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My LasT Entry - Bye-Bye pep and my aLL GOOD Friends - M I S ...

My LasT Entry - Bye-Bye pep and my aLL GOOD Friends - thanks for sister
18.01.2012 05:42 EST
My LasT Entry - Bye-Bye pep and my aLL GOOD Friends
I have been worked as helping member for 2 yr and I always serve team and sandra sister and tried to help always. But due to abuse user Sanya ( ) has abuse. we 3 helping member ( me, Tarun and Nirmal ) openly in the comment box of musayal brother blog and with sanya's blog. It is enough proof to take action to that user but sandra sister had become also like, fake girl who come for chat in this she have effect that old user have facing some problem. We 3 helping had wait for action for 7 days. But doesn't taken any action. I am her from 4year ago and think i haven't hurt any user. Because sandra had rewarded sanya as helping hand so we 3 helping hand decided to say bye-bye forever. We don't want to leave but due to ignorance of sandra sister we are doing so.. I will never forget Roman bro, Musayal dada, Lima sister, Fanfan, Tareq, Sahana, misbah, nk, and all good friends, Ernie sister's love respect. I will always miss u my friends. Your loving friend vish@L..
15.02.2014 04:19 EST, Rakesh khudia
janu callbindass 08058604857
24.12.2013 11:24 EST, nanu1714
callbindass 08058604857
24.12.2013 11:21 EST, nanu1714
07.11.2013 12:20 EST, ][Bye][
ye visal or nirmal bahut hi gatiya log hai
17.07.2013 23:12 EDT, Maithly
sale gandu dusri id me ya ma chudwa rahe ho ager yaha se muh kala kar ke bhage ho to gatia log
28.06.2013 11:12 EDT, 30 me sexy bate {nangi}
13.04.2013 10:13 EDT, HackedBykyborg
31.03.2013 17:30 EDT, drrr
feel 2 bad of what happend
17.03.2013 14:58 EDT, pradeepdivan0 only women pls
Yeah true sanya is fake bcoz sanya deepu's another ID who abuse everyone
18.07.2012 08:47 EDT, º☆•αωєsσмє•☆º
Please come back brother ,everything fine and peacefull,miss you vishal bro
28.05.2012 22:03 EDT, ❇ вiηtαηκ κєcil
hi friend please visit its all about Free of SMS, Games, Applications, Mp3, Chat, and Money.
11.05.2012 10:57 EDT, blueandblue
09.05.2012 12:57 EDT, mageshnnn
09.05.2012 12:53 EDT, mageshnnn
Pammi + parth + sabrina tino id madarchod Parth ka hai , madarchod parth agar tu ma ka dudh piya hai to ja us vish@L Se takkar le facebook par aakar , kyu naye user ko dhoka deta hai . Ab beta tera pari hai ,
08.05.2012 12:03 EDT, Wajid¤wends¤Shabnam
Dosto ye vishal ek randy ka lauda hai ye is id me nai ata apni fake grl ki id yehi apni ma chudwa raha hai sala behan chod ab ye fir apni isi id me jarur ayega q ki log se gand marwana or apni ma behan chudwana he is bosdi wale ka kam hai sala 6ka
07.05.2012 22:09 EDT, free Phone sex
Hu sala 6ka tu bhut gandu tha pata nai kitni ladkia ki id teri hai yaha logo se apni ma chudwata tha ab sab ko pata chal gaya to bhag gaya behanchod haram ka pila
07.05.2012 22:04 EDT, free Phone sex
07.05.2012 02:12 EDT, sukumar
06.05.2012 04:57 EDT, satendra52
nice blog. hi friend, please visit its all about Free of SMS, Games, Applications, Mp3, and Money.
05.05.2012 14:00 EDT, blueandblue
Good night brother ..have a sweet dream
03.05.2012 13:24 EDT, ❇ вiηtαηκ κєcil
Vishal bhaiya i am waiting for your return to peperonity. But you not came since 3months. Please brother come back to pep. Sandy mam now give justice equal to all. Bhiya jaldi ayega.
