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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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Real Football 2013 nokiaAsha 502 240x320 touch-screen
17.05.2014 06:56 EDT, leboo.jr0
Doom 3 3D for NokiaAsha 502 240x320 touch-screen
17.05.2014 06:54 EDT, leboo.jr0
the settlers game for nokia 320*240 s40
06.05.2014 11:25 EDT, tania9050
GL strategy game for 320*240 nokia
03.05.2014 00:31 EDT, mamta435
the settlers game for nokia 320*240
03.05.2014 00:29 EDT, mamta435
pls farm frenzy 3 farm frenzy 4 and the settlers for nokia320*240
02.05.2014 14:45 EDT, mamta435
Please give me pes 2014 for nokia s60v5 360*640.thank. You can tak the game and edit it to my size for me,i know it is possibl but i didnt know how to do it.
29.04.2014 22:46 EDT, gagnant
I need da original versions of gangstar2,3 and 4... For the screensize 128x160... Da ones I Have are fakes... I want da original games with motorbikes,helicopters cars etc... In 128x160 screensize... Thanks
25.04.2014 04:15 EDT, reuben480
22.04.2014 15:07 EDT, rahulcric14
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04.02.2014 15:37 EST, Sathariel™
Pes 14 , nokia 114
04.02.2014 14:52 EST, anil.mongar0
plz I want gl castle of magic nokia c3 00(320x240)s40
30.01.2014 03:20 EST, dennisameho
Plz I want the mummy 3 for nokia c3 00(320x240)s40
27.01.2014 18:48 EST, dennisameho
plz add iron man 3 2d game for android hvga
25.01.2014 11:37 EST, prashant7298
Heroes lore 2: knight of the frozen sea EA (240x320) LG T375
16.01.2014 22:38 EST, dancerst
chicken invaders s40 nokia c1 00(320x240)
10.01.2014 08:07 EST, dennisameho
tomb raider undderworld 3d s40 nokia c3 00(320x240)
10.01.2014 08:03 EST, dennisameho
plz i want the mummy 3 the tomb of the dragon emperor for nokia c3 00 s40(320x240)
10.01.2014 08:02 EST, dennisameho
green farm 3 for sam 128*160
25.12.2013 20:45 EST, j.gokul.kannan0
Asassins creed bh for nokia c3 oo(320x240)
25.12.2013 11:40 EST, dennisameho
Games & Apps 240x320 Touchscreen
23.12.2013 05:10 EST, looco
Games & Apps 240x320 Touchscreen
23.12.2013 05:09 EST, looco
Games & Apps 240x320 Touchscreen
23.12.2013 05:09 EST, looco
pls add spiderman 3 for nokia c3 oo(320x240)
29.11.2013 13:58 EST, dennisameho
pls add asassins creed 1 for nokia c3 oo(320x240)s60
29.11.2013 07:21 EST, dennisameho
Plz add king kong the official game for nokia c3 oo(320x240)s60
29.11.2013 06:52 EST, dennisameho Try it yourself. I made more than 300$ in just over a day.
25.11.2013 12:08 EST, peetvs
plz assasins creed IV the black flag for nokia c3 oo(320x240)
20.11.2013 00:30 EST, dennisameho
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17.11.2013 04:11 EST, LuYgYkenT
I want rf 12 for se uiq3 phone.
15.10.2013 09:28 EDT, rocky
adventures of tintin siemens 132x176 plz I really want dis fast
12.10.2013 11:41 EDT, dennisameho
adventures of tintin more than 320kb siemens 132x176
06.10.2013 13:43 EDT, dennisameho
die hard 5 siemens 132x176
06.10.2013 13:42 EDT, dennisameho
die hard 5 sony siemens 132x176
06.10.2013 13:41 EDT, dennisameho
adventures of tintin more than 239kb 132x160
05.10.2013 18:28 EDT, dennisameho
plz assasins creed 5 for nokia c1 o1(128x160)
05.10.2013 18:19 EDT, dennisameho
plz I want assasins creed more than 200k for nokia c1 o1(c1 o2) 128x160
05.10.2013 18:16 EDT, dennisameho
Please , i want Rf manager 09 version 1.1.5 for nokia 128X160 less than 500kb and Rf manager 14 128X160.
