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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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pls remove my account because many wrong calls is coming so pls delete my account
20.09.2014 15:01 PDT, nan168
How do i delete my profile
19.09.2014 11:19 PDT, kaweetha
19.09.2014 00:37 PDT, Yuvraj
please delete my account permanently
17.09.2014 03:54 PDT, enough
please delete my account with my details permenantly
16.09.2014 21:23 PDT, chat
I am intrested in real time fucking & sexy,dirty & filthy cyber chat with sexy & expirienced senior ladies.My mobile +919766274172 & my email address is <>plese suggest solutions.
15.09.2014 05:23 PDT, Varishtha Nagrik
plse delete my account
15.09.2014 04:44 PDT, abr23fg98
please delete my account
15.09.2014 03:10 PDT, vishwas500
plz delete my account also i dont require d it anymore
14.09.2014 03:46 PDT, amit.boobsucker
piz delete my profile
08.09.2014 09:11 PDT, birendra.tandon0
plz delete my another profile sam2500...which is out of my contact
08.09.2014 02:49 PDT, Sam
help me to delete my profile
08.09.2014 02:46 PDT, Sam
I think i delete my peperonity account and my photo plz help me!
08.09.2014 01:14 PDT, )))))sifat(((((
hi admin! plz delete my account......i don't want to use it any more...plz plz plz
07.09.2014 06:48 PDT, vishwajit.singh0
i cant log out .. pkz help fast
06.09.2014 15:16 PDT,
My family has been now my account plese close delete my account
04.09.2014 09:38 PDT, solray
My family has been now my account plese close my account
04.09.2014 09:36 PDT, solray
My family has ben now my peperonity account pls close my account thanku
04.09.2014 09:34 PDT, solray
My family has been angree they now are this site pls close my peperonity account thanku
04.09.2014 09:30 PDT, solray
pls delete this acount
04.09.2014 07:27 PDT, VÏĐŮ (şέέ мч stories)
I want to delete my account
31.08.2014 08:59 PDT, Kamal raj
30.08.2014 19:58 PDT, benca
i want to delete my account.. permanently and I'm not getting any help from the persons who run this site can you put the option back from permanently deletion of account.. thank you
28.08.2014 16:02 PDT, ms.cheeky.chops ;)
how to delete the account permanently.. please help
25.08.2014 11:20 PDT, vijay1675
Delete my pereronity Account permanently. Thank you.
23.08.2014 21:43 PDT, chintan mn
how to perment delete my account . marubadium na andha account open panna mudiyadha mari revive panna mudiyadha mari. plz help . face book la delete panna 15 days time nd permently delete aagudhu .but unga indha site perment delete panna mudiyala . plz an account perment delete pannuga plz help
sir pls delete my 9566596596 mobile no in pepeorinty website sir pls ithu my personal no pls intha number ah google type panna sexya varuthu pls help me sir
20.08.2014 21:40 PDT, natrajg
how to delete account permanent.
19.08.2014 03:46 PDT, ABC12345
Plz delete my account amjed.ali0
18.08.2014 21:55 PDT, amjed.ali0
i am 24 years old.i am working.i am in chennai.nan pakka azhaga irupan.nan evlavu nala padipu work nu irunthutan.eanaku ippa love pannanum nu asai.but i am shy type.true person.eanaku tamil girls na romba yarukavathu love panna asai iruntha ple propose me.i am waiting.nenga unmaya enna love panna i give my life.
16.08.2014 00:50 PDT, DREAM BOY
How to delete my account
16.08.2014 00:12 PDT, sexy.cutie2
i want to delete my peperonity account permanently
15.08.2014 10:38 PDT, {{Anurag}}
Please delete my account permanently. Or let me know how to delete it. Muxcrux
12.08.2014 08:12 PDT, muxcrux1
Sir i want delete my media files plz do help me..
