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Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough - playstation.cheats

Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough
images - Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough Newest pictures

Part 1
Chapter 1 – Tutorial
1. Once you have control of your character after the opening
cinematic (it seems that our Spider-man isn ’t taking things

much too seriously..), use the A button to jump onto the
ledge directly in front of you. The second ledge is slightly
higher, so you will need to perform a double jump by
pushing A twice. Once you reach the wall, just run straight
into it to climb it.
2. Proceed across the rooftop. After having your spider sense
activated, approach the huge shattered wall and push B to
move it with your web. In this new area, swing to the end of
the hallway with the RT button (try using A to gain speed
while you are swinging). If you happen to fall, just push RT
to recover.
3. You will now become the Spider-man of the future. Just
follow the training and be sure to keep the basic controls in
mind- this is where you learn how to fight enemies. It ’ll
switch you back to another Spider-man after (there are four
in total). With this one, proceed straight ahead while staying
in the shadows. While in the shadows, you a) recover health
and b) cannot be seen by enemies.
4. ACHIEVEMENT: Turn on your Spidey Sense and it will
direct you to the fragment. It is in plain view, but you cannot
get to it because of the wall. Go to the other side of the area
past the stairs, and look for the opening on the left hand side.
There will be a person guarding the fragment. Stay in the
shadows and press B to use the stealth attack to take him
out. Retrieve the fragment, and let the real game begin!
Chapter 2 – Kraven
Part 1
1. Move straight ahead, collecting all of the emblems (they are in
plain sight) and using your web swinging abilities to get over
the chasms. Once you reach Kraven, you will have
successfully completed your first challenge. You are
now able to view the web of destiny which lists different
challenges you can complete.
2. Continue to go after Kraven. If you get a string of 5
consecutive web swings, you will complete another
3. Use the defensive stance to dodge 10 attacks from
Kraven’s men. This will be another challenge completed, and
you will be able to get a new ability. What you choose is
really up to you at this point, but the Air Recovery seems to
be the most useful skill out of the options.
4. Make your way from platform to platform, collecting all the
emblems and beating the hunters along the way. There is an
emblem that is particularly hard to spot- it is in an isolated
area with a fountain that is slightly lower in elevation than
most of the other platforms. You will be moving through the
jungle for a while after that, so don ’t get discouraged or
paranoid about being lost like I did!
5. Note: When fighting the hunters with the long range guns,
approach them and hit them as quickly as you can. The
longer it takes for you to get to them, the more damage they
will be able to do with their bullets.
6. Make sure to be aware of the different challenges you can be
completing as you move along. Once you reach the gunmen
that shoot you as you swing, you can tap RT to perform a
zip kick. Do this 5 times. Also, note that evading the hunters ’
attacks and using your web to throw different objects at your
enemies are challenges that can be completed as well.
7. There is a really big number of other challenges you can do
to upgrade your attacks. You can pull them up at any point
by pressing select and LT (this makes them much easier to
8. You will be introduced to Spider-man’s defensive stance. This
can be executed courtesy of the LT button. In this stance, you
avoid taking a lot of damage. Learn to utilize it and become
comfortable with it before proceeding further.. it will become
your best friend in the battles ahead.
Part 2
1. After reaching your first checkpoint, there will be a fairly large
battle with Kraven and his men. They grab onto your web a
lot when you shoot it, but you can counter this by pressing
A at that moment. Make your way to the back of the area
when you ’re done and search behind the waterfall for
another hard to spot emblem. After the gates open, make
sure you have your Spidey Vision on as you are moving
forward. There are hidden traps that will damage you if you
touch them in this area. Avoid them carefully (you can jump
over them most of the time) to collect some more emblems.
2. For the next sequence, you will need to avoid fire from the
sniper rifle as you are fighting. The two ways to do this are to
a) use the rocks for protection and b) keep moving. It takes
some time for the gun to load up and fire when it decides on
a location, so if you are constantly in motion you will be fine.
After defeating the men, turn on your Spidey Sense and
position yourself in front of the tree to the left of the screen.
Wait for the gun to fire, get out of the way, and the bullet will
knock the tree down, creating a bridge for you to move
forward. Repeat the same thing in the next area, and keep
following the (once again straightforward) path until you get
to Kraven.
