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IRON MAN 3 (By GameLoft) - GamezBLog.PepeRonity.Com - gamezblog

iron man by gamerarif - IRON MAN 3 (By GameLoft) Games
21.02.2013 13:33 EST
IRON MAN 3 (By GameLoft)
Released Date: 18 April 2013

DowNLoaD Page:

=> Play the role of the main character in the film Iron Man 3 in this mobile game! When Stark's world is crumbling before his eyes caused by unknown enemies, Tony longs to find the perpetrators and bring them scores. Caught in a desperate situation, Stark can count only on themselves and their ingenuity to protect those dear to him. It is a real challenge for the hero who has to not only fight against the insidious enemy, but also to understand yourself, to find an answer to a question that has long been concerned about it, what is more important - a man or a suit? Go on an unforgettable adventure full of action and intrigue, Taste the full power and capabilities of the Iron suit, fly, shoot, destroy! Only at the end will open the whole truth ..

GamePLaY Video(Mp4): (3.7mb)


* The official game based on the most anticipated film about the superhero in 2013!

* Exciting two-dimensional side- scroller! Experience the power and freedom of Iron Man.

View ScreenShots: :

* Explore the ten huge levels in five different setting.

* A variety of tasks: running and fighting, first-person view, search and rescue, and many more!

* Use the Stark Industries to develop modules, weapons and costumes!

