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:::PES 2012 COMMENTS::: - only.gaming

:::PES 2012 COMMENTS:::
pes release date and new capabilities - :::PES 2012 COMMENTS:::

>>>P E S 2 0 1 2<<<
Is there any pes wit multiplayer for screen size 128x160
31.05.2014 11:52 EDT, marin-gato
31.05.2014 11:50 EDT, marin-gato
Please give me pes 2014 for nokia s60v5 360*640.thank. You can tak the game and edit it to my size for me,i know it is possibl but i didnt know how to do it.
29.04.2014 22:46 EDT, gagnant
i really like this game
03.04.2014 04:10 EDT, s.k445
27.11.2013 10:40 EST, kingdeprince
19.09.2013 13:46 EDT,
01.07.2013 04:55 EDT, taiwo08075
25.06.2013 07:56 EDT, titus520
Best sport game
24.02.2013 17:32 EST, angel.mayo
Add pes for nokia 2700 plzzz hary up
19.02.2013 02:23 EST, densi1
10.02.2013 12:40 EST, puchino0
What's going on here them will add pes in 2014.
24.01.2013 23:46 EST, densi1
gud time pass
20.01.2013 12:11 EST,
Gosto muito de pes, é muito divertido.
19.01.2013 14:15 EST,
i want 2 download pes 2012 into my c5212
14.01.2013 02:50 EST, adex1900
Plz add pes for nokia s40v3 240x320 plzz
07.01.2013 00:04 EST, densi1
Plz add nokia 128x160
02.01.2013 08:34 EST, skytsuna
How can i edit the game mode in PES 2012 mobile
24.11.2012 00:34 EST, singz68
New version for Nokia c1-01
17.11.2012 02:57 EST, abeidceo
Please add 320x240 for nokia
16.11.2012 02:32 EST, tsawada tsunayoshi104
it has quality graphics
04.11.2012 02:28 EST, venor
hola a todos soy py daboss de la union foreves
15.10.2012 22:54 EDT, Brandon02
hola a todos soy py daboss de la union foreves
15.10.2012 22:54 EDT, Brandon02
Pourquoi les joueurs ne portent pas leurs noms au dessus de leurs têtes ?
02.10.2012 04:57 EDT, wassiou.ayedoun0
If you upload pes 2012 original site for nokia 2700 ay give you 1 milion $
29.09.2012 06:16 EDT, densi1
26.09.2012 13:13 EDT, faajar
25.09.2012 09:50 EDT, vai.089977085000
24.09.2012 15:01 EDT, queay
pls upload the original game for pes 2012
24.09.2012 06:58 EDT, asteroids
all are all d same in graphics/no improvements at all
09.09.2012 04:46 EDT, prechlove
I want to download Pes2012 on my X2-01 Nokia phone
08.09.2012 18:57 EDT, borogreg
wow aw am i gona download dz game
06.09.2012 09:15 EDT,
its kul but i dnt knw au 2 downlad it
02.09.2012 17:23 EDT, bolbak
hot mp3s, games, xxx downloads visit hot mp3s, games, xxx downloads visit hot mp3s, games, xxx downloads visit hot mp3s, games, xxx downloads visit
25.08.2012 07:09 EDT, swtnkind23
i want to download pes 2012
23.08.2012 19:06 EDT, wise.stone0
Plss i want game
23.08.2012 06:11 EDT, artcrime
I wana dawnload pes 2012 on my c1
22.08.2012 16:32 EDT, adiat33
sas gamo
16.08.2012 05:25 EDT, marinakiii21
i want to install pes 2012 hd for C6-00,please help me.
10.08.2012 15:22 EDT, roycotox
I want download pes2012 on my C2 but i can't help me pls
09.08.2012 03:16 EDT, jeremaih4
Please make pes 3d game please please.iwant play pes 3d
09.08.2012 00:42 EDT, rko77
Hello can somebody help me to install pes2012 on my android phone. When i try i get a problemn saying validating of files fail. Please can somebody help me.
03.08.2012 04:13 EDT, merlin266
I love this game
02.08.2012 11:51 EDT, osei.owusu0
The game is very intresting
02.08.2012 07:59 EDT, super650
PES 2012 ISL 176x220
31.07.2012 17:51 EDT, lutfi34
It is a very interesting game but, the features remain the same as the 2010 and 11. There should be something like master league, transfer and player editing.
29.07.2012 19:43 EDT, ashampol.200
This is a hacked version of its useless to download it.the main version of pes 2012 will be published at the end of the year...
22.07.2012 19:29 EDT, SUNNY
I would like to say that,please put new features like transfer players, loan players, and add substitutions limit to at least 7 players and last manage team. Please form of any kind of resolutions for phone.