10.08.2014 23:43 PDT, mast.monika
i want my account delete permanently
10.08.2014 22:11 PDT, see my pics in site
i want permanently delete my account
09.08.2014 09:14 PDT, suresh429
I want to delete my account permenantly
07.08.2014 08:37 PDT, joe
i want to parmanant delete my account
07.08.2014 03:32 PDT, koi real me chut degi
i want delete my account
04.08.2014 02:54 PDT, m.king007
i want delete my account
01.08.2014 23:40 PDT, m.king007
please delete my account permanently account name vijay81775
01.08.2014 02:28 PDT, vijay
how can i delet my accunt permanetly?
31.07.2014 12:35 PDT, kaylie.lamar180
How to delete my account
29.07.2014 23:46 PDT, saranya
i want delete my id
29.07.2014 23:21 PDT, Radhika anuj sharma
hi peperonity, how can i change my site from to
28.07.2014 10:57 PDT, bravoobrady
i want delete my peperonity account perminently
28.07.2014 10:26 PDT, m.king007
how do i delete my account, i want it permenantly erased
23.07.2014 05:32 PDT, earlkiller
respected sir, plz delete my account permanently.
21.07.2014 00:11 PDT, smith.sangma
Plz sir delet my profile permanetly
20.07.2014 21:29 PDT, tomaichudbo770
i want to delete my account i delete..
20.07.2014 10:36 PDT, love dreams
pls permonently delete my account
18.07.2014 06:31 PDT, reju
i want to delete my account please help me how to delete it please guide me
17.07.2014 19:26 PDT, shruti{visit my site}
i want to delete my account
15.07.2014 10:57 PDT, greeshmakaamapundai
i want delete my account completele
15.07.2014 02:39 PDT, m.king007
pls permonently delete my account
14.07.2014 15:27 PDT, ankurg6
how to block unwanted video
13.07.2014 10:06 PDT, cbe.1
please delete my id permanantly
11.07.2014 23:03 PDT, hem1234
please delete my profile immediately
08.07.2014 23:57 PDT, alexanderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
delete my profile
08.07.2014 23:55 PDT, alexanderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Close my account-
06.07.2014 09:21 PDT, Priyanka priya
please delete my account permanently my id is boy.dashing541
06.07.2014 09:14 PDT, Cute Boy
please delete my acount acount username is desi.boy541
06.07.2014 09:13 PDT, Cute Boy
please delet my fake account which is vikasbirade permanent please.
06.07.2014 09:11 PDT, Vickey
Close my id,
06.07.2014 09:05 PDT, Priyanka priya
Please delete my account
04.07.2014 07:28 PDT, rotom
04.07.2014 07:20 PDT, rotom
I want to delete my peperonity account for permanently plz help me
04.07.2014 06:49 PDT, ABCD
I want delete my account for permanently plz hlp me
02.07.2014 23:40 PDT, Pandiyan
please ı want to delete my peperonity account permanently. Thank you
02.07.2014 22:57 PDT, quinton02
I need to hide my good girl friends from visitors. Can I hide my friends?. Please tell a solution
29.06.2014 23:49 PDT, Jithu anjana
how can i delte my account
29.06.2014 07:20 PDT, jass
make ur website more easy bythaway i m not longer using this website so plz remove my account permanently
pls delete this account..;jsessionid=126BCA963FA0D53F5BCB29493B426923.cdb01
27.06.2014 00:58 PDT, vijay5352
pls delete my account
21.06.2014 11:00 PDT, khushi975
pls help me i want delete my acount
19.06.2014 00:08 PDT, ---
i want delete my acount pls tell me how can i delete it?
18.06.2014 11:15 PDT, ---
i wa t to delete my pep id please te me how
15.06.2014 22:21 PDT, real me lund chusne wali chahiye
i wanna delete my acount .how to delete peperonity acount ?
14.06.2014 07:52 PDT, sammy344
i m new here and not know about this so i want delete my acount
13.06.2014 04:16 PDT, ---
Plz delete my account from peperonity my account name- rohan8107 plz delete this now
10.06.2014 01:00 PDT, rohan8107
Plz delete my id rohan8107
09.06.2014 23:14 PDT, rohan8107
i delete my site how delete it i leave this peperonity..
