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sabari4u - nisa's mobile blog - sabari1327 - Part 2

tumhari aankhe bahut sexy hai for friendsip pls call me @ 09424942077
12.01.2011 23:28 EST, CHOOT KA RASIA ( C MY BLOG )
Hi i love you, any tel u will call 09677995739
10.01.2011 09:28 EST, ajilntincy.l
hi happy new year. Kiya yah aap ki tasavir he?
08.01.2011 12:22 EST, kirtikumarvora
Hi sabari tum bahut hi sundar ho koi bhi acha larka tum se sadi karne ke liye chahega
05.01.2011 06:14 EST, balgobind20
01.01.2011 05:05 EST, gnanakumar
hi i am raj mere se dosti karogi. Plz answer me.
01.01.2011 03:08 EST, RANI
kya aap mere sath sex karegi
31.12.2010 14:43 EST, I love ur sister
Kya aap mere se magic sikhengi.
29.12.2010 01:55 EST, Naresh01
Kya aap mere se magic sikhengi.
29.12.2010 01:53 EST, Naresh01
sabari ager tum meri dost ban jao to meri life ban jayegi.
23.12.2010 07:50 EST, vishal232
Hai sabri u luk very sexy nd beautiful
19.12.2010 09:54 EST, ranveer21
forgot to comment................
18.12.2010 09:46 EST, king5040
12.12.2010 02:14 EST, chanukacharu0
26775503168 if u wanna chat
05.12.2010 17:02 EST, Matrix68
Can i do friendshipwith u
16.11.2010 16:03 EST, playboy303
07.11.2010 23:41 EST, emilio24
Nice pic call me 01816070623
06.11.2010 10:26 EDT, akash.bd0
27.10.2010 09:48 EDT, artur8
26.10.2010 04:13 EDT, harrisonchibuzorisama444
16.10.2010 18:59 EDT, #JEEVA#
Hi was up check me my blog or reach wt +2347039522717
09.10.2010 06:59 EDT, austine.bobo0
25.09.2010 17:51 EDT, aashu52
wow kay look hai yaar so puiet
11.09.2010 12:05 EDT, manish.jain1
30.08.2010 17:36 EDT, prakash.,,. tamil
i like da way you look how.... so cool cool.
26.08.2010 09:46 EDT, boyzi
HI can u accept my frndsp
21.08.2010 14:46 EDT, bkkp
gals ko udaas nahin rahna chahiye
16.08.2010 23:08 EDT, nazra khan
what is your substance,whereof r u made,that millions of strange shadows on u tend?since every one hath,every one,one shade,and you but one can every shadoe lend.describe Adonis, andthe counterfeit is poorly imitated after u.on Helen's cheek all art of beauty set,and you in grecian tires are painted new.speak of the spring and foison of the year the one doth shadow of your beauty show,the other as your bounty doth appear,and u in evry blessed shape we all external grace u have some part,but...
09.08.2010 04:38 EDT, fuckingbrother
16.07.2010 15:59 EDT, santy29
07.07.2010 12:55 EDT, amar.20
07.07.2010 12:35 EDT, amar.20
Hi...dear i am maharshi plz visit my mobial blog
30.06.2010 00:18 EDT, Jacksparrow001
Hi..friend plz visit to my blog on jacksparrow001
30.06.2010 00:16 EDT, Jacksparrow001
Its gud avin a frnd laik u,can u km klosa 2me
22.06.2010 11:10 EDT, Tunzoil
hi .if its your real face then u must me
15.06.2010 18:18 EDT, habibb
hai i'm MADHU. ur looking like heroin. supper face. i like ur face. take care of ur face
15.06.2010 05:18 EDT, mahadevaswamy.m
Hi sabari u r realy a cute one.can u chat me
14.06.2010 01:23 EDT, *FAJABI*
hi, realy ur vry cute nd smrt, plz at least 1 time chat with me or mail me
11.06.2010 22:49 EDT, veeresh6
Realy yaar u r so karta hai ki aap ko apne bahon me kaid kar lu.
08.06.2010 21:44 EDT, raviraj 0007
u r so beautyful kya mujse dosti karogi? pls rpl
07.06.2010 05:34 EDT, deepakchaudhary0
Sweethart aap bahut beautifull ho kya aap mare friend banoge plz yr my yahoo id niraj453 i love u dear
04.06.2010 21:08 EDT, rahul.jindal0
you r so pretty dear i want to be ur frnd? would u?
30.05.2010 23:26 EDT, sachin297
babe u are very cute i wanna kiss u
21.05.2010 23:34 EDT, desijatt91
babe u are very cute i wanna kiss u
21.05.2010 23:33 EDT, desijatt91
Hi sabari,u r so cute.Will u b my frnd.
13.05.2010 00:06 EDT, rocky.its.me0
Hi sabari u ar very beautiful i want to become to ur frinend
12.05.2010 10:38 EDT, sapna35
you r a beautiful girl on the earth
09.05.2010 11:28 EDT, sawai
good picure sabri. Would u like to be my friend?
28.04.2010 02:17 EDT, ishk1
i would like to be ur friend, if u dnt mind.
28.04.2010 02:11 EDT, ishk1
Hello.i'd like to be your friend. The problem is that,i am in another country. I'll actually in terms of calling you i'l going to struggle. But we can get incontact via e-mail accounts. You're smart.
23.04.2010 09:15 EDT, resq53
I like friend ship.please call +8801747720490
09.04.2010 01:17 EDT, J H RUBEL
P call me and send your sell no. My sell no. 9650821850
04.04.2010 00:42 EDT, hotamitpotter
kiss u
02.04.2010 17:20 EDT, raj feel desertness
Really simple and beautiful face.
23.03.2010 06:15 EDT, haier1
hi sabari u r realy beautiful wana frndshp wh me
22.03.2010 04:06 EDT,
unspoken words can easily b told through those eyes
20.03.2010 12:02 EDT, avimanyu0
realy u r a beautiful grl
17.03.2010 12:58 EDT, jabed.143
hi wana frndship with me
17.03.2010 12:56 EDT, jabed.143
Ame to maka cudta ci shavo007@gmail.Com
09.03.2010 21:04 EST, shavo007
u r sexy girl
01.03.2010 03:01 EST, ami57
wil you marry me?
22.02.2010 13:52 EST, baban15
Hi i am abhi fr punjab 09872309751
17.07.2009 00:27 EDT, naveen09217471752
24.05.2009 14:37 EDT, selvam543

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