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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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[[• PROBLEM BOX •]] - quick.solution

{463 prob. Has been checked}
problem box - [[• PROBLEM BOX •]]
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Hi User's, Here you can write your problems, Related to your sites and/or problems about the peperonity community. [only Hindi and English]

Here you can see Some common problem's which nEw user's faced Always, if u will get any 0ther u are free to ask :-

01. Add ur site in just modified, search engine, most hits, & Top sites

02. U can Move ur a/c to another a/c

03. Remove Adult tag From site

04. Report abuse users & Hacker's

05. If you want to Delete your own profile. etc.

Remeber That :

: Write here 0nly your problem's who related to peperonity... Dont write any other problem's here

Dont try to play with this site and also Dont use bad language here 0therwise that Acount will be blocked...

Best Regards
How to find out that my id is ignored by a particular person?
15.09.2014 09:56 EDT, Varun
delete ma account plz
13.09.2014 06:40 EDT,
i want to delete my account, please delete my account quickley
05.09.2014 07:17 EDT, gowtham6677
i want delete my a/c and new a/c
30.08.2014 07:37 EDT, Karthi
I want to deactibate my acnt plz
25.08.2014 07:36 EDT, anill11
I want to delete permanently my hacked account
13.08.2014 15:45 EDT, Kunal
i want permentaly delete my account pls help me sir
09.08.2014 23:37 EDT, suresh429
sir i want permenately delete my site somebody is miss use my no phoneno pls help me sir
09.08.2014 23:35 EDT, suresh429
I want to delete my account permanantly
07.08.2014 11:43 EDT, joe
sir plz delet my this acunt and profile.. acunt - tomaichudbo770
05.08.2014 17:56 EDT, tomaichudbo770
please delete my account and profile khushbu83
05.08.2014 10:21 EDT, khushbu
Please delete or reset peperonity site
03.08.2014 09:35 EDT,
Pleas delet my peperonty account
29.07.2014 13:47 EDT, stan530
muje sachha pyar karnewali ladki chahiye jo meri bivi bankr muje zindagi bhar sath de
22.07.2014 14:51 EDT, youngboy0000
How can i delet my full profile acunt delet from peperonity
21.07.2014 00:20 EDT, tomaichudbo770
मौसी के साथ कुकर्ममुहम्मद साहब की हवस की शिकार होने वाली पहली औरत का नाम " खौला बिन्त हकीम अल सलमिया - خولة بنت حكيم السلمية " था . और उसके पति का नाम "उसमान बिन मजऊम - عثمان بن مظعون " था . खौला मुहम्मद साहब की माँ की बहिन यानि उनकी सगी मौसी ( maternal aunt ) थी . इसको मुहम्मद साहब ने अपना सहाबी बना दिया था . मदीना की हिजरत में मुहम्मद आयशा के साथ खौला को भी ले गए थे .यह घटना उसी समय की है इस औरत ने अय्याशी के लिए खुद को मुहम्मद के हवाले कर दिया था .यह बात मुसनद अहमद में इस प्रकार दी गयी है ."खौला बिन्त हकीम ने रसूल से पूछा कि जिस औरत को सपने में ही स्खलन होने की बीमारी हो , तो वह औरत क्या कर...
28.06.2014 02:46 EDT, Chhmma
Jb bhi me apni profile people search me ja kr search krta hun tb meri id us list me show nahi hoti or nahi koi Visitor ata hai meri id me Plz bataiye ye kya horaha hai
20.06.2014 20:24 EDT, Mr Om Agrawal a Writer |
mai apna acount delete karna chahta hun pls mujhe btaiye kaise delete karun,
19.06.2014 03:15 EDT, ---
i want delete my acount pls tell me how
18.06.2014 14:21 EDT, ---
Mai koi v video upload nhi kar pa rhi hu.
13.06.2014 06:42 EDT, <*<sumi>*>112
pc game download karne ka site batao na plz...