25.09.2013 13:51 EDT, luyanda40
Plz add Kevin Pietersen cricket for x2-01 mobile
15.09.2013 03:19 EDT, k.j.chandramohan0 Your XxX PorNation! ;) HD Porn PicS!
19.08.2013 16:34 EDT, SNIPE
plz chronicles of narnia: the voyage of the down traders nokia s40v3 128x160(244kb)
13.08.2013 18:59 EDT, dennisameho
patron angel nokia s40v3 128x160
29.07.2013 03:53 EDT, dennisameho
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22.07.2013 04:43 EDT, PrincTame
13.07.2013 07:22 EDT, ®¡cky™
13.07.2013 07:21 EDT, ®¡cky™
Welcom to ramadan
10.07.2013 22:46 EDT, EcHo Texas
pls super mario nokia s4v5 128x160
10.07.2013 07:11 EDT, dennisameho
assasins creed brotherhood nokia s60v4 128x160
09.07.2013 18:48 EDT, dennisameho
prince of persia ghost of the past nokia s60v4 128x160
09.07.2013 18:46 EDT, dennisameho
prince of persia forgotten sand nokia s60v4 128x160
09.07.2013 18:46 EDT, dennisameho
wrath of the titans nokia 128x160 in 300kb or almost
09.07.2013 18:33 EDT, dennisameho
tomb raider underworld 3d for nokia c1 o1(128x160)
09.07.2013 04:09 EDT, dennisameho
pirates of the seven seas nokia c1 o1(128x160) size in 200kb
08.07.2013 14:05 EDT, dennisameho
pes 2013 (547kb) nokia s60v4/c1 o1 (128x160)
04.07.2013 18:57 EDT, dennisameho
pls is there any tarzan game for nokia c1 o1(128x160)
04.07.2013 18:35 EDT, dennisameho
RF 2011 bluetooth nokia c1 o1(128x160)
04.07.2013 18:30 EDT, dennisameho
assasins creed brotherhood(full) nokia c1 o1/s60
04.07.2013 18:28 EDT, dennisameho
a good day to die hard(full) for nokia c1 o1(128x160) (367kb)
04.07.2013 18:24 EDT, dennisameho
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tmnt 5 for nokia c1 o1(128x160)
01.07.2013 05:15 EDT, dennisameho
real football 2013 for nokia c1 o1(128x160)
30.06.2013 18:25 EDT, dennisameho
Pls I want bluetooth games for nokia c1 o1(128x160)
30.06.2013 18:16 EDT, dennisameho
spiderman 3 (225kb) for nokia c1 o1 or s60
30.06.2013 18:13 EDT, dennisameho
Splinter cell extended ops for nokia c1 o1 or s60
30.06.2013 18:05 EDT, dennisameho
hero lore wind of soltia for nokia c1 o1 or s60
30.06.2013 17:59 EDT, dennisameho
assasins creed 2 nokia c1 o1 128x160
28.06.2013 05:54 EDT, dennisameho
pls mortal kombat deluxe 2013 for nokia c1 o1 or s60 128x160
28.06.2013 05:52 EDT, dennisameho
pls mortal kombat deluxe 2013 for nokia c1 o1 or s60 128x160
28.06.2013 05:46 EDT, dennisameho
Ur site is awesome but... i need some help with "heroes lore game" , thanks :)
25.06.2013 15:12 EDT, magdimohemed
13.06.2013 01:01 EDT, savita9793217030
sir i need wwe smackdown vs raw 2010 for 240x320 touch screen realy working. Please help me.
12.06.2013 12:33 EDT, louis374
Buddy please add Sid meier's civilization 5 for nokia C2-02 (240*320, touchscreen) i would be waiting for you
02.06.2013 02:24 EDT, sex.a.holic0
S40v3 pls edit..
28.05.2013 11:33 EDT, yahya73
Pls edit Real Football 2013 Indonesia Super Liga (ISL) + Nation Indonesia pls..pls...
