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maj rate mamar shathe - gay.bangla

maj rate mamar shathe
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koyek bosor ager kotha, eid er chutite mamar bari berate giyesi. bari vorti mehoman silo. Tai rate amar thakar bebostha holo ek protibesi mamar sathe. Oi mama ke ami age thekei chini, tini varsity student eid er chutite barite asechen.
onekdin por oi mamar sathe dekha tai onek golpo korlam. dinner er por o amra kisukkhon baire ghurlam, then rat pray 11 tar dike ghumate gelam.
suye suye golpo korte korte ek somoy mama ghumiye gelen but notun jaygay esechi bole amar ghum aschilo na. Evabe ghonta khanek kete gelo ghum aschei na. ghore dim light jolsilo, takiye dekhi mama oghore ghumachsen.
mama dekhte smart, tai dim light er halka aloteo dekhte valo lagsilo. ami tar ekta hat dhorlam. Then amar hat ta tar upor rakhlam, tini tokhono ghovir ghume. Hotath amar mathay ekta dusto buddhi aslo, mama to ghumachsei,
ami ei sujoge tar dhon ta dekhte pari, mama to r bujte parchena. Then jei vaba sei kaj. mama khali gaye lungi pore chilen. ami ghumer van kore mamar lungir upor hat rakhlam. Jokhon dekhlam tini jagsen na tokhon hat aste aste lungir vetore dhukiye dilam.
ami hater mothoy mamar dhon ta peye gelam, ki smooth. ami aste aste dhone chap dite thaki, kisukkhon por dekhi hothat kore seta hard hoye jachse. Ami sob somoy e mamar dike kheyal raksilam. ami r kisukkhon chap ditei dhon ta ekebare khara hoye gelo.
dhoner size ta josh! lungi ocha hoye ase. mmm.... ami dhonta dekhar jonno aste aste mamar lungi soralam. owaooo... ami prothomei dhoner mathay ekta kiss korlam. mmm.... then hat diye kisukkhon up-down korlam.
erpor mamar dhon ta ektu suck kore pichsil kore niye abar up-down korte thaklam. edike amar dhon o khara hoye gese. ami theme theme up-down kortei thaklam. kisukkhon por mama ektu nore uthlen, ami thamlam na up-down kortei thaklam.
hothat mamar mal diye amar hat r mamar body vore gelo. Chomotkar gondho. but ami ki korbo kisui bujte parchilam na. Tai jotpot mamar lungi diyei sob muche lungi jevabe chilo sevabe rekhe ghumer van kore suye thaklam.
ektupor mama uthe bathroome gelen. ami ghumer van kore suyei asi. mama ese abar suye porlen but amar upor hat rekhe joriye dhore suye thaklen. Ami kono norachora korlamna. hothat mama amar dhone jore chap dilen, ami betha peyeo kono sobdo korlamna.
mama amar trouser er vetor hat dhokiye amar dhon khechte khaklen. amar dhon emnitei sokto hoye silo, ebar ekebare khara hoye gelo. mama amar trouser ta hechka tane nich soriye nilen. then kotha theke oil niye amar dhone jore jore up-down korte thaklen.
mama maje maje amar thote, golay kiss korsilen. ami chokh bondho kore sob enjoy korsilam. Sei feelings likhe bojano jabena. Kisukkhon por amar mal o ber hoye gelo but mama up-down korei jachsen. Tai baddho hoye ami amar dhon theke mamar hat soriye dilam.
then fresh hoye abar ghumate gelam. ebar ghum taratari aslo, cause i was tired. oi rater por sujog pelei amar aro onek bar milito hoyesi. mmmmm.....

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