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+3 AMAZiNG GAMELOFT GAMES IN A RAW!! - GamezBLog.PepeRonity.Co...

top gameloft games - +3 AMAZiNG GAMELOFT GAMES IN A RAW!!
08.02.2013 00:55 EST


Guys, any comment for these 2013 gameloft games??
Wow wow wow alien quarantine is soo,money scarce and it waste my time soo good I like this game .
10.03.2013 00:43 EST, The Gamist
gameloft good of you am proud of you
22.02.2013 03:40 EST, ladus
2013 is going to be even better than 2012.
20.02.2013 12:22 EST, skyfall0071
hy guyz...visit http/ real
20.02.2013 07:14 EST, ifeco33
New gl game is extreme scateboard
15.02.2013 06:54 EST, skyfall0071
yes is gangstar tycoon up coming by GL
14.02.2013 13:58 EST, tawada
Next gameloft is gangstar tycoon. in march of february
14.02.2013 10:03 EST, supergamerabc
Next gameloft is gangstar tycoon.
14.02.2013 10:02 EST, supergamerabc
gameloft games rocks,i'ld b very happy if gameloft could do a god of war ascension game,dat would b awsme
12.02.2013 03:46 EST, ifeco33
OMG! Modern Combat 4 rocks! Very addictive gameplay and great art work. More I play and more I like it, have not enjoyed so much even playing Call of Duty MW 3! Great performence on Sony Eric handsets :)
10.02.2013 11:11 EST, Strife
Someone requests Stox to make games! lol! Stox is an informer not developer.... lol :)
10.02.2013 04:31 EST, Strife
I'm waiting for a new gangstar game , the last gangstar game was released years ago ...
10.02.2013 00:33 EST, shakib200
GL) please making king of fighters
09.02.2013 15:03 EST, tawada
Mc 4 cheat code. Please someone tell.
09.02.2013 12:21 EST, supergamerabc
the avengers2
09.02.2013 10:55 EST, waqar.ali.k.k
(GL and Stox) make a x-man game plz
09.02.2013 10:53 EST, waqar.ali.k.k
I think GL next is GT RACING 2 or GANGSTER TYCOON.
09.02.2013 07:13 EST, pratmga.wm
09.02.2013 06:53 EST, abubakr‏ ‏rasu
MC4 - 7.4/10 , NOVA3 - 6.6/10 , AQ - 8.7/10 , Die Hard5 - 6.4/10 .
09.02.2013 05:58 EST, shakib200
There are 7 challenges in chapter 1,2,3,7,8,9 in alien quarantine . But chapter 4,5,6,10,11,12 have 6 challenes . So 78 challenges in the whole game , 24 weapons , 3 sub weapons , body armors , cheat codes , Alien Quarantine is very fun to play . 8.7/10 :-D
09.02.2013 05:55 EST, shakib200
@GAMERARiF: U should make a topic about Zombie Infection Vs Alien Quarantine!! :P
08.02.2013 23:45 EST, imhulk26
Hello everybody goodmorning, have a nice day::-)
08.02.2013 23:19 EST, vinaykai
Modern Combat 4 = Explosive! and Alien Quarantine = Impressive! :)
08.02.2013 13:33 EST, Strife
GL you Amazing guys and super performing this year and God. blesse you all thank you verymuch.....
08.02.2013 10:40 EST, tawada
WHO next game updata
08.02.2013 07:40 EST, abubakr‏ ‏rasu
@imhulk26: Just point increasing... May be next GL game will deserve 10/10 :)
yeah,this year looking good for java gaming.
08.02.2013 07:01 EST, gangstar38
Hello all GL fans and my friends wish you a very happy gaming season, thanks to GL.
08.02.2013 05:04 EST, vinaykai
2013 GL is rock. 1 month and 4 best of the best action games, unbelieveble, GL thankyou verymuch.
08.02.2013 04:57 EST, vinaykai
08.02.2013 04:48 EST, vinaykai
I wanna give.... NOVA 3: 6/10 Die Hard 5: 5/10 MC 4: 7.5/10 Alien Quarantine: 8.5/10 :) ;)
08.02.2013 04:12 EST, imhulk26
Luv u GL! Lol :P
08.02.2013 04:06 EST, imhulk26

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