12.06.2014 13:28 EDT, rupesh.dhruw
Plz delet my account from peperonity my account name is- rohan8107
10.06.2014 07:44 EDT, rohan8107
Plz delet my account from peperonity my account name is- rohan8107 plz delet this account now
10.06.2014 07:40 EDT, rohan8107
Mai koi v video upload nhi kar pa rahi hu.
06.06.2014 14:04 EDT, hot.riya28
plese delete my account now
05.06.2014 06:12 EDT, ξk TĦΛ LΛķί
delete my id please
31.05.2014 14:53 EDT, Viraj
i cant see my pictures only x in the box
30.05.2014 06:25 EDT, puseletso5
delete my id plese
28.05.2014 22:29 EDT, в я α ν є нєαят
i can not get on to my profile in it is not avlbie colin007400 is my profile
28.05.2014 14:51 EDT, master want a sex slave
pls delete my id
28.05.2014 13:58 EDT, sneha
anita pls delete my id
27.05.2014 22:39 EDT, ChaIWala
anita sis please delete my id
27.05.2014 05:37 EDT, ephemeral
anita sis please delete my id ... i want to leave peperonity
27.05.2014 05:34 EDT, √ίяαj
My old id hacking my enemy how to recover my old profile
My Site deos Not In Just M0dified List
send to message my id...
12.05.2014 13:03 EDT, balaji.hardiz0
how to use blank id in chatroom?if u talk tamil.pls send tamil reply
12.05.2014 13:00 EDT, balaji.hardiz0
sis please delete my id ...
12.05.2014 11:12 EDT, pussyhunter008
please help me my friend..some one misuse use my mom photo abuse her..i need your help to remove it..please I being help less.can u report it for me..please.. :
10.05.2014 15:54 EDT, z$
i cant see my pictures only box with (x)
08.05.2014 04:49 EDT, puseletso5
please delete my account
07.05.2014 09:51 EDT, pussyhunter
Mam plz help me . . am a old user of pepe, aBout 4 yearS old, . i have leave pepe due to my exams, bt when i cAme bACk m unable to login. .its showing erRor even after putting riGht paswrd, username n email. . plz do reply
02.05.2014 03:07 EDT, An UNTOLD TRUTH-My $ecret Luv
id ka link msg karta hu apko.madam me
02.05.2014 02:28 EDT, An UNTOLD TRUTH-My $ecret Luv
hi madam i want sme help plz help me... me pepe.ka bht old user hu. lagbhg 4 saal se.. abhi 2 months pehle exams the toh maine pepe leave kiya unfortunetly kuch din pehle wapas aaya toh.apne acount me login kiya toh error bata raha. yaha tak ki pw bhi right dalta hu toh wrong show karta h
02.05.2014 02:27 EDT, An UNTOLD TRUTH-My $ecret Luv
PLEASE DO SOMETHING a blank user is doing blank flooding in coffeebar chatroom all languages we are not able to do chat and his id is invisible
Please remove adult content from my site
24.04.2014 06:38 EDT, dbrothers
Someone has made a fake account on my original name..with my personal info in it...Just to harass me...Please help
17.04.2014 06:43 EDT, priti.kaur0
Plz remove my empty sites thanx
09.04.2014 01:38 EDT, premi30
Plz remove my empty sites thanx
09.04.2014 01:34 EDT, premi30
meri id hack ho gayi he xxx5635 wo muze wapas de do jaladi pl. pl. pl.
08.04.2014 18:24 EDT, musalim land west anita
Abhi tak mera problem solve nahi hua! maine 3 april ko bhi message kiya tha! but no care! why! Pls mere site ko jald se jald modify karne ki koshish kare! thanks!
08.04.2014 03:29 EDT, THE LION OF BIHAR
Mujhe 4 dino se kisi bhi user se apne message ka jawab nahi mil raha hai! aisa kyon.? baar- baar mere sath ye problem hota hai! pls. mere problem ko jald se jald solve kiya jaye! thanks!
03.04.2014 04:12 EDT, THE LION OF BIHAR
Hw 2 write stories in my site
