is not officially released. some body hack russian versions lol :). bcoz all other sites the statusof this game is "Coming Soon"
16.06.2012 07:55 EDT, Mr.Tension
16.06.2012 07:18 EDT, bobnelsing
16.06.2012 03:46 EDT, bobnelsing
D english version will come for sure!!
15.06.2012 20:22 EDT, marvel007
I think d game doesn't have d full description thts y d game is nt coming in en.
15.06.2012 19:55 EDT, gamerking
Please release English version :'(
15.06.2012 09:42 EDT, Afiz ('.')
everyone wait . Nokia versions are not there in rugame or dedomil so we have to wait
15.06.2012 09:31 EDT, steevjames
What d wrong with d nokia versions huh..? Really unbelivable. Amazing game, huh.!
15.06.2012 09:24 EDT, jaaaaaan
How the f**k am i suppose to understand "RUSSIAN" huh? ...i mean come on! >:(
15.06.2012 08:15 EDT, bobnelsing
GRFS Cheat: in main menu press #1379 then press 4# ( for unlimited health) press 7# ( for unlock all levels) press 8# ( for level complete) ENJOY:)
15.06.2012 07:00 EDT, Mr.Tension
We need nokia verson of the game
15.06.2012 06:17 EDT, peterdenny
Plz add 360*640 nokia game released three days before but no step yet take some steps to add the games immediately
15.06.2012 05:42 EDT, harinallavan001
its really amazing game bcon two days passed, there is no english version yet. amazing amazing lol :)
15.06.2012 03:59 EDT, Mr.Tension
hey u realese spider man. m waiting
15.06.2012 03:05 EDT, spidersakhil95
yes the game is really awesome for k800i version the good and bads of this game good: nice graphics , gud gameplay bads: again same problem error in playing sfx sound for this game most gameloft games are all not working properly at sound i give 9 out of 10 for this game
15.06.2012 02:17 EDT, rakesheddy
Common spidy, come out.. I wanna fight with u. I will smash u. Lol..!
14.06.2012 21:49 EDT, jaaaaaan
Add nokia version s40 as soon as possible
14.06.2012 20:58 EDT, santhosanthoshkumar
Sorry for interrupting, the storyline follows the original The Amazing Spider Man comics not the film. Just finished it on my Sony Eric 176*220 set in Russian Lan and waiting for its Eng version for my SE 176*220 and Nokia s60v3.
14.06.2012 20:36 EDT, Strife
The best Spidey game ever. It combines heavy action with charming visuals. Storyline not follows the original Amazing Spider-Man comics. Packed with three villians Sand-Man, Venom and Lizard and total 10 levels to play. The villians are desparete and very brutal, killing them is tougher than other Gameloft super villians. Each level is long enough to play. Roughly speaking its a total action packed ultimate superhero game and may be beat the Spider-Man film with its high octane action. Great Job!! Bravo.
14.06.2012 20:28 EDT, Strife
14.06.2012 12:53 EDT, marvel007
Out!!!out ice age 4 is out!!!
14.06.2012 11:25 EDT, gamerking
Please add nokia s40v3
14.06.2012 11:11 EDT, sandipguru07
Sony ericsson only ?
14.06.2012 11:04 EDT, comrad3
We need english bro,...ENGLISH!.
14.06.2012 08:53 EDT, bobnelsing
This is very cool game & graphics are also very nice & stunts are also very good...i think this will be the last spiderman game from gameloft..hope after ice age 4 next will be the dark knight rises game from gameloft.... good i give it an 8.5/10.
14.06.2012 08:09 EDT, panamaprime
14.06.2012 07:59 EDT, theavangerboy
arif brother i like ur all sites and plzzzzzzz add nokia version in english language
14.06.2012 07:26 EDT, johny_4u
Pls when will nokia version add
14.06.2012 06:49 EDT, gameajib
How many levels r there in this games ?
14.06.2012 06:45 EDT, gamerking
No Nokia versions yet..! I hope nokia versions will come within dis evning..
14.06.2012 03:53 EDT, jaaaaaan
please upload this game for samsung
14.06.2012 03:28 EDT,
full description...plzz
13.06.2012 15:25 EDT, marvel007
NXT is ICE AGE 4:CONTINENTAL DRIFT. screenshot out!!
13.06.2012 13:39 EDT, marvel007
Screenshots r good but games is looks like the avengers.
13.06.2012 12:33 EDT, gamerking
Where are d nokia versions..?