17.07.2012 15:39 EDT, kushal599
I like more pes 2012
14.07.2012 11:12 EDT, andiy0
I need pes2012 for samsung a 707
14.07.2012 11:08 EDT, Bendjy97
thanks for share
14.07.2012 09:22 EDT, mastemon
why is there no 3d in pes for 3110c?
28.06.2012 09:09 EDT, xxxjoewizzy
Pls when wil pes12 b out, i will like 2 download it 4 my c3-00.
09.06.2012 18:15 EDT, oliverhtwist
pes full quality game for football historical by all leauge and theme of pes 2012 is an full power in time of year so We need as a game
08.06.2012 23:02 EDT, almukitabed0
I want them to do the pes 2012 3D...for any mobile size...just like realfootball 3D in 2006 2007 2008...Plz and plz waiting for this..?
08.06.2012 16:48 EDT, wester6
pes should have more than 16 players,player putin on diff colour of shoe,nd should have club master wit absolute jubilation.pls we will be grateful if u can do dis.
31.05.2012 10:34 EDT, tbestt
Fake Page and Fake Download Links,im dissapointed.... :-/
your any coments for this game
26.05.2012 05:33 EDT, anesu5
26.05.2012 05:31 EDT, anesu5
Nice game
22.05.2012 18:23 EDT, amondayweh
I want to download this game but i never found..where can i download?
20.05.2012 23:56 EDT, profbayu
20.05.2012 23:55 EDT, profbayu
eu preciso de um pes 2012 com champions league e uefa europa league no maximo 200kb para o meu samsung e2330b
17.05.2012 22:53 EDT, fellipeneves10
i need pes2012 for my nokia 200
16.05.2012 14:01 EDT, mynokia200
I luv it
15.05.2012 18:10 EDT, naniokafor
I luv it
10.05.2012 16:13 EDT,
Its a fake 1 . Pure pes 2011
15.04.2012 05:07 EDT, Elnino
its FULLY FAKE game edited 2011 pes plz try on others who dnt know anythng not on peperonity ok ! Coz evry1 know that its !!FAKE!!
12.04.2012 06:36 EDT, faizdashingokhan
Baixar pes 2012 128x160
27.03.2012 08:23 EDT, mateus47
dher wnt be any real pes 12 for java_it is jux pes 11 edited game.go to n search for pes the wan wif a pic of the game play.
19.03.2012 14:43 EDT, ausbertte
What a fake link this is.plz update real link.
12.03.2012 09:51 EDT, hridoy010
I've a site with peperonity,name is mobi.8.kid.Please, where do i download this game from? And how do i add it to my site?
27.02.2012 12:46 EST, mobifun60
i have pes 12 java version for nokia mobile any1 interested? i wil give u the link
26.02.2012 10:05 EST, ☣☚ Squirtle :* ☣☚
Por favor necesito pes 2012
18.02.2012 11:28 EST, jesusjimenez170
I need RF 2012 samsung shg-e250
17.02.2012 23:38 EST, kris.ronaldo0
Pls,is pes 12 out now,pls oh.
17.02.2012 15:39 EST, adamix0
I nid pes1t for 320*240
17.02.2012 03:55 EST, kunlexiest
pls if u want 2 play pes2012 on ur java mobile den visit Send a request email 2 4 de site. Its free pes2012 dey bee k3k3
13.02.2012 07:22 EST, fmork09
Pls i nid pes 2012 for x2-01
11.02.2012 09:41 EST, kunlexiest
Pls pring out pes 2012 on 128x160 with multiplayer.
11.02.2012 09:20 EST, izick1
Wohoo ! Finaly am playing Pes 2012 in my phone .. Its mo like 2011 Therz no big diffenc ..
10.02.2012 22:41 EST, Tuco
wats the hell is goingon here?whers pes 2012
04.02.2012 08:51 EST, prince.fats0
For christ sake..y is it so hard to fynd pes 2012..
04.02.2012 05:21 EST, toshier
Fuck Pes 2012 fuck konami n thoz who are making worn game to look like PES 2012 . Fuck u all mxii . I dont give damn abt it anymo .
01.02.2012 00:47 EST, Tuco
Why are u guyz deceiving us about ur fucking pes 2012. Itz anoda month 2mao, stil no pes 2012.
31.01.2012 09:18 EST, emmat1
Where the fuck is Pes 2012? Today is the last day of January and you guys said that it would have been out by January, March is gonna come and still no fucking Pes¿ fuck Pes and all of those who are trying to fool us with your stinking worm game, take that worm game and stick it in your asses.
31.01.2012 07:50 EST, ""Rànjìè Sò Kòòl""
There no fuckn pes 2012 s40 hear them barsteds takin us 4 a ride
30.01.2012 20:23 EST, magicplayers
please pes 2012 for resolution 128x160!!!
