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Winner stories - peperonitycompetition

Winner stories
ipod pepcom - Winner stories
And here come the names of the winners for the "My story competition".

We have received hundreds of messages and took a hard time to select suitable winner stories! Here are the results. If you are not a winner - don't worry. The next competition will be coming up soon. Make sure to tell all your friends about peperonity!

The winner of the iPod and peperonity sweater is:

Fujel from India for his story on how he made a wapsite for his girlfriend and she fell in love through it!

Winners of the four peperonity sweaters:

Janelle from Loveland, Colorado, USA for her story of how she met her special man from the UK.

Tarantyno from South Africa for his story about his love 8,000 miles away.

Lestat from Tuscon, Arizona, USA for his story on how he found a way to express himself through peperonity.

Jebait from Bangladesh for the story that hopefully brings more peace to the world.

And here come the stories:


Once upon a time the two couples and sitting near the beech and talking about some mobile site the boy told to grl that ive create a for u a site its got different colour i ve made that to present u . Girl Wat a site u want to present me .boy yes girl. I don't want boy. U see the site how beautiful colour shape n size is just like u sweetheart girl. Ok boy.
Open that site girl. Wow what a colourful u made this with my
favorite colour and all kind of images of my choose she
automatically kissed him and saying him thanx boy. Thanx
peperonity . . . . . . Girl . I wl also make a site " i love t " peperonity

Here are more stories that we took into close consideration.
Each of them wins a free peperonity sweater in their size shipped to their home address!

Janelle Engel
I have only been a member of Peperonity for a short time. The first `friend` I really chatted with lives in England. I live in the US. He is my best friend now. We text everyday. He helps me sort through any problems I have to come up with the best solutions. When something happens that keeps us from being able to text, my day feels empty, and incomplete. I
would like to meet him in person, and we are trying to
arrange that. I want to thank you PEPERONITY for giving me
the means to meet this very special man. THANK YOU! Peronity has made a huge
impact on my life. I have met a man, that I have fallen in
love with, by means of Peperonity's site's. He was one of the first to offer friendship when I first became a member. We got to know one another through our messages on Peperonity. I can talk to him about anything at all. And when things are bothering me, he helps me better understand them, and makes me feel better. He lives in England, and I live in the United States. I doubt that we will ever get to actually meet in person, but thanks to Peperonity, we had the oportunity to meet at all. We are in contact every day. And talk of our dreams and wishes to meet face to face one day. Again, I wish to thank Peperonity for bringing this incredible man into my life. Sincerely, Janelle Engel.

Hi. My story will be short. Its not much,but it is the story
of my life. I am a 19 year old,decent and a bit shy guy from Romania. I never believed in true love,before IT happened. Whats IT ? I will tell you. Back in the november of 2006, as a result of boredome,i discovered a chat site i never heard of before: . At first,i didnt took it very seriously. But as time passed,i noticed that very good and reliable friends can be found on chat. But the impossible happened on december: i met Her. The ONE. I couldnt believe it. Just by chatting with her,i felt i know her all my life. So thats how it all started. It was a turning point of my life. She changed me. Now,more then ten months later, me and her developed a serious relationship,we mailed each other stuff and now im planning to visit her, though it hard for me: i am poor and she is 8000 miles away,in South Africa. But true love knows no boundaries. This is how changed my life,my way of thinking! my purpose in life... Thank you..

Lestat DeLioncourt much to say about a great site. Im an artist, on here ive published my original work whether it be 3d, pen, or pencil. My work has attracted many on here. Ive made new friends and even a few clients. Theres so much great art on here not just mine. It gives me inspiration and i do more. Art is my life. But look at peperonity you need a creative mind to design such a place where those with ideas can reign free like me. Im known not to many people, this site has made me well known thanks to those who enjoy my art. I enjoy yours too. Thank you for the inspiration.

«--Jubaid Rusho--»
It happened in March, 2006. When surfing from my mobile, I found and registered myself. I was amazed when I made a nice site without any programming knowledge. That was the begining of a new stage of my life. Now is , and is better to me. More easy, more cool! Now my WAP sites are great to me. I was an alone person but now I have peperonity friends. I am very popular to my relatives for my site. That is a real succes to me. changed my life. Now I have confidence in me. That helps me very much. I can say to people that MY HOBBY IS WAP SITE MAKING. I can show my talent to all. Everyone praises me. Thanks to

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