3. This is going to be your first difficult fight , so be sure to
take note of a few things. You need to hit him quickly and in
combinations because it takes some time for him to recover
from attacks. He is slow, meaning he hits hard as well. When
he is on the attack, create some distance between yourself
and him and use the defensive stance . Chip away at his
health until he jumps up on the ledge. When this happens,
the floor will release a large number of spears which are fairly
easy to avoid. With your Spidey Sense, you can find him
quickly and use the web shot to drag him back to the
ground. After the battle, you are to keep pursuing Kraven.
Part 3
1. Activate the platform. There are 5 places in this area that have
walls you can pull with your web. Keep heading up in a
circular motion and you will find all of them along the way. If
you get lost, turn on your Spidey Sense and go to where the
enemies are- they all congregate around those sections.
Angle the camera upward and you will be able to see where
you can swing from and grab onto.
2. ACHIEVEMENT: Upon defeating the field enemies in this
area, you will unlock the achievement Getting Warmed Up
. They’re unavoidable, so don’t worry too much about
finding them as you’ll bump into them on your way up.
3. You will need to fight Kraven once again to pass this level. No
worries.. he is worn down and MUCH easier this time
around. Just use your combinations, turn on your Spidey
Sense so you can locate him, and do your thing. This one is
as easy as a regular field battle. Be sure to keep him in sight
the entire time- he can damage you from a distance so you
do not want to be spending time looking for him.
4. ACHIEVEMENT:You will unlock the achievement Survival of
the fittest upon clearing this level. Feel free to check out some
of the new character bios and art that becomes available
Chapter 3 – Hammerhead
Part 1
1. Jump onto the ledge to the right and collect the 3 emblems
on the rooftop.
2. Drop onto the ground and move inside of the shadows. Do
not touch the light- the gunfire of these enemies will kill you
very quickly. Rely on positioning yourself correctly and using
Spiderman ’s stealth attack with B.
3. Rescue the three civilians. To do this, get rid of all the men
that surround them by moving around in the shadows and
using the stealth maneuver again. For the last civilian there
are too many men in the same vicinity, which means they
will see you coming no matter what. Make yourself visible
(very briefly.. don ’t get killed!) and draw them out one by one
to get them in isolated positions.
4. Go through the gate and up the path to the left. Climb up the
wall and go through the small window at the top.
5. Follow the path and you will find yourself in a room where
you will have to use takedowns to take out the enemies.
Position yourself on top of the trains in the middle and wait
for them to look away. This is the easiest way to attack them.
Part 2
1. Your next boss fight is going to be Hammerhead. This is a
different type of battle which annoyed me to no end. Ahem.
Pressing on. What you need to do is circle around the
deranged maniac while keeping yourself within the shadows
the whole time. Wait until you are behind him.. and I mean
directly behind him , and you can come up to him and attack
him. Patience is key in this battle. You want him shooting at
you as little as possible because the more he fires, the more
columns are destroyed. Those columns are where you are
going to hide behind as you are waiting for the lighting to
change and for your chance to attack him, and the more you
have, the easier it is for you to move about. Three hits takes
him out.
2. After the battle, use perch take downs to take care of the two
enemies on the ground. Head to the end and look way above
you to find a ledge. Travel the path, and you will find yourself
in an area where you have more civilians to save. Turn on
your Spidey Sense and it will direct you to every civilian and
the safe area you need to take them to. Easy as pie, right?
Part 3
1. The last part of this level really just involves fighting
Hammerhead again. This fight isn ’t difficult, but it’s a bit tricky
to figure out. You’ll notice that if you try to hit him, you can’t
damage him. He is also capable of dealing very large
amounts of damage very quickly. The way to fight him is to
use the projectiles all around you. Pick them up using the
web and throw them at him. He will immediately counter
with an attack. The trick is to make him aim that attack at one
of the large machines containing gas (they ’re all over the
place). If he blows one up, the room will fill with smoke. You
will need to move up to the higher ledges, turn on your
Spidey Sense so you can find Hammerhead in the smoke,
and get on the closest ledge to him. You will have an option
to use a take down. Repeat the cycle a couple of times and
the battle will be over.
