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sabari4u - nisa's mobile blog - sabari1327

actress swathi - sabari4u Woman Indian
06.03.2009 20:18 EST
Hi friends here you find beautiful pictures and etc,pls wait till to finish of updation
Hy Beautiful
22.08.2014 03:29 EDT, jaklinmaria
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17.08.2014 14:36 EDT, sameer111118
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01.07.2014 09:38 EDT, ttaiaa3
hiiiiiiiiiii, friends
24.04.2014 14:28 EDT, rohit33315
you are looking beautiful will you friendship with me 9007504989
15.03.2014 02:22 EDT, kamalesh861
02.03.2014 10:22 EST, LaKsHiThA 111
xo 9c.
11.01.2014 03:20 EST, mileam
17.11.2013 01:29 EST, khankhajjak
hi i want to gup shup with sexy girls
08.11.2013 22:08 EST, Dawood Mirbahar
27.09.2013 12:36 EDT, m.ramjee
20.09.2013 12:23 EDT, Mallikarjun
i love jane
09.09.2013 09:31 EDT, raj0000000009
Beautifull image are you friend please call/message me 9916926183 this is my number
03.09.2013 02:27 EDT, vijay.kumar947
how sweet
22.08.2013 06:04 EDT, madhubani1
hi girl u r too sweet ilove u
19.08.2013 17:55 EDT, sanusichittabatuta
biutiful image
19.08.2013 08:40 EDT, aref.shaikh3
hy sexy girls plz coll me 09158497481
19.08.2013 08:39 EDT, aref.shaikh3
हाय जान सेक्सी हो तुम कुछ तो दिखाया करो
13.08.2013 08:39 EDT, santosh9372
हाय जान सेक्सी हो तुम कुछ तो दिखाया करो
13.08.2013 08:38 EDT, santosh9372
Achi poss h yaar kahas e liya is poss ko
16.07.2013 03:22 EDT, rajtsharma399.fecebook0
8599996730 cl sex kolkata.
08.06.2013 04:24 EDT, rakesh179
06.06.2013 10:36 EDT, vinay
Ap bhut beuteful he i lick sex me
24.04.2013 06:19 EDT, sanjay5745
Lovely girl i like to fuck you
21.04.2013 07:54 EDT, anil9167
Sweet girl...i like to fuck her umaaa i lv u
15.04.2013 09:32 EDT, diyen.fernando0
03.04.2013 14:11 EDT, siba50
u r cute
14.03.2013 15:02 EDT, venugopal67
05.03.2013 19:33 EST,
hi.u so....quite
23.02.2013 11:08 EST, md.nuruddin60
20.02.2013 10:45 EST, mari385
i like u msg me chennai.tamil.9884733513.msg
18.02.2013 03:56 EST,
i love u
05.02.2013 01:11 EST, kiran3g
good face i like it
03.02.2013 15:20 EST, salmanbari
u cool
29.01.2013 13:05 EST, jonatan65
hi sexy
29.01.2013 12:40 EST, vikash8031
Hai how are you
24.01.2013 06:26 EST, harish2774
24.01.2013 06:18 EST, harish2774
19.01.2013 06:16 EST, jeetu312
hai sabari h are u u are verry geut maa
11.01.2013 11:34 EST, mohamedifreq1
29.12.2012 04:52 EST, kisshaneefkhan
Ap bahut kubsuratha
23.12.2012 13:53 EST, zahir.raen0
hi ru looking so cute ma. I like u
18.12.2012 21:57 EST, shanavas85
u so good looking
18.12.2012 15:01 EST, wujung.rify0
Have u got any sex photos?
18.12.2012 02:58 EST, abzmorinitez
i want tamil anty call me 9944331559
16.12.2012 09:14 EST, muruganpuduuvai
Tum bahot khubsurat ho ji chata he k tumhare sath kuch mastikaru
08.12.2012 05:35 EST, coolboy610
07.12.2012 17:18 EST, monir984
M wanna 2lk wd u coz u r so nice outside, in side....?