08.06.2014 02:33 PDT, ahmadgujjar786
plese my account delete
05.06.2014 03:10 PDT, ξk TĦΛ LΛķί
plese my account delect now
05.06.2014 03:10 PDT, ξk TĦΛ LΛķί
pls my account delete now help me
04.06.2014 20:00 PDT, shifa
ho do i delete my account
04.06.2014 15:50 PDT, emo.girl19
no pointing asking to delete your account... they don't listen... lol... grrr
04.06.2014 15:47 PDT, ms.cheeky.chops ;)
How to see who who seen or checked my facebook profile
30.05.2014 23:28 PDT, rushabhkhane
Plz my profile photo.who is she?
27.05.2014 16:49 PDT, shreya.ariya0
i just want to leave this site
27.05.2014 10:33 PDT, Sidharth407
please i want to delete my account
27.05.2014 06:56 PDT, sandeep8611
How do you s profile on this website?
20.05.2014 22:59 PDT, jbelding93
permanantly delete my id
20.05.2014 05:20 PDT, anupam singh
Activate my home page my pics nd my fucking movies nd my sites!Try urgently a lot my frnds nd pple waiting thanx
19.05.2014 05:42 PDT, premi30
Deactivet my account
19.05.2014 04:56 PDT, ps.raju0
Please deactivet my account
19.05.2014 04:55 PDT, ps.raju0
12.05.2014 18:53 PDT, BBC
Please i want to delete my account. Thanks
12.05.2014 18:32 PDT, Ralph
how to open blank ids
10.05.2014 01:40 PDT, BRU ÇÖFFÉ AMMA
blank id eputi open panrathu
10.05.2014 01:38 PDT, BRU ÇÖFFÉ AMMA
How to delete my profile picture
04.05.2014 09:28 PDT, Vir@j punj@bi
How to delete my photos in my profile?
03.05.2014 13:38 PDT, shantanuroy9150
girl mujhase chat kyo nahi karati
03.05.2014 12:17 PDT, Sex chat with girl only
please delete my account.....
01.05.2014 10:05 PDT, Wooden Box,Pallet&Wooden scrap
please my mobile doesnot suport so please donot give
30.04.2014 00:23 PDT, prabhatkumar0201
PLEASE DO SOMETHING a blank user is doing blank flooding in coffeebar chatroom all languages we are not able to do chat and his id is invisible
I dnt feel safe.
24.04.2014 08:08 PDT, psp22
I dnt fell safe.
24.04.2014 08:07 PDT, psp22
not interest
21.04.2014 06:44 PDT, nellai.paniyaram
I want to delete my peperonity account
20.04.2014 11:05 PDT, Rasim Bangalore/Tvm
i want my peperonity account deleted
18.04.2014 09:27 PDT, Ron
15.04.2014 23:32 PDT, G0WAY
Kindly delete my account
13.04.2014 03:02 PDT, Pradeep
eanakuage27nan yaraium othathuilla mulaiyakuda thotu pakala bf pathukai adipean eanaku yaravathu help pannuga40age pidku
08.04.2014 11:07 PDT, selva425
I want permanently deactivate my account.....please,please
08.04.2014 10:53 PDT, tufan.karmokar0
I want to delete my account here on peperonity. Can you please help me do that?
07.04.2014 17:34 PDT, sigirapkok
i dont knwo my peperonity web please help
04.04.2014 09:15 PDT, yaseen101013
i want to delete my account plz,this acc is nt use
01.04.2014 02:37 PDT, archana.s1
i want delete my account please
01.04.2014 01:45 PDT, pavithra
30.03.2014 17:13 PDT, deva0
I want delete my account
29.03.2014 10:38 PDT, MeNu iam fake id ok guyzzz sorry
I want to deactivate/delete my account. How will i do it?
21.03.2014 07:25 PDT, deejhoy
please sent me pussy pibtures on my blog
19.03.2014 18:05 PDT, maloeb2
i wanr to delete my account how do i do it>
19.03.2014 16:58 PDT, mkundumsweet
Delete my account
18.03.2014 15:36 PDT, dirtyslutwhore
Deleye my account
18.03.2014 15:36 PDT, dirtyslutwhore
I want to delete my pict from my pictures of lovable gay* but i cannot
15.03.2014 08:12 PDT, Lovable gay*
sono mesi che segnalo un errore n 30 con conseguente link x sbloccarlo ma nessuno lo risolve grazie
13.03.2014 21:35 PDT, otzi
How can i upload video in my blog?pls tell me...
