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Man Utd Chat - man.utd

Man Utd Chat
im ap cjm speech bubbles - Man Utd Chat Newest pictures
Chat About Man Utd!
Welcome to legend scholes back training today join ryan giggs at man utd.
23.04.2014 15:36 EDT, hamxatbisheer12
tu es for c.ronaldo
30.03.2014 04:47 EDT, destocfa225
Thank to the all man utd fans
21.03.2014 04:53 EDT, hamxatbisheer12
if our coach looses the 9 matches we have to sack him and get a germany coach
06.03.2014 14:47 EST, anddy.cole0
04.01.2014 16:41 EST, nino
03.01.2014 12:01 EST, kachepa
Please let the players make we the fans be proud in the worlds.
02.08.2013 04:47 EDT, musa.lahai.nyakeh0
Up manchester united pls will most sigh deligent and responsible player@aresa00
07.06.2013 12:12 EDT, aresa00
Parabens voce que melhorjogador
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21.02.2013 19:28 EST, gene24
24.12.2012 02:01 EST, franklover
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21.12.2012 13:01 EST, missfavour4u
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23.10.2012 09:40 EDT, jessica1231
Man u you are the best
06.09.2012 08:11 EDT, shaphic
Kagawa nd nick powel in,makes manutd different.
28.07.2012 14:44 EDT, zeckah
Kagawa nd nick powel in,makes manutd different.
28.07.2012 14:43 EDT, zeckah
hey fans, nest session will be great.
12.07.2012 17:13 EDT, walez.for.love0
Slowly we'll reached de landmark.. Wel done ROONEY.
27.03.2012 03:46 EDT, tizxo.msughter22
Up man united we must win today to defeat man city
26.03.2012 01:01 EDT, adekunle1651
Is the best of all my name is dadaoluwaseun
27.01.2012 18:50 EST, davicstarvictordada
04.01.2012 06:38 EST, zeckah
Up united
20.12.2011 16:39 EST, kingnatty
01.12.2011 01:18 EST, chidi9ja4uall
Manutd coach sir alex is a gr8 man bt he made a mistake 4 not wining crystal palace
01.12.2011 01:16 EST, chidi9ja4uall
You should try and buy a midfeder
13.11.2011 03:21 EST, don.iyke2000
You try and buy a midfeder
13.11.2011 03:20 EST, don.iyke2000
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02.11.2011 18:33 EDT, ..........
02.11.2011 18:26 EDT, Demayor
28.10.2011 12:08 EDT, pachuete
28.10.2011 12:08 EDT, pachuete
29.09.2011 00:49 EDT, amaco1
Tomorow we teach chelsea wht føotbl is al about whn ur inside old traford
17.09.2011 09:06 EDT, brightvidic
05.08.2011 00:18 EDT, kingnatty
We are the best team in the world
04.08.2011 13:20 EDT, kingnatty
Pls help me tale fagie that we need more midfielder for efficacy this session
02.08.2011 00:09 EDT, Paragon
02.08.2011 00:06 EDT, Paragon
We need, tha fantanstic midfilder, n this z possible n fegie z going 2do that"
25.06.2011 14:44 EDT, sharouk
i love ur team very much,all of my family love u.try 2b more zan zis.
16.06.2011 03:26 EDT, hawinet.1430
Cant iam come in the room
13.06.2011 03:33 EDT, gigxxy.wardiani
Hi Hell0
05.06.2011 13:28 EDT, denmw
05.06.2011 13:26 EDT, denmw
Nani almeida man utd best player of season.go and destory barce your are player of the wch
24.05.2011 19:52 EDT, Man utd 4life
Defeat Barca,MAN.UNITED got double winner,chicharito the best player in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!
24.05.2011 02:39 EDT, sunthunder182
the chicharito is #1
20.05.2011 05:02 EDT, alonso01
man u gona lead the champion dis searon
14.05.2011 10:03 EDT, jamneyg
Hi friends my best club is mnu
08.10.2010 22:39 EDT, cute.hider0
هلا والله اكرم عليك وتصوم بخير
20.09.2010 04:28 EDT, denmw
I" H N . "V.GOOD
06.06.2010 04:08 EDT, denmw
Berita liga eropa dan liga indonesia ter Update
21.03.2009 00:24 EDT, Red Army
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28.10.2008 04:15 EDT, arshad2003
man utd rules
28.10.2008 04:12 EDT,
Fergie is a gud manager and he sud apply technicality when dealing with mancity.United till i die
09.09.2008 08:12 EDT, abgovronaldo
Man utd vs red suckers
25.07.2008 21:13 EDT, denhaag
25.07.2008 10:32 EDT, gangsta 4life
Yeah, tevez is better than rooney if rooney injured. Beside,CR7 is the best in the club! AC MILAN King of Europe and the World.
11.05.2008 01:59 EDT
Tevez is better than rooney.In his debut season 18 goals.No a regular starter.Fergie dont be biased!
06.05.2008 15:26 EDT
Bryan robson the greatest ever.
10.03.2008 18:40 EDT
Man U ROX and othrs SUK
20.02.2008 03:01 EST
Hello m u fans
27.01.2008 04:11 EST
leeds leeds leeds leeds leeds leeds leeds leeds
15.01.2008 23:09 EST
leeds utd rule
15.01.2008 23:07 EST
Tevez might just win utd the title like the way he helped west ham avoid relegation he is a hard worker most of us never notice that he covers the most distance on the field than any other utd player he caused the opposition defenders headaches he distructs opposition midfield balls and towards the end of every match if u have noticed he becomes a left back or right back he is the kind of player utd need if they have to retain the title because ronaldo usally has some moments were he under performs and rooney is injury prone as we know it GO TEVEZ YOU DISERVE MUCH MORE PRAISE THAN U ARE GETTIN...
