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* IS GAMELOFT CLOSED FOR JAVA?? * - GamezBLog.PepeRonity.Com -...

gameloft gamerarif - * IS GAMELOFT CLOSED FOR JAVA?? * Logos
15.08.2012 10:11 EDT


I Hope Gameloft Never Closed For Java! I Don't Like If Gameloft Closed For Java!
27.04.2013 08:51 EDT, SusantoGen2
04.09.2012 07:24 EDT, bejeweler
The best full graphic gameloft is sony ericsson 240x320 such as k800i and j105i my phone.
30.08.2012 09:21 EDT, Afiz ('.')
I says that gameloft is only one java company which have best quality and had nice picutre quality and it make a game about everthing as far possible i want ameloft game and i only play gameloft game coz it my best best...
28.08.2012 14:29 EDT, me.nishal
To say the truth, I'll be really happy if Gameloft becomes closed. Nowadays they are making super fucking games for all the OSs. ...And I don't care for Java, I've already got an N9.
25.08.2012 05:58 EDT, Gay Tahsan
Yes they will make games in 2022. year, you said 10 years, games for phones that are old 15 years. Huhh Yes, yes they will making games maby next 2-3 .. I bilieve huh..
18.08.2012 17:56 EDT, FalleN
to be honest with all gamers i would like to tell you that gameloft will make java games for another 10 years ,so enjoy
18.08.2012 01:03 EDT, sinchan12
We shudn't deciv ourselves!! Gameloft we not stop releasing Java games....coz more java GL games are on d way. RF2013 We surelly come for Java!! and more games wil come..
17.08.2012 10:08 EDT, marvel007
We love gameloft games and gameloft will not close till 2015 for java.
17.08.2012 04:22 EDT, anandchess
Thank you friends :-)
17.08.2012 02:13 EDT, Afiz ('.')
Balo aibo na r gameloft theke...ei mash a jodi 1 ta game o ashe taile bujbo j gl java'r jonno game bondho kore nai...r na hoile android mobile kena lagbo....! :@
16.08.2012 09:41 EDT, imhulk26
GIVE IT A REST. There are many more java games to come
15.08.2012 22:17 EDT, steevjames
Moreover how many people have ANDRIOD phones n ios devices
15.08.2012 18:39 EDT, ehijiechrysler
Gameloft can't stop java games as long as java phones continue 2 b in production. Realfootball 2013 coming soon wit messi's face I tink also 4 JAVA,
15.08.2012 18:36 EDT, ehijiechrysler
sorry for some or many mistake.but i think you will get what i am saying.i want write this comment again it's to big,going to sleep,see ya.
15.08.2012 15:38 EDT, gangstar38
oh,i forgot gameloft will make java games for sure because what about hero of sparta 2.yes,they will not as more java game befor they make in 2009 os 2010 but one game ever month.i will be happy gameloft making 20 java games in a year.that's why quality game will guess gameloft make java games atleast 2015.
15.08.2012 15:19 EDT, gangstar38
no way that bull-shit talking.maybe for java 5% but 95% sure it make java games.
15.08.2012 15:09 EDT, gangstar38
15.08.2012 14:07 EDT, GamerVAIBHAV™
Yes! Yes! :(
15.08.2012 13:32 EDT, imhulk26
15.08.2012 12:56 EDT, qamararfin
15.08.2012 11:58 EDT, **love**
If It closes ... I have only one thing to say . NOOOOOOOOO !!!
15.08.2012 10:21 EDT, shakib286

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