2013 nice gameloft game
06.06.2013 11:20 EDT, md.samsher01
30.05.2013 15:41 EDT, Willow the Whisp
Fast and furious 6 screenshots out
21.05.2013 22:13 EDT, supergamerabc
Any game news?
21.05.2013 09:15 EDT, supergamerabc
Its true i downloaded gta 4 just 64kb. And extracted it and got 686mb it was a again compressed. Any way its true. And for those who dont know there is a compression tool for java phones also. But it can only compress a little. Its called blue ftp it can edit themes also.
17.05.2013 21:28 EDT, supergamerabc
really ?
17.05.2013 18:48 EDT, tawada
really ?
17.05.2013 18:47 EDT, tawada
Anyone know some websites for pc games highly compressed. Everyone who has a computer try kgb archiever it can compress 1 gb to 1 mb. This is not fake so true tested by me
17.05.2013 11:19 EDT, supergamerabc
Silver centurinon is nice because it has the special power laser. But if you play without using special power hyper velocity is the best.
17.05.2013 08:15 EDT, supergamerabc
wooooooo finally unlocked Hyper Velocity... my favorite suite is Silver centurinon :)
17.05.2013 01:57 EDT, Mr.Tension
is good to play the easy game
15.05.2013 16:36 EDT, tawada
I unlocked all 5 suits. The best is hyper velocity. Second best which i like is silver centurinon
15.05.2013 08:01 EDT, supergamerabc
Got infinite EP now game is too easy to play.... just one suit unlocked hyper velocity
15.05.2013 05:23 EDT, Mr.Tension
15.05.2013 03:05 EDT, Mr.Tension
Get infinite ep in normal mode which will also give you infinite ep in hard mode. In the last level of hard mode always use missiles to win fast. If you get the last suit {hyper velocity} you can kill a normal soldier by dashing on it once or just attacking twice. It has 200% hp 200% ep 50% damage you get and something else.
14.05.2013 10:17 EDT, supergamerabc
Got it. passed level 4 with all missions :)now stuck in hard mode final level.. seems i have to take infinite EP in special perk to pass this last level in hard mode
14.05.2013 03:54 EDT, Mr.Tension
You've been mistaken its not save missile boats. Its really dodge all missiles from the boats. Try getting the special perk for infinite ep then the game is easy.
13.05.2013 10:28 EDT, supergamerabc
@supergamerabc in level 4 how you saved all missile boats.. :))
13.05.2013 04:53 EDT, Mr.Tension
brother u the best
12.05.2013 12:32 EDT, tawada
Now the game is so easy even in hard mode. I completed all missions and collected all collectibles in all levels both in easy and hard. I now have all the suits.
09.05.2013 22:08 EDT, supergamerabc
congratulations brother
09.05.2013 13:56 EDT, tawada
I got "infinite EP" and "double collectibles" in special perk. (iron man 3)
05.05.2013 11:14 EDT, supergamerabc
So did you all complete the game in hard mode also
05.05.2013 07:48 EDT, supergamerabc
I unlocked them too !!
05.05.2013 06:38 EDT, shakib200
I unlocked all suits in IM 3! :D
05.05.2013 04:50 EDT, imhulk26
In im 3 did anyone unlock all 5 suits. So hard
05.05.2013 03:35 EDT, supergamerabc
iron man 3:111 ? 111 is too much EASY
04.05.2013 07:39 EDT, tawada
brother to the other monther i don't have much time to play the easy ?
04.05.2013 07:23 EDT, tawada
Its very easy in easy mode but in hard mode only the last level is really hard. Try it.
03.05.2013 22:31 EDT, supergamerabc
win the hard mode iron man 3 are you joking ? Easy game
03.05.2013 16:50 EDT, tawada
Did anyone win iron man 3 last level in hard mode if yes how?
03.05.2013 02:09 EDT, supergamerabc
@tawada if iron man 3 is so easy for you try hard mode lol.
02.05.2013 21:25 EDT, supergamerabc
i think so superman is going to be better than easy iron man 3
02.05.2013 13:53 EDT, tawada
I hope superman game will be like iron man and may be better.
01.05.2013 23:16 EDT, supergamerabc
In my opinion Iron Man 3 is the best platform game! Then AC 3. :D
01.05.2013 09:20 EDT, imhulk26
01.05.2013 02:59 EDT, tawada
Iron man 3 is a complete entertainer.The movie is full of action,comedy & is far better than im1 & im2
01.05.2013 02:12 EDT, john0070071
I SAW it ! Better than any other superhero movie I've ever seen ! (downloaded the movie from Internet)
30.04.2013 23:29 EDT, shakib200
100% true but iron man 3 game is better than avengers. Did anyone see iron man 3 movie if yes how is it.
30.04.2013 21:55 EDT, supergamerabc
