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§ Tell me about your DICK § - gaydick

§ Tell me about your DICK §
 - § Tell me about your DICK § Newest pictures
Tell me abt your dick here..How long? How thick? Black or white? How do u enjoy it? Wht was your first experience like?..
Please don´t put links 2 your site here ; do that in GUEstbooK.....thx
Kisi ko sex chat karni h to msg karo
22.08.2014 06:47 PDT, sameer12551255
Mera lund 8 inch ka h koi lega kya
22.08.2014 06:46 PDT, sameer12551255
wish i coud suck u
28.07.2014 13:21 PDT, precum3
Uple cutme
24.06.2014 04:35 PDT, gujrati29
3 april ko ajmer sealdah train mein jaipur se sealdah jaunga i am top ajay 33
23.03.2014 23:59 PDT, ajay
i m verst boy from ludhiana msg me on whatsapp 9646687191
18.02.2014 02:25 PST, prince.lover6
my dick is 6.5inche and ready to fuck. Full of cum
11.02.2014 18:53 PST, fuckwithme2
9 inch
24.01.2014 05:05 PST, @Don@
i am into all cock sucking it bigger the better i want forced in me asap im in nc usa single white gay shemale looking for my master asap ok text me at 12524698312 Asap for real hookup with me gay men shemales ok
09.01.2014 21:04 PST, Goodbyeall
And its almost 8 inches
24.10.2013 22:09 PDT, jah41
meri lulli sirf 5 inch ki hai
10.09.2013 09:52 PDT, boom
my ass for your horny cocks ...
06.09.2013 00:21 PDT, Hotmg
Hy u want work in porn movies, we find hot smart real indian big dick boys. And hot girls,
18.08.2013 23:31 PDT, Indiahot female male
7 inch, black. 2010.2.15
18.08.2013 09:13 PDT, chuti
White mine is about 6in
26.06.2013 14:46 PDT, Horny Hubby
am 35 have 16cm uncut cock
30.05.2013 13:25 PDT, chabrol
11.05.2013 22:50 PDT, daniel penis color is fair..... and it is 5 inch long .
26.03.2013 01:47 PDT, ajay.singh007
HELLA HOT COCK PIC!! I'd REALLY LUV 2 TXT & TRADE PICS W/U & anyone else WHO IS HOT & HELLA HUNG.. 17-40yrs old so IF ANY HOT GUYS are interested HIT ME UP!!!
16.02.2013 06:26 PST, STIFF4STR8BOYS
My dick is too long more than 9 inch. White colour.i am suck my dick daily 2 tims and drink my own cum.Its vry teasty
15.02.2013 02:53 PST, dilipsexyboy
26.01.2013 02:35 PST, 7 inch ka lund lo RAJASTHAN
Nawanshahr gand maro on 9876564190
07.01.2013 10:12 PST, sexwanted4
22.12.2012 17:19 PST,
Muje ye apka lund chusna our apni gand marwana hai our uska virya pina hai please reply my id mai maharashtra se hu my id
18.12.2012 22:16 PST, jaid.khan0
i am desi top boy any anti girl boy call me my cont no +918283950273
27.08.2012 00:51 PDT, vishal1671
I m 17 years old. Main apka lund chusna chahta hu. Main jalandhar mein rehta hu. Ap mujhe meri id per bta dijiye kahan ana hai main a jayunga
15.07.2012 07:44 PDT, lundlo1
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15.07.2012 01:48 PDT, Maan
28.05.2012 13:36 PDT, Big red
31.03.2012 06:20 PDT, sahil025
mines 7" 2 cms..see it in my blog..
27.02.2012 23:42 PST, ★Ξ¥ Heat101 ¥Ξ★
i love stroking my 10inch cock and fucking my ass with a big black dildo mmmmm...and i love to suck cock and drain balls!
