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Is there a love. - Marie Johnston's mobile blog - mistie2u

blog - Is there a love. Newest pictures
09.12.2008 15:57 EST
Is there a love.
Hi thre to u all the 1st page of my blog on based on the word love an what it means an what we all thnk it means x
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01.07.2014 09:31 EDT, ttaiaa3
lol...sometimes this picture can be true...but when you find your soul mate...that one you were meant to be's a high that one could not believe. so don't say fuck love. maybe put it on hold for awhile...Enjoy yourself and your will find you when you quit searching for it
06.05.2014 22:09 EDT, sweetwhitechocolate
06.02.2014 00:18 EST, chitraraj
Fuck love.
21.01.2014 09:58 EST, Sugandha.sarmah
It's right
01.12.2013 21:19 EST, shahid5572
nice to fuck...
26.11.2013 15:10 EST, subham191
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22.11.2013 01:47 EST, uwem4cheat
they say love is a chemical reaction but it makes the heart beat faster u get butterflys in ur stomach wen they are near! and u know what happens wen they leave u!!!!
19.09.2013 19:24 EDT, division3
no true love on peperonity.most here want sex
06.07.2013 14:43 EDT, bill774
hi dick,,plz
27.06.2013 15:38 EDT, pic12
great stuff. I LIKE IT.
17.01.2013 16:37 EST, +18 Jasmin
true,paucity of love in me
10.01.2013 14:55 EST, notagudboy
true,paycity of love in me
10.01.2013 14:55 EST, notagudboy
...besically 2 opp x become crazy4eachother ignoring bad reasuts abortion infat killigs r regular in the modern crazy fk n enj wry nor effects lv demands sacrifice n nt fk n fgt tend wt sy u'..
06.11.2012 12:15 EST, thakthak
29.09.2012 23:26 EDT, harjit.dhillon0
13.08.2012 10:59 EDT, jessi850
being in love is a very selfish matter, each person wants to b loved in return
24.06.2012 22:55 EDT, °KUMAR JITU° 9583158883
loveing is folishness & better 2 b alon
31.05.2012 16:01 EDT, BACK 2 LIFE AGAN
sab moh-maya hai! jesa sochoge vesa paoge
27.05.2012 06:15 EDT, fuckerBoy
love is evergreen feeling and sex is way to express it
17.05.2012 22:14 EDT, ABHAYRAJ
I think acttration ke baad sex aata h mtlb sex ke baad love start hota h. sex ke baad actration khatam h toh love nahi h
Wow.Nice blog.Watch real Hot girl's sexy picture here
07.04.2012 05:51 EDT, ivy4u
itz true gf
28.03.2012 04:04 EDT, lily.b
Just a foolish if happen in teen age and after marriage with a girl other then ur wife
23.03.2012 07:46 EDT, gyan
Love is the bonding of a man n woman through the attraction and admiration for each other. Sex is the sharing of love.
17.03.2012 21:19 EDT, pitbulltex
love is a binding of two hearts 2geda as one.
18.02.2012 23:21 EST, da "drunk"
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10.02.2012 21:47 EST, Suntex12
10.02.2012 04:48 EST, "(o;o)">:BaDrI:<
Love is a feeling. It consists of emotions,wounds etc. Sex is not love but it is a part of love. A husband and wife have love and sex too. But now it is mainly a way of time pass for boys and girls. I beleive in true love.
26.01.2012 03:37 EST, priyanka.sharma.01
Love is a feeling,we can't explain in words.But its not sex,certainly.....!
23.01.2012 09:39 EST, prana3822
Love is time pass. Usse accha nasha hai. Bus chilam sulgao, dum maro aur gum bhool jao.
21.01.2012 12:42 EST, Raana_D_NightStar
19.01.2012 19:08 EST, bfalle
24.12.2011 01:35 EST, aniket.sharma3
24.10.2011 21:51 EDT, Supriyo39
20.10.2011 11:49 EDT, shubh63
wud u bcum my frnd?u can visit roddur.light.of.sun blog
25.08.2011 06:15 EDT, TINTIN
31.07.2011 01:52 EDT, indar9
Hello My Dear am faith chizizy by name and wish to let you know that i have view your . account profile and love what i saw there about you my dear and say let me drop you note so we can link up together form here please i will like you to write me to my mail box ( so i can give you my pictures to see who i am dear let me hear from you as you write me to my mail box thanks yours friend. here is my email.( Thanks as you write me back. Miss faith.
15.12.2010 17:18 EST, lilianbaby1
Love is when someone elses happiness and comfort is more important than mine . . when I want to give of myself without motive.
08.12.2010 07:03 EST, Submitz2girls
<<<fuck people>>>
18.11.2010 14:05 EST, <<<ADMIH_B_TPYCAX>>>
tarste land aur payse bur ka melan hai x tu meri kahani par tujhe pata chal jayega
11.11.2010 09:06 EST, sagar
Kalana naki pagla choda.
09.06.2010 05:38 EDT, Bubay
Is dat all u think it is. well fair trial
13.03.2010 01:28 EST, siim
love is binds and blind is dark and the darkness can make me scare..
08.02.2010 08:02 EST, nia15
Love is real, love is supreme, love is beautifull, & love is every good thing you could think of. But it depends on to whom is shown, people who need it dont find it & people who found it, dont need it. So those believe that sex is love, they dont know true love doesn't require sex if possible but an emotional feelings toward your partner. So thats what i see about love....,DARIS
07.02.2010 04:01 EST, daris.daredgreat10

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