13.06.2012 11:24 EDT, jaaaaaan
Does any one know where is the english version?
13.06.2012 11:18 EDT, sreenath.s.nair
AMAZING....!! Just like the name! 100 times better gameplay with marvelus animation than any other superhero game made by GL!! I shocked and surprised! It ROCKS....!!
13.06.2012 10:54 EDT, Strife
Video clips
13.06.2012 10:43 EDT, marvel007
13.06.2012 10:37 EDT, steevjames
D game is out!! description,screenshot and video clips.. plzz
13.06.2012 09:06 EDT, marvel007
where it is out plz give me the links
13.06.2012 06:53 EDT, panamaprime
The game is out but, only in russian version...
13.06.2012 06:44 EDT, B€|\|¥™ - ||The GA|\/|€R||
the game is out man!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzz anyone give me the links .... fast...
13.06.2012 06:41 EDT, panamaprime
Any video,screenshot or description??
08.06.2012 05:43 EDT, marvel007
this game is for sure...coming this month..after this the dark knight rises.
08.06.2012 03:57 EDT, panamaprime
So boring !!!!!! When ths new games r releasing ?
07.06.2012 11:29 EDT, anijeet
Amazing Spiderman android trailer is out.............
07.06.2012 01:13 EDT, gamerking
The java trailer is not out yet...
06.06.2012 13:58 EDT, marvel007
So tired of waiting!!! So boring.
06.06.2012 11:29 EDT, gamerking
coming this month guys... just wait and see.. gameloft and marvel companies have conformed releasing this game in this month on java,android and ios platforms.After the huge success of Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Gameloft and Marvel are teaming up once again to develop and launch the official game for one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Sony Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man. Staying true to the original storyline, Gameloft is working hand in hand with both Marvel and the movie teams to develop an immersive universe that stays true to the upcoming film. One of Gameloft's most prom...
05.06.2012 01:23 EDT, panamaprime
~I can't wait~
04.06.2012 00:42 EDT, rakib.robin
I dn't think spiderman:total mayhem wil release, bcoz the replacement wil b..... The amazing spiderman coming on june 2012!!!
31.05.2012 11:45 EDT, marvel007
The iPhone and Android version of The Amazing Spider-Man Game will be in store on 26th June.
31.05.2012 01:08 EDT, Strife
The movie is releasing on 29th June Asia.
31.05.2012 01:05 EDT, Strife
I can't wait.Release it quickly......
28.05.2012 13:48 EDT, rakib.robin
Coming on..... 26 june(amazing spiderman)
28.05.2012 12:19 EDT, marvel007
Wow.....wot amazing year!!! ferrari gt 3,farcry3,Ghost recon3,Nova3,MIB3 & Assasin creed3...... wot a wonderful year!!!
28.05.2012 08:42 EDT, marvel007
This game will release in june.
27.05.2012 15:43 EDT, gangstar38
Check the new pics of amazing spiderman @= click on (super hero)...
27.05.2012 09:14 EDT, marvel007
Check the pics of The amazing spiderman @= click on (super hero)
26.05.2012 17:48 EDT, marvel007
@marvel007 : Sorry. I can't. Because peperonity blog has not the function to Replace new photo on each Blog topic like this. So...
@Arif, D pics look boring... try upload d new picture of Amazing spiderman....
26.05.2012 11:53 EDT, marvel007
I am tired of waiting
25.05.2012 06:57 EDT, steevjames
Please tell the release date
20.05.2012 09:20 EDT, grohitbhai
Please tell the realease date
20.05.2012 09:20 EDT, grohitbhai
Please atlest give screenshots
17.05.2012 10:12 EDT, steevjames
Nice game... Hope se... Gets my it
15.05.2012 12:10 EDT, Willow the Whisp
Add me guys...
15.05.2012 12:07 EDT, Willow the Whisp
why is this game taking so long
08.05.2012 00:44 EDT, steevjames
I think thist may be good.
04.05.2012 02:48 EDT, rihan.khan18
Pls when are this games going to be out
28.04.2012 05:02 EDT, paulomike
Assassin Avengers....plz release!! Can't wait.
25.04.2012 13:55 EDT, marvel007
24.04.2012 23:16 EDT, Jakir Niloy
In what seasons or month coming this game? Of course Gameloft need time to this game, because Iron Man 2: fly.. etc. Is need new story
24.04.2012 16:38 EDT, Kripto
24.04.2012 14:33 EDT, marvel007

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