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.:* Wishing Well *:. - ladyofthelake

.:* Wishing Well *:.
.dreams - .:* Wishing Well *:. Animated Comics/Fantasy/Anime
Dare to make a wish, submit below.
Be carefull what you wish for...
despite the trouble, I want to be happy and free
21.09.2014 09:28 EDT, ̤¤̊SKYKID✽¤̈
simply happy life.. with some sorrows.. :)
19.05.2011 04:27 EDT, Arafat
I'd love to Meet 'The Wishing Well' again.They were 7. I was Tryin' to carry Me home. A familiar room on the way seemed to be a suitable space for A last rest. T'was full of strangers,but I decided to Stay. The Sound suited the Word é vìce versa. I denied to take a look at the Well for the Visual input would have been to much for My Minds Capacìty. Most enchanting Moment for weeks. From beyond the Southern Cross.Outback. Kookaburra smiled... They are A Band. They left in A Van.Had the Honour to share A Few words. Remained humbly.Not hungry. Music May be Nourishment for A Starving Sou...
21.10.2010 19:42 EDT, ~¤/VìtΣtìV\¤~
i wish 4 wisdom, love,good health, long life and prosperity. may god my heart desire.
20.08.2009 05:03 EDT, stellylove
I wish gravity wil responsable 4 falling ppl in luv,so that luv dominate tis wrld nt da hate nd egos hahahaha
07.08.2009 08:51 EDT, king drunk
i wish for complete happyness nothing more and nothing less
31.07.2009 20:37 EDT, joyseeker39
I wish I can fulfil my all dreams and desires which I've seen waking or opening my two eyes....I wish that a prince'd come in my life and fill my life with unlimited love....
09.07.2009 04:41 EDT, >>[{(PRETTY~~ANGEL)}]<<
I wish 2 be rid of him completely, vanished from my mind, heart and soul. So that i can live on with my new love whole heartedly.
22.05.2009 02:37 EDT, Rosepixi
I wish that KU n I will find our way back! So we can finish what we started n I can tell him how I truely feel. Hope he feels the same.
25.01.2009 09:55 EST, LuLu Boss
I wish for forgiveness from her so she will return to me. The only one who had meaning in my life.
16.01.2009 11:15 EST, Christian
It goes wıthout sayıng that you dıd somethıng whıch ıs good to the communıty $ the soceıty at large. Am call sıdı
05.10.2008 15:10 EDT, 0721551894
I want 2 get all my problemz sorted out
20.09.2008 16:17 EDT, abhie18
I wish for the love of my life to love me equally as much back
20.08.2008 08:31 EDT, icexprincess
i wish 4 my sis t0 find her way. .
06.03.2008 18:13 EST, brenda beebee
I wish i could get a cuddle everynight.
26.01.2008 21:08 EST, offski
.. .Wishz.. Heck!!.. Mine nevah kame true.. .Still i've hope.. I keep tryin.. "i wish whatevah path i may follow.. t alwayz lead 2 victory.. No place 4 defeat.. "
I wish for oblivion
09.04.2007 07:28 EDT, Ryuu
I have no wishes cause if u wish t cant achieve what u r able to do on ur own,we live in a world that e-body want's a quick fix,nobody wants 2 make an effort anymore,to dream& achieve is to live a full life,we want a soulmate who is based on what we think of them,not who they r or their wants & desires.i believe with all my soul that if u dream & achieve ur dream there r no limits to what u capable of,so struggle,work hard& dream & u will appreciate everything more,everybody has wants & desires so dont feel alone in the world,cause ur soulmate is out there waiting 4 u,neva look too hard cause ...
01.03.2007 17:45 EST, madmaxpodgy
i wish 2 b rich
30.09.2006 12:11 EDT, pangy
I Wish That Jason Mcelwaneywould Fall In Love With Me And Then I Wishfor He And I Tobe married.
11.08.2006 02:47 EDT, whitediamond
I wish i was happier
07.08.2006 15:54 EDT, Evelyn Mc donald
Wish that me and emile can b in a relationship that he love me the way i love him
31.07.2006 08:45 EDT, Marelize Strydom
I wish my life was more interesting.and fulfil my goals.and i am wat i think i am
12.07.2006 15:49 EDT, matalem

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