I think iron man's animation in the avenger game is better.
30.04.2013 10:17 EDT, joe591
Iron man 3 is floff game.
29.04.2013 04:26 EDT, surajitsingha
iron man 3 is very good game but is not the best easy game like this
27.04.2013 03:55 EDT, tawada
9 & 10 level was awesome.... last boss was too easy to defeat
26.04.2013 03:11 EDT, Mr.Tension
i don't think it's the best game from gameloft,i'm sure this is the best gameloft game!
26.04.2013 02:52 EDT, megamind17
What is the next gameloft game ?
23.04.2013 12:35 EDT, surajitsingha
so nw we av 2 wait 4 anoda 1 or 2 months 4 anoda game,2 poor nd bad
23.04.2013 09:10 EDT, ifeco33
Its not 'shadows'... It will be "shadow"
23.04.2013 01:28 EDT, skyfall0071
23.04.2013 01:25 EDT, skyfall0071
I m giving.... Wait.... Thank u....
23.04.2013 01:20 EDT, skyfall0071
Dear Skyfall plz give us link.. i have checked its all about PC,Playstation iphone games etc etc
23.04.2013 01:03 EDT, Mr.Tension
Its going to be a remake of the old prince of persia : the shadows and the flame..... It is going to be fabulous game.... Check
23.04.2013 00:34 EDT, skyfall0071
Guys, good news..... A prince of persia game coming this year..... Prince of Persia:The Shadows & The Flame
23.04.2013 00:14 EDT, skyfall0071
This month we have two F's . First Iron Man 3 (FANTASTIC) . And then , Kingdoms & Lords (FLOP) !!
22.04.2013 10:46 EDT, shakib200
Extraordinary 9.9/10
22.04.2013 03:47 EDT, shakib200
Fantastic 10/10
22.04.2013 00:24 EDT, Mr.Tension
@supergamerabc: are u sure that superman game will come from gl?
21.04.2013 15:12 EDT, imhulk26
Dont worry superman from gl is coming in june
20.04.2013 12:56 EDT, supergamerabc
ironman3 awsome game,we need more superhero games frm gameloft
20.04.2013 12:02 EDT, ifeco33
Awesome game finished
20.04.2013 10:39 EDT, athulaltair
Kingdoms and lords in english, check =>
20.04.2013 05:24 EDT, ackbard.djarwantoe
What the cheat of IRON MAN 3 for mobile?
20.04.2013 05:20 EDT, ackbard.djarwantoe
Kingdom & lords = Worst game.... time waste....
20.04.2013 03:37 EDT, Mr.Tension
Kingdoms and lords in french. Only 3 versions available. Link "" bad news is that it is like little big city but the difference is that there is war in it.
19.04.2013 22:13 EDT, supergamerabc
Kingdoms and lords is out but its in french. We will have to wait.
19.04.2013 22:02 EDT, supergamerabc
good game but not enough.
19.04.2013 20:05 EDT, gangstar38
Any cheats found ??? (because it's fun to play with cheats)
19.04.2013 06:45 EDT, shakib200
At Level 10 now , saving it for filling my excitement . This game offers free flight , different suits etc .!! This game is the best of the best !! 9.9/10
19.04.2013 06:43 EDT, shakib200
Best game till now... And thanx to gamerarif for uploading the game as fast as possible...
19.04.2013 04:43 EDT, skyfall0071
Superb game but cant defeat the boss 'savin'.
19.04.2013 02:37 EDT, supergamerabc
i don't have touch mobile but I can imagine great game on touch sets.. iron man on your finger tips :))
19.04.2013 00:51 EDT, Mr.Tension
Awesome Game... I enjoyed it on TOUCH MOBiLE... Great Game Ever.. ;)
cool one :)
18.04.2013 08:21 EDT, Mr.Tension
Guys im3 is out on it is an awesome, superaction game go download & enjoy the game guys...
18.04.2013 03:43 EDT, sreenath.s.nair
It is out... Superb game...
18.04.2013 03:42 EDT, skyfall0071
Ironman3 out! In gameloft wapshop
18.04.2013 00:19 EDT, pratmga.wm
If anyone didnt play iron man 2 here is The link ""
17.04.2013 22:14 EDT, supergamerabc
Oh , the gameplay video does nothing ....... BUT RAISING MY EXCITEMENT FOR A 100 TIMES !!!! This game is going to be one of the best platform games ever !!! Even the Iron Legion Is Playable !!!
17.04.2013 09:17 EDT, shakib200
This game play video of Iron Man 3 looks awesome ! Waiting for the releasing of the game :-)
17.04.2013 04:55 EDT, supratim14
Action Packeg Game !!!!!! Today out
17.04.2013 02:51 EDT, shabi54
cnt believe altrue last month..gameloft didnt even release any game,so poor
14.04.2013 06:58 EDT, ifeco33
When this waiting wil bel over ? Does anybody know about this ? If anybody knows then please tell me. I'm really tired of waiting. :-(
12.04.2013 22:05 EDT, Aniruddha
Waiting ....
12.04.2013 19:45 EDT, shakib200
few days ago relase
11.04.2013 03:54 EDT, shabi54
02.04.2013 20:03 EDT, gangstar38