28.05.2013 11:26 EDT, yahya73
Pliz add mobile version of capcom mighty final fight
25.05.2013 13:23 EDT, bn.crusher
Pliz add mobile version of capcom mighty final fight
25.05.2013 13:23 EDT, bn.crusher
plz add ipl 2013 cricket fever game for s40v3
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22.05.2013 07:18 EDT, We-Gaming™
Please post cheats of kingdom&lords games.
07.05.2013 15:50 EDT, Sabuj
Games 240x320 touch?
26.04.2013 14:45 EDT, looco
hey!do you want link exchange?write on my guestbook for responses http:/
24.04.2013 11:01 EDT, We-Gaming™
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21.04.2013 03:17 EDT, Ganésh AR
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18.04.2013 10:02 EDT, yayasan-metafisika
my life in new york by gameloft for nokia asha 305
15.04.2013 03:58 EDT, u.lakhani100
Want games 240x320 touch? Visit:
09.04.2013 11:30 EDT, looco
Want games 240x320 touch? > <
04.04.2013 06:01 EDT, looco
Games 240x320 touch=
01.04.2013 15:14 EDT, looco
Pleze add a sega*32 emulator
31.03.2013 03:48 EDT, abhishek5880
Plize add mortal combat 3d multiscreen game
24.03.2013 02:22 EDT, subadani
Plize add bruce lee iron fist 3d nokia 128x160 game
22.03.2013 09:45 EDT, subadani
Plize add mortal combat 3D multiscreen or nokia 128x160
22.03.2013 07:41 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
plz add F1 Ferrari Worldchampionship 2009 and Pro Moto by Gameloft for K800
17.03.2013 23:39 EDT, corey08
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08.03.2013 08:42 EST, PrincTame
Cool but i m using ucweb 8.9 :-)
07.03.2013 10:23 EST, ZR
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02.03.2013 00:27 EST, emind
Plize add wwe 2010 3d nokia s40v2 game pliz give me very soon
01.03.2013 07:07 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
pliz add wwe 2010 3d only for my nokia 128x160 game
28.02.2013 09:31 EST, abungo3.1998
Pliz add wwe 2010 game for my nokia 128x160
27.02.2013 10:30 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
18.02.2013 12:03 EST, hanif khan
Pliz wwe 2010 nokia C1 01 game is screen midle one circle is not circle pliz give me
18.02.2013 01:10 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
Pliz add wwe 2010 game multiscreen
17.02.2013 01:53 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
Pliz add clone 3d game for my nokia 128x160
16.02.2013 12:21 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
Pliz add control terrorism episode 3 3d game for my nokia 128x160
16.02.2013 12:17 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
Pliz add wwe2010 game for my nokia 128x160
15.02.2013 01:37 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
Pliz add gangstar tycoon game for my nokia 128x160
14.02.2013 20:48 EST, rajlaimayum.com0
pliz add gangstar tycoo release game
10.02.2013 20:41 EST, abungo3.1998
Farm frenzy for nokia 128*128 s40v1
07.02.2013 07:42 EST, Goku emblem in english,in java games. . . . . . . I hope you give that games
25.01.2013 08:41 EST, kaitokid0
Plz add [G.L]cowboys & aliens for my b3210
19.01.2013 22:51 EST, Narayan
Plz add[G.L]gangstar 3 for samsung b3210
18.01.2013 07:31 EST, Narayan
Plz add [G.L]Ferrari gt 3 for samsung b3210
18.01.2013 07:29 EST, Narayan
Plz add pes 2011 for samsung b3210
18.01.2013 07:26 EST, Narayan
Plz add [G.L]real football 2009 for samsung b3210
18.01.2013 07:26 EST, Narayan
Please add [G.L]DIE HARD 4 for samsung b3210
17.01.2013 23:20 EST, Narayan
Please add [G.L]tennis open 2007 for samsung b3210
15.01.2013 10:10 EST, Narayan
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15.01.2013 03:52 EST, cracarot™ the mr9
get wwe updates wallpapers,theme songs & ppv themes from
plz add space horror for nokia s40v3
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04.01.2013 11:03 EST, omnipotente
plz add gameloft game screen 220x176
01.01.2013 09:49 EST, pebrigaz
PES 2013 128X160 FULL, COMPLETED and COOL only on
26.12.2012 15:50 EST, fajrinaldo777
happy chrismas and new year admin. More visitors for your site next year. peace to all. http://asiamobilegamers.xxxxxxx
22.12.2012 23:46 EST, ..