11.03.2014 01:10 PDT, hard fucker...for real sex..
I didnot want to intrest to use this site
09.03.2014 11:29 PDT, madhan5120
I want to completely delete my account, no google references as well to the username...
07.03.2014 09:52 PST, luvyourclit
enaku sexya pesa gril or aunty venum me age:25 me num;8760064150 miss cal or msg me
05.03.2014 03:15 PST, kutty571
I want to delete my account
05.03.2014 02:32 PST, varshareddy315
I want to delete my account
05.03.2014 02:31 PST, varshareddy315
i want to delete my account completely.. so how can i do that.. there should be that option available to use?????
02.03.2014 10:25 PST, ms.cheeky.chops ;)
i want to play past one year site whth females chat friendship
i want delete my account
26.02.2014 08:32 PST, hot girl anu
how to delete my command pls help me
21.02.2014 22:12 PST, vicky
How to delete my account
20.02.2014 23:53 PST, ..
on my site or blog never write anything to adv JESUS
20.02.2014 06:37 PST, harsrishty
I want to deactivate my account
18.02.2014 08:58 PST, Teaser
How to delete my pictur in media file
17.02.2014 18:22 PST, sudhan143
i want to delete my account
17.02.2014 08:55 PST, ram369
How can I deactivate my account? Please help....
14.02.2014 01:57 PST, bigboy940
I want needseeking boys in w.b please contect and provide me their m no please
13.02.2014 03:25 PST, pintu kumar(want bottom boy)
please.. by mistake I posted a picture for adults, and they put the tag on the site, I took the picture but I need the tag is removed ... thanks you help me?
13.02.2014 02:51 PST, chiuso
vazga valamudan
10.02.2014 10:24 PST, larance2
I am family man. Here i am addicted by sex messages and not concentrating my work and not spending lot of time with my family.If i have 2hr rest also i am spending time here for sex messages.Please help me by delete my account here.Tomorrow i dont see my lakspra.2013 account please kindly.
01.02.2014 08:03 PST, Lovable Boy
Please delete my account.
01.02.2014 01:07 PST, mick.dicker0
I.need delete my account
31.01.2014 00:06 PST, raja932370
i want to delete this account permanently..pls help its urgent....
30.01.2014 04:57 PST, shreya778
I don't wanna my Peperonity account pls delete my account permanentally
29.01.2014 23:10 PST, Sex Teacher 4 Girls
I want to delete my account pls tell?
26.01.2014 10:59 PST, *$unny091*
Delete my id
22.01.2014 10:59 PST, zaccock
i want to add my site past one year old for online chat with to me
delete my account
20.01.2014 01:42 PST, bad boy
Delete my pepernoity acount
19.01.2014 19:25 PST, pavan143455
i want remove from my commet and this account
16.01.2014 21:09 PST, lsrraja
i want to remove my comment from callgirlservice of this site pls help me....
16.01.2014 01:16 PST, rahul8540
Delete my pepernoity acount
16.01.2014 00:12 PST, kumar80544
I want to delete this account. actually i have too many ids on different sites
13.01.2014 05:13 PST, ramkumar215
I want to delete this account. actually i have too many ids on different sites
13.01.2014 05:05 PST, ramkumar215
Delet my peperonity account
07.01.2014 21:55 PST, Prebika77777
I want to close my account
07.01.2014 21:53 PST, Prebika77777
i want to delete my peperonity account
06.01.2014 10:16 PST, Biday...dosha guna kshama koro...
delet my account
05.01.2014 04:48 PST, Bye bye guy's
how do I delete my account plz I want it deleted
29.12.2013 11:38 PST, checkmate5
I want to delete my account.please.i don't need login.delete my account.
I cant log out from this how can i log out from this site plzzz help me
26.12.2013 21:37 PST, Rani Telugu ( Comment my pics )
please delete my account.
