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Hai Dear Friends, In PEPERONITY day to day thousand's of users are joining... Many of the users creating fake profiles and making problems to the PEPERONITY users... To avoid these people from PEPERONITY, we should aware about FAKE & ABUSE users. We should tell also to our FRIENDS(by sending this page to your friends). If anyone having FAKE profile & disturbing peoples in PEPERONITY, then this is the right place to solve your problem. You can suggest their details here..

If you submit your problem here, your solution will be here
|||ßøökm@rk Thï$ p@gë|||
want to delete my account. is there any way to delete it?
25.08.2014 13:50 EDT, vijay1675
07.07.2014 10:52 EDT, TORNADO™
PLEASE DO SOMETHING a blank user is doing blank flooding in coffeebar chatroom all languages we are not able to do chat and his id is invisible
i want to delete account. its a fake account created with my name. atleast you guys should have some measure to check genuinity of an account. Kindly delete this account . Its a matter of someone's dignity.
24.01.2014 02:21 EST, madhu9201
Can you please delete this person Mizz ObeyKitty22 she has fake pictures of herself here also report her can u delete her account as fast you can
25.12.2013 01:35 EST, lovely.minnie0
sir, kisi na mera no. apni id par dal diya hai mera no. galat use ho raha hai ap google par renuka cal girl search karna id mai mera no. 9039275966 ayega plz sir waha se mera no. hatwaiye plz sir mai paresan ho choka ho plz sir help me
02.11.2013 04:01 EDT, Rahul singh
Add my blog at latest entry
10.02.2013 13:45 EST, ♥ Tαηwεεя♥
My college mobile number 9443888111 is placed in fake a user ID I am call girl rs 500. Kindly remove the fake user ID. and provide me the details of the fake user. please check our site for confirmation of mobile number
02.02.2013 12:38 EST, premthen
shame on you! You are not helping ppl. You just want traffic on your blog/site. you are just wasting the precious time of ppl. just stop this drama! stop it!
23.08.2012 10:41 EDT, boomer
sir someone has created a fake id by my nic name and no. and i m getting calls from the users of and i want to know that who the hell this person is. because i m very disturb by these calls from the mornin of 14th aug. and i m not able to continue my study because of disturbance. and the fake id is created by name sweet.hema8287986700. so i m requesting u to plz . hack this id.. n tell me who that person is
15.08.2012 08:03 EDT, mukesh.hema
Sir anyone stupid person open Fake account with my name and mobile number registered that guy that id iam a student so please remove my id please sir that problem im cannot continue my studies please help me....
15.08.2012 03:55 EDT, karthika72
Gd say fake id delete out here jaisa w8u net pe hota hai fake pic so delete accout bt here nt real female id
29.07.2012 18:59 EDT, pinkylv
plzz delete my id
28.07.2012 00:39 EDT, MiSs U :(
sir,in fz there is a abuser.he is damned man or diesel or swastik.coz of him we r not able to chat
14.07.2012 03:28 EDT, gogol6
25.06.2012 01:37 EDT, Angelfriend
Pls help me every one fake is thr in ths site m getting too much prblm can i leave ths site r u can help me
06.04.2012 15:22 EDT, lubna.konain32 and Are just abusing me with out reason. REPUNZALO SAYING I AM HELPER I WILL SOLB. Your problem send me password. As all we know maithly is fake and saying just go mom fucker. ITS MY REQUEST TO BLOCK THIS 2 PEOPLE
29.01.2012 04:29 EST, Nalina S.A
tip top is fak user
28.01.2012 06:23 EST, birju,
23.01.2012 23:07 EST, help24
Plese msg me getting abusd daily and haveing our site copyd by mindless idiots cant name sites as they change profile evfryday but can hint u sitesx tina
12.01.2012 14:18 EST, tina.lara1
fuck this guy "sharmadmarriad" he is creating a lot of disturbance to me and my friends also he use abusive words
05.01.2012 23:50 EST, gudia
i dont want fake id,but i want to chittagong family girl friend,
28.11.2011 10:32 EST, pure.heart
Hi this user is a bully and a fake who is abusing me and my friends.
28.11.2011 10:17 EST, Jenni
Entha id use panravan rompa danger ana alu evana block panidung (
27.11.2011 02:24 EST, romeo.nellai00(F4E)
remove this fake id : This is copy of my id nd profile.. Fake id made by for demanding votes from people... please help this person is abusing others
18.10.2011 23:08 EDT, ★ FULLMOVIE ★
Hello helping member. This dirty user abusing me every time. Pls delete this bad user. thank u so much.
10.10.2011 15:16 EDT, Angel Payel
what is the use of this report page when peperonity have no control over its own sites???????????? constant flooders enter flirt chat ,12 yr olds flirting with older men wanting to have sex,supposed to be snglish speeking site but no one gives a shit what pepperonity says site gets flooded by non english abusers constantly,what is pepperonity doing to police this situation,iam friendly user of pepperonity and like it ,besides all whats wrong with it ,you need some ppl in those sites who can directlly report this destruction of pepperonity,wont be long before pepperonity is reported itself!