25.04.2012 00:47 EDT, Mythri > Kannadati
30.03.2012 12:38 EDT, Sexy Meghana
18.01.2012 ki ye Entri hai , isi din peperonity team aur Sandy ke kuch galat faisle se naraj hokar 3 henping hand ( Nirmal , Vish@L , Tarun ) ne ek Sath mil kar Bye bye Kaha tha , uske 15 din Bad Sandy ne all Henping hand ko remove kiya , afsos wo kare jo hain jo na ho pep me use na afsos h , Pammy ya kisi ko apna hekdi dikhana ho to wo vishal , tarun , mastana ka Mo. No. Le mujhse wo bat kare fone par sirf fad fad karne se kuch nahi hota.
Sabi team to lat marke vishal ji or unke dosto ko nahi nikala wo to khud hi pep chod gaye the, team ne to unhe chod baki sub ko out kiya, or tu unke jane ke bad kyo kutiya ki tarah bhok rahi ho, dam hai to fb pe unse bat karlo. Yaha bhokne se wo nahi sun rahe. Fir kya fayda
12.02.2012 07:49 EST, Alone_Priya
Teri aukat he ye hai jayada shana ban raha tha tu ab pepe team ne laat mar kar bhaga diya na jaise awara dog ko laat mar kar bhagate hai bhut he jayada acha hua
09.02.2012 09:30 EST, Maithly
Hahaha how funny mene tum se pehle he kaha tha apni aukat me reh tum isi ke laik the kute ki puch jaise sidhi nahi hoti waise he tum apni fake id s se yaha daily ate ho natak karna band kar ok
08.02.2012 10:38 EST, sabrina
Ur ryt vishal ji. And I hate this site becz many users r bad.
03.02.2012 13:45 EST, sweety
Good finally got you you sick liar oh for real gave my husband all your real info now in his police files all social clubs will be notified by I.I.c.. An gpcce org now get you fool
Dont sad must go on new spirite for everything gonna be okey .. I like stay as ordinary user .. I feel happy and pleasant .. And I can understand your all pain .. But you not loose coz many people around respect you and know you all better in attitude ,have filter in words and not gready in powers until forget how a etic .. Say hello of Indonesia altough we are different country but I have solidarity and a humanisme to you ..
21.01.2012 02:24 EST, ❇ вiηtαηκ κєcil
very bed. pep is now careless by modration team. please close pep from india if German people hav a litly soul. Sandy and other partnr wants only money bt they all have not time for own users and helping members. i have request to sandy that if she have not time and can not jujment on users problem then go back from pep. Go back. If u have a soul then go back from pep.
18.01.2012 19:55 EST, Rakesh khudia
Ye sub mere karan hua hai na mastana hai meri id opan karwata na ye jagda hota meri id se anita.soni ko bhot jalan hoti to us ne tum ko aisa bola kyo ki tum bhi meri 2 bar id opan karwa chuke ho visal 3 bar id opan karwa chuka hai is liye anita.soni urf sanya ban kar aisi bat khi tumare jaise emandar logo ko bhot acha gift diya pepe team ne wow pepe team thank sandy
My friend please wait for sandy... after her arrival we can tak one decission.. now please pray for health.
18.01.2012 12:36 EST, ♥sαнαηα♥
My dear brother Vishal, good Evening. U are one of the Sr. Good Helping Team Member. Have patience plz. U know better that Madam SANDY has been suffering 4m serious illness since last week & not yet cured fully. If U 3 leave pep then I know some users will go out 4m pep but good Nos. of Friends will get shocked. Pep may get more new helping members. So plz don't be Silly. Plz love ur Jr./ friends/ Users deeply & do ur duty as usual for the greater interest of Let's pray for immediate recovery of Our Dearest Madam SANDY if U are all really love & respect Madam Sandy, as well as,...
18.01.2012 11:29 EST,  Musayel 
Stay plz. Request them for staying. Madam Sandy is ill. Let her get cured fully. Thanks.
18.01.2012 11:01 EST,  Musayel 
Yar kutta agar kate to use pattar to mar sakte ho . Raj always with u
18.01.2012 10:43 EST, °♥°ρrίηçεRaj°♥°

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