28.01.2012 13:04 EST,
Please update ur screens on with multiplayer e.g 128 x 160
27.01.2012 21:49 EST, izick1
i hope pes 2012 resolution 128x160 coming soon...
27.01.2012 03:09 EST,
Plz add pes 2012 for Nokia c3
25.01.2012 02:44 EST, firozshaikhaf
Please can u help me with pes 2012 for w610i
23.01.2012 04:07 EST, tajudeenmohammed
For pes 2012, konami need to work on the movement/running steps of the players. Easy movement should be made possible with the navigational key. It should be used to move players in any direction and dribbling will be made easier. The players should have a true physique of footballers. Players intelligence should be increased. With all these improvements, the game size will increase to 700kb or more for 240*320 screen resolutions
20.01.2012 05:32 EST, filet6
I need pes 12
15.01.2012 11:37 EST, adamix0
when iz pes 240*320 resolutions coming,pliz hit me wit the link
13.01.2012 22:46 EST, prince.fats0
This is a great game
13.01.2012 17:52 EST, mind.of.egypt0
Plz release PES 2012 for nokia resolution 240*320 ,thanks...
11.01.2012 06:52 EST, princemoosanah
Pes 2011 do not have bluetooth connection to play with other friends on nokia 128*160 screen. So please fix this problem on pes 2012. Since your soccer game is better than others by this bluetooth connection. If you can make the game in 3D form. Thank you very much.
11.01.2012 03:22 EST, halelujah
Plz when will the nokia 128x160 come out pls reply me and if out plz send me d link
11.01.2012 03:15 EST, zizer
when will PES 2012 be avaliable for sony ericsson k800i and if its out please send me the download link.
10.01.2012 03:24 EST, nick.eshun
when pes 2012 come awt plz hit me wif dhe download link.
07.01.2012 03:22 EST, ausbertte
When is coming pes 2012
04.01.2012 10:03 EST, densi1
When is coming pes 2012 for my nokia 2700c,please.
04.01.2012 10:02 EST, m4nd1
Plz upload Pes 2012 240*320 for my nokia 2700 clasic.PLASE
04.01.2012 00:20 EST, densi1
which month will PES12 be available for java phones.
02.01.2012 09:15 EST, nick.eshun
Notification,,pes 2012 for java not release,,only for i phone;android phone (only smartphone)
02.01.2012 05:02 EST, usufcabe
02.01.2012 02:27 EST, akmyo
Hi,wats up ,where is PES 2012 ?
02.01.2012 02:03 EST, qudabash
Ajay chauhan
18.12.2011 23:45 EST, ajay.chauhan6
the most anticipated game of 2012
18.12.2011 22:42 EST, srys
i want pes2012 b4 christmas
17.12.2011 09:10 EST, zvi0
it will be out in january..
16.12.2011 09:39 EST, ausbertte
When we ll get this game?
16.12.2011 02:11 EST, tanvir.safa
when will we have the mobile version?
15.12.2011 03:53 EST, Lex
Its takening 2 long
15.12.2011 01:39 EST, kagz20
13.12.2011 15:49 EST, mandi13
oh please,the mobile version is taking way too long..i hope its worth it.
13.12.2011 09:55 EST, ausbertte
Please update pes 2012 on multiplayer with screens 128 x 160, 176 x 208 thank u!
13.12.2011 08:39 EST, izick1
I want pes 2012 for my nokia 240*320
12.12.2011 13:51 EST, mandi13
Please add pes 2012 to download for samsung 176 x 220 today please
11.12.2011 09:13 EST, eriocka0
I ll be hapi 2play pes2012 i hope 2see dat day
10.12.2011 03:02 EST, Mark.don
Game gk bisa di downlod..
08.12.2011 07:32 EST, derikusdiana2
oh i still cant wait for pes2012. Peperonity u are 1 in a million. Keep it up and make wild
07.12.2011 08:16 EST, fmork
how long must we wait for pes 12¿ I hope whenever its been released it doesn't sucks.
05.12.2011 13:11 EST, ""Rànjìè Sò Kòòl""
02.12.2011 13:08 EST, gameship™
01.12.2011 09:35 EST, hoss40
i want this to be 128*160 for nokia
30.11.2011 16:03 EST, pen221
i want this to be 128*160
30.11.2011 16:03 EST, pen221
30.11.2011 15:59 EST, pen221
30.11.2011 12:09 EST, hoss40
Video porno alina plugaru sex
29.11.2011 17:39 EST,
I want pes 2012 in 176 x 220 for samsung
28.11.2011 17:00 EST, eriocka
i want download football game
28.11.2011 10:14 EST, rinto29
I want 'pes 12'in 320*240 size
27.11.2011 22:40 EST, raneeee
27.11.2011 11:07 EST, hoss40
27.11.2011 11:06 EST, hoss40
where link this game
27.11.2011 09:19 EST, petermilad
i want pes 2012 for nokia 6300
26.11.2011 20:27 EST, outbang
I WANT PES 2012 FOR SE K510i
24.11.2011 17:54 EST, djoko.7fold
Pes 2012 by peperonity please we want u also 2 update the pes 2 Please we want 2 see ur screen with multiplayer such as 128*160 or 176*208 thanks and thanks 2 God almighty 4 this world.