i like new iron man 3 screenshots beautiful
29.03.2013 01:35 EDT, tawada
next gameloft is Gangstar tycoon
27.03.2013 13:37 EDT, tawada
23.03.2013 10:40 EDT, sanvi-gamer
brother i have guestion u working for gameloft if u working for gameloft tell the people Mr lying all the time ?
22.03.2013 14:49 EDT, tawada
brother stop printed like good man and stop Acting like manager of gameloft u not working for gameloft finish and klaarr
22.03.2013 14:41 EDT, tawada
brother u printed like man why u doing something like this lying over million of peoples why the game is not out
22.03.2013 14:31 EDT, tawada
why u Acting like manager of gameloft u have full of shit shit u just think this is the joke is not the brother
22.03.2013 13:42 EDT, tawada
lying and lying u working for gameloft no but u saying the is out u lying million of peoples brother and Go fuck yourself
22.03.2013 13:25 EDT, tawada
I don't believe it. It's not Iron Man 3. It's the old game "IRON MAN 2". You are talking lie again. Don't make us angry. :-@:-(:-(
22.03.2013 05:17 EDT, supratim14
22.03.2013 03:21 EDT, sanvi-gamer
guys naybody know to enter the code for zombie infection 2 if u guys tell me Okay i have to Open jail
21.03.2013 07:51 EDT, tawada
nobody knows the exactly date brother kingloft know the exectly date
21.03.2013 07:44 EDT, tawada
Oh ! I'm really tired of waiting. When this game will release ? If anybody knew about this then please tell me the exact date
21.03.2013 06:35 EDT, supratim14
tired of even waitn..atlst gameloft should release oda gamez..rather dan kipn us waitn 4 a 10min game,dats 2 poor
21.03.2013 04:37 EDT, ifeco33
If it was out then gamerarif would have added it.
19.03.2013 04:24 EDT, skyfall0071
why people playing like this lying lying and bad bad
19.03.2013 04:09 EDT, tawada
he is is iron man 2.
19.03.2013 04:02 EDT, gangstar38
Its ironman 2
18.03.2013 23:39 EDT, pratmga.wm
The Iron Man 3 game is still not released ! Are you kidding with us. If you are, then Don't tell us bad lies. :-(:-(
18.03.2013 23:37 EDT, supratim14
are u joking or what brother
18.03.2013 15:06 EDT, tawada
18.03.2013 11:16 EDT, sanvi-gamer
except and except for this easy joke i don't think so people except joke like this
17.03.2013 04:58 EDT, tawada
I think that Iron Man 3 game will release before 25th April. So there are no ways left except for waiting. We must wait for this game.
16.03.2013 22:17 EDT, Aniruddha
tony stark tony stark where is the game this is a joke or what how many times waiting for this
16.03.2013 13:39 EDT, tawada
The Mandarin -" Mr. Stark, this is the last day that was left in your life" Tony Stark - " you are not a man. you are nothing but a maniac. No politics here. It's just good old fashion reveange. I'm not afraid of you "
15.03.2013 22:08 EDT, Aniruddha
The Mandarin - ," Some people call me a terrorist, I considered myself a teacher"
15.03.2013 22:04 EDT, Aniruddha
i see something coming up by gameloft this months (Gangstar tycoon) hero of sparta2) iron man 3)
13.03.2013 10:45 EDT, tawada
The Mandarin - " You don't know me. you will never see me coming. Do you want a empty life or a meaningfull death" Tony Stark - "you are man. You are nothing but a maniac I'm not afraid of you. It's just a old fashion revenge "
13.03.2013 07:38 EDT, Aniruddha
dancing like this and dancing like this waiting for this game is like waiting for the high priest the true God is jesus Christ
12.03.2013 12:02 EDT, tawada
mybe this game releasing 17 march.
12.03.2013 10:53 EDT, gangstar38
Oh no i don't believe gameloft joking like this if u want release the joke people waiting to have fun....
12.03.2013 09:11 EDT, tawada
Oh ! I'm really tired of waiting for this game. Release the game as soon as possible gameloft :-@:-@
12.03.2013 04:02 EDT, Aniruddha
movie Ralease 3 may
11.03.2013 22:00 EDT, shabi54
only waiting waiting waite we are boared for waiting
08.03.2013 06:16 EST, waqar.ali.k.k
guys do you know the fly day for the iron man 3 ?
08.03.2013 02:06 EST, tawada
i believe i Can fly i believe i Can fly this months gameloft GL Stox is time to fly if know to fly
08.03.2013 02:00 EST, tawada
waiting and waiting
08.03.2013 01:52 EST, tawada
i have to Go home when the fly mission
08.03.2013 01:49 EST, tawada
on body knows for the exactly Dite
07.03.2013 07:14 EST, tawada