04.01.2008 04:29 EST
How the fuck did ronaldo come out third in the race to be crowned best player i wouldn't be be this mad if he came out second because of i'm well aware of kaka's potential he single handedly led milan to the uefa finals which they enventaully won and ronaldo helped man utd to be crowned english champions led them to semi finals in uefa and was very much instrumental in them reaching fa cup finals as if thats not enough he scooped all three top honours in the english league come on he surely deserved first and tell me why messi came out 2nd fuck it!!!
19.12.2007 12:30 EST
17.12.2007 13:24 EST
I want to thank all manu players for their support.I David luv manutd to death, Sir Alex thanks very much.
17.12.2007 13:16 EST
Plz visit my chat site
15.12.2007 05:57 EST
The reds vs The red devils this is the battle of the reds who will come out victorious is a ? But lets first look at the threats both teams posess starting liverpool no doubt the main threats will be torres-gerrad if u ask me they dont threaten me if u shut down gerrad 'the power house' and frastrate torres like what arsenal did. now man utd will largely depend on the 'holy trinity' carlos-wazza-ronnie which will test reina man utd strikers have the advantage over pools central defenders which is 'pace' make no mistake of sending high crosses and u be dissappointed unless if ronnie runs in the...
15.12.2007 03:16 EST
Congrats to evergreen R.giggs for his premier league 100 goals landmark.But unfortunately giggs does not get a praise he deserves.To me ryan is the best left winger ever in the premiership.Considering his pace,consistency,speed, and skills,i think even c.Ronaldo took some tricks from him.The guy has been in outstanding form throughout his career.In addition to that his goal against arsenal in 1999 fa semi final was one of the best goals of all time in england.He should be rated as other man u legends.Big up man!,u're an unsung hero!
11.12.2007 09:10 EST
Transfer news shevechenko linked with a move to man utd at first i thought it was one of this january transfer window fever then the daily mail comfirmed that chelsea are ready to part company with him for only £12m that would be a bargain if fergie goes for shevchenko i'm sure u would think he'll be a flop at old trafford considering how he played for chelsea but i think shevchenko would fit in at old trafford because of the style of football we play sheva would partner rooney tevez can play on the left wing he does that for argentina many times united would be a beauty to watch!
04.12.2007 12:58 EST
Anderson vs carrick who should start. Anderson seems to be the favourite but i personally think carrick should start. Anderson has the pace, skill, good pass and and engine that can run the whole day to distruct opposition attacks. Carrick has the expirience of the big event lets say uefa knock out stages because thats where young players are often caught out of position in trying to impress, carrick is blessed with both feet, has a powerful and accurate shot at goal, he's a good passer and has a magnificent long range pass. So who is your favourite!
04.12.2007 02:59 EST
Man utd have confirmed there intrest in veloso. This issue is really irritating me just how many midfelders do we need we already have hargo,scholes,carick,anderson,oshea and fletcher dont u think fergie is being harsh on one of these central midfelder fergie should just get a right back daniel alves or bosingwa maybe!
30.11.2007 08:34 EST
Hello fellow man utd fans!
29.11.2007 07:08 EST
Talentwise man u are blased than any team in europe.Tevez,roo,ron,nani,anderson,evra,what a crop of youngsters.Come on pundits!,dont compare them with any team on earth!.Big up fergie!,u'v done a grate job of ur entire career!!
18.11.2007 13:12 EST
Come on fergie!,trust W.Brown let him take over G.Neville.He'z done a good job,we dont feel neville's absence
18.11.2007 12:56 EST
Come on fergie!,trust W.Brown let him take over G.Neville.He'z done a good job,we dont feel neville's absence
18.11.2007 12:50 EST
Christiano ronaldo keep up the grate job that u a doing.
03.11.2007 10:19 EDT
Man U is just awsome
18.10.2007 05:04 EDT
Man U is just awsome
18.10.2007 04:53 EDT
No matter what STILL U'RE D'BEST TEAM EVER! Gudluck u guyz... We LOVE U!
27.09.2007 14:08 EDT
14.08.2007 23:56 EDT
I wonder what Sir Ferguson will do with his old players like Carrick considering the fact that he has bought new ones, and he is soon going to sign carlos tevez.
05.07.2007 19:36 EDT
man united 4 ever
19.06.2007 08:19 EDT
Hi m8 im united til i die watch every game either on t.v or im at the game. Its hard all ma family are liverpool but hey UNITED TILL I DIE
22.05.2007 18:41 EDT
1.Name bhaa 2.glow colour red 3.background white
16.05.2007 19:03 EDT
I think man.utd is the best football club of the world and the best players are ronaldo and rooney
21.04.2007 19:31 EDT
I need all pictures of members and players of manutd.
23.03.2007 06:18 EDT
I need all pictures of members and players of manutd.
23.03.2007 06:15 EDT
I need all pictures of members and players of manutd.
23.03.2007 06:11 EDT
24.07.2006 09:59 EDT
Forever man utd
24.07.2006 09:54 EDT
Hi i m a.k. (unrecognized)
20.02.2006 11:05 EST
Ab (unrecognized)
20.02.2006 11:03 EST
I like d way u play on ur team (unrecognized)
20.02.2006 11:01 EST
I fink man utd is so cool! So site is cool 2! Xox (unrecognized)
20.02.2006 10:35 EST

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