2. ACHIEVEMENT: That’s about it for this level. After the battle,
you’ll pick up another shard and an Achievement titled The
Hammer Falls. On to the next.
Chapter 4 – Hobgoblin
Part 1
1. After the short minigame, you will find yourself engaged in a
battle. You can actually unlock the Close Call
Achievement here by letting yourself fall and saving
yourself at the last minute with the RT button. As for the
battle, it ’s a fairly lengthy one due to the Hobgoblin’s large HP
and his tendency to not allow you to get more than one or
two hits in at a time. He ’s only got one attack though, and it’s
a very easy one to dodge. Just keep moving and changing
direction and his homing blasts will miss you.
2. Head forward through the city towards the large building in
front of you. Defeat the officers in front of the building and
continue on through.
3. You will fight the Hobgoblin again. Your physical attacks
won ’t damage him much and are hard to land because he
moves around very quickly, so your best bet is to wait for
the Hobgoblin to power up his blast, grab it with your web
using the B button, and throw it back at him! You only need
to do this a few times to take him out.
Part 2
1. Scale your way up the wall and shoot web when you reach
the top to get in the building. Chase Hobgoblin down the
tunnel, using your new accelerated vision to dodge all of the
obstacles. If you don ’t, they will damage you. You will fight
the Hobgoblin yet again- use the same strategy of waiting for
him to attack and then throwing his blasts back at him.
2. Go straight down the path and jump on top of the elevator.
You will now engage in (you guessed it..) another fight with
the Hobgoblin. This time, however, he will use a different
attack. Wait until he launches the attack. He will get stuck on
the ground afterward. When this happens, just pummel him
with your regular hits. Be careful towards the end of this
fight. He will start hitting you harder with longer intervals
between when you can hit him. Be patient, have your Spidey
Sense on, and for the love of Spider-man KEEP MOVING. His
hits are pretty damaging.
3. You will have one more sequence with the Hobgoblin where
the close range combat initiates. You should be pretty used to
this by now, but if not, keep attacking and dodge when it
prompts you to dodge. There ’s always no way to lose this- I
think this bit is just in there for the fan service of watching the
Hobgoblin get pummeled up close. After this, you will get the
fragment for this level and unlock the Clipped Wings
Achievement .
Chapter 5 – Electro
Part 1
1. Defeat all the enemies in the first area. They move fast, so I
suggest using your web to grab a hold of them and thrust
yourself towards them. You can finish them easily from
2. Rescue the four civilians. Just locate them using your Spidey
Sense and take them to the safe point at the end of the hall.
3. Fight your first battle with Electro. His attack pattern is fixed,
and the attacks are very simple to dodge. Most of the time,
you can avoid damage by not hitting him while he is
powering up or has an sort of aura around him. If you run
low on health, you can run around the room and collect the
spider essence- there is plenty of it in there and Electro won ’t
do anything to stop you.
4. As you chase Electro, you will reach a fairly narrow walkway.
During this time, Electro will spawn several monsters that will
be shooting lasers at you from a distance. You will not be
able to get close to them without sustaining massive
damage, so keep your distance instead and throw the objects
in the area at them. Make sure to watch out for the speeding
vehicles as well (they’re fast, but very dodge-able).
5. Move across the power lines. Electro will create static, but
you can avoid this by jumping on the one line that is not
electrocuted. The key here is to keep moving forward .
The faster you get across, the less damage you’ll sustain.
Part 2
1. One you reach the next checkpoint, you will fight Electro
again. Once again, do not attack while he has an aura around
him and make sure you don ’t let him recharge over the
generators for too long. You can jump to avoid his
shockwave attack, which is what he is mainly going to be
using. Easy fight for now.
2. Continue to pursue Electro. Once you go around the corner
of the building, climb to the roof and walk across the
powerlines. You will have a LOT of enemies to fight in this
area, but they are all easy spawns of electricity. The only
things to keep an eye out for here are the beams of electricity
that are shot from above. Focus on dodging those and using
quick combos to dispose of all the enemies. The doors will
eventually open, and that will be your cue to step on through
3. In the next area, rescue a worker and take him to the terminal
in the center. You will then need to fend off the very weak
monsters that will try to attack him. Stand next to the worker
and strike whenever any of them get close. Repeat this
process two more times, rescuing the other 4 workers and
protecting them while they fix the machinery inside and open
the doors for you.
