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Hai Dear Friends, In PEPERONITY day to day thousand's of users are joining... Many of the users creating fake profiles and making problems to the PEPERONITY users... To avoid these people from PEPERONITY, we should aware about FAKE & ABUSE users. We should tell also to our FRIENDS(by sending this page to your friends). If anyone having FAKE profile & disturbing peoples in PEPERONITY, then this is the right place to solve your problem. You can suggest their details here..

If you submit your problem here, your solution will be here
|||ßøökm@rk Thï$ p@gë|||
people better stop acting like young kids ok!! if some 1 abuses u then u rush to report so that they block that person, its useless coz he can open another account, so stop running away from ur problem, stand and also show him/her who u r, so that u get ur respect, but everytime reporting, very fun
23.10.2014 02:07 EDT, credal.brakstone0
plese block kanimozli account he is cheeting
15.10.2014 18:52 EDT, hema delet this site and karsnrembo accont also pleas help me
15.10.2014 17:12 EDT, karanrembo this site and delet karanrambo accont in perperonity site please help me
15.10.2014 17:07 EDT, karanrembo
want to delete my account. is there any way to delete it?
25.08.2014 13:50 EDT, logging off permanently
07.07.2014 10:52 EDT, TORNADO™
PLEASE DO SOMETHING a blank user is doing blank flooding in coffeebar chatroom all languages we are not able to do chat and his id is invisible
i want to delete account. its a fake account created with my name. atleast you guys should have some measure to check genuinity of an account. Kindly delete this account . Its a matter of someone's dignity.
24.01.2014 02:21 EST, madhu9201
Can you please delete this person Mizz ObeyKitty22 she has fake pictures of herself here also report her can u delete her account as fast you can
25.12.2013 01:35 EST, lovely.minnie0
sir, kisi na mera no. apni id par dal diya hai mera no. galat use ho raha hai ap google par renuka cal girl search karna id mai mera no. 9039275966 ayega plz sir waha se mera no. hatwaiye plz sir mai paresan ho choka ho plz sir help me
02.11.2013 04:01 EDT, Rahul singh
Add my blog at latest entry
10.02.2013 13:45 EST, ♥ Tαηwεεя♥
My college mobile number 9443888111 is placed in fake a user ID I am call girl rs 500. Kindly remove the fake user ID. and provide me the details of the fake user. please check our site for confirmation of mobile number
02.02.2013 12:38 EST, premthen
shame on you! You are not helping ppl. You just want traffic on your blog/site. you are just wasting the precious time of ppl. just stop this drama! stop it!
23.08.2012 10:41 EDT, boomer
sir someone has created a fake id by my nic name and no. and i m getting calls from the users of and i want to know that who the hell this person is. because i m very disturb by these calls from the mornin of 14th aug. and i m not able to continue my study because of disturbance. and the fake id is created by name sweet.hema8287986700. so i m requesting u to plz . hack this id.. n tell me who that person is
15.08.2012 08:03 EDT, mukesh.hema
Sir anyone stupid person open Fake account with my name and mobile number registered that guy that id iam a student so please remove my id please sir that problem im cannot continue my studies please help me....
15.08.2012 03:55 EDT, karthika72
Gd say fake id delete out here jaisa w8u net pe hota hai fake pic so delete accout bt here nt real female id
29.07.2012 18:59 EDT, pinkylv
plzz delete my id
28.07.2012 00:39 EDT, MiSs U :(
sir,in fz there is a abuser.he is damned man or diesel or swastik.coz of him we r not able to chat
14.07.2012 03:28 EDT, gogol6
25.06.2012 01:37 EDT, Angelfriend

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