18.01.2012 22:01 PST, mlayton
My dick is 6.5" big & 2" thick. I'm very fond of sucking only large/extra large very hairy especially wheatish black cocks. I always enjoy with my partner. He has 8.5" very big wheatish hairy penis. When I start sucking his penis, he always kiss on my lips, inserts his tongue into my mouth. I love to apply something like honey, cream, butter or chocolate sauce before taking his bigg dick in my mouth. I really love the taste of his very hairy cock. I love to lick his pubic hair. His hair are like anything. I love to lick his balls under his juicy cock. I usually suck his cock till 15 to 25 minu...
28.12.2011 00:30 PST, urcock4mewithloadofcum69
im white have 9.5"cock i like sucking cock and getting sucked
25.11.2011 03:33 PST, Big red
Like da dick.u guyz r mst invited to ma well as hot females
22.01.2011 03:16 PST, rashid.rafid
hi.. sexy felmales plz visit... my site to see my DICK.S photos
20.11.2010 05:01 PST, SALMAN 9845314444
I luv ur dick,u r invited to see my gallary
12.11.2010 05:54 PST, coolrana1970
love the slit on ur cock. im white and my cock is 7inches and uncut
04.11.2010 07:16 PDT, isuckcockandpussy
Wow u have nice dick.As soon as i saw it my dick is also jump on it.u r dic is so sweet
27.10.2010 22:27 PDT, coolrana1970
I dont like it.,oooo
02.10.2010 20:40 PDT, jonarc
Hi im white and im packing almost 13 inches in length and 8inches in girth im cut and love to show it off
02.09.2010 10:59 PDT, Olderman bigger cock
Hey im 18 years my dick is cut,is black and my dick is 17Cm And i ist got a big head u can get me on mxit at 0743066654
26.08.2010 08:21 PDT, lethabo.s0
I have 5.5 inch lund and i also have more than 25 mint sex time. In hindi mai 25 min tak lagatar chut chod chuka hu 1 trip me .and i have lovely balls
12.08.2010 20:08 PDT, sunny
23.07.2010 15:56 PDT, boy
My dick is 9.5inches long and 3inches Thick wiva slight bend half way . i have big ball full of hot cum and a big head ..nice and veiny 2
12.05.2010 18:13 PDT, Chad
i want ur cock in my mouth and my ass
30.01.2010 11:13 PST, chrisss1
Hard hot straight 7 inch rod. . Hmmm visit
09.01.2010 00:03 PST, sam fren
7inch thick rod uncut white
7inch thick rod uncut white
hi my dick is white but small
02.01.2010 04:41 PST, arifkhan2
Hi sam is Inviting you to visit my site there my hot hard straight dick is waiting 4 your sweet pink pussy
10.09.2009 04:47 PDT, sam fren
I like to put it into my wife's hole
29.08.2009 02:41 PDT, jazmanazan
my dick is always being rubbed i love being rubbed if you want rub it here my numba 07929371811 send pics of yours for mine
16.08.2009 03:14 PDT, how big ur cock ?
My dick is hot n ready 4 ur momy's chut
16.07.2009 22:36 PDT, shahlundu
My name is ralph n i have a 11.5 in dick so if u wnt 2 tlk or sum10 my numa is 704 210 4002
10.06.2009 20:37 PDT, leo159
hi im 23top slem n sexy male jalandhar. i have big lund with pink cap wana suck it. u have soft gand so i do fuck u. wana see my lund os wana meet mera number es site main hai came this site
09.03.2009 08:49 PDT, Top punjabi dude
my name is jay i hve a nine in dick n really thick if u wnt txt me at 863 651 6920 n well tlk bout fuckin
20.02.2009 18:36 PST, jay33801
hey im 17 with a 8in blk dick, i love rubbing cocks together & giving n getting head. when i was younger my neighboor n i would makeout n suck each other. if you'd like to talk to me or send me naughty pics email me at
08.10.2008 21:06 PDT, laylow60
my dick is 7in thick wit a thick head that oozes lots of pre cum to fuck
27.08.2008 03:06 PDT, hornygod09
08.07.2008 12:56 PDT, johand
My dick is 6in long n very thick.I wana fuck ass.
