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IRON MAN 3 (By GameLoft) - GamezBLog.PepeRonity.Com - gamezblog

iron man by gamerarif - IRON MAN 3 (By GameLoft) Games
21.02.2013 13:33 EST
IRON MAN 3 (By GameLoft)
Released Date: 18 April 2013

DowNLoaD Page:

=> Play the role of the main character in the film Iron Man 3 in this mobile game! When Stark's world is crumbling before his eyes caused by unknown enemies, Tony longs to find the perpetrators and bring them scores. Caught in a desperate situation, Stark can count only on themselves and their ingenuity to protect those dear to him. It is a real challenge for the hero who has to not only fight against the insidious enemy, but also to understand yourself, to find an answer to a question that has long been concerned about it, what is more important - a man or a suit? Go on an unforgettable adventure full of action and intrigue, Taste the full power and capabilities of the Iron suit, fly, shoot, destroy! Only at the end will open the whole truth ..

GamePLaY Video(Mp4): (3.7mb)


* The official game based on the most anticipated film about the superhero in 2013!

* Exciting two-dimensional side- scroller! Experience the power and freedom of Iron Man.

View ScreenShots: :

* Explore the ten huge levels in five different setting.

* A variety of tasks: running and fighting, first-person view, search and rescue, and many more!

* Use the Stark Industries to develop modules, weapons and costumes!

2013 nice gameloft game
06.06.2013 11:20 EDT, md.samsher01
30.05.2013 15:41 EDT, Willow the Whisp
Fast and furious 6 screenshots out
21.05.2013 22:13 EDT, supergamerabc
Any game news?
21.05.2013 09:15 EDT, supergamerabc
Its true i downloaded gta 4 just 64kb. And extracted it and got 686mb it was a again compressed. Any way its true. And for those who dont know there is a compression tool for java phones also. But it can only compress a little. Its called blue ftp it can edit themes also.
17.05.2013 21:28 EDT, supergamerabc
really ?
17.05.2013 18:48 EDT, tawada
really ?
17.05.2013 18:47 EDT, tawada
Anyone know some websites for pc games highly compressed. Everyone who has a computer try kgb archiever it can compress 1 gb to 1 mb. This is not fake so true tested by me
17.05.2013 11:19 EDT, supergamerabc
Silver centurinon is nice because it has the special power laser. But if you play without using special power hyper velocity is the best.
17.05.2013 08:15 EDT, supergamerabc
wooooooo finally unlocked Hyper Velocity... my favorite suite is Silver centurinon :)
17.05.2013 01:57 EDT, Mr.Tension
is good to play the easy game
15.05.2013 16:36 EDT, tawada
I unlocked all 5 suits. The best is hyper velocity. Second best which i like is silver centurinon
15.05.2013 08:01 EDT, supergamerabc
Got infinite EP now game is too easy to play.... just one suit unlocked hyper velocity
15.05.2013 05:23 EDT, Mr.Tension
15.05.2013 03:05 EDT, Mr.Tension
Get infinite ep in normal mode which will also give you infinite ep in hard mode. In the last level of hard mode always use missiles to win fast. If you get the last suit {hyper velocity} you can kill a normal soldier by dashing on it once or just attacking twice. It has 200% hp 200% ep 50% damage you get and something else.
14.05.2013 10:17 EDT, supergamerabc
Got it. passed level 4 with all missions :)now stuck in hard mode final level.. seems i have to take infinite EP in special perk to pass this last level in hard mode
14.05.2013 03:54 EDT, Mr.Tension
You've been mistaken its not save missile boats. Its really dodge all missiles from the boats. Try getting the special perk for infinite ep then the game is easy.
13.05.2013 10:28 EDT, supergamerabc
@supergamerabc in level 4 how you saved all missile boats.. :))
13.05.2013 04:53 EDT, Mr.Tension
brother u the best
12.05.2013 12:32 EDT, tawada
Now the game is so easy even in hard mode. I completed all missions and collected all collectibles in all levels both in easy and hard. I now have all the suits.
09.05.2013 22:08 EDT, supergamerabc
congratulations brother
09.05.2013 13:56 EDT, tawada

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