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8.Chodu ladke ko choda -

8.Chodu ladke ko choda
buzzhead - 8.Chodu ladke ko choda Newest pictures
chating mein

Choduladka: hi
Rahul: haan ji bolo
Choduladka: wanna sex?
Rahul: kya karna hai sex mein
Choduladka: sab kuch
Rahul: mai to chodunga
Rahul: aur lund chuswaunga
Rahul: chusoge?
Choduladka: sure jaan
Rahul: kya baat hai.. tum to taiyaar baithe ho...
Rahul: lo meri jeans khol ke apna lolipop nikaal lo
Rahul: cam hai?
Choduladka: hmmmmm
Choduladka: tere paas?
Rahul: mere pass nahi hai
Choduladka: mere paas bhi nahi
Rahul: lauda chuso...pura andar tak muh ke le jao
Choduladka: mmmmmmmm
Rahul: andar tak..
Rahul: mast chuso..
Rahul: jitana chusoge utana maja aayega..
Choduladka: hai meri jaan
Rahul: pura aaj ke din tumhare liye hai yeh lauda..
Choduladka: kitna lamba hai?
Rahul: mast chuso to baad mein isaki malai khane ko milegi
Choduladka: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Rahul: 7 inchi hai.. pura muh mein le liya hai.. aur puchta hai
Rahul: choos
Rahul: maje lekar choos
Rahul: abhi to teri gaand bhi marni hai..
Rahul: apne kapde bhi utar
Choduladka: mmmmm
Choduladka: tu hi utar dena
Rahul: aur mera lund muh se mat nikaalna...
Rahul: chusta raah... aaahhh
Rahul: maja aa raha hai...
Choduladka: mmmmmuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Rahul: saale bachpan se lauda chusana sikha hai kya
Rahul: mast choos raha hai be tu
Rahul: aaahhhh kya mast chusta hai
Rahul: tujhe mai apne doso se bhi milwaunga
Rahul: sabka lund ek ek karke chusna..
Choduladka: mil ke chodna
Rahul: apne kapde utar
Rahul: zara gaand to dikha..
Choduladka: kori gaand hai
Rahul: teri mast komal gaand ko bhi marna hai..
Choduladka: tere liye
Choduladka: hai meri jaan
Rahul: lund ko to tu choos choos ke ttune aiyaar kar diya hai
Rahul: waah kya mast gaand hai teri
Rahul: zara ungali pelu to..
Rahul: thuk laga ke...
Rahul: waah kya mast ungali ja rahi hai...
Choduladka: hai zaalim ab chod bhi daalo
Rahul: saale tune bahut gaand marwayi hai
Rahul: puri khuli huyi hai
Rahul: chodane mein maja aayega
Rahul: muh se to nikaal mera laua saali
Choduladka: mmmmmmmmmmmmm 2 min
Choduladka: mmmmmmmmmmm
Rahul: chuse ja rahi hai aur kahti hai.. jaalim chodo bhi na
Rahul: chal ulta late ja
Rahul: aur taange faila
Rahul: chdu saale teri gaand ko
Rahul: thoda upar utha...
Choduladka: aaaja jaanu
Rahul: gaand ke ched ko lund ke nishane pe laga...
Rahul: haan ab thik hai..
Rahul: le pel diya maine lund apna teri gaand mein...
Rahul: aaaahhh kya khuli gaand hai..
Rahul: mast fisal raha hai mera lund tere gaand mein..
Rahul: pura le meri jaan
Rahul: mera lund pura andar le le...
Choduladka: mmmmmmmmmm de na
Choduladka: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Rahul: tere gaalon pe puppy lu
Rahul: teri chuchi bhi masalta huin saath mein...
Rahul: teer chikane badan ko
Choduladka: hai jaanema
Choduladka: n
Rahul: aaj mai masalta huin..
Choduladka: tu mast hai
Rahul: achcha line pe mila hai...
Rahul: le pura le andar..
Rahul: aahhh dhakke pe dhakka
Choduladka: aaaahhhhh mazaa aa gaya
Rahul: aaurr le...
Rahul: saale tu bhi mast raand ki trah hai...
Rahul: mast chud raha hai..
Rahul: gaand puri makhkhan ki tarah mulayam hai..
Choduladka: itney mast laudey se masti to aayegi hi na, mere raja?
Rahul: aaahhhhh bol kaha lega meri malai
Rahul: muh mein ki gaand mein...
Choduladka: mooh mein de
Rahul: bol jaan ...
Rahul: jara puppy de na
Rahul: tere gaalon ko chumuin meri jaan
Rahul: aahhh muh mein lega meri malai...
Choduladka: mooh mein jeebh daalun janu
Rahul: theher phir thoda aur chodane de teri gaand ko
Rahul: phir jab nikalne waala hoga tab bataunga
Rahul: le pura le...
Rahul: thoda aur tej
Rahul: aaaahhhh
Rahul: aur andar...
Choduladka: aaraam se jaanu..ab to raat jawaan hai
Rahul: fach facjh fach
Rahul: waahhh kya mast chudai hai...
Rahul: taange aur chaudi kar
Rahul: saaleee
Choduladka: aaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Rahul: pura lgaand khol
Rahul: choduin saale trei gaand ko...
Rahul: laa ab apna muh laaaa....
Rahul: mera nikalne waala hai...
Choduladka: dede malai
Rahul: aapne muh mein mera lauda le le
Choduladka: meri jaan
Rahul: pura andar le muh mein saaleee
Rahul: aaaahhhh...
Rahul: ek baar phir tere muh ki chudai kara huin...
Choduladka: yummmmmmmmmmmm
Rahul: pura gaale mein...
Rahul: aaaaahhhhhh
Rahul: nikalne waala huin be....
Rahul: ab jiada der nahi rukungaaa....
Rahul: aaaahhhhhh maaaiiiii
Rahul: aaaabbbbbb gaayyyaaaaaa
Choduladka: pila de apney ganney ka ras
Rahul: ye leeeeeeee
Choduladka: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Rahul: meraaaaa puraaaa lundddddddd
Rahul: ka maaaaalllll
Choduladka: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Rahul: khaaale puri malaiiii
Rahul: chat daaalll isakoooo
Rahul: aaaahhhhhhhhh
Rahul: puraaaaa andaaaarrrrr aaaaahhhhh maja aa gayyyaaaa
Choduladka: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Rahul: saaaleee tu to puri raanddd hai meraaa itani jadi nikaaalll diyaaa
Rahul: saale kya mast teri chudai aur chussaayiii thi...
Rahul: maza aa gaya
Choduladka: shukirya mere raja
Choduladka: mujhey bhi
Rahul: pura ek ek bund pi gayaaaa
Choduladka: haan
Rahul: meri jaan bahut mast chudai thi...

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