14.03.2008 22:46 PDT, Rohan
Black, 5in, virgin, gets hard when looking at porn
01.03.2008 17:07 PST, unknown
01.03.2008 10:56 PST, sizzI
hi come on my wap c my cock
21.10.2007 11:12 PDT, punjabiplayboy
My dick is long&thick,red in colur
28.08.2007 05:35 PDT, Rohan
My dick is long&thick,red in colur
28.08.2007 05:31 PDT, Rohan
It black long and slinder
06.08.2007 04:11 PDT, sora101
06.08.2007 03:48 PDT, sora101
My penis is 6 inches,circumsized,with a big blue vein on the back.It stands very hard and upright when I'm horny and the purple heads gets large and oozes precum.I wank at least once a day thinking about cocks and assholes.I need some guy to give me a good hard fucking. x
29.07.2007 20:41 PDT, cree8
My dick is 6in thick with a big head. It gets really hard n throbs when im hrny. I love wankn it n enjoy shootn hot cum ova my abs. I had my 1st ful on wank wen i was 14 n my best m8 sukd me a few days later. I love cock!
13.06.2007 22:31 PDT, jamie42
I want someone to fuck me now
08.05.2007 21:20 PDT, kevkev
8Inches and very hard
08.05.2007 21:09 PDT, kevkev
Hi my dick is white it is 5'3/4 inches long and 1'1/2 thick. My first time was when I 7 years old. I was at my friends house he asked me if I had ever had my dick sucked. I said no. He told me i would like it. He was right. Now I enjoy sucking,swallowing, fucking, and getting fucked.
08.05.2007 05:45 PDT, jayloc
I hav a thick seven inch cock for anyone to suck and pull. It gets so hard it throbs
15.02.2007 22:50 PST, corza
my 6 inch hard cock is waitin 4 anyone 2 rub it n suck on it
14.12.2006 14:46 PST, indiangod
I have white 6inch dick And i love black cock to suck
08.10.2006 00:01 PDT, lohithanand
my dick is long thick and tanned and likes shemales
22.07.2006 05:27 PDT, dave baptie
i wanna suck
22.07.2006 05:02 PDT, lordgay
Hey guys im joe from pr i have an 6 inches thick uncut dick my first expirience i was 16 i was at a friends house watchng porn and he was hard ask me if would suck him i got him naked and sucked his hole 8 inch and swallow his hot creamy cum
01.05.2006 14:40 PDT, Sam Harris
My dicks is 7 inches.Cut.Hairy.Luv 2 fuck ass after sucking it.
29.04.2006 16:26 PDT, Sam Harris
My dick is white and is 8in hard. I like the taste of cum.
29.04.2006 14:30 PDT, Sam Harris
White 18.7cm luv 2 jerk it thick thight balls shaved
22.04.2006 01:17 PDT, 18x
I have a fat white 8.5in uncut cock with big low-hanging balls. I love to stroke my shaft while I either rub my balls or tickle my foreskin.
06.04.2006 20:05 PDT, Sam Harris
Visit for your penis related problems. (In Hindi language) or visit for real indian fun! Im a gay from Ajmer india. Date of birth 15.04.88
24.03.2006 03:00 PST, ajmer
I'm 18 male. My white dick is 14,5 cm when hard. It's not too big but It's really hard and slicky. With 5 cm diameters. I want suck you so much...!!!
04.03.2006 06:54 PST, jang
Hi my dick is 18cm, 4cm thick and my dick is white, i love to suck dick and other stuff.
