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poor dear little friend - georgiana elizabeth - georgiana.eliz...

asian girl crying - poor dear little friend Newest pictures
12.05.2012 00:27 EDT
poor dear little friend
poor dear little friend,
she cries day and night.
her griefs never end,
and against them she can't fight.
she used to have wings,
but now they are broken.
she forgets about the beauty of things,
and regrets for the happy words she has spoken.
poor dear little friend,
her whole being has shattered.
if to my warnings she only listened,
her soul would have not been battered.
she was sure and unafraid
to give a love so true.
and the big mistake she badly made
was giving that love to you.
Mistake is our teaches us to make ourself perfect
23.05.2012 04:44 EDT, Rehankhan0070
You may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong reason. But one thing is sure: mistakes help us to find the RIGHT person
19.05.2012 12:04 EDT, rose
And joy is everywhere, is in the green cover of our planet, in the blue serenity of heaven, in the reckless exuberance of spring, in the severe abstinence of gray winter in the living flesh that animates our body, the perfect balance of the human figure, noble and good standing in the living, in exercising our powers, in learning, in fighting evil ... the joy is everywhere
14.05.2012 15:37 EDT, Anti-Drugs
yes its so very true. Our youngsters of today are so agressive, they dont think first before they act but rather act first before they think....
13.05.2012 19:58 EDT, ms. sona mistu bou
Now was complete and I undrstnd the meaning .. But imposible in whole life just grief only ..always sweet too its not good like we eat many spoon of sugars there just headache in forehead :-) but sometime in down.. think of sentimentil and melow ..nice your post ..i like it
12.05.2012 14:16 EDT, ❇ charmx
well written and meaningful but last conclusing lines have a broad message in a few words Love the most precious emotion of humankind it must be respected.
12.05.2012 10:24 EDT, Zhunlin
Much interesting, pretty friend.
12.05.2012 07:59 EDT, ♥.[Lisamorena].♥
12.05.2012 07:49 EDT, ILYAS
To err is love is wot a dedicated lover wud do my friend...for u were right in ur choice and on d retrospect when ur love is not being recognised...consider its his loss and u learnt d best lesson....he is a coward maybe...maybe he is shy...maybe he is ....something which wud be uncalled for ....but remember one happens not repeats...u keep d doors of ut heart open...someone wud come and knock....remember to recognise the perfect one ....!!!! Choose the wisest one! Good luck and god bless u :)
12.05.2012 07:41 EDT, *satz*
"The hurt inside's going to express coming out with all the mess, you can face it for awhile all been thrown by a lie. Being good means spread it up getting in all you've not, with any reasons and any thought left is nothing that you'll have got. Rise and fall and rise again all that's just LIFE 'till the end, pass it through and leave your sign if you think this, it'll be fine." (LUKO) Have a good time my dear one!! mwahh! Lu
12.05.2012 06:07 EDT, luko29
No, Woman No Cry. . BMW.
12.05.2012 04:57 EDT, Brasero
May God bless u. Hav a gd n happy day.
verry nice dear sister
12.05.2012 02:56 EDT, shariquekhan
How sad lol Who is it for and about Georgie!
12.05.2012 02:46 EDT, *JEAN JEANNIE*

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