Please add 'Ufo Afterlight" 240x320 s40v3 ENG. I find only RU :(. Thanks.
18.12.2012 10:08 EST, lexd
Maybe, yes plants vs zombies great! But it can't work in my phone(Nokia X2-00)!
12.12.2012 17:43 EST, SusantoGen2
Tenenonet tenonet ada lagi
10.12.2012 03:39 EST, Harder than you know
I love your for thousand years
10.12.2012 03:34 EST, Harder than you know
Please add Gun Wheels and madheads 3D 128x160
10.12.2012 03:31 EST, Harder than you know
Please add pokemon emerald in jar file
07.12.2012 07:58 EST, meikeerthi07
vbag app in s40v3 jar to games.gameloft
07.12.2012 07:56 EST, meikeerthi07
hannah montana secret star english version for nokia s40v3 6300
03.12.2012 03:16 EST, feliz24
please any game on hannah montana for my nokia s40 6300
02.12.2012 15:49 EST, feliz24
bro register ur site to ucweb before link so they return 40hits per install in ur site..w8 for the link promo before add. thanks
02.12.2012 03:40 EST, ..
Please add nitro street racing 3D 128x160
Nice new look of homepage :) for the December. Friend pls change color of text is barely seen on phone,we gonna blind.Put green or red :) THX
pls add real football 2008 for nokia s40v3
29.11.2012 09:03 EST, feliz24
i think u doing a great job
27.11.2012 13:16 EST, feliz24
Pls Add Real football manager 2010 or 2013 for my samsung galaxy Y S5360 + other android game for my device . .
27.11.2012 10:02 EST, prince.hajjaj
Pliz add WWE 2010 3D Game for nokia C1-01
19.11.2012 09:01 EST, abungo1998
Pliz add control terrorism EP- III 3D game for my nokia 128x160
19.11.2012 08:59 EST, abungo1998
gt racing motor academy.apk for samsung galaxy y s5360
16.11.2012 08:25 EST, sgangadhar220
assassins creed hd.apk please add andriod games for samsung galaxy y s5360
16.11.2012 08:22 EST, sgangadhar220
please add andriod games gta3 & gangstar west coast hustle& asphalt5 hd &asphalt6hd all andriid games please add for samsung galaxy y
16.11.2012 08:20 EST, sgangadhar220
please add gangstar tycoon.apk for samsung galaxy y
16.11.2012 08:11 EST, sgangadhar220
Plz bro update some GL games '' GL Asterix n obelix, GL Beowulf, GL Block Breaker 2, GL Big Range Hunting, GL Block breaker 1'' Nokia s40v6/C3-00 Version... It available on, plz bring your site... Thanx...
14.11.2012 12:04 EST, anandchess
Again i am requesting you please add my gameloft game modern combat 2 black pegasus and prince of persia the forgotten sand 240 x 320 touchscreen game for my samsung gt s3770k mobile
14.11.2012 03:50 EST, md.shakir.ansari0
Pliz add egypt 3d language EN not demo game for my nokia 128x160
13.11.2012 22:26 EST, abungo1998
Pliz add give gta 3d multiscreen game
13.11.2012 05:34 EST, abungo1998
Please, give me link game Porn Manager 2 The Villa For Nokia s40v3 240x320 . . . Dont Forget, In English Version
11.11.2012 11:05 EST, reason00
Tv Show King isnt 2012.year game.Its from Gameloft 2009
hey , i am requesting you please add modern combat 2 black pegasus and prince of persia the forgotten sand 240 x 320 touchscreen as soon as possible thankyou
10.11.2012 23:06 EST, md.shakir.ansari0
Please add my favourite touchscreen game - modern combat 2 black pegasus , prince of persia the forgotten sand for my samsung s3770k screen size - 240 x 320 thankyou
10.11.2012 12:36 EST, md.shakir.ansari0
Pliz add WWE 2012 3D Game for my nokia 128x160 very soon pliz give what month this game released