01.04.2014 10:08 EDT, shridhar
i want to delete my pepe account please help me as soon as possible..
13.03.2014 08:34 EDT, suck my big dick 9654
Having problem deleting my account thought i could find some decent people to chat with but no it is mostly pervs please delete my account. THANK YOU
08.03.2014 20:36 EST, floridaangel
04.03.2014 16:50 EST, name changed
Main apna profile complete nahi kar pa raha hun jaise Gendar aur privious 2-3 days i sending many massages and pictures to my friends but they cannot response
26.02.2014 20:31 EST, sandeep7124
add my blog and visit my sites
Please add my site n just modified! thanks!Meri real id blandy.Ka.Hot.Lund2 hai! jaykant !
24.02.2014 05:19 EST, THE LION OF BIHAR
I have not been getting any reply from any user friend for 2 days! sometime I get 2 or 3 reply and stop again! I complained about it ago also but no any result. why do this problem create again and again? pls.check this problem and inform to me and kindly solve it quickly! thanks!
24.02.2014 04:35 EST, THE LION OF BIHAR
i need my buddies and friends mobile,msg,call,hot fun.looking girls and bhabi,aunti
Can load pics of pretty girls in bikinis,without gettin adult tag,how little or how much cleavage:Di dono,i just want sum nice pics of giselle bundchen up:D
Pl Delete my Id From Your Site My Id Is Pl Delete my Id as Early as You can...
19.02.2014 04:41 EST,
Meri real id lundchut20 hai or user name phone sex hai par me apna pasword recover nahi kar pa raha email bhi use kar raha hun par koi mail nai a rahi password recover ke liye plz help me
01.02.2014 03:47 EST, lundlomera20
hai i am raja chennai my no 9884520879
21.01.2014 23:43 EST, raja(adayar)
Hi ! How will i video upload plz?? I trying to sent my video from my email in this pep email id but not uploading?
04.01.2014 11:08 EST, LOPA19
mera real love patner nehi very said hu. Please help me.any namber do birbhum ka.
02.01.2014 07:28 EST, prem7130
Plz....add my site to just modified.i updated it many time not come to just modified
01.01.2014 10:31 EST, Aalok Rock
Why my sites not come in just modified?
01.01.2014 10:18 EST, Aalok Rock
Why my sites not come in just modified
01.01.2014 10:17 EST, Aalok Rock
Mujhe begusgarai fmles k profiles nhi milte.Pls is prblm ko dur kre.
18.12.2013 19:22 EST, SHIV AAJ V GURU HAIN.
ther r my buddies at site.but thy are any one no online.and not give reply to me.i want to my past 1 year all site visit to me.enable chat
invaide jar ho rha hia
10.12.2013 04:14 EST, ajaythakorfacebookco
i hav not search any anty number. how can i get the anty numbers?
05.12.2013 13:24 EST, saran kutty@
meri Aag bujhti nahi
02.12.2013 05:44 EST, dipu.thakare0
Comply the report of dtd.16.11.2013 sent by me!
30.11.2013 21:46 EST, THE LION OF BIHAR
hw cam i delete my pics from my profile becauz i cnt see any aption to delete the pic plz help me i want delete my old pic nd wnt to add my new pic
28.11.2013 09:09 EST, deepanker
Mera phone Nokia 2700 classic hai. Isme blutooth hang ho gya hai. Jab bhi BT on kro screen white ho jaati hai. Restore bhi kiya but kuch nhi hua. Plz help me.
21.11.2013 07:06 EST, praveen1997
I have not been getting any reply of my message sent to my user friend for last several time. I get 2 or 3 reply of at least 20 or 30 message! I also informed about it to moderation team many times but it vain! Plz.Check my problem and solved it quickly. thanks!