21.12.2013 12:05 PST, grammycock
i want a sex with girls
14.12.2013 18:06 PST, Enna okkanum(ngl).17
delete my account
14.12.2013 08:40 PST, diyoof
12.12.2013 18:57 PST, krishhforyou007
How Can I delete my account?? I want to delete it.
12.12.2013 06:08 PST, stubbornangel
i waanna delete my account how do i delete
06.12.2013 03:19 PST, West Delhi
some one miss use my number in this website my name is kumar but it stored in sexy girl number i am boy so delete the number pls
02.12.2013 00:03 PST, kumar5948
Sir intha site mulama en ip addressa trace panna mudiuma
01.12.2013 03:18 PST, Aarthi
Sis intha site mulama en ip addressa trace panna mudiuma
01.12.2013 03:18 PST, Aarthi
how to deactivate my account in peperonity
01.12.2013 02:16 PST, vickykciv0
how do my id deactive plse tell me
27.11.2013 07:58 PST, Cute rakesh
plse deactivate my account
27.11.2013 07:56 PST, Cute rakesh
pls deactivate my account
Or my site and blog can re activete..from my old id ...chamko...
23.11.2013 01:21 PST, █║SANKi║BOLA█
One of my id (chamko)had been blocked ....could u ub blocked that...
23.11.2013 01:18 PST, █║SANKi║BOLA█
dear admin i cant found the delete account option in my id i want that option under delete profile option
22.11.2013 13:08 PST, Namkin Chatpata
Dear admin i want to delete my account due to certain problems. Plz tell me how can i delete it.
21.11.2013 20:44 PST, √iκαş
I want to create a chatroom in my profile. Pl help ma how i will do this?
dear admin i wanna delete my account plz do the needful
20.11.2013 10:24 PST, West Delhi
admin delete my account or tell me. .
17.11.2013 18:05 PST, prit4100
hello i forget all my old id and other data plzz u delete my id lodhiya.mitesh thx
17.11.2013 08:01 PST, lmiteshr
in my id rajloves9 not getting new messages even other has sent
16.11.2013 10:26 PST, rajloves9
I want to deactivate my account
16.11.2013 06:41 PST, boobs
I want to deactive my account
12.11.2013 06:04 PST, priya.priya.
I want deactivate my account now
11.11.2013 21:57 PST, abhi93031
plz sir mera acount delete kar diniye ya phir muje bata dijiye kese delet kar na hai
11.11.2013 00:49 PST, ayan.khan92
can u help me delete my account
10.11.2013 20:21 PST, abhilash8043
Hello sir Dear sir app mera account Delete kar dijiye plss,,, delete my account fast
09.11.2013 20:25 PST, manojhotboy
Gud sir Dear sir app mera account Delete kar dijiye plss,,, delete my account
09.11.2013 20:16 PST, Manoj_Mumbai see my photo
Dear sir app mera account Delete kar dijiye plss,,, delete my account
09.11.2013 20:11 PST, Auntys & Girls Most Welcome
I want delete my account permanently
09.11.2013 20:02 PST, manoj.miriyalkar88
I want to delete my peperonity account permantily , plz tell me how to delete it
09.11.2013 04:43 PST, CoOL
i want to delete my account to delete
delet porn
08.11.2013 01:12 PST, sazzad610
its not showing my friends online in my area
05.11.2013 02:01 PST, shoaib88
pls delete this page some one misuse my name pls delete this adult content pls
04.11.2013 04:57 PST, reebok23
i want to delete my peperonity account permanently. tell me how to delete
03.11.2013 03:10 PST, chandguru
i want to delete my peperonity account permanently
03.11.2013 03:09 PST, chandguru
sir,kisi na mera no. apni id par dal diya hai mera no. galat use ho raha hai ap google par renuka cal girl search karna merd no. 903927596 ayega plz sir mera no. waha se hatwaiye plz sir mai paresan ho choka ho plz sir help me.
02.11.2013 00:58 PDT, Rahul singh
i want to delete my peperonity acount
26.10.2013 07:49 PDT, .....
i want to permanently delete my peperonity account. how can i do it?
25.10.2013 12:35 PDT, ₩_*friction*_₩
How to delete my photo from my profile?