31.10.2012 07:48 EDT, abungo1998
PES 2013 SUPERUPDATE and SUPERCOOL for 128x160. Only on
30.10.2012 14:02 EDT, captain seven
240*320 Tough, circket games please add
26.10.2012 11:17 EDT, loveboy.007
Pliz add Wwe 3D 2010 game nokia C1-01 pliz give
26.10.2012 02:04 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
Plz add talking tom 3 all menu working fine but voice recording not working plz update this
25.10.2012 02:41 EDT, gujjar.boy9
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23.10.2012 01:58 EDT, Sathish
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PES 2013 SUPERCOOL 128X160 only on:
21.10.2012 20:50 EDT, captain seven
PES 2013 SUPERCOOL 128X160 only on
21.10.2012 20:49 EDT, captain seven
Toughscreen 240*320 Hulk game
21.10.2012 10:54 EDT, loveboy.007
please add. Tough 240*320 Hulk game
21.10.2012 10:17 EDT, loveboy.007
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20.10.2012 06:00 EDT, Sathish
Pliz add Clone 3D game for my nokia 128x160
17.10.2012 08:43 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
Pliz add God of War 3D game for my nokia 128x160
17.10.2012 08:33 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
Pliz add God of War 3D game for my nokia 128x160
17.10.2012 08:32 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
Gameloft when release hero of sparta 2
15.10.2012 01:31 EDT, pratmga.wm
I like u
12.10.2012 09:53 EDT, Sneha
Plz add Midnight Bowling 3 for nokia 320*240 version...
10.10.2012 22:58 EDT, anandchess
I <3 egypt 6 octobar :-D
06.10.2012 05:43 EDT, T€FA{96}
04.10.2012 01:34 EDT, captain seven
03.10.2012 07:46 EDT, Affiliate Recruitment
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30.09.2012 02:24 EDT, donlazar89WAP
30.09.2012 01:51 EDT, pr1nc321™
Just update clubs,players!!please please pleasd
29.09.2012 07:02 EDT, corey08
can you MOD REALFOOTBALLMANAGER 2010?i dont like the new RFM13.please please please
29.09.2012 07:01 EDT, corey08
27.09.2012 10:32 EDT, captain seven
Pliz pliz add clone 3D game for my nokia 128x160
23.09.2012 22:29 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
GBA Emulators for s60v3(nokia c5-00)
23.09.2012 09:46 EDT, toshimanen
ufo 2012 nokia 6300
23.09.2012 09:25 EDT, macwinne
devil may cry 4 3d full english translated nokia 6300
23.09.2012 09:22 EDT, macwinne
Dragon and dracula nokia 6300.. Million tnx poh..
23.09.2012 07:28 EDT, macwinne
dracky and the twilight castle for nokia 6300.. Tnx :-)
23.09.2012 07:27 EDT, macwinne
megacity empire nokia 6300
18.09.2012 13:19 EDT, macwinne
Sims 3 supernatural nokia 6300 .. Tnx po kuya ..
18.09.2012 13:18 EDT, macwinne
18.09.2012 07:14 EDT, donlazar89WAP
full english os titan nokia 6300 i love this game a lot of tnx..
16.09.2012 17:39 EDT, macwinne
Wizard Disney for nokia 6300 s40v3.. I want to thank you again for my last request.. Tnx..
16.09.2012 17:34 EDT, macwinne
Spore creature for nokia 6300 s40v3.. Thanks in advance.. Hope you find it..
15.09.2012 15:35 EDT, macwinne
Plz bro upload ''GL DEATH RACE'' For Nokia 320*240 C3-00. And very very thanx for adding ''GL TEXAS HOLDEM POKER'' for nokia 320*240. THANK U SO MUCH BRO:).
12.09.2012 12:08 EDT, anandchess
09.09.2012 21:27 EDT, superbeauty
09.09.2012 21:25 EDT, superbeauty
Plz bro upload ''GL TEXAS HOLDEM POKER'' (1st part) for nokia 320*240 c3-00/e71 screen. Thanx.