26.02.2006 12:10 PST, Sam Harris
Hi guys! Im very much intrested in guys. I like white men & white dicks. But im black & have 7in dark brown dick, 2in thick. I used 2 jerk off my self lookin at dick pics. & i love 2 talk abot nasty gay stuffs. Would u pls chat o mail me, i'll b so happy<
25.02.2006 06:17 PST, Sam Harris
24.01.2006 04:04 PST, leeast
My coks hard
24.12.2005 04:51 PST, fredcok
my dick is 7 inch uncut with shaved balls im darren.27
15.10.2005 07:23 PDT, darren
My dik is shaved .its brown in colour.i lyk it in a guys ass n mouth
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
I wanna fuck you
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Its brown. It 8 inches. Very fat and thick. I like it to be suked really hard.
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
About my dick. My dick is 8 inches and its fat and thick. I like it to be sucked really hard. Its color is brown.
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
My cock is eight inches long and two inches wide my first time was when i was 14 me and my two cousins were playing truth or dare and i dared greg to suck my dick and swallow my load and at the saime time i dared adam to stick his huge cock up my waiting ass hole.
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Hi. I'm 16 and have been with a boy only one time, in this years spring! My dick is 16cm long and very tasteful...
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Hey mate love ur pix. Im 8inch 1.5 thick. And luv suckin guys off 4 fun. I ONLY WISH U COULD SAVE SUM OF UR PIX TO MI FONE.
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
My cock is over eight inches and thick. Ima kiwi dude and love wankin and takin pix of it. Email me at i had a gr8 stroke 2 ya pix. Gr8
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Loved your dick pix dude
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Hi do any one have good pics of dics black or white i am 15 and if any one wants to chat i am up for any thing email me at
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
My cock is 7 inchs. I am 21 i have a nice body. feel free to send me your pics guys to
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
My dick is 7 inches and im a white 14 year old curious i am thick email me some pics of dik @ runeboi678
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
My cock is 18 cm long i enjoy wanking in the kitchen or in the garden. My first time i came i was in bed playing with my junk and i felt so hard and horny that when i milked myself i was left to feel so free and manly
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Hi i'm in south africa in jhb i'm coloured-indian very horny neva had a gay experience i'm BI wanting a hot bodied BIguy?!
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Hi i'm in south africa in jhb i'm coloured-indian very horny neva had a gay experience i'm BI wanting a hot bodied BIguy?!
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
im 32 hisp m from texas. its 7in and i love 2 get sckd on.and love 2 get my ass eatn. iv been with a couple of guys and they luv 2 lick everythng and swallow my hot kum
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Hi im a 24 yo blk male. I live n chicago,il thats n the usa. Ima male stripper wit a 15in dick. Whn it gets hard its 18in. I only have and had 1 sex partner, my baby tim, I LOVE U!
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
.I am 20-indian-uncut and huge-20cm.Had 1 guy-muslim fair and cut.He used to fuck me hard in the ass from all directions.We used thir wapsite as foreplay -thanks.Would like to see indian cocks uncut.
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
.I am 20-indian-uncut and huge-20cm.Had 1 guy-muslim fair and cut.He used to fuck me hard in the ass from all directions.We used thir wapsite as foreplay -thanks.Would like to see indian cocks uncut.
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
I am 16 from sa and i have a 16cm black cock. My1st experience was with a 19year old white guy. Bt bj s only i love it
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Im 17 with a large 7 inch dick and luv to cum
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Im a 18year south african hunk, with 6inch/15cm thick throbbing cock. I just love cuming on my friend's arsehole and pushing the cum in deep.
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Im seventeen years old and my dick is six inches it curves up when its hard. I love licking the juice that leaks from it. It tastes so nice. I LOVE DICK CUM :-)
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
my dick is about 9 inches with a purple head and brown shaft. i really enjoy sticking wires and shit up my pee hole it feels so good
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT
Mine is 6 inch long, shape like straight banana, quite reddish white, i enjoy with one hand on top and one hand on nipples...I haven't had first exp. yet, interested?
17.07.2012 05:02 PDT

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