25.10.2013 11:28 PDT, Karthick tamilan(ur frnd)
I want to delete my account. username is benjamin030
25.10.2013 07:37 PDT, benjamin030
how to delete my mobile no in sites
13.10.2013 15:31 PDT, shree.nav
Plz delete my account
I want to delete my account. Pls help panunga. Lakshmi679 ithu enoda id. Pls intha id ya delete panunga.
12.10.2013 19:32 PDT, lakshmi679
Pls help me. I want to delete this account. Lakshmi679
12.10.2013 10:47 PDT, lakshmi679
Pls help panunga. Pls lakshmi679 Intha account ah delete panunga. I want to delete my account.
12.10.2013 10:15 PDT, lakshmi679
Please friends somebody tell me
12.10.2013 05:23 PDT, ..
Hi how to online off in my setting
12.10.2013 05:22 PDT, ..
i want to delete my account i no need this account pls help me
07.10.2013 10:39 PDT, krish
Me apna a/c band karna chahta hu pls help me
06.10.2013 04:21 PDT, dilse6162
I want take new account.because i want delete this.
06.10.2013 00:12 PDT, athira.viswambaran0
I lost my this id password pls help me
05.10.2013 00:40 PDT, .*by
i want permanently delete this account,pls help
03.10.2013 20:49 PDT, ranjani47
pls help "Laila Banu Divorced" intha profile block panunga, romba bad words la pesaranga
29.09.2013 11:25 PDT, wasim683
29.09.2013 10:11 PDT, Raja
Ennoda id ku yarum visit varavathu illai.
20.09.2013 05:25 PDT, d.venkadesh.dharapuram
plz delete my account permanently
20.09.2013 03:49 PDT, bouncy1
hai i want 2 delete my account 4m this site. can u plz help me 2 delete?
07.09.2013 10:22 PDT, Deactivated
i want to delete my account permenantly here so i cant find any option so can i get any link for dat
04.09.2013 07:13 PDT, sanjana reddy
I dont no my this id pass word please give me my pass word for this id
02.09.2013 01:44 PDT, .*by
i want delet my account
30.08.2013 10:29 PDT, ravi
Add this in just modified
12.08.2013 08:21 PDT, $IPON
How i hide my friends list
03.08.2013 06:44 PDT, Dinesh
i want call girls number
29.07.2013 00:11 PDT, rajesh9119
i had put up many msgs on peperonity...and i got many replies to....but due to sum personal reasons i dont want any of my posted messeges to appear do i delete all posted ads or posted messeges ....plz help......
28.07.2013 00:54 PDT,
Pliz....m facing problem with downloading and saving with pep, while others no problem....pliz help....
16.07.2013 17:18 PDT, x365ty45
i want to alwyes online my friend .i want to chat,and friendship with indian more citys girl and women. call.sms email to me .any girl.women , wife .add me more its type in site to me
I'm searching for a gay in north karnataka, please help me to get gay friends. 9900289003
09.06.2013 04:04 PDT, padmashankar
Please could you remind peporonity staff to remove child abuse sites thank you
25.05.2013 15:21 PDT,
one boy has made a fake id on my friend id and he is always speaking badwords in can i block his profile?
18.05.2013 01:27 PDT, »»Rishi««King >F4€
please close my account shivanand44
09.05.2013 21:56 PDT, shivanand44
i want to hot chat with indian real girls. and with my buddies and friends .all time
My site in my profile was not appeared.not cantain any bad vedios or photos in it but why it con't appeared
30.04.2013 01:45 PDT, Suresh
i know my friend password i chage it my profile but my profile is delete so i need my profile i am jeeva6859 plz help me
22.04.2013 10:29 PDT, sala57
by the way, when peperonity administration informs us about the problems with the site? when are they going to fix them? waiting for the official report, because some users already pretent to be pep team, send private messages asking personal info such like username, password and email id.
