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Heart-book - love-point

s.k.iloveyou - Heart-book Animated Newest pictures
Write your sweet comments here
The distance btw us may limit us 2 seeing each other but the love that we share will pull us through
25.07.2013 03:08 PDT, sad1001
Tinkin ov u day n' nite cose ma heart was made 2 luv u,lips 're made 2 kiss u,ma eye're made 2 see u,ma hands're 2hold u
01.07.2013 14:49 PDT, HooK.P
I love you
22.03.2013 23:57 PDT, sanjay830
Us lamhe ko bura mat kaho jo aapko thokar pahuchata hai, balki us lamhe ki kadar karo kyuki wo aapko jeene k andaz sikhata hai.
20.03.2013 19:55 PDT, vasukiyamahesh
thanks is not i just thinking what to say.
16.02.2013 22:52 PST, prabha.tvp
Thanks,i like it.
09.11.2012 08:10 PST, milan.rawat
I like this 0ne
09.11.2012 08:02 PST, jhen1590
my sweet heart is stolen by sombody
08.08.2012 00:10 PDT, Free ahh okkanum 24hrs okkanum
i like da luv story
19.07.2012 14:07 PDT, juan.karim0
i miss my beloved frd chilla wizzy,and i luv him so muc
19.07.2012 14:06 PDT, juan.karim0
Its sohel here, nc thoughts dude nd u r really awesome bro. hats off 2 ur love sense
19.05.2010 16:41 PDT, Sohel
Da long love story is realy nice...
22.03.2010 12:33 PDT, ♛AnGeLaA♛
06.11.2009 19:30 PST, Shahnavaz
If i was love i could meet my parent an ask them what is my perpose on the crustr
06.11.2009 18:13 PST, tjombaki
04.01.2009 10:36 PST, ketan25
Ma Luv nnakupenda sana no 1 can change ma mind coz umezama ndan ya heart yang okey promice me dat u wil b mine 4rever.
28.11.2008 12:16 PST, franktember
Nice site ! add some fun stuff
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15.08.2008 09:55 PDT, Love is forever
we would like to add this site to the 'love links'page on our brand new site.
15.08.2008 09:19 PDT, Rashied&Ava Isaacs
greetings from South Africa
15.08.2008 09:16 PDT, Rashied&Ava Isaacs
15.08.2008 09:15 PDT, Rashied&Ava Isaacs
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13.05.2008 06:29 PDT, sanju
13.05.2008 05:17 PDT, QueeN Lizy
love is very good gift frome GOD i like to after crying of love .. any pplz says love is not beter last time pplz cry 4m love .. but i like after crying of love ... u ask 4me why ... i said you ... ThAtS tAsT 0f L0vE .. coz u dont force ur self to fall- you just do !
12.05.2008 20:02 PDT, (Zdkhan)4(Zoyal)
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12.05.2008 19:55 PDT, ANMOL K SWAMI [thearin]
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12.05.2008 02:35 PDT, Chriz29
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12.05.2008 02:26 PDT, ™↑↑manu↑↑™
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