07.09.2012 03:29 EDT, anandchess
Plz iwant angry birdscollection,gta collection for nokia x2-01.please accept my request.iknow itis the best site ihave ever seen before
06.09.2012 06:31 EDT, masoodahamed96
Plz iwant angry birdscollection,gta collection for nokia x2-01.please accept my request.iknow itis the best site ihave ever beenseen before
06.09.2012 06:31 EDT, masoodahamed96
Plz I Need High School Hooks up Nokia C3 aNd gAme RacinG (most Wanted 3D) plZ
03.09.2012 03:32 EDT, BosssOfTheGame
Plz bro update GL Green Farm Nokia C3-00 Version. GL Predators , High School Hook Ups for Nokia C3-00 Version.
02.09.2012 13:55 EDT, anandchess
Thax boss to give such nice collection of games plzz add more games 320*240 screen size.
01.09.2012 11:55 EDT, dreamboydipo
Pliz add clone 3d games for my nokia 128x160
01.09.2012 11:04 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
Please add the sims 3 supernatural 240x320.40v3/5
31.08.2012 22:58 EDT, pranabhaldar2012
Please update ferrari gt: revolution hd symbian sis for nokia N86 8MP 240x320
31.08.2012 00:24 EDT, Afiz ('.')
please add,shadows of egypt 3D by netlizard for sony ericsson 240*320 full english version.
30.08.2012 23:51 EDT, gangstar38
hey, check out my site if you come from stevenage, please.
26.08.2012 06:24 EDT, stevenagehelp
please, give me link for the sims 3 supernatural s40v3.... I'm wait!!!!
25.08.2012 04:41 EDT, reason00
clone s40 240x320 english please
23.08.2012 05:26 EDT, Rerokus
Plz update ashes cricket 2010 for my nokia c2-01 while playing this game it shown application eror
21.08.2012 04:16 EDT, gujjar.boy9
Plz I need My Life In New York Version 1.5MB For mY Phone Nokia C3-00
20.08.2012 23:34 EDT, garindra91.ovi.com1
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19.08.2012 04:22 EDT, Download @ http://VinodWap.CoM
Hi....i really wanted to play gba games such as breath of fire 1,final fantasy tactics,and,golden sun wouldn't you mind if you will convert them into jar files...... Im really looking forward for this games and for your response....advance thank you for this
18.08.2012 04:30 EDT, darksavior
Hey please add nfs run(must be 3D) and nfs hot pursuit(3D) for nokia 7210 s40v3,Thanks
11.08.2012 16:53 EDT, shiva387
plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz Brothers_in_Arms_Earned in Blood_3D and Brothers_in_Arms_3D_ for nokia X2-01
07.08.2012 06:33 EDT, bob284
Pliz add shadow of egypt3d games for nokia 128x160
05.08.2012 10:19 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
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23.07.2012 01:15 EDT, reason00
The dark knight rises was release at check now!
19.07.2012 06:51 EDT, Afiz ('.')
Pliz add covert ops3d games for nokia 128x160
18.07.2012 09:40 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
please link for armor elite....
17.07.2012 08:53 EDT, reason00
Please add or update latest / upcoming / old games full touch screen for samsung 240*400 or 400*240 ( landscape ) resolution s5753 without navigation bar
17.07.2012 00:10 EDT, vir45
Pls get fifa13 for 2700c s40v3
16.07.2012 01:13 EDT, mrjeffstonetboy
Hey bro please add 'the amazing spiderman &the avenger'games for nokia c2-03 s40v6 touch and type.Please add .
15.07.2012 15:00 EDT,
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15.07.2012 01:45 EDT, cakramahkotaWap™
Hi add pes 2012 for my nokia 5310
14.07.2012 07:30 EDT, gama32
Why all MOD games are not english ?
12.07.2012 07:10 EDT, Afiz ('.')
Pliz add god of war betrayal games for my nokia 128x160
09.07.2012 13:11 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
hi add for me pokemon ruby.jar 240x320 S40v3
07.07.2012 19:37 EDT, Naruto uzumaki
;-) pls add for me marvel super heroes for nokia 240x320S40v3.jar
05.07.2012 18:48 EDT, Naruto uzumaki
Pls add sniper ghost warrior for s40v3 (less than 1mb)
05.07.2012 12:14 EDT, satyajit88
Pliz add asphalt6 games for my nokia 128x160
04.07.2012 02:26 EDT, rajlaimayum.com0
Heroes lore 2 game file size is too big. No one else. Game for nokia s40v3 reply. Can you check again. I really want to play it. Please....
