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Ups and downs - Miley Cyrus blog - mileycyrusblog

Ups and downs - the climb miley cyrus
25.12.2010 04:07 PST
Ups and downs
Hey guys. I am back. been a long time right?
so back to miley. her life has taken a big turn and i mean a big turn.
there are so many downs and little ups. bad isn't it? but we miley cyrus fans are always here for her no matter what.
lets start from the beginning. first she broke up with her boyfriend Liam Hensworth then her parents wanted divorce. miley was under a lot of depression and she was seen drunk in a bar in Paris. there is so much that one girl can handle.
as it wasn't enough a video was released about Miley in which she was shown smoking!
smoking on her 18th birthday party.
that is now really bad. we know miley is under depression.
this created a huge storm of controversy and miley got the title of the most controversional singer. she was even voted "worst role model of the year" twice!
nowadays people think Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are the new "in"s but let me tell you even though miley has an upset life she is still famous. five times more famous than Selena and Demi. Miley gets more movie offers than both of them.
cool right?
support miley cyrus.
let's talk about the ups now.
her parents are rethinking about the whole divorce thing. they were seen doing lunch together. miley is really happy about this.
a bright ray of sunshine in the midnight.
and a directer is thinking of casting miley in a supernatural thriller.
then she is working on her new movie "So undercover" and her co-star thinks she is really cool. he said that miley never pretends. she is going to be a great actress and a singer. well she already is.
then she is shooting another movie "L.O.L" in Paris with Demi Moore and Ashley Greene.
even in this movie another co-star said Miley is a classy lady. great person.
see no matter what people say miley is still our heartthrob.
she is going to be a great celebrity i know it.
as about miley's controversies who cares?
she is a teenager and teenagers never learn until they do mistakes. aren't i right?
so my readers out there continue supporting miley.
I luv u miley cyprus
20.12.2013 23:22 PST, lilcute0
Bitch z a star so as long as her music z gud da rest iz her binesss
16.12.2013 07:59 PST, muda
miley i love u and i fuck u
16.09.2013 01:31 PDT, rocky12123
That,s good
26.05.2013 00:37 PDT, nazim.hasan.raaz
25.12.2012 08:49 PST, sylvanuscrowther.ymail.com0
15.10.2012 17:16 PDT, banoe.the.matc0
mountain just keep pushing oh it's clime oh oh hi miley Hannah Montana
15.10.2012 03:57 PDT, britney340
27.05.2012 04:49 PDT, TARGET24
Wow.Nice blog.Watch real Hot girl's sexy picture here
07.04.2012 02:50 PDT, ivy4u
Miley is an awesome young lady.i do look up 2 her,and shes one of my role models.she has alot of talents and potential 2 do whatevr she wants:)
07.03.2012 05:35 PST, Celeste
i love Miley, well as for her love life rumers has it that Miley and Liam are back together, Enews stoted them together on the set of Hunger Games were Liam Hemsworth is working
03.03.2012 00:34 PST, vani.srivastava287
hi sweet chk my gerliy
25.02.2012 10:03 PST, pic12
you are right i love miley sou much and y support her i love you miley.
19.02.2012 07:53 PST, myrel40
Try to visit my site pretty gal. Kind of tired wit ur vast mail around here but it's kool anyway. Lets gist hait.
31.01.2012 12:42 PST, jazzmanloveu4nowand4eva
Miley is a perfect girl is very beautiful you going from brazil miley i love you
17.01.2012 02:23 PST, maryanna Styles 1D Directioner
well im a big fan of her as well.
08.11.2011 07:14 PST, Loveable laurette
Don't know who miley is but she is very beautiful
30.10.2011 13:41 PDT,
challenges r meant to come,but ours is to overcome.we came,we saw,we conquer.u dont conquer witout keep ur head up miley
22.10.2011 11:27 PDT, mninuola0
miley i luv u nd keep doin wat u knw hw 2 do best
13.10.2011 03:45 PDT, lililuv
11.09.2011 09:22 PDT, sadik.malek0
03.07.2011 11:42 PDT, con4
Legal amo miley cyrus.
25.06.2011 11:21 PDT, vivi
Don't be blind of Miley.She's great,but there are better singer than her like Gaga,Perry,Kesha.
02.06.2011 06:46 PDT, Bublu
30.05.2011 19:52 PDT, LONELY
mily cyres is a cool singer you know!
05.05.2011 11:04 PDT, hodaya
you go gal dnt let any1 brng u down luv ya lots
30.03.2011 05:11 PDT, phylis.kate0
Nice blog!!
15.02.2011 03:14 PST, tyiee
damn rights ive watched you grow up on Hannah montanna both you and Emily i hope she is as close to you off screen as on screen you two are awesome together. wish you the best young lady.
10.02.2011 01:02 PST, BCsteve9.5"
Majit i node +919909793615
19.01.2011 09:07 PST, majit2
Salman khan is my best best best frd and new cloth
25.12.2010 04:20 PST, rahul.84601132950

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