4. The last battle here is actually much more simple than it
looks. Initially, it seems like Electro has made himself too
powerful to the point where we can ’t even attack him. A
tactical adjustment is necessary.. so what to do? Hm. Notice
the giant dam in the back? You guessed it.. that ’s our target
baby! Jump to dodge Electro’s attacks, and when he stops,
just come up to his hands and hit B. Electro will try to get the
web off his hands and destroy some of the dam in the
process. After doing this twice, Electro will attempt to
regenerate at the dam. Use the RB button to ride one of the
many projecticles, and it will drop you off on top of the dam
itself. From here on out, just dodge Electro ’s punches until he
destroys the dam and seals his own fate. What a… shocking
development (yes, I went there, now commence the
5. Achievement(s!): Upon defeating this boss, you will not
only get the Achievement for completing this level, but also
an additional achievement for completing Act 1!
Chapter 6 – Sandman
Part 1
1. Use the RT button to position yourself on the ledge in front of
you, and then make your way forward by jumping onto the
flying objects using the same button. The sandstorm blows
them quickly in the opposite direction, so you have to be
very quick with your jumps in order to close the gap.
2. To beat the Sandman in the first battle, use the barrels of
water around you to turn him into mud. This is the only way
your attacks will damage him. Do it quickly- he doesn ’t have
much health but can hurt you in a hurry.
3. Move trough the level, using your web to ride the flying
objects between the places you can actually stand. All of the
enemies that you find along the way will need to be turned
into mud, so feel free to use all them water barrels around
4. Once you reach the top, use B to knock over the giant
container of water into the tornado. The Sandman will keep
running. Follow the train tracks, and you will find yourself in
battle. The trick here is to get the sandman to crush the giant
barrels of water with his hand. Once he does this, you can
deal damage to his hand before he attacks again. When he
runs low on health, he will begin to spit sand balls at you.
Use the smaller barrels of water around you and simply
throw them at him. He will kneel over again, and you will be
able to finish him. Always hit the darker points of his body,
as they are the ones that have turned into mud.
Part 2
1. You are going to make your way up to the water tower
exactly the same way as you did in the beginning of this
level. Take care of the enemies along the way using the water
barrels to soften them up, and extinguish the tornado when
you get to the top.
2. After taking out the second tornado, go into the cave and
rescue the civilian. Defeat the sand monsters in the next room
before they take out the drilling machine.
3. To clear the level, you’ll need to defeat Sandman one more
time. This battle is fairly intuitive. See the water barrels
spinning in the tornado? Use the B button to grab them and
throw them at the sand faces. Once they turn to mud, use
the projectiles to approach the faces and damage them.
There isn ’t anything else to this battle. Knock out the
Sandman and enjoy your achievement and fragment as
rewards for tracking down the Sandman.
Chapter 7 – Vulture
Part 1
1. Move along the path while staying in the shadows. It’s
inevitable that you’ll get hit at some points since there isn’t
enough shadow to conceal you at all times, so just keep
moving forward quickly.
2. Defeat all of the enemies inside of the wearhouse type room.
They ’re all regular minions, so there won’ be an issue. In the
next sequence, move across the wall while staying in the
shadows the entire time. If there is light in your way, be
patient and wait for the guard to shine the flashlight
somewhere else. After you get to the end, watch the
cutscene and you will have more easy enemies to defeat.
3. During your first fight with Vulture, hit him when he’s in the
light. When he jumps up into the shadows, all you need to
do is use your web, get up there, and chase him until he
leaves the light again.
4. Get out of the way of the train as soon as you regain control
of Spiderman. Use your web to swing to the rooftops to the
left. Follow them until you reach the civillians that need to be
rescued. There are four of them, so use your spidey sense to
locate them, sneak up on the guards around them, and use
your take downs. You will fight more enemies after you
rescue all 4. They get slightly more difficult at this point, but
are no big deal as long as you get out of the way of their
slow but damaging attacks.
