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georgiana's rules for chatting - georgiana elizabeth - georgia...

chatting - georgiana's rules for chatting Newest pictures
03.02.2012 07:13 EST
georgiana's rules for chatting
my set of rules comes with exemptions,
since i'm always open to considerations.
i may sound a bit bitchy here,
but at least i'm making myself clear.

georgiana's rules for chatting

one reason why we are sent to school
is that we have to learn how to follow a rule.
rules are not absent or rare;
we've got so much of them almost everywhere.
being so, on a site like this,
i set some rules my chatmates shouldn't miss.
i am very cautious about chatting online,
but follow my rules and we'll get along just fine.

before you decide to chat with me,
go through my profile and read it carefully.
don't ask about my age and location anymore
cause that's what a user profile is for.
a boring hi
won't get you my reply.
a plain hello
will just drive me to go.
wanting us to chat
means talking better than that.
starting a conversation
deserves serious consideration.

right in front of you is a screen
where the name "georgiana" can be clearly seen.
use the name to address me
and not the adjectives such as "beautiful" and "sexy."
if you think we're friends, use the sweetest endearments you've got;
i will just ignore you anyway if i think we're not.
i allow everyone to call me "friend,"
for this word, by nature, can never offend.

if you're looking for girls who can give what you call "fun,"
then be explicitly informed that i'm not one.
i really don't mind if you so love perverse
as long as with me you properly converse.
for goodness sake i never give any chance
to opening talks on red-blooded romance.
my door for filth is always locked.
try to knock and you will be blocked.

"i love you" is a sacred sentence
which has been used so ill by people who don't know its sense.
saying it carelessly is what the deceiver are fond of;
they say it without knowing the true meaning of love.
if upon meeting me on this social networking site,
you profess your love and think it's alright,
then i will consider you to be among the deceiver and the unwise
whom i always love to ignore and despise.

if i say i can't chat and refuse to further explain,
ask not a single question, never complain.
my privacy is not to be invaded,
and for this reason, i have the right to let your questions be evaded.
if in the middle of a chat i suddenly fail to reply,
don't worry or murmur, just let me explain why.
by that time my internet connection must be in trouble.
for sure i just leave chats for something reasonable.

take a look at my long friends list
before you call me a freaking racist.
i've got friends in every active continent,
so don't criticize me with a sweeping statement.
i believe both the white in the US and the UK
and colored in africa are equally ok.
i have great respect for every human race on earth
and deep appreciation for humanity's worth.

if you can't respect my rules and my style,
you will surely find me mean and hostile.
i'm a friend only to people who are wise enough
to understand the essence of my words though they seem to sound so tough.
this set of rules is not an obliged task;
consider it a favor i politely ask.
well, i think enough has been said
so i shall add a rule no more and say "thanks for reading" instead.
I hav just gone thru th page 2day n 4 sure evry human needs 2read it,kudos!
13.03.2012 14:24 EDT, Bakingpowder
ma va fa ncul!!!!
11.03.2012 17:18 EDT, marinaio77
All human races? Sure? Lol. Errr i think that i respect the rules. Before meeting you!
01.03.2012 04:55 EST, Basic (french and clean)
ha so true
10.02.2012 19:24 EST, me
i like your this line " a boring hi won't get you my reply. a plain hello will just drive me to go. " ^^ ok i will not call you beautiful anymore. :)
07.02.2012 12:27 EST, —Skull Cracker—
That's an awesome rules . Did u leave anything in ur This blog needs to be emphasized before u initiate a chat..,,what or say...beginners please read dis before proceeding . :)
07.02.2012 10:20 EST, *satz*
the picture is too funny ;-)
06.02.2012 02:43 EST, ≈☆Fαηfαη.crea
Good rules Georgiana :) Nice idea for the post. So many people are intrusive...
06.02.2012 02:42 EST, ≈☆Fαηfαη.crea
Duly noted and will comply lol :)
05.02.2012 18:08 EST, ¢σηѕтєℓℓαтισηѕ
This ere is king of woggie woggie landom an wat you say makes cents but has no repense as these indians are letting their egos cash checks their mind cannot cash they will contiue to break peps rules an yours. If they used gun powder for brains they stll could not blow their noses
03.02.2012 12:57 EST, Ezeekiel.Rumus
Totally Agree With U, :)
03.02.2012 09:42 EST, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
Yeah hunni sisy. Such a bitchy Rules. Hehe i do agree. Same as i always creatd in my heart. *hugs*
i didnt knew..there are so many rules for chatting...LOL
03.02.2012 09:36 EST, Я$R™ ρlαηet inc.

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