25.09.2011 04:43 EDT, stretch7
Aaltu faaltu logo ki complaint dekh kar kisi puraane decent user ki ID delete mat maara karo bina kuch jaane... Aapke problem box ka haal bhi VISHAL ( ) aur DEEPAK ( ) ki problem box ki tarah ho jaayega... Dont simply delete old users's profile just coz of few cheapster's complaints... Be a good Helping Member.
24.09.2011 22:26 EDT, ncxnszxbabncxnhsgh5
Atencion:have one abuse.No,no have en my site conteud adult. sos:solucion in:
31.08.2011 18:44 EDT, •★.ROBSON.★•
Hellow there! Check this: this is a fake ID. And abusive too. This person has slanged me as "Shameless man". So you must delete this account.
23.08.2011 13:53 EDT, শাকিল হাসান
My site is not shown in search engine please add.
15.08.2011 08:47 EDT, Maroti K. Rathod
Someone has deleted my profile by jealousy. . I am a decent chatter but still my profile is deleted please give my id back my profile is this
04.08.2011 11:48 EDT, F.A.L.T.U
Sir profile name muje bar bar tang kr rhi h.mere mobile no.put kr deti h apni site me.pls sir gi ue me soln.
02.08.2011 00:28 EDT, Hot lund 4 hot girl
20.07.2011 13:21 EDT, Neha sharma
plz sister delete dis profile n his site related 2 me
The 2 Fakers ID's & Please Delete There Sites & Before Deleting Them Please Identify There Real ID'S & Name
28.06.2011 01:40 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
What Happend To My Earlier Fake User ? Did You Caught Him ?
28.06.2011 01:15 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
15.06.2011 00:00 EDT, $hoaib <Aashiq-e Rasool>
And Here's A Message Link Which The Fake Has Send To Me,
30.05.2011 09:26 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
And Here's A Link To A Message Of Him, Recived To My Friend Krishron To Help Me Catch That Fake,
30.05.2011 09:21 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
And I Think Those 2 ID's Has Made By A Same Person
30.05.2011 09:17 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
As I Said He Has Made My 2 Fake ID's, Here's The Link Of The 1st Fake,
30.05.2011 09:14 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
He's From India, & His Last Login Is 20 Days Ago, He Has 2 Fake ID Of My User & He Has Abused My Friends Using The Abuse ID
30.05.2011 09:10 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
Watch His Details, His Profile Is At My Ignore List
30.05.2011 06:55 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
I Am Very Frustrated Of A Fake Of My User, I Want Help
30.05.2011 06:49 EDT, bLiTzKrIeG™ ¤xTrEaM dNa¤
I advice you to block all users who write sex/porno/rape titles in there sites, upload naked/half naked girls, sex scenes, external links to porno sites and so on. It's the only way to stop porno stuff in peperonity, or maybe money are more important than our children and teenagers to pep administration? I suggested the best way to stop them.
17.05.2011 08:49 EDT, ✿ ⴜєԃєɩɳα ✿
Pls delete this id its fake. .she is n0t a girl .she is a boy named mitesh patel. .so plz bl0ck him he realy hurt ppls
11.05.2011 02:34 EDT, ^.^|AMAN|^.^
Meri faq id bana rahi hai anita.soni muje 100%garantety hai ki meri jinti id ban rahi hai sub anita bana rahi ye kya helping hend mai aise logo ko jagah hai jo dusro ki faq id banatate hai 2 din mai meri 3 faq id bani hai our ye id sub anita.soni ne banai hai kyo ki mai farzana ke liye vot mag raha hu to use acha na lag raha hai ki our ladki pepero mai papular ho is liye mera dyan hata ne ke liye meri faq id bana rahi hai ye ek bar farzana ne anita ko bola ki didi meri sait ko jast modi mai ad karao to anita boli ki 2 mahine wait karo kya ye pepero anita.soni ki hai jo uski marji aye wo kare s...
Dear sahana thank u for ur suport n help in pepe til nw , gbu . . Cn u pls delete ths fake abuser, hes gt my phne number n i m getn adult chat cals. . . Pls help me
05.05.2011 15:11 EDT, •♥•
Pls help me ths guy is a fake n he is al tym abusing al chaterz in teenzone
05.05.2011 15:09 EDT, •♥•
pls help me kisi ne mari duplicate id bana li hai wo is id se sab ko gali bolta hai pls delete this id
pls help me dear kisi ne mari jyoti ki fake id bana li hai wo gali bolta hai uske nam se pls delet this site
Fake vote da kar , accha logo ko jada vote kar ka abuse kar raha ha. this is the mother of fake id .
This user abuse to indian helping mamber and some good user, and also abuse you , chak . This user saport by rakesh kuriar ( a fake user ) .haha.ha. Why not take action about this .
04.02.2011 08:24 EST, m.m.ali
Delete this fake id , this user abusing me
04.02.2011 07:32 EST, m.m.ali

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