The new and final trailer of Iron Man 3 is released at last. Oh ! It looks Just Awesome !! Robert Downey Jr. And Ben Kingsley Is looking marvelous and Amazing. Egarly waiting for the releasing of the movie and also the game :-)
06.03.2013 22:22 EST, supratim14
The new and final trailer of Iron Man 3 is released at last. Oh ! It's looks Just Awesome !! Robert Downey Jr. And Ben Kingsley Is look marvelous and Amazing. Egarly waiting for the releasing of the movie and also the game :-)
06.03.2013 22:20 EST, supratim14
but i don't understand why Assassin's Creed coming in october and know the fantastic gameloft is coming Gangstar tycoon and iron man 3)
06.03.2013 14:15 EST, tawada
Assasin's Creed IV : Black Flag will be released for Playstation 3, PC, Xbox 360 and Will U on october 29th in the US and November 1st everywhere else. If you guys have any doubt then you guys can search in Wikipedia page or Google. This news is confirmed :-/
05.03.2013 10:47 EST, supratim14
i don't believe the Assassin' s Creed black flag is coming in october
05.03.2013 06:32 EST, tawada
is time to enjoy the beautiful gameloft 2013 super game by GL
04.03.2013 13:23 EST, tawada
Only one day remain. The new and final Trailer of Iron Man 3 flim is releasing tomorrow. So excited and waiting for the releasing of this trailer
04.03.2013 06:44 EST, Aniruddha
my friend sorry im just Ask what about iron man 3 still coming up or is not coming the million of peoples still waiting to fly ?
03.03.2013 02:39 EST, tawada
Automatically killing mission the good performing by GL if is coming
03.03.2013 02:26 EST, tawada
The New Assasin's Creed game named "Assasin's Creed IV : Black Flag" will release on 29 th October 2013. The whole new tralier of Assasin's Creed IV is released. It looks interesting. Get ready guys the Pirates are comming..
02.03.2013 21:45 EST, Aniruddha
i. Believe i Can fly i believe i Can fly where is the fly mission now i have to fly when iron man 3 !!!!!! may be is not good time to fly !!!!!
02.03.2013 10:48 EST, tawada
is good to see man enjoy like this you a awesome brother u love this iron man movies i see now.....
01.03.2013 12:50 EST, tawada
Let's ready to suit up guys. We have to destroy The Mandarin... Tony Stark needs help..
01.03.2013 11:44 EST, Aniruddha
yes my friend u alright is true i am waiting to see the best performing and wan't to see the good of gameloft if this iron man 3 is the good performing i well see about that
01.03.2013 07:40 EST, tawada
Yes the final poster of Iron Man 3 flim looks marvelous, fantastic, and awesome...and... The final tralier of Iron Man 3 is gonna be release on latest news explorer first..:-)
01.03.2013 06:42 EST, Aniruddha
Iron Man 3 flim's new and final tralier is going to be release on 5th march 2013. Oh ! I'm so damn excited about it. It's will be awesome.. Egarly waiting for it..:-D
01.03.2013 06:34 EST, Aniruddha
Iron Man 3 flim's new and final tralier is going to release on 5th march 2013. Oh ! I'm so damn excited about it. It's will be awesome.. Egarly waiting for it..:-D
01.03.2013 06:31 EST, Aniruddha
Assassin's creed iv:Black Flag ...coming 2014 nxt year!!
01.03.2013 02:43 EST, marvel007
i know millions of peoples waiting to the hit of the hit iron man 3 the fly mission and (GL) gameloft is time to fly
01.03.2013 02:14 EST, tawada
The posters of Iron Man 3 are super cool , the movie trailer is a hit , waiting for new trailer and the movie . It is told that the final battle of the film will include 40 Iron Man suits !!! That means The Mandarin is going to be a strong enemy , stronger than in the comics .
01.03.2013 00:51 EST, shakib200
I am also a fan of Robert Downey Jr . His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark (Iron Man) are my favourites . Hoping the movie to be a wide blockbuster .
01.03.2013 00:43 EST, shakib200
surprise surprise so i am just Asking is true iron man 3 is coming up but people think the up coming this months is Gangstar tycoon ?
28.02.2013 12:05 EST, tawada
I am a great fan of Robert Downey Jr. He is a brilliant actor. Egarly waiting for the releasing of the movie and the game. Hope that Iron Man 3 will be a world wide block buster hit.
28.02.2013 09:39 EST, Aniruddha