07.12.2012 06:49 EST, arrzoo0
05.12.2012 10:57 EST, love3318
03.12.2012 07:14 EST, rahul24478
03.12.2012 07:11 EST, rahul24478
hi there. can we be friends?
30.11.2012 10:36 EST, sky008
ur looking sooo beautiful darling
15.11.2012 05:12 EST, premkumar
I would like u 2 b my friend
13.11.2012 23:48 EST, joe.maraita
07.11.2012 10:24 EST, kumar6663 c my blog girls comment
U r so cute good 2 ave sex with u
05.11.2012 16:18 EST, tasaun
i woul like to kiss lips to get honey from the lips. iam much egas to get it. i am mm46
04.11.2012 22:07 EST, adippar
I want to your ------ in my - ....please come and play with me
30.10.2012 11:11 EDT, theultimatespy
Hi girl u xo beautiful
30.10.2012 03:00 EDT, seriano
29.10.2012 17:11 EDT, parkerlifemzm
hi u r so hot & sex dear
27.10.2012 13:29 EDT, Mumbai Raj hike no 9011018462
She is cho cute. Uuuuma
22.10.2012 23:53 EDT, hotpreet1
Hay! Verysuper.
12.10.2012 02:56 EDT, ~sampath~
Hi call me darling 9900399385
11.10.2012 14:59 EDT, augustin48
Hi call me darling
11.10.2012 14:57 EDT, augustin48
Nice n beauty
04.10.2012 08:02 EDT, varma73
u r looking so cute.
01.10.2012 01:42 EDT, mbshar
Cool pic. Greetings from the pacific coming your way. Cheers!
23.09.2012 01:07 EDT, traimchol
22.09.2012 14:11 EDT, yaroyarosalbabadk88
hai sweety i mis u darling
22.09.2012 00:37 EDT, sexchatgirlsonly007
tum bahut khubsurat ho
20.09.2012 12:00 EDT, bada.lund17
Hey call on 09596855640
19.09.2012 11:32 EDT, patilg
16.09.2012 04:30 EDT, babycent
Helo baby
16.09.2012 04:29 EDT, babycent
15.09.2012 04:46 EDT, uche4ok20
Chk my pics n imagine hw attrctive w'll b our couple...:-*
13.09.2012 17:42 EDT, Arnav
sexy and beautyful
13.09.2012 00:39 EDT, rahulshukla99
you ara n --- girls
11.09.2012 21:32 EDT, humayun.kabir7
like u,lovely
11.09.2012 08:16 EDT, jaybon
13.08.2012 11:05 EDT, jessi850
13.08.2012 10:05 EDT, sunil999333
05.08.2012 02:46 EDT, CALL BAY
14.07.2012 00:04 EDT, dipak2201
wow! ur very nice sis,.
11.07.2012 21:17 EDT, I need a cute SISTER
10.07.2012 17:13 EDT, rajsexy only woman bhabhi aunti
wow,i cant wait 2 c
09.07.2012 12:16 EDT, franboak
09.07.2012 02:59 EDT, fysal9
this post will very beautiful girl
04.07.2012 05:59 EDT, dupur123456
this post will very beautiful girl
04.07.2012 05:48 EDT, dupur123456
01.07.2012 14:33 EDT, Rahul saxena18
Hey ap ka pis mast he.
24.06.2012 09:24 EDT, rocky.roy16
08.06.2012 09:42 EDT, sajeesh03
hy nice buity
07.06.2012 17:18 EDT, rajendra.singh1981
07.06.2012 00:27 EDT, assligo007
Very very hot
hey nice picter can icome to visite u there iwant to of us to make a family
05.06.2012 13:08 EDT, sthokoza
05.06.2012 01:13 EDT, abeycity11
hellow love what want is only meet u. u so nice
04.06.2012 16:28 EDT, sthokoza
Hai u r very hot baby pls call me
03.06.2012 04:57 EDT, Ravi 143
02.06.2012 14:40 EDT, Veeky
so sweet
02.06.2012 08:02 EDT, HOT
Simple akarshak cute
27.05.2012 00:47 EDT, banti320 hindi {pipariya,m.p.}
plz call me 9898601398
24.05.2012 18:10 EDT, rahul8199
hi sabari,how are you ?