5. In the burning tower, you will have to rescue 3 civillians. This
can get a bit frustrating and will take a bit of patience. The first
one is right next to where you start of. After rescuing him,
look up and use the perch points to get up to the second
civillian. Once you grab a hold of him, go around all the
flames to the safe point instead of trying to head for
it directly. I know it’s tempting since it’s right in front of
you, but it will not work! The trick about getting to the last
civillian involves finding the perch points to get high enough.
Search the corners of the area to find them, and keep making
your way up. Time is of the essence, so do it as quickly as
possible. If the building ’s “health” runs out before you can
rescue the civillians and make your way out, you will need to
start over. Once you rescue the third person, make your
way up using perch points 2 more times and you will be able
to move on.
Part 2
1. Proceed down the straight path and you will engage in close
range combat with Vulture. At first, you cannot attack and
have to dodge his blows successfully. Then, there will be
moments when the fiend will let go of your hands- take that
opportunity to punch him. After the close range, you will
fight him in a regular battle. Just remember to chase him out
of the shadows when he jumps up, and keep hitting him
when he is recovering between attacks to unlock your next
achievement and clear the level.
Chapter 8 – Scorpion
Part 1
1. Looks like we are back to the Spiderman of the future. After
the awesome introduction, defeat all of the enemies and keep
moving down the building. Once you reach the door that
you are told to melt, pick up the scorpion eggs that
materialize with your web and throw them at the door. If
you don ’t do this quickly, the eggs will explode shortly after
materializing and deal a good amount of damage to you.
2. In the next area, you will need to save the 2 scientists in order
for them to open the door. Turn on your spidey sense here
to locate them. You will notice they are behind a wall and that
you can ’t get to them. Remember the door that you melted
with scorpion eggs earlier? Well, you will need to do the
same thing to get to the scientists. Once you rescue them,
protect them from the onslaught of monsters until they finish
doodling at the controls. Proceed forward into the now open
3. Looks like we are back to the Spiderman of the future. After
the awesome introduction, defeat all of the enemies and keep
moving down the building. Once you reach the door that
you are told to melt, pick up the scorpion eggs that
materialize with your web and throw them at the door. If
you don ’t do this quickly, the eggs will explode shortly after
materializing and deal a good amount of damage to you.
4. In your first fight with Scorpion, attack him when he is still.
Hit him a few times and back off. Make sure to keep your
distance- his attacks have a long range, hit hard, and come in
combos. Whenever he jumps up onto the wall and starts
throwing the scorpion eggs at you, throw them back at him
to knock him to the ground. Every time this happens, come
up to him and press B. This is how you will do most of your
Part 2
1. In the next area, you will have a BUNCH of civillians to save.
Seems simple, but notice the health bar on the bottom
screen. The scorpion spawns in this room attack the
civillians, so you will have to turn on your spidey sense and
run around the room making sure everyone gets hurt as little
as possible. Here ’s how: Once you defeat the scorpions
around a civillian, it will take a lot of time for them to come
back, so leave that civillian there and go save another one that
IS being attacked. Come back for the ones that don ’t have
enemies around them later. Once again, the speed and
thriftiness with which you tackle this part is essential.
2. Continue chasing Scorpion until you reach the room with the
elevator. Ride the elevator to the top by jumping on top of it
and destroy the new wave of enemies.
3. In your final fight with Scorpion, there are 2 things to keep in
mind. The first thing is: do NOT pick up the emblem that
you see when the fight begins. There is only one in this
entire room, so wait until you are low on health and need to
recover. The second thing to keep in mind is that you cannot
hit him while he is moving. He will counter with a very
damaging take down. Wait until he is either implanted into
the ground or until he is hanging from the rise in the center
of the room shooting eggs at you. If you throw them back at
him, he will fall to the ground and you will be able to do
some damage while he is recovering.
4. Achievement Unlocked: Took The Sting Out of Him: It
is at this point of the game that you are all going to take your
pens, write to the makers of the game and let them know
you feel about their puns. Just kidding.