Extremis story arc is called as one of the best Iron Man stories . So , the movie Iron Man 3 which is based upon Extremis must be a blockbuster. Let's hope Ben Kingsley plays a great Villanious Mandarin in the film . Waiting for the Game .
28.02.2013 08:55 EST, shakib200
" You'll never see me coming " - Mandarin
28.02.2013 08:51 EST, shakib200
the easy game to play Alien quarantine am finish this game for one day so zombie infection i don't know this game for me my favorite game Alien quarantine
28.02.2013 08:48 EST, tawada
I play GL zombie infection2 a long time in my handset but i can't end this game, so i want to end this game.
28.02.2013 06:03 EST, vinaykai
Help me, i can't end zombie infection2 because 1st door open passward is 9120 but 2nd door open passward....? I don't know, anyone knows plese help me.
28.02.2013 05:55 EST, vinaykai
Release the game as soon as possible Gameloft. All game lovers are egarly waiting..
28.02.2013 02:18 EST, supratim14
"Heroes, there are no such things " The Mandarin
28.02.2013 02:16 EST, supratim14
Iron Man 3 flim's story line is based on Iron Man comic's story arc "Extremis". Hope that it will be an Awesome game
28.02.2013 02:13 EST, supratim14
I said that it's still very early days to say because Iron Man 3 game is not release. I had told that according to the screen shots. understand ! :-/
28.02.2013 00:02 EST, Aniruddha
you say iron man is better than the new iron man 3 you playing this game my friend or you working for gameloft i don't know tell more ? you can't say that iron man 3 is not released
27.02.2013 13:49 EST, tawada
According to the screen Shots of both The Avengers game and Iron Man 3 game, I think The Avengers game's Iron man is much better than the New Iron Man 3 game's Iron Man. I don't know why but it seemed that in the The Avengers game, Iron Man's graphics were very good maked but Iron Man 3 game's Iron Man is not impressive as The Avengers's Iron Man. But it is still very early days to say because this game is not release after all.
27.02.2013 12:01 EST, Aniruddha
According to the screen Shots of both The Avengers game and Iron Man 3 game, I think The Avengers game's Iron man is much better than the New Iron Man 3 game's Iron Man. I don't know why but it seemed that in the The Avengers game, Iron Man's graphics were very good maked but Iron Man 3 game's Iron Man is not impressive as The Avengers's Iron Man. But it is still very days to say because this game is not release after all.
27.02.2013 12:00 EST, Aniruddha
This game is going to be released in april. Then which games are going to be released in march?
27.02.2013 07:40 EST, skyfall0071
And now i am playing DH5,MCZH.AQ and NOVA3 again & again.
27.02.2013 06:07 EST, vinaykai
based on the screenshots, the iron man graphics in the avangers game is better than in this game,
27.02.2013 00:54 EST, sam99910
iron man 3 the fly miission what about gangstar tycoon i don't have power to say good game or bad game i am waiting to see the good and the bad ) Amazing 2013 and beautiful game by gameloft 2013 !!!!
26.02.2013 15:04 EST, tawada
I hope that this game will be a good game much like "A good day to die hard" type and will be without any error
26.02.2013 13:16 EST, Aniruddha
Guys are u joking or what movies and games
26.02.2013 12:57 EST, tawada
According to wikipedia The international release date of Iron Man 3 movie is 25th April. And 3rd may 2013 is the United state's release date of the movie
26.02.2013 11:23 EST, Aniruddha
I said about the releasing date of Iron Man 3 movie not about the game
26.02.2013 11:18 EST, Aniruddha
Its 3rd May 2013 not 12 april @Aniruddha
25.02.2013 08:57 EST, Willow the Whisp
the good soldier is back
24.02.2013 02:41 EST, tawada
Iron Man 3 movie will release 25th april 2013. Hope that the game will release before the releasing of the movie
23.02.2013 11:10 EST, Aniruddha
Yes The Mandarin is main villain of this movie and also the game Iron Man 3
23.02.2013 11:06 EST, Aniruddha
Is mandarin going to be the BOSS?
23.02.2013 02:06 EST, Willow the Whisp
This armour is mark IV , But Iron Man 3's armour is Mark VIII .
22.02.2013 23:34 EST, shakib200
This not the Iron Man 3 flim's armour. In this flim Iron Man 3 's armour is totally different.
22.02.2013 21:39 EST, Aniruddha
wow,jst cnt wait 4 d game
22.02.2013 06:11 EST, ifeco33
21.02.2013 14:38 EST, sanvi-gamer

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