22.05.2012 09:33 EDT, Love You Honey..**!!
Hi if u want 2 fuck call me
19.05.2012 16:12 EDT, blackthinplayboy1
Hi iam new friendship with me
16.05.2012 14:30 EDT, prabhu.tarai0
13.05.2012 09:19 EDT, hyx2
u charming lady every man would like to have in his lif
21.04.2012 04:21 EDT, kwaw1
u charming lady every would like to have in his lif
21.04.2012 04:18 EDT, kwaw1
19.04.2012 10:59 EDT, jainaram
i want garlsphone no pls
17.04.2012 02:41 EDT, SUGUNA
i love u and i wnt kiss u.
15.04.2012 14:26 EDT, nityananda11
04.04.2012 10:58 EDT, vickkyaashiq
What a cute girl
03.04.2012 09:20 EDT, lovleyg33onlyFrGIRLS
03.04.2012 05:06 EDT, chanchal3877
23.03.2012 11:29 EDT, Jeeten ! Apaka swagat hai
nice pic
23.03.2012 05:21 EDT, i want a real frnd.....
22.03.2012 13:11 EDT, ppk9
22.03.2012 13:10 EDT, ppk9
Hi, i saw ur pictur. It's too good, can i have a chance fr friend only.......
11.03.2012 13:47 EDT,
This pic upload from site . Not real full fake pic .
09.02.2012 13:41 EST, alam.mumtaz0
U are so beautiful
08.02.2012 13:23 EST, osman.sheriff0
I want to sex with want me.
08.02.2012 11:52 EST, riyad.rb
hi you are so vary beautiful.where are you from ,.?i am in canada toronto ont
08.02.2012 00:49 EST, podiumbear41
wow you are so vary beautiful looking lady,come by look for podiumbear41
08.02.2012 00:13 EST, podiumbear41
06.02.2012 23:21 EST, sas60
Looking super like sex doll
06.02.2012 00:31 EST, Pooja
so super
31.01.2012 11:58 EST, narenaresh
i wented mairred you i love you sweety pls reply
30.01.2012 08:32 EST, kannanm0
29.01.2012 18:03 EST, ¥¥[>>:::ROXY:::<<]¥¥
kya khub lagti ho
29.01.2012 06:58 EST, kamal.jain3
H!!!!!!!! Sabari tum bahut sunder ho. Jada kuch lekhuga to tumhr majhk lagega..
28.01.2012 13:06 EST, b. Love
ur very beautiful girl like a pari who is come in my dream
27.01.2012 09:35 EST, loveguru011
khub misti dekhte tomay
27.01.2012 01:47 EST, abhoy2
are yaar blog me kuch likha to nahi hai
26.01.2012 23:02 EST, @rm@n k#@n
26.01.2012 16:01 EST, sylhetytamim007
26.01.2012 12:06 EST, raj19847
Chut mast hai call me on my mobile
25.01.2012 23:47 EST, rakeshchand
what is your figure very sexy face.
24.01.2012 08:09 EST, rraja14
Bahot khubsoorat teri tasbir dekhar to aisa laga ke white rose pe sunhari kirane pad gayee ho aur kali ke pani boonde chamak rahi ho
22.01.2012 05:22 EST, mimachi
nice yar if u wanna meet me if tban call me my numb 08005117572 for cup of tea do u knw ..ok i will waiting for u... call r miss
20.01.2012 01:02 EST,
very very beautifull so smart sonice inocent looking for afriend
19.01.2012 14:22 EST, pushkar.888
hi jaan
13.01.2012 05:23 EST, dinesh4.9957330
So beautiful lips
11.01.2012 13:05 EST, kushal9110
So beautiful lips
11.01.2012 13:05 EST, kushal9110
Madam, is it your photo? If it is your own , you are truly very beautiful. Lagta hai ki aap dil se bhi utna hi sundar honge. Reply me, if possible
10.01.2012 13:55 EST, prasenjit92
kya dikhti ho yaar
08.01.2012 09:05 EST, araryan83
You re so so beautiful can i be a freind?