Chapter 9 – Deadpool
Part 1
1. Turn on your spidey sense to detect where the cameras are.
Locate them and smash them all.
2. The cameras in the second set are a bit more difficult to find.
One of them is flying around very high in the air. It is
constantly moving, so follow the arrow in your spidey sense
to get to it. Two of them are together inside of the strange
building where you fight Deadpool ’s minions. One of the two
in here can be destroyed easily, the other senses when you
approach it so use your web to fling yourself at it. The last
one is easy to spot, but tricky to get to. Climb the wall around
the structure and look for the small vent which you can climb
into. Approach the camera from the back and smash it.
3. Fight Deadpool, using the B button to grab him every time he
teleports and you are prompted to do so. There ’s nothing
special to this fight at all- just pummel him until his HP runs
4. Move across the perch points as quickly as you can. The
objective in this next part is to get up to the plateaus before
the tidal waves destroy you. The first one is relatively easy.
The second one is the most difficult- you may have to do it a
few times to memorize the different points you can swing
from. Don ’t get discouraged, however. It’s possible. Once
you get up to the third plateau, go up on the diving board,
wait for the boat to come near you, and swing across the
boat to safety.
5. The last fight with the 3 Deadpools is a cakewalk compared to
that last part! Just use your regular physical attacks.
Whenever one of them grabs a hold of you, hit B
consecutively really fast to get out of it. They will throw
explosives on the floor, but this is easily avoidable by
perching on the wall until they are done. You will unlock the
Canceled Achievement after this fight and clear the level.
Chapter 10 – Juggernaut
Part 1
1. Upon entering this level, you will immediately be thrust into a
battle. The key to winning this one is not to attack when the
boss is moving or in the middle of his charges (he resmebles
a large, dumb bull doesn ’t he?). Pick the right times to attack
when the bully is still and you’ll win. In the next area, defeat
all of the enemies. Watch out for the helicopter’s gunfire- it
will drain your health fast.
2. Once you reach the area with the fire, rescue the three
workers and have them help you turn it off. It is not
necessary to defeat all of the enemies in this area so don’t
bother and just go straight for the civillians you need to save.
3. Climb up the building and chase Juggernaut as he hops
around, throwing various projectiles at the helicopter. After
you chase him down, engage in close range combat with
him. You will need to dodge a few of his attacks and hit him
with whatever punching combination you choose.
Afterwards, you will fight him one final time. He is fairly easy-
his main attack where he creates a shockwave in the ground
can be dodged by jumping. Deal the appropriate amount of
damage to him and you will get the Something CAN stop
Juggernaut Achievement and beat this short but
nonetheless fun level.
Chapter 11 – Goblin
Part 1
1. Rescue the 3 civillians. You will first need to sneak up on all of
the men around them and use stealth attacks. If you confront
them head on, you have no chance. Use the web pull to get
them out of the cages and then take them to the safe spot.
After you do this, follow the path across the screen with the
perch points. You will engage in some close range combat
which is won the same way as always (make sure to dodge
all of the attacks and punch in between).
2. In the next area, you will have to rescue 3 civillians once
again. This bit is much more tricky as there are a very large
number of gunmen to contend with. You need to eliminate
them before rescuing the civillians. Use the shadows and the
perch points around the enemies to position yourself
correctly for the takedown. The three civillians have to be
rescued in a certain order. The first civillian to rescue is the
one that is NOT held captive in an electric cage. He will turn
off the electricity for civllian 2, and once you rescue civillian 2
he will turn off the electricity for civillian 3. In the next area,
open the doors until you find the right one (hint: look at them
carefully, one of the doors is not like the others).
3. Make your way through the excessively creepy house. You
will engage in another bout of close range combat, directly
after which you will have to rescue a civillian. To do this,
jump down to where they are and web pull as quickly as
possible. If you are too slow, both you and the poor man will
get crushed.