04.07.2012 00:24 EDT, reason00
please give me link the heroes lore 2 for nokia 240x320 s40v3
01.07.2012 22:22 EDT, reason00
pokemon ruby.jar
27.06.2012 12:19 EDT, Naruto uzumaki
plz add ultimate cricket 2011 game for samsung gt -c3322
24.06.2012 04:25 EDT, call.boy.tamil.9092299233
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24.06.2012 03:29 EDT, FunzCafe.Com
Please give Contr terrorism episode 1 english
14.06.2012 13:12 EDT, Shuvro
Contr terrorism episode 1 english
14.06.2012 13:12 EDT, Shuvro
Plz add GTA 4 for nokia 5130 xpressmusic
14.06.2012 07:20 EDT, hameedec13
HII, i want 'Doodle jump returns' for my nokia 7210supernova s40v3
12.06.2012 23:30 EDT, ashutosh105
mobile Scummvm Roms for 7610
11.06.2012 12:03 EDT, ordinary.ruhul
ultimate cricket 12 is not working plz make it good to download
09.06.2012 22:42 EDT, prashanthh
Pls upload championship manager all old and new version game vendor::: square enix/dynamo games for nokia x2-01 320*240 screen and also pls upload championship manager 2011
06.06.2012 15:00 EDT, Sexhunter
Death race sam L700 176*220.
04.06.2012 09:34 EDT, litontri
Death race sam L700 176*220.
04.06.2012 09:34 EDT, litontri
plz add shinobi 2 full for se k800i. thanks
03.06.2012 05:38 EDT, extremebuddy
pls add heavy weapon released by ea for 240x400 samsung
30.05.2012 12:49 EDT, madheads
gud day, pleas add Dark Revelation The Rise of The Dead English Version, for my N70 176x208, or full english this game for my N97.
27.05.2012 20:20 EDT, khenzakki0
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ind v aus-nokia c2-03 plz add
26.05.2012 12:37 EDT, chinna
plz add upcoming cricket games -c2-03 240*320 touch and type and samsung f480 plz add
26.05.2012 12:35 EDT, chinna
Green form -nokia c2-03 240*320 touch and type plz add
26.05.2012 12:28 EDT, chinna
plz add all racing game for karbonn k19 320*240 size plz add
26.05.2012 10:23 EDT, s.sandeep
asphalt 6 adrenaline & need for speed hot pursuit & asphalt 2 games for karbonn k19 320*240 plz add
26.05.2012 10:21 EDT, s.sandeep
Plz add global cricket 3d game for nokia c5-00, i have already downloaded it frm peperonity, but it is nt installing, please add supported global cricket 3d game for nokia c5-00
26.05.2012 08:52 EDT, bharathhkurukuri
ea cricket 11 game -samsung f480 size plz add
26.05.2012 00:19 EDT, chinna
csk 2012 nokia c2-03 plz add
26.05.2012 00:14 EDT, chinna
ultimate cricket"12 game nokia c2-03 touch and type plz upload or update plz add 26-05-2012 9:39am
26.05.2012 00:12 EDT, chinna
dlf ipl 2012 cricket fever nokia c2-03 touch and type plz upload or update plz add
26.05.2012 00:09 EDT, chinna
(GL) Green Farm Nokia C3-00 320*240 game plz upload or update
25.05.2012 08:18 EDT, anandchess
(GL) Predators Nokia C3-00 320*240 Game plz upload
25.05.2012 08:16 EDT, anandchess
please add update cricket games karbonn k19 320*240
24.05.2012 22:14 EDT, s.sandeep
i need 128*160 ferrari gt3
24.05.2012 20:21 EDT, abdelrhman100
Please release the gangster 5 royal batless on mobile
22.05.2012 07:23 EDT, grohitbhai
Hi Friend, Add Ur Site In And Get More Visit For Ur Site.
21.05.2012 09:04 EDT, Jatt
i need real football 2012 arbic virson
19.05.2012 05:53 EDT, wolverine22333
Please please please i am requesting you to update ultimate cricket 12.
19.05.2012 04:10 EDT, anil.kumar.reedy0
real football 2009HD Should be updated..