07.01.2012 01:41 EST, up55180
hello checked on ur blog, really loved ur pics. are u an indian?
02.01.2012 13:44 EST, ediboko
Hi my cute litttle sweet babe I wanna pamper U
02.01.2012 11:23 EST, realfriendofgoa (c my blog)
hola sabrina que tal sos hermosa me gustaria charlar conocernos mas besitos
01.01.2012 20:56 EST, danil232
Sexy pic dear lovely
09.12.2011 23:53 EST, hsetin0
06.12.2011 04:29 EST, mayuri
pl send me ur opinion
28.11.2011 14:02 EST, kishor
now abhi kya kar rahe ho
28.11.2011 13:56 EST, kishor
hi nisha will u chat with me
28.11.2011 13:54 EST, kishor
18.11.2011 12:02 EST, dinesh890
i always wish 2date asians
17.11.2011 15:30 EST, clemoh
u r löoking gorgeous!
16.11.2011 09:59 EST, immu35
15.11.2011 07:55 EST, debcee
aap ke chere par ek thil chaheye kisi ki nazar na lage
14.11.2011 13:25 EST, rehan.kaish010
aap bahot khubsurt ho aapki sadgi achi lagi
14.11.2011 11:27 EST, mukeshgos
beautyfull cr
13.11.2011 16:58 EST, safe n clean sex relation
sabri can u com here in south africa bcoz im hungry for u
11.11.2011 05:27 EST, quje0
I love u sabri i cnt live without u.....? will u marry me ?
07.11.2011 07:19 EST, gordhansingh
30.10.2011 02:58 EDT, smjm
Hi im jay fr:pphillipines!ive seen ur picture!ur so pretty!
29.10.2011 14:24 EDT,
Your so cute
29.10.2011 13:18 EDT, abhijithmanu44
r you rady to cette
29.10.2011 06:12 EDT,
tume onk sundor
29.10.2011 06:08 EDT,
Hay i m nasir husain Kiya tum mujhse dosti kro gi
27.10.2011 15:16 EDT, ALONE HUSSAIN
I like u sweety Can i fuck u ...?
26.10.2011 11:25 EDT, gtl321
Hi i want fuck u.
24.10.2011 14:51 EDT, manoj.patil
i love and fuck you .suraj
24.10.2011 07:17 EDT, gopreddy
What a great opportunity to meet someone like u, i don't mind if u be my companion soulmate.
22.10.2011 05:38 EDT, Bolbo
gud girl 4 mi
20.10.2011 13:26 EDT, jim
20.10.2011 06:20 EDT, chijid1
Hey u!! Beauty how are u doing
19.10.2011 13:32 EDT, sexyhandsome22
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14.10.2011 03:20 EDT, Ramesh2244
12.10.2011 00:09 EDT,
Ur lukin gorgeous
11.10.2011 06:44 EDT, euodia.chidimma1
U r hot , buitiful u frindship with me
03.10.2011 01:55 EDT, gyanes0
02.10.2011 02:10 EDT, rameshupadhyay
30.09.2011 23:48 EDT, ""ajay""
U re very beautiful
30.09.2011 07:00 EDT, hills.frankline0
U re very beautiful
30.09.2011 07:00 EDT, hills.frankline0
Hi dear yor nice photo but it is half. pl make a new complet photo.
25.09.2011 22:01 EDT, rajiv.xxx0
suppar figar neega.pls en gooda chat pannuga
20.09.2011 07:02 EDT, sathi.raja
Hallo sabari how r u
18.09.2011 11:36 EDT, sinu23
U r goqgeous .. Wil u be my frnd
18.09.2011 02:54 EDT, Arnold
you are most beautiful person in the world.
