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GAY Ahamadabad (gujarat) - gayindia

GAY Ahamadabad (gujarat)
a - GAY Ahamadabad (gujarat) Newest pictures
there is lot of cruising spots.


How to get there: You can take Ashram Road from any part of Ahmedabad and ask people for Usmanpura cross roads, they will guide you there. Once you reach there, the garden is exactly at the cross roads.

Hours: 6:00am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Best times: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Who goes there?: Families, gays & other loners.

Cruisiest spot: At the benches near the washrooms, around the entrance and the dargah.

Cruising tips: Keep walking around the garden and the moment you see someone look at you, wink or keep staring or feel your crotch. Also adjust your crotch by shuffling your hands in your pants.

It is a dim lit garden with a lot of dark spaces to feel each other. Also one can get into the washrooms and have full on sex.

Pet Peeves: At times there are people that you don't like following you wherever you move in the garden.

Warnings: Do not try and get naked in the garden, only in the washrooms.

(2) Vikas Pan Galla Lane -

Address: B/h Sardar Patel Stadium, Navrangpura.

Neighborhood: Sardar Patel Stadium Railway Line.

Nearest Cross Street: C. G. Road .

How to get there: Take the lane above the underbridge from Stadium Cross Roads whcih leads to the Railway line behind the Sardar Patel Stadium. That lane is a very good cruising spot after 10:00 pm every night.

Best times: Every night 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm

Who goes there?: All kinds and some escorts.

Cruisiest spot: The underbridge which leads to Navjivan Trust.

Cruising tips: Keep looking at people driving or walking. Once you make eye contact start following the person. Or one could stand by the road side and get your dick out and display the size of it.

It is a dim lit lane behind the Sardar Patel Stadium.

Warnings: Look out for people who want to charge mony for the services. They might not even hesitate in fighting and talking out loud attracting other people attention.

(3) LAW GARDEN toilet - Near the NCC Gate.

Neighborhood: Khau Gali , NCC Grounds Main Gate.

Nearest Cross Street: Road connecting C G Road and Alliance Francaise.

How to get there: There are two ways to reach there one by the Front of the Khau Gali and the other from the back of the Khau Gali.

Hours: whole day , night . Morning 7am to evening 10pm.

Best times: Morning around 11am. Afternoon beteewn 3:00 and 5:00pm, and evening between 6:30 and 9:00pm.

Cruisiest spot: ALL the cabins there are good enough.

Cruising tips: Go in and get your dick out and stand there for people to look at you.

Outside the back gates of the garden is best, a nice place to cruise.

Pet Peeves: There are some non-cruisers that come around.

Warnings: Nothing much to worry about here.

(4) Public Loo Opposite Football ground :

Address: Opposite Football ground/Desi Lohana Hall.

Neighborhood: Kankaria Lake and a nice outing spot for everyone, mainly straights in the area, but this toilets are exclussively for the gays/bisex.

Nearest Cross Street: Road from Bhulabhai Park to Kankaria.

How to get there: When you are coming from the Bhulbhai Park and going top Kankaria Lake, this is on your left hand side right opposite football ground, it's in the beginning of the road where Desi Lohana Marriage Hall is situated, you can't miss it in any case.

Hours: Usually after dark till late.

Best times: Around 8.30pm to 10.30pm depending upon season, early in winter and late in summer.

Who goes there?: Everyone, majority cheap guys, lari walas, but its worth trying as you may get the best of Ahmedabad there.

Cruising tips: Try to be vigilant and if the guy in next cubical/urinal extends his hand towards your dick, if you like him, let him touch it and if you don't like him, just refuse and leave the spot for a while.Make eye contact.

Pet Peeves: Lukkha sort of guys, don't know how to describe in english, but those roadside, slums or drunk people, and soemtimes some old farts.

Warnings: Sometimes police stop there, so be aware and sometimes there is a risk of being cought by a cheater/theif, so safety first.

(5) S T BUS STOP : whole day.

(6) SARKHEJ HIGHWAY : be careful with lift . (special bike or scooter person)

(7) SOME OF OLD CINEMA : sheetal ..i cant remeber name !!


NAVRANGPURA EVENING 5PM TO 9:30 PM. PARIMAL GARDEN is now not cruising spot, but u can try there.

(9) every week we r meeting for coffee and its very safe. we all gays r meeting for coffee at ccd at ashram road ,opp NEHRU BRIDGE, AT PETROL PUMP every week, (EVERY WED DAY IN AHMEDABAD) i find it is very safe for any gay man.people at that meet r very good,warm, to see more and more gays over there.

(10) pritam nagar garden near akhbar nagar circle wadaj. u find the decent and good guys for friendship and lots many things....
so guys ...have fun .enjoy LIFE IS GOOD & HOT. wtever you want ..take it & enjoy.

(11) near USMANPURA GARDEN toilet - spc. hot in night .

(12) SARDAR PATEL CROSSING - after 7pm..up to late night .

(13) UNIVERSITY ground - after 8 pm .

( sometime AIRPORT ROAD - naroda side )

(14) SHAHI BAG UNDER BRIJ - after 8 pm .

(15) M.J LIBRARY - in news paper reading room , whole day.

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