20.04.2013 23:02 PDT, ✿ ⴜєԃєɩɳα ✿
add my site to just modified. I wonder, why it was removed, because I don't have adult content in my site. thanks. Just add it back to just modified and top sites, please. decorations
20.04.2013 22:55 PDT, ✿ ⴜєԃєɩɳα ✿
Bro plz tell me how can i remove video from any other person's profile
18.04.2013 22:44 PDT, rana722
Why can't dowen load most video clip
17.04.2013 19:05 PDT, ranamuka
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31.03.2013 01:53 PDT, crepoh90
girl havin usrname 'cute.girl300' hs deltd her acount i thng cuz she is nt visble on d site..i wan 2 contct cn?
31.03.2013 00:01 PDT, rudeboy
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Permanantley delete my account how?pls help
16.03.2013 23:48 PDT, Sun
how do I permanently delete my account
06.03.2013 18:01 PST, hope0402
can you remov my id
26.02.2013 12:02 PST, monika
can you delete my ID permanently,than delete it.or send my procedure to delete this ID permanently and all its related info.
17.02.2013 04:35 PST, ..
I want my peperonity account message backup
17.02.2013 04:12 PST, SIDDHARTH N.R.I.
can you delete my account permanently please?
16.02.2013 21:05 PST, bigboy12345
delete my account pls
14.02.2013 06:02 PST, oooooo
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13.02.2013 14:12 PST, sexyankles
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Hai,friend ennaku oru nalla tamil akka vanum,mudisa help pannu,ennakaka risk yadukatha,ok thanks and bay best of luck your life moments,
20.01.2013 06:58 PST, Guru
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04.01.2013 05:52 PST, deep penetration
i cant see my past visitors please help!!!!! message me for info
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31.12.2012 11:20 PST, myeriz
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30.12.2012 21:44 PST, vinu
im loking honest lady 4tru and realfrindship.
24.12.2012 04:06 PST, gyahendrarc
21.12.2012 23:49 PST, SUTAPA253
21.12.2012 23:48 PST, SUTAPA253
hi i want to deactivate this account...tell me how to delete it
21.12.2012 11:20 PST, dr.ajay paul
Mujhe bat karne kelie ek simple ladki nahi milraha he
04.12.2012 10:54 PST, saroj kumar
delete my profile sites
24.11.2012 04:04 PST, les.p.vijaya.lakshmi0
me hindi me chati hu
18.11.2012 13:21 PST, monika
plz add my site in just modifid
15.11.2012 00:00 PST, EARN MONEY
im loking god girl 4tru and real love.
24.10.2012 00:51 PDT, gyahendrarc
I want to leave my accout how wovld i do it?
19.10.2012 08:02 PDT, BROKNHRT
Add me site on just modified pls 1. ( 2. (
06.10.2012 16:58 PDT
Please explain how to chat with friends
30.09.2012 05:51 PDT, Siva234
When I use correct email I D and username I could not get login In the name of security check unnecessarily dragging on me
30.09.2012 05:31 PDT, Siva234
I Dont Want My Messages To Appear Again.delete
27.09.2012 05:12 PDT, macknown.masoadyera49
sir,i want delate my account from this site plz help me how to do sir?
21.09.2012 02:13 PDT, shraddha26
I have added some adult image in a page given bellow site. And after that it was tagged as adult site. But i have deleted the adult content with the page. Still the site show adult contents warning. Please help me to remove the adult tag. Thanks!
18.09.2012 19:30 PDT, Asif iqbal
usrname altaf.550 he uska pasword bhool gaya hu kisine id hack karli he pls muje new pasword bhej do.. Ye id pe
17.09.2012 15:11 PDT, king.143
how do I delete my account???
15.09.2012 11:35 PDT, babiieaneres person hackd two of my previous profiles. Dat person is using one of my profile. FRNDSLOVER BABI. Plz block dat guy's id.
05.09.2012 14:58 PDT, *DREAMER*
dear sir, my number is using in this USER NAME please remove this id. and please remove this type of abusing all customer.. user name and details are there is ... ------------------------------------------ *sharmili Chut* miscall me i wil u cal u : my prsnl no. Only4 sexchat 9425086020 no bkwas plz (female, 20) sulgav up, India Last login: more than three months ago ------------------------------------------ i m getting calls. please remove my number from his message.. and please tell me who is this.. this is very wrong .... please help.. please help..
16.08.2012 04:53 PDT, momomo5

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