16.09.2011 09:29 EDT, KIRAN JADHAV
Hi chhmakchllo.
15.09.2011 08:22 EDT, Akki patel
hi will u friendship me...
13.09.2011 11:29 EDT, mister35
very nice photo hai
13.09.2011 10:24 EDT, dr.bhagbat mehra
hi u r absolute beauty luv u sweety
10.09.2011 16:03 EDT, remmo1
bahut khubshurat ho kismat wala hoga wo jise tumhara pyar milega tumhe banane k liye god ko thanks
09.09.2011 23:23 EDT,
Any girl Call me 07207201975 because i am single and verz hot
06.09.2011 18:19 EDT, sanjaypratibha
Like ur phto. lv u!!! Rply me
04.09.2011 03:24 EDT,
tum bahut khobsort chand bhi tumhare samne phika pad jayga.
03.09.2011 19:12 EDT, rajiy bano09889912772
chad se bhi pyari surat tumari
01.09.2011 12:45 EDT, dubeysunil
hey very beautigull sexy woh pls be my freind.
31.08.2011 22:37 EDT, jsk10
Hai your collection is very nice
28.08.2011 12:38 EDT, Vicky
My feelings is 2 hav beautiful 1 like u.
28.08.2011 05:53 EDT, zacky.boy0
you are very swet giri,can i meet you.
26.08.2011 11:02 EDT, radical83
Beautiful & sexy ho tum yar.
25.08.2011 19:15 EDT,
Gal u so swit
25.08.2011 17:39 EDT, Mosh
mana k aap bahut sundar ho par 1 maa k liye uski beti sab se sundar hoti.
24.08.2011 07:12 EDT, Alliyan
23.08.2011 15:15 EDT, Sid Rana
Hi dear, u are so sweet.
23.08.2011 15:14 EDT, Sid Rana
21.08.2011 12:36 EDT, ompatil1
Babe can will be u
21.08.2011 03:29 EDT, hardekunle519
Tum vastav me kaphi sundar ho
really very beautiful
19.08.2011 07:27 EDT, nuru
very cute
17.08.2011 14:06 EDT, sasikala14
You have sexy boobs and i like it. You are really lazabab.
16.08.2011 09:00 EDT, jine2
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15.08.2011 07:19 EDT, arif170
you are very beautiful and looking sincere u like to make my friend.
14.08.2011 08:23 EDT, tinu786
Hi, rajesh agarwal here kya mujhse direct baat karogi. I am hot.
13.08.2011 13:17 EDT, hotrajesh2
Hi dear
13.08.2011 05:38 EDT, Shahnawaz khan
11.08.2011 23:46 EDT, moon
super figure
06.08.2011 08:02 EDT, preethiu
05.08.2011 07:14 EDT, ranjubeena
05.08.2011 05:45 EDT, pradeep
sundara mogadavale andada nagu erali
03.08.2011 10:35 EDT, kannada sexy GELAYA
01.08.2011 11:09 EDT, acrobat81
sabari ji i want make friendship with you Are you ready?
01.08.2011 05:39 EDT, sharma.rahulsharma.rahul638
31.07.2011 17:07 EDT, I AM A CLEAN & SOBER BOY.
U r a hot and seductive girl!ur eyes r beautifull
24.07.2011 08:53 EDT, sanjib87
i know u,ur a actress arnt d way nice to meet u
21.07.2011 10:35 EDT, Vicky
so biutiful sabri tumahri masumiyat mujhe bahut achi lagi
21.07.2011 06:21 EDT, viratp
hi,i'm manik from coochbehar, wants to be a good friend of you. plz. visit my profile hi2me
21.07.2011 05:31 EDT, Manik
Hi sabira so beautiful your photo
20.07.2011 03:02 EDT, surender110
Hi sabira l must let u no dat u are de best out of de rest u are tooo beautifull
15.07.2011 17:51 EDT, evans61
Hi sabira l must let u no dat u are de best out of de rest u are tooo beautifull
15.07.2011 17:51 EDT, evans61
14.07.2011 22:44 EDT, gujarati boy
u r so sweet.