18.05.2012 21:46 EDT, cutepoison68
it would be cool if you can make fifa09hd work on s60v2
18.05.2012 21:16 EDT, cutepoison68
please bro.i hope you will added nokia c2-03 v mobile games
18.05.2012 14:33 EDT,
net lizard strategy game evolution for nokia x2
18.05.2012 07:50 EDT, govtm
Counter strick micro for nokia 2626 s402 128*128
14.05.2012 22:25 EDT, colldude0
Kxip cricket size 128*160
13.05.2012 12:00 EDT, guri805
11.05.2012 17:22 EDT, Free Downloads
Latest Pokemon games for nokia c2-03
10.05.2012 03:19 EDT, hridoy6969
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10.05.2012 03:18 EDT, Free Downloads
GTA 4 san andrews nokia x2
09.05.2012 17:07 EDT, ayans1
Brat nokia x2
09.05.2012 16:28 EDT, ayans1
Might and magic 3d-nokia 6300 s40v3
09.05.2012 12:35 EDT, macwinne
Heroes lore stigmata of the earth-nokia 6300 s40v3
09.05.2012 12:34 EDT, macwinne
Heroes lore the knight of the frozen sea-nokia 6300 s40v3
09.05.2012 12:33 EDT, macwinne
please add samsung f480 kxip ipl 2012 game
06.05.2012 23:03 EDT, chinna
heroes lore zero for nokia s40v3 240*320
06.05.2012 19:42 EDT, Dravan
game heroes lore:zero for nokia s40v3 240*320
06.05.2012 19:41 EDT, Dravan
please add samsung f480 240*320 touch ultimate cricket"12 game please add
06.05.2012 06:16 EDT, chinna
please add samsung f480 240*320 touch ultimate cricket"12 game please add
06.05.2012 06:15 EDT, chinna
cowboys and aliens for samsung e2232
05.05.2012 14:39 EDT, abdelrhman100
i want midnight pool3 for samsung e2232
05.05.2012 14:35 EDT, abdelrhman100
please add update samsung f480 touch cricket games & update nokia c2-03 touch cricket games please add
05.05.2012 03:25 EDT, chinna
please add nokia c2-03 240*320 touch screen games ultimate cricket 12 landcape mode & ea cricket 12 & ipl 2012 landcape & t20 cricket 2012 landcape & kxip ipl 2012 landcape & t20 cricket premierleague"11 landcape mode & ultimate cricket 11 landcape please add nokia c2-03 all touch screen cricket games please i-game
04.05.2012 01:42 EDT, chinna
Please update or add EA Cricket 2011 For samsung 240*400 full touch screen s5753 wave without navigation bar
04.05.2012 00:37 EDT, vir45
please add java 240*320 touch screen games cricket 12 & ultimate cricket 12 & cricket t20 fever & cricket t20 fever 3d game & dlf ipl & 3d hd games & all cricket games please add i-game
02.05.2012 00:19 EDT,
am proud 2 b egyption too :-D
01.05.2012 22:45 EDT, T€FA{96}
Please update full touch screen landscape games for samsung 240*400 s5753 wave without navigation bar
17.04.2012 15:49 EDT, vir45
Please update or add full touch screen all angry birds games and upcoming latest games , Cricket games for samsung 240*400 s5753 wave without navigation bar
15.04.2012 16:07 EDT, vir45
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13.04.2012 05:50 EDT, Free Downloads
hi dude, long time no see! cn u search splinter cell pandora tomorrow 2d for 176 220?
03.04.2012 11:05 EDT, jeff (th3 0nLy 1!!)
Free new games cricket size 128*160
03.04.2012 01:54 EDT, guri805
Ulimate cricket 3d games 128*160
03.04.2012 01:52 EDT, guri805
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Ulimate cricket 3d games 128*160
01.04.2012 11:39 EDT, guri805
please give me latest cricket t20 or ipl game...
24.03.2012 20:12 EDT, shahrukh.shaikh2
24.03.2012 09:10 EDT, Ubaid Ullah
The sims 3 ambitions em portuques para cel nokia c300 320x240
17.03.2012 21:59 EDT, ThIaGo ReIs

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