21.11.2011 15:46 EST, izick1
We love pes very much, just as football, please peperonity provive pes or real football that will play multiplayer thants.peperonity is d best site 4 games we will like screens like 128*160 or 176*128 with multiplayer thanks,and we want 2 download pes 2012.
21.11.2011 15:40 EST, izick1
I want pes 2012 for my phone mobile 126*160
20.11.2011 03:35 EST, mr.jack9
i want pes 2012 for my mobile Samsung U700V (240*320)
18.11.2011 04:54 EST, Bendjy97
18.11.2011 03:35 EST, hanaah
Pes 2012 for 176/208 please
16.11.2011 03:24 EST, rafi.stelistu0
Could you plz upload pes 2012 i want to download it to my games
13.11.2011 06:51 EST, stakezinho
Plz upload the i am dying to play the game plz peperonity
13.11.2011 06:33 EST, stakezinho
PES 2012 Available for Android Device..... go here...
10.11.2011 04:08 EST, Rαgнυ™《R.E.D K¡ng》
07.11.2011 18:21 EST, djoko.7fold
pes 2012 today please
07.11.2011 01:59 EST,
pes 2012
07.11.2011 01:58 EST,
Best pes 2012 for nokia c1-01
07.11.2011 01:57 EST,
Pes 2012(160*128) bluetooth for nokia c1-01
07.11.2011 01:56 EST,
We love football keep it on and provide good sport game.pepe 4 real
06.11.2011 13:10 EST, izick1
Its not pes 12...u fake.
06.11.2011 02:34 EST, uttoran.rules02
Fake link. Asshole
05.11.2011 23:14 EDT, Rialto
Pes 2012
05.11.2011 23:13 EDT, Rialto
05.11.2011 13:11 EDT, riguiroca
Those game u uploaded are not pes 2012. Update us about the real pes 2012 or tell us the release date.
04.11.2011 19:16 EDT, stevenelino
Thanks 2 peperonity for bringing pes 2012. But we want you 2 provide as many screen as 128 * 160.
04.11.2011 14:58 EDT, izick1
Good web site 4 real
04.11.2011 14:55 EDT, izick1
This is not pes 2012.Is Real football...You don.T have another ocupation?
04.11.2011 03:31 EDT, rafi.stelistu0
What kind of stupid and foolish game is that for Pes 2012? Stop tricking people and get us the real Pes.:@
03.11.2011 10:44 EDT, ""Rànjìè Sò Kòòl""
ur pes 2012 is fake, raimu...
03.11.2011 09:40 EDT, zacky09
HAI WHEN PES 2012 OUT. . , . . . . . PLS INFO. , . . . . ME. . . .
03.11.2011 02:46 EDT, tanvir501
Pes 2012 3/11/2011
02.11.2011 13:58 EDT,
how to download size 128x160
02.11.2011 03:11 EDT, djoko.7fold
All pes 2012 that was appear on this site is fake, have patient for the real one.
01.11.2011 17:55 EDT, ray2010
01.11.2011 11:46 EDT, fazil.pp0
thank you very much, for added pes 2012,u're the best
31.10.2011 18:51 EDT, zacky09
pes 2012 128x160
31.10.2011 17:57 EDT, djoko.7fold
Mai schimbati ceva în jocul asta si 2009 ,2010,2011 acum si 2012 toate sunt la fel schimbati ceva in el...
31.10.2011 07:59 EDT, Emyy
I want to download pes 2012
31.10.2011 06:32 EDT, lawrence.quansah
I want pes 2012 today
31.10.2011 05:01 EDT, lawrence.quansah
Pes 2012 bluetooth 160*128=346
30.10.2011 02:47 EDT,
120 x 160 please
29.10.2011 01:12 EDT, goodman002
When will you guys get Pes 2012?
28.10.2011 14:29 EDT, ""Rànjìè Sò Kòòl""
wonderful i like it
27.10.2011 07:20 EDT, eldep
pes 2012 for se 176*220 please.....
27.10.2011 06:54 EDT, zacky09
Can u tell when 128*160 version will be coming! Hurry b'cos i cant wait any longer!
27.10.2011 01:22 EDT, lilcudi
Pes 2012
24.10.2011 21:25 EDT, Ronaldo7

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