13.07.2011 02:27 EDT, himanshusharma1578
khubsurti yaha aa key khatum ho jaati hai ..
11.07.2011 20:37 EDT, danial25
hi!u look admirable like an angle in your to kiss such face like yours.
06.07.2011 09:12 EDT, joe1a
hey you really look beautifull
06.07.2011 01:02 EDT, abelcook
ap bahut khubsurat hai wakayi me...
04.07.2011 22:15 EDT, LUCKNOW
U are heaven sent i appreciate
03.07.2011 00:42 EDT, Beulahsmart
so sexy
01.07.2011 13:40 EDT,
i wanna bite on ur cheek.mmm
29.06.2011 05:47 EDT, DECENT OLD MAN
hello dear
26.06.2011 00:28 EDT, amii230
hi how you doing hope your well and as your family too bye the way i am really happy to write to you this beautiful message and hope you would get it well if you reply it for further details hope to here it from you and have a nice day
24.06.2011 16:37 EDT, musa01
23.06.2011 13:46 EDT, suny4u1
23.06.2011 02:31 EDT, muratdas
Hello babe girl!4 sholimoney
22.06.2011 13:56 EDT, sholimoney
hai re kiya bat he aajtak mene tumhe dhekh kiu nahi
22.06.2011 05:04 EDT, gujarati boy
Mai tumhari hotho ko chus na chahti hu
22.06.2011 00:06 EDT, Pyari anju
gore gore gaal suit lal kamal hi kamal
21.06.2011 23:35 EDT, only true girl
ya. You are very butiful and very nice girl
20.06.2011 06:47 EDT, nandu.ram2
teri lips ko chus lunga
18.06.2011 06:24 EDT, aks
Very buautyful face
17.06.2011 06:25 EDT, sureshraja1
hi sabri very very bueti your lips rep
15.06.2011 11:33 EDT, palani19
changali distes (nice)
15.06.2011 01:03 EDT, aadi191
Hi ths is ashish u r looking so beautiful and an innocent girl nice snap.
13.06.2011 12:25 EDT, ashi00011000
Hii eak bar humko chodne do humko nasib ho jaye ga
12.06.2011 18:04 EDT, harry11116
12.06.2011 13:08 EDT, magen1982
Hi sabari, i luv ur pics and i want u to no dat u are beautiful .
11.06.2011 13:54 EDT, uhunmwangho
Nice wts ur number
09.06.2011 07:59 EDT, shyamal8888
nice lips sweet chin cool face totalllay like icecream
09.06.2011 03:13 EDT, goldwinner
09.06.2011 01:06 EDT, qayam3
08.06.2011 04:25 EDT, vardhan15
you know? how is this possible
08.06.2011 04:23 EDT, vardhan15
08.06.2011 04:20 EDT, vardhan15
u r real beauty... innocent and attractive
08.06.2011 03:27 EDT, sunny9831619363
Hi ! beautiful
05.06.2011 13:17 EDT, sonu00715
hi i am anil and i like u plz make a frend
05.06.2011 03:12 EDT, anildvkr
Hi u r like 2 honest & beutiful mind with nature u can do some for indian peple i like very much like ur emotion keep it up. Thnx.
05.06.2011 02:48 EDT, rsakti
You wud look good on my face.
04.06.2011 14:11 EDT, mingeeater
you are hot and very sexy
30.05.2011 16:16 EDT, anuraag9
i fuck u swati..
30.05.2011 04:43 EDT, arjun
26.05.2011 14:50 EDT, Rahulrd
Soniyai jai ik vari tere toh mukh moda phair manu duja saah bhi aavay na
26.05.2011 14:40 EDT, gavin33
Tum pariyo ki rani ho
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