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Sexy Massage - real-sex

Sexy Massage
* * *
Every man are AL-KAIDA to woman. First he distroy her TOWIN TOUR,And finally he pushed his MISSILE to her BLANKER.
* * *
A girl asked a hujur.
Girl:Can i kiss my lover?
Girl:Can i kiss my boyfriend?
Girl:Can i kiss u?
* * *
Baa Baa black dick
Have you any sperm?
Yes man, yes man two balls firm.
None for my girl friend, none for my ex.
But all for the horny girl reading the text.
* * *
Benefits of girls milk..
1.Cat can't drink.
2.No need to boil.
3.No expire date.
4.Packed safely.
5.Task noe's & enjoy two.
6.Girl milk has all vitamins.
* * *
A man went for blood test.Nurse took sample but didn't find any cotton.So she sucked his finger.The man become happy & said 'Can I have a urine text next?
* * *
Smart boy+Smart girl=Romance.
Smart boy+Foolish girl=Love.
Smart girl+Foolish boy=Marriage.
* * *
Boys always say to the girl..
Come on sexy.
Come to my taxi.
Open ur mexy.
Them my rocket can enter in ur galaxy.
And i will use condom because it is risky.
* * *
A college girl wore a zeans pant but her chain was open.A boy saw this.He came to her & told..
"Please close your Tajmahal's door,My Kutub Minar is danching."
* * *
A girl ask 2 her teacher,"Why cow seems depressed when being milked?"
Teacher said,"If someone sucks
ur breast for 30 miniuts &don't fuck u,U'll fell the same"
* * *
Friends r like 'UNDERWARE' always comforting.
Good friends r like'BRA' always supportive.
Great friends r like'CONDOM'always protective.Tell me which one is U?
* * *
Girl's reaction to penis..
Size- 8''-Shit pain, 7"-Oaow great,
6"-Yes perfect,
4"-Push more,
3"-Just in,
2"-Idiot,push u'r tounge.
* * *
A man went a ladies toilet.
An woman said him why u come here? It's only for ladies.The man open his pant,showing his penis answered
"It's also 1ly 4 ladies"
* * *
Boy:Can I touch ur software?
Girl:First show ur hardware.
Boy:Can I download in ur system?
Girl:Use anti virus protection.Your program may have HIV.
* * *
Once a cooker taken an egg for Omlet.But when he break it,he was surprised!
It was empty,Then the cooker said with anger,"Shalah..! Today Hen Also Use Condam".
* * *
How do you teach a girl math?
Add her a bed,Subtract her clothes,Divide her legs,Enter your square root,Leave your solution & hope she doesn't multipy you.
* * *
Life is like a penis. Sometimes up sometimes down, sometimes hard sometimes soft, sometimes big sometimes small, sometimes in sometimes out,
So enjoy the penis!
* * *
A girl said to a boy,
I want 'PEPSI' P=Please
E=Enter ur
P =Penis
..The boy told her,
I need RC.
C= Condom.
* * *
Don't fuck a lady.
If you fuck a lady, you will get a baby
& you will be Daddy!
So,Use RAJA to save your Rani.
* * *
Fther:my 5years old son is vry naughty. He made all my female survents pregnant.
Doctor:what!how did he do that?
Fther:he took a pin &punched in all my condoms.
* * *
How to use prepaid sex?
Scratch the panty,
press the nipples,
enter penis.
A voise will confirm if the entry is ok,aah! ooh?
Card accepted!
So want a try?
* * *
Zine:Hukum korun Malik!

Man:Jao amar jonno akta magi nea aso.

Zine:Ami to magir dalal na.

Man:Tahole k magir dalal bolo?

Zine:Ja akon ai sms ta porsa sa.
* * *
When an apple is's ready to plaug.When a girl is 16,she is ready to fucked.Apple says cut me,bit me bum.Girl says suck me,fuck me make me mum.
* * *
A man married a traffic police lady.
After first night he heard that his wife charged him-
tk100 for over speed,tk200 for wrong entry
& tk500 for no helmet.
* * *
Sex life:
at age 20
try daily.
at age 30
try weekly
at age 40
try monthly
at age 50
try and try
at age 60
try and cry
at age 70
try and die
at age 80

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