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* english story: Sex With Neighbour AUNTY * - sexindian

* english story: Sex With Neighbour AUNTY *
a sexy legs - * english story: Sex With Neighbour AUNTY *
I have always craved for sexy women and had a special attraction for older women. I always took forward to social gatherings, as it gives me an opportunity to come close to my sexy neighbour auntys. My favorite aunty is JAYA aunty, who is around 45. Her husband is a senior officer in the Army. He was posted near the border and it usually away for long periods. Although aunty is 27 year older to me, i have always been attracted by her. She is a very fair, beautiful, smart, tall, slim features lady. She always fit and maintains her figure. She takes a lot of care of herself. She dyes her hair, treats her hand and feet to make them always look luscious. She always dresses up properly, and usually wears clothes that accentuate her height and her curves. I specially find her long slender legs and firm curvaceous butt very sexy. Her boobs are not very large, but they are round and firm, and she has wide hips that sway sexyly as she walks. MRS. JAYA BISWAS is always very friendly to me, and on occations like birthday and festivals instead of giving a short peck, she has deliberately kissed me for a few seconds longer. I placed my hand on her thighs as if to help myself stand up, i kept touching her bare arm on hand for a few seconds longer than required. I have always thought of JAYA aunty as a hot woman, hungry for sex. As my uncle is away most of the time and their children are in boarding schools, she is usually alone at their home. Once i was meet her at a party hosted by my mother. She looked very thin sleevless blouse through which i could make out her lacy bra. I saw her on the dance floor flirting seductively with my father and our some neighbour uncles. After the party she asked me to give her a lift back to her home. This was what i had always dreamed and longed for. When we reached her place, aunty urged me to come inside for coffee, and so i followed her to the living room. After sometime she gave me coffee.
She put on some soft music, closed all the curtains, took off her spectacles and asked me to dance with her. As we danced i looked into her eyes and caressed the part of her naked back between her blouse and sari, and i grabbed her butt and pressed her closer to me, and i made sure she felt my slowly developing hard on. She kissed me softly on my cheeks, and as we got more aroused, passionately on the lips and mouth. JAYA aunty had soft thin lips, and i enjoyed playing with her tongue. My aunty then pulled me in her bed and unbuttoned my shirt and i too started fondling her breasts and stroking her thighs. She also had her hands all over me, and she deliberately pulled her sari a few inches up to show her milky white legs and heels. She has very nice thick, round and milky calfs. I licked her thighs, legs and toes, rolled my tongue on her heels, calfs and ankles. She took off her sari and blouse. As i took off my trousers and briefs, she was quick to grab my erect penis. The sight of her wrists full of bangles, and her finger with her wedding ring busy caressing my cock was exciting. She wears neckless and her neck and waist chain in her waist, she also wears rings in her toe fingers and also wears payel in her legs and nose-ring in her nose. We sat on her master bed and i unhooked her bra and gently cupped and fondled her breasts and softly pinched her nipples. I sucked on her petticoat, and she slid it off her stilettos and then her white silk stockings slowly one by one. I enjoyed caressing her legs and feet. I found aunty's red nail-polished toes and feet very sexy, and noticed that she was wearing a ring on her second toe, which is longer than her big toe. I sucked and licked her feet, and she thoroughly enjoyed my attention. I massaged and lovingly caressed her long sexy legs, and her inner thighs. I then pulled her beautiful pussy. I tickled her labia and outer cunt lips, massaged her pussy and gently inserted a finger inside her slightly wet cunt.
I gave her finger- fuck all over inside her tight cunt. She took my penis in her mouth and licked it from top to hilt with her tongue, gripped my hard cock with her red lipstick painted lips. JAYA aunty started sucking and licking my cock faster and faster. I then licked her cunt, put my tongue inside her cunt. I noticed a strong vaginal smell. I then made JAYA aunty lie on her back, as i climbed on her cunt, she grabbed my cock and placed my cock head at the entrance of her cunt, and i then gently pushed it in slightly. Aunty was still holding my cock at the hilt, so she then wiggled my cock with her finger further inside and around her cunt as if it was a dildo. I rhythmically fucked her with slow gentle pushes of my cock all the way from the entrance of her cunt to her deep inner sanctum. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, and exclaimed, arling "fuck your aunty hard with your big naughty cock." She reciprocated by pushing her hips and cunt closer in the same rhythm. I slowed down a little and then picked up again, slowed down a little and picked up again. Aunty moaned and when she started being sexually satisfied she exclaimed "AHHHH, fucked me hard." Aunty then put her tongue in my mouth, rolled her tongue on my tongue, have my lips a hard grip with her lips, gave a bite on my lips. After a long fuck we both oozed with pleasure "AHHHHHHH, UHHHHH, UMMMM, AHHHH, AHHHH!" After some time the phone started ringing. I turned to the side, and aunty stood up and went to pick up the phone. It was of her husband. She took her mobile and laid on bed next to me. Aunty was rubbing her feet on my legs while she was talking with uncle. I put my arms around her feet on my legs. I put my arms around her and started caressing her boobs and thighs as she was talking intimately with her husband. I licked her cheeks with my tongue, i could hear my uncle lovingly talk with his wife, totally oblivious to the fact that his sexy wife enjoying with a young boy.
Aunty started stroking my penis, and she respositioned slightly to enable me to fingering her while she was talking. When their talking was ended , aunty took her phone on her table and jumped on me. She laid on her back and pulled me toward her, hold my cock, open her legs and put my pink cock-head in her love-hole. I grabbed her tightly, she also grabbed me with her arms. Then she wrapped her legs around my waist, pushed my ass with her soft heels toward her to insert my whole dick in her cunt. Though my dick was quite big and her pussy-hole was tight, but it went in her cunt as she was soaked with her cunt juice. As i rubbed my cock in her pussy, She moaned "AHHHHH, UHHHHH, so pleasure, AHHH, UHHH, Ufff, Ufff, AHHHH, AHHHH, fuck me hard sona, AHHH, OHHH, MAAAA, AHHHHHH!" Then i increased my speed and fucked her hard, her payel started ringing heavily. I felt her beautiful heel and calf dragged on my ass, and she was also making marked on my back with her nails. She put her tongue in my mouth, played her tongue with mine, gave bite on my lips, while she closed her eyes with pleasure. After some time we both oozed with moaning heavily in pleasure "UHHHHHH, UHHHHHHH, MAAAAAAAA, Uff, uff, AHHH AHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHH, OHHHHH, CUMINNNNNNNNG!"

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