16.11.2013 10:24 EST, THE LION OF BIHAR
is there any option of delete an account
10.11.2013 14:12 EST, Allah se Daro
N73 ke liye smart movie chahiye par ragistored my imi no 355718025025469
30.10.2013 09:32 EDT, N A A Z I M weds S A M I N A
its not showing friends online
30.10.2013 05:08 EDT, shoaib88
Hi! Sometimes I don't get any reply from any user friend for several hours ! why this?please check my problem and solve it! thanks
18.10.2013 05:20 EDT, THE LION OF BIHAR
how can i delete a pic from my site
15.10.2013 11:13 EDT, newrazer
i want to delete my profile aaskapanchhi
09.10.2013 16:07 EDT, motatagdaland
Ye site bilkul bekaaaar hai problem ka solution hi nhi dete!! but I am the best in the world
03.10.2013 02:44 EDT, john6103
wanted to delete my profile username aaskapanchhi,unable
02.10.2013 14:16 EDT, motatagdaland
wanted to delete my site aaskapanchhi
02.10.2013 14:08 EDT, motatagdaland
Samsung c3010 me 300kb se big games nhi chalti please help me?
02.10.2013 07:52 EDT, john6103
plz plz helpme i want remove adult warning in my site
25.09.2013 13:20 EDT, dhimv
plz I want to remove my account how can I do?
24.09.2013 00:21 EDT, ..
I want to delete my account permanent how can I delete plz help me...
24.09.2013 00:20 EDT, ..
How i can make friend?
21.09.2013 13:23 EDT,
plz remove my a/c from pep
20.09.2013 07:16 EDT, aslamkhan40
remove my account from peperonity
11.09.2013 23:59 EDT, aslamkhan40
please remove my profile and remove me name your site and also google
11.09.2013 23:57 EDT, aslamkhan40
hai i want to delete my account from this site. how can i delete? plz help me.....
07.09.2013 13:35 EDT, Deactivated
hai low income please help
05.09.2013 05:02 EDT, rajanwin
i dont like this account so, how can delete my account please say.
01.09.2013 13:29 EDT, sexy2030
31.08.2013 12:07 EDT, kind.good.heart0
Want a cute girl for sex
21.08.2013 03:43 EDT, LUND apke liye
Hi anita kasi ho g
17.08.2013 12:43 EDT, harpaldult
Please i dont know why my user name doesnt appear in online users. Fix it please
Agar kisi ko apni gand marwani hai to 8053311762
31.07.2013 22:35 EDT, dagar
Anita ji my site ko add own rohan my real video hai
27.07.2013 08:47 EDT, Want gud woman
जय हिंद
21.07.2013 11:22 EDT, ranjeetkumarverma
15.07.2013 20:57 EDT, Want gud woman
how to decorate my site by spl words lik u
06.07.2013 21:51 EDT, ¸.•♥•Chandru•♥•.¸
I am cal boy onli for dax sarvice sab kuchh secrat rahega. 09873864453 delhi sonu
20.06.2013 16:43 EDT, sonu.panday13
i want to online sex chat,fun with all my friend.pls modified my site
im frm nepal loking honest girl and lady b4 one year.can u help me.i trust u.
15.06.2013 05:58 EDT, gyahendra.rana2
how i make my blog blog of the week
29.05.2013 05:30 EDT, sonam (abuser not allow)
Melayani jasa dan konsultasi masalah : karir,pelet,jual tnh/rmh agr laku terjual,jimat judi,jimat sabung ayam,jimat sex,azimah bnda bertuah,progrm guru husada,dll.silahkn kunjungi: Http://mahkota-hati.mywapblog.comm/
17.05.2013 12:22 EDT, azimah
Dear sis. Please move/shift thd entire content of this site to my new id with username "i,m.ran" i shall b highly oblidged thanking u
25.04.2013 03:35 EDT, Ek
Mujhe photos & songs uplode karne hai kaise karu pls. Help
23.04.2013 14:11 EDT, Rajveer...
What about if you delete a site and you want to used the name to build another site and there is a problem like you cannot again.
23.03.2013 02:41 EDT, suleimana
