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Wee jake - Julie's mobile blog - julie66119

aint i cute. - Wee jake
29.08.2008 08:25 EDT
Wee jake
Jake isnt doing very well at the moment.Im making a little blog for him for those who have been following his progress to offer their sentiments.His little heart stopped for a few minutes,thats not good.I for one offer my heartfelt wishes sincere prayers and hopefully can send strength to annette and her brave family.Im sure she would love to hear from her friends from pep.
Wouw..she's so cute.everybody must be luv her ..n_n..
19.11.2008 13:44 EST, Kurnia tri utami
Wouw..she's so cute.everybody must be luv her ..n_n..
19.11.2008 13:32 EST, Kurnia tri utami
Julz with all thats been going on how did i miz ths beautiful gesture that comes frm ya heart! Sorry! Thnk u frm me & da family. To all that snd their love & prayers it hlps thnk u! Gbu all! Jake's doing a bit better. Wee 1 is a fighter! Hw did i miz ths? U Rab & Amber r the best! Hugz xx teary eyed! Frm jake & me! Annette
18.10.2008 01:36 EDT, ★BOOPFANATIK★
omg i know im a bit late with this i only came back on site yesterday. my heart goes out to little jake, annette and the family. please let me know how he is doing. my prayers r with the little man ,annette and family. god bless.x
15.10.2008 13:29 EDT,
hi there Julie. hope to het good news from you soon!
07.09.2008 11:46 EDT, sabuddy(oubaas)
My thoughts are with you and
05.09.2008 16:29 EDT,
Annette i hope you find comfort in these messages for jake from your friends x we hope he gets well soon x
04.09.2008 16:19 EDT,
Oh God jake sweety i knw ull get thru this coz where God is is there always hope so i want u all 2 just believe in him nd neva stop believin ur all in my prays
02.09.2008 13:51 EDT, ASHLIN MOORE
the strength of a little one is lyk that of a many men. if jesus belived so then i hav no doubt dat he wil make ..may god b with the baby
02.09.2008 01:52 EDT, sushySlacker88
Hopin u pull through this 1 JAKEY. My prayers are with u ALWAYS MWAHz
01.09.2008 13:47 EDT, Th!nk!ng 0f Y0u @lw@y$
Iam really sorry that little jake hasnt been to good,i hope with every ones prays he pulls through and gets well again very soon.x x
29.08.2008 20:53 EDT,
29.08.2008 17:05 EDT, Bye
Annette, I am so sorry to hear this. You must take good care of yourself and your husband. God is watching all 3 of you.
29.08.2008 16:14 EDT, Laurel Kettell
My prayers are with little jake and family.
29.08.2008 14:56 EDT, *.AnDi.¥.R©§€.*
Thank u 4 letting annettes friends know at this difficult time. My heart and prayers go out 2 jake and family keep fighting jake love aunty foxy x x x
29.08.2008 14:37 EDT,
Im praying 4 him. I have a good feeling he will be strong and healthy... always have faith. x
29.08.2008 14:30 EDT, Vąmpįr؏♥☠
My thoughts and prayers are with little Jake & family .Lots of love to you all , Shaz xxx
29.08.2008 14:20 EDT, miniminx
My prayer's n thawts r with u always Anette n lil Jake. May God Bless n keep U strong. *Hugs 2 u Both*
29.08.2008 13:22 EDT, Sky
Can i just add that his heart and lungs are weakening and his heart has stopped three times in the last two days :-(
29.08.2008 12:30 EDT, Rab
Anthony, Monica and my friend Annette my thoughts and prayers are with u each and every day, as i've told u God wont put obstacles in your path if u can't handle it. Wishing JAKEY a speedy and full recovery and may he bring you many years of joy and happiness, love your friend filly xx
29.08.2008 10:07 EDT, f i l l y
Thankyou for the hint julie, annette will find it good to have support through all this worrying time. I say my prayers for my little mate jake as I call him. And lets hope the little darling keeps up the fight and get through this. Luv you little jakie godbless love debs xXx xXx
29.08.2008 09:04 EDT, Debs
Thanks julie for doin this i know annette will appreciate it x
29.08.2008 08:55 EDT, Rab
My heartfelt best wishes too.X
29.08.2008 08:34 EDT,

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