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Other Than Feelin Shit Pt1 - Nick Mason's mobile blog - nick-a...

capri - Other Than Feelin Shit Pt1 Vehicles
25.04.2011 14:39 EDT
Other Than Feelin Shit Pt1
Okay, well for now at least, since they seemed to get me into trouble with Peper. I am not going to be posting any more naughty pics. I said for now. I didn't say I wouldn't be posting any, just not yet.
Okay, so what happened this Easter holiday? I hear you asking. (Sorry but yeah the voices are back)
Well myself, along with my SOOOOOPER DOOOOPER WATER CANNON and some intrepid friends. The usual group. "And who might thet usual group be?" I hear you asking. (Oh damn yeah a new start.) Okay, so other than yours truly there is Connor. Joshie. Billy. David. Tim. Cumall (Callum) if you could see his pic, trust me you'd Cum-all over him, lmao)
Adam and his twin Adrian are also with us, as was Kyle, our adorable lil Scottie dog, pmpl. And there's another who's name I can't quite remember at the moment, but am sure it will come to me eventually.
"Ow!" Oh, yeah, I remember now, he just reminded me of his presence. His name is Fatty Matty. Lmao. He most be someone I know really well because he's always hanging around me. Ooooooooooooooh that's who you are. Hmm well, am not sure, but he claims to be my boyfriend.
I may accept his claim. But he is a bit old. So I may choose a younger model. Well he is 17 going on 18 OMG! Pmpl.
So what did we do for our Easter adventure? Well we returned to our old camping site and set up our tents. Because it was a hot day we stripped down to our shorts. Someone said we needded a flag pole so we.
Ripped off Connor's short and put em on top of the pole. Unfortunately a gust or wind came up and took em away. And since we had hidden the rest of Connor's clothes, and shut all the tents up he had to go around naked.
We also had to keep him away from the fire, well we were having sausages for dinner, and well we didn't want fry the wrong thing. Well they were Pork sausages.
We eventually went to bed and as usual we stuck Connor's arse outside the tent in case he farted in the night. Not really sure what happened, although I do remember hearing some grunts and groans. But the next morning, Connor had a huge grin on his face. Something it seemed tickled his fancy during the night. Lmao.
And so off we went. We decided to climb the nearest Mountain. It was only 60,000ft high and we thought we would climb to the top and be back at around lunch time. It was fairly easy going at first. We had almost reached the halfway mark by the end of the first hour. We were on a ledge and found a cave and decided to explore it and see what was inside.
At first we didn't see too much, then we began to notice a few odd bones. Human bones. We shrugged and went deeper inside. It began to get warmer the deeper we went and a low rumbling sound could be heard coming from up ahead. I made sure that my SOOOOOPER DOOOOOPER WATER CANNON was primed and ready for use. And we advanced further. By now, the bones were becoming more numerous. As well as arm and leg bones we also found rib cages and skulls.
Ahead of us was a large opening which we headed straight for and upon entering it we found..................
Well thats it for now. More soon. Take care everyone. Boys. Ladies. Gays. Perverts. Gentlemen. Transgenders. Transvestites. Lesbians. And anyone I missed out. Hey am as big a perv as many of you, lol. Thanks once again for wadding through this rant. Bye for now and take care. Love to all of you, if you read this or not. Bye, Til next time. Mwah. XXXXXX.
You and those voices nicky not good hehe xx.
01.08.2011 18:25 EDT, Aussie2011 birthday 20th Sept)
It was stupid ur profile getting closed down as ur nawty pics were no worse than anyone elses nicky.
01.08.2011 12:18 EDT, Aussie2011 birthday 20th Sept)
I'm almost certain highest mountain is around 49,000ft everest i think :-).
26.04.2011 10:38 EDT, wolfman00

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