Kindly deactivate my acccount
07.03.2013 07:19 EST, letsenjoy
i want to my unwanted site deleted
Want a true girl for face2 face real frdship plj help me i m alone
i want to delete my site my site is i forgot my login details and lost my email id iwant delete my site
10.02.2013 23:56 EST, akhilch.ch0
Hai friend how are you
10.02.2013 09:32 EST, mukunthan5
sir,is site se ek se jyada apna account bana sakte hai?
08.02.2013 20:12 EST, rich-ard
hai firnds i am ajay
07.02.2013 15:35 EST, ajay.sex1
Hi can you remove adult tag on my site thanks
07.02.2013 15:04 EST, ★download everything★
Phone sex vanum only nan epadi girls number a yadukarathu
04.02.2013 04:56 EST, manoo666
How can i delete my accaunt?
03.02.2013 11:51 EST, *OM NAMAH SHIVAY*
Hello anita mam i want to change my login name how can i change my login name pls help me in this and kindly solve my problem.Thanks your's faithfully.
02.02.2013 19:08 EST, Closed GOD BLESS U ALL
how can i delete my account.?
29.01.2013 23:37 EST, Bicurious Vhinz
Muza apni id ka password change krna tha.old password yaad nhi plz help
26.01.2013 17:40 EST, highjacker0
Mera ek friend tha matlb peperonity me. Ham chating krne lage. Ph no exchange kiya. Ham bate kiya. Ekdin usne mujhe ghut bole to mene kaha. I hate lier. Uska id- ajay sutradhar.bengoli boy guwahati. Hein. Avi oh mujhe avi dhamki de raha hen ki oh mujhe Media me expose krega. Jitna vi mesage he oh dikha dega. Please help me me kiya karu. Please mujhe help kare.
23.01.2013 02:57 EST, Raj
How i change my Name and ph nunber in peporonity pls tell me
21.01.2013 10:30 EST, Tun
m apni friend list and my favrate list hide karna chata hu pl muze isk liye kya karna hoga
18.01.2013 07:21 EST, ATUL JAIN need whatsapp user girl
how to hide my friends list and my favrate list?
18.01.2013 07:09 EST, ATUL JAIN need whatsapp user girl
red & green buttens dues not shown in my page,please rectify that one
17.01.2013 09:09 EST, chandranmoon
i love cristy .but she ,..please help her.
16.01.2013 13:54 EST, gyahendrarc
add pep.Top site in my site
10.01.2013 06:19 EST, [J@¥E$H THAKAR]
Dear plz remove adult tag in my site & add pep.Top site in my site
10.01.2013 06:14 EST, [J@¥E$H THAKAR]
Cant see my visitors. Whats the problem?
09.01.2013 18:16 EST, Binky1:-) bye frnds!
Cnt see who has visit my site. I wna sprate my visiters. Soo hw cn i?
09.01.2013 06:16 EST, Em MuSLiM.. rEaD BLOG...
can't see who has viewed my profile any solutions
09.01.2013 02:56 EST, ron2109
I am new here. I was still confuse on how to go back in my profile. Please help me.
08.01.2013 23:43 EST, Ende Brausekreuzen Brillant
mei chat nahi kar pa raha hu. any one friend and other no rply me
Main apni visitor list nahi dekh paa raha hun solution batayen
06.01.2013 06:13 EST, chauhan382
thy used my num as wrngly... publishd in site...
05.01.2013 05:08 EST, ♥ðєєρακ409™♥
Plz solve my problem as soon as possible.
01.01.2013 02:17 EST, suchorita1
I can't see my visiters option in my profile option during three/two days.
01.01.2013 02:14 EST, suchorita1
I want to add my site in just modified, can u help me?
30.12.2012 22:04 EST, mafia.war
Hw can I see visitors on my page.
30.12.2012 03:09 EST, kavanjali
Hi, sis hw r u ? I want 2 remove my adult favourites from my profile fvrts can u help me plz ?
29.12.2012 22:16 EST, ♥λŧ♥ salman ♥λŧ♥
Name: Jack Andy FudsonContact No. : jackfudson@gmail.comI can't find feedback link so this is might the correct place to feedback. I just want to say that:I think peperonity may need an upgrade like profile pictures, detailed profile information, color(it's too dark), shoutbox, photo album, peperonity application... And a feedback button.. :)I love peperonity and I want it to become more efficient, smoother, and fun to use.. * I am looking forward for your reply.. Sorry if I had a very bad english.. :)
29.12.2012 04:08 EST, DaNy_gqy_86
Why u r cant add my visitors list i cant c it today pls
28.12.2012 12:28 EST, R n @the real fn $$$
Can't see my visitors list anymore. Hope you can help! thanks
28.12.2012 11:13 EST, lindaloveslaces
i cant see my visiters list
28.12.2012 02:43 EST, jayaprakash
i can'see my visiters list from yesterday
28.12.2012 01:32 EST, jayaprakash
Can u stop add in pages ?
24.12.2012 10:34 EST, neha8088
I can not found my site
24.12.2012 00:04 EST, izazkhatri0 07838489775
Sir mugay daily k login sy problem ha is ka koi hal kerain thanks
21.12.2012 07:37 EST, sania.khan19
Plz add my blog in latest entry
19.12.2012 18:06 EST,
Tinklapiu katalogas toplistas taip pat ir Reklamuokites i sveikata:))
14.12.2012 07:19 EST, FreeWebmail
add my site.with reply my friends online every time
11.12.2012 11:17 EST, can you add some blakberry application
11.12.2012 10:21 EST, sexy boy
anita ji aap ko bane wale bhaut aache parents honga ji
11.12.2012 09:19 EST, vikas9539
anita ji ky mai aapka dost ban sakta hu ji bolo plg
11.12.2012 09:16 EST, vikas9539
I want to go back to nigeria version
10.12.2012 18:13 EST, godstime72
My id roopendra.singh9443 i forget pasword plz send pasword
05.12.2012 15:18 EST, Ruppy28
Add my helping site in pep and your site
04.12.2012 11:44 EST, @Uday@ FREE SERVICES
03.12.2012 06:27 EST, FreeWebmail
plz delete my peperonity account opermanently
03.12.2012 06:24 EST, maya7040
delete my a/c permanantly
02.12.2012 18:58 EST, only girls
plz blocked my a/c
02.12.2012 18:57 EST, only girls
I cant dowload videos help me
24.11.2012 07:38 EST, Ashif.tamil0
i want the name of my peperonity site which use the mail address
21.11.2012 13:02 EST, king112233
Images not downloading
15.11.2012 04:34 EST, ahamad70
I want to remove all my comment which is written by me
13.11.2012 08:11 EST, Raj
add real id not fake.plz.fak id me dhoka hotahi.
13.11.2012 00:48 EST, gyahendrarc
Plz add my site in pep home surchengine page
08.11.2012 05:47 EST, [J@¥E$H THAKAR]
03. Remove Adult tag From site
07.11.2012 12:17 EST, rajesh19760 alwar
me apni site se gadi photo hatana chahta hun
07.11.2012 12:15 EST, rajesh19760 alwar
How to find friends is on 2 chat easily
04.11.2012 12:04 EST, Sexy boy
Mai ise aise use karu? meri samaz me nahi aa raha he. please help me!
03.11.2012 14:26 EDT, abhijeet376
01.11.2012 08:08 EDT, chikiz2
no messag comeing in my mailbox plz help me
27.10.2012 09:08 EDT, SACHIN*
any sms not coming my inbox plz help me
no mrg comeing in my mailbox plz helf me
Hw can i create a chat room in my site,,If m in mobile...plz help
27.10.2012 06:56 EDT, TATANAGAR KA LADKA
Hw can i create a chat room in my site...plz help
27.10.2012 06:55 EDT, TATANAGAR KA LADKA
pls my mainbox did not display my massage only show zero massage in read and send
27.10.2012 01:33 EDT, Johndele
26.10.2012 00:30 EDT, mac¡puL™
i cant download video
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