4. The last thing left to do at this level is to get your Circus
Freak Achievement and defeat the big bully. You are going
to have to damage him in a couple of different ways. For the
first few blows, wait until he is implanted into the ground and
target his back. Then, the arena will change into sections of
light and shadow. Sneak up on Goblin in the shadows and
press B to take him down. Keep cycling through these two
ways of fighting him and eventually you will wear him
Chapter 12 – Doctor Octopus
Part 1
1. Head down the futuristic tube and try to dodge as many of
the bars as you can. You will need to find 4 cores from the
reactor and use your web pull on them. The first you will
stumble upon as you move ahead. To get to the second,
save the 3 scientists and have them open the panel. To reach
the third, go back the way you came from across the city
2. Once you are back inside the main room, head towards Lab
2. Here you will fight a giant mechanical arm. You will need to
use the holes that open up in the floor to damage it. It targets
you, so place yourself by the holes that open up, bait it into
attacking, and then dodge it (or don ’t, it doesn’t matter much
because you only need to do this a few times). Once the arm
is electrocuted, jump up on the machine and push B to attack
its operator.
3. Once you deactivate the third reactor, you will need to get
through another mechanical arm the same way to get to the
fourth one. Once you do that, go to the giant platform in the
center of the room. It is here that you will fight Dr. Octopus
for the last time. You need to use your web pull on the knobs
to get her out of the force field. Once that happens, she will
fall into a repetitive attack pattern. When she is glowing with
energy and lighting up the floor in the room, use a string of
web jumps to keep yourself suspended in the air and you
will not get hit. Once her attack cycle is over, thrust yourself
towards her with the web and press B to damage her. In the
final phase of the fight, defeat her minions. They will turn into
energy balls which you will need to throw at Dr. Octopus
with your web to deal the final damage, complete level, and
get your Lay Down Your Arms achievement.
Chapter 13 – Carnage
Part 1
1. For the beginning chunk of this level, you will be going from
room to room in a (once again) fairly straightforward path.
Really your objective is to kill enemies. Once you have killed a
certain amount in each area, the door will open to the next
destination. Be patient.. there really are a lot of of enemies and
this will take you some time.
2. During your first fight with Canrage, hit him in spurts of 3 or
4, and when you see him tucking his body in- back away.
This is one of his two attacks. His other attack is very
damaging but can easily be avoided by using the web jump
to keep yourself off the floor. After the battle, you will need to
run away from the plane. Mash the directional button
forward and keep pushing RT. You should be able to find the
right perch points in just the knick of time. There really isn ’t
much of a strategy to this bit. Do it a couple of times, if
anything, and you ’ll get used to it a little.
3. It seems that these levels are getting shorted and less
complicated, for all that stands between you and the
Minimized Carnage Achievement is a very fun boss
battle. To start off, Carnage will be enclosed in a massive
cacoon type of thing. Fortunately, you will have a few droids
with flamethrowers helping you out. Your job is to protect
these droids from the minions that will try to take them out.
You get an unlimited supply of droids, so don ’t fret too much
if you can’t defend them all. After the droids melt the shield,
you will engage in close range combat with Carnage. Dodge
his attacks and hit him when he ’s not hitting you. Finally, the
last phase of the fight takes place as a regular one on one.
Just strike Carnage to deal damage to him. These three
phases will cycle a few times in the same order with no
variation. Time to move on to the last level!!
Chapter 14 – Mysterio
Part 1
1. The entirety of this level is a battle against Mysterio. In all the
great fashion of a very fitting and satisfying end, you will face
him as the different Spiderman personalities. In the first
sequence, swing from perch point to perch point while
staying in the shadows. Bring yourself close enough to
Mysterio and you will be able to grab him with your web. In
the second fight sequence, you will need to use the orbs that
Mysterio attacks you with. Break them and they will release
energy that will damage him. Sometimes, this boss will
destroy the arena and reassmeble it. Use your web to move
along with the fragments of the stadium and you will be fine.
Next, you will be Spiderman of the future. Use the A button
to accelerate yourself towards Mysterio while dodging all of
the projectiles. When you get close to him.. grab him with B
and punch him with X. Do this a few times, and you will
have one ego left. With the last fight, there are three floating
isles with enemies on them. Find them, destroy the enemies,
and you will be able to use your pull web ability to damage
Mysterio. Once there is one blow left to be dealt, approach
Mysterio ’s face and Spiderman will hit him in his mask. The
fight is over.
2. Achievement: Final Curtain Call- Game over!

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