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mu me lo. - BOSS KI YOUNG BIWI KO CHODA XXX-Jobs Newest pictures Man Woman Jobs/Masturbation Private Parts
Main ek manly handsome married person hoon. Maine apna body athelete ke jaisa hi maintain kiya hua hai. I like sex too much. I love to fuck my wife. But she does not like sex all the time, whereas I like it too have sex very often. So I go after other women who look beautiful, attractive and sexy. Aur main jaaanta hoon, ki aisi beautiful, attractive and sexy looking women bhi sex bahut like karti hain. Yeh mere life ka experience hai. Maine kuch real sexy hot married housewives ki chodai ki hai.

Abhi main aap ke liye ek aisi hi sexy woman ki chodai ki experience ko likh raha hoon. Mere new boss ki wife bahut hi beautiful, attractive and sexy looking woman thi. Unka naam Mrs.Sarojni tha. Meain Mrs.Sarojni se apne boss ke saath kayi baar parties mein mila tha. Mere boss ke saath Mrs.Sarojni ka age difference bahut achik tha. She was in her early thirties ---- maybe 32-33 hi hoga. Mrs.Sarojni ka body dehke laayak tha. It was too attractive. Unka figure bhut jaanlewa tha. Ooohh…..inspite of being so slim, Mrs.Sarojni had too well developed pair of breasts and hips. Unke breasts ka shape bahut hi tempting tha.aur uspaar who apne breasts ko jyada se jyada project karti hi ------- .whether she wore salwar-suits or sari-blouse. Maine jab bhi, jahan bhi parties mein Mrs.Sarojni ko dekha, who apne well developed shapely breasts ko push-up bra ke help se pura straight project kiye rakhti thi. Mrs.Sarojni ka blouse ya phir kurti always aisa hoya tha ki neck ke neeche unka back aur front dono hi maximum exposed hota tha ---- her smooth shining back (peeth), and ooohhh….unks deep cleavage and upper halves of her boobs ---- wow she was bold enough to expose them in such a way. Main to baas dekhta hi rehta tha. Aur unka hips ----- uuufff…. kya cheez thi who…..sssooo round, peechhe ki taraf kaafi adhik projected tha aur unke waistline ke comparison mein kaafi wide tha. So the outline of her body was altogether very very sexy and inviting. Main unhein Sarojni Bhabhi kehta tha. Jis din maine Sarojni Bhabhi ko pehli baar dekha tha, usi din se main unki chodai karne ko betaab ho gaya tha. And gradually mujhe Sarojni Bhabhi ko chodne ki chahat badne lagi.

Main dheere dheere Mrs.Sarojni ke kareeb aane ka plan karne laga. Jaab bhi main unse milta tha main jyada se jyada time unkse baatein karne mein laga rehta tha. Who bhi mujh mein interest lene lagi thi. I found ki who bhi bahut free and frank thi. I was encouraged by that. Main kuchh na kuchh kaam ke bahane apne boss ke flat mein jaane laga. At last who den bhi aa hi gaya jiska mujhe intezaar tha. Mere boss ko tour paar Hyderabad jaana tha. Mujhe office mein kuchh papers ready karke ek file ke form mein boss ko unke flat mein dena tha. He had to go by flight. Mujhe jab bhi boss ke ghaar jaata tha tab kaafi thrilled hota tha because I always hoped to meet sexy looking Sarijni Bhabhi there. Main office se file ready kar ke boss ke ghar chala gaya. The time was about 2 pm.

My boss was getting ready. I was received by Sarojni Bhabhi. Sarojni Bhabhi was in a very attractive dress ----- sari-blouse -------her blouse was very short with a strap like shoulder, very deep back and the neck of the blouse was so wide and low that her breasts were easily visible through the thin material of her pallu (sari), and she had tied her sari very low ---- much below her navel and waistline, thus exposing the slope and expansion of her hill like hips on sides and her back. Main Sarojni Bhabhi ko dekh kaar kaafi excited ho raha tha. Mera Lund hard hone laga tha. After five minutes or so Sarojni Bhabhi ne mujhe coffe serve kiya. Sarojni Bhabhi coffee table paar rakhne ke liye jaise ji mere samane jhuki ki unka pallu (sari) unks shoulder se neeche sarak gaya aur Sarojni Bhabhi ks boobs mere samane kafi adhik exposed hone laga. Main ek taaak Sarojni Bhabhi ke exposed round developed fleshy breasts ko dekhne laga. Isspaar Sarojni Bhabhi ne bade hi style mein sexy smile diya. Aur who apne pallu so readjust karne mein kaafi samay lagayi. Aisa usne jaanboojh kaar hi kiya, main yeh samajh gaya. I was thrilled. I and Sarojni Bhabhi took coffee while my boss came out of the room. He asked me to put his suitcase in my Indica car. He told me that his wife would also go to the airport to see him off and so I had to take her back home after that. I said "…..ok Sir…".

We all three reached Airport. All the time I was staring hungrily at the sexy shapely outline of Sarojni Bhabhi's soft body. I was getting mad after her. I wished to take her in my arms. I very well gazed the contour of her inviting body. I was enjoying the fragrance of her body. I somehow kept my control. My boss went in to check-in and we stayed there for some time till he went out of our sight. Aab humlog ---- me and Sarojni Bhabhi ----- baahar aa gaye. Hum dono car mein baith gaye. lounge. Mein baith gaye. Mine car start kiya aur Airport se bahaar aa gaye. Taab Sarojni Bhabhi ne kaha …"…aaj abhi aapko koi khaas kaam hai kya…..???.." Maine kaha "…nahin to….mujhe koi khaas kaam nahin hai ...kya baat hai…..aap kahin aur jaana chaahati hain abhi....aapko marketing karni hai kya…..??" Who boli "…nahin….marketing nahin karni hai……in fact main bore feel karoongi ghar mein akele…….aaap mere saath picture challenge aaj….6 to 9 this evening…???" Main Sarojni Bhabhi ki baat sun kaar bahut happy hua. Maine readily "..haankaar diya. Maine puchha "…kaun si film dekhna chaahati hain aap..???" Who dheere se muskura kaar boli "….koi bhi…aap jahan le chalen…." Maine drive karke caar ko ek cinema hall taak le aaya. Wahan film Murder chal raha tha. It was not a new movie issiliye rush nahin tha. Although yeh film hum dono ka hi dekha hua the lekin Sarojni Bhabhi ne koi objection nahin kiya. Maine jaan boojh kaar counter se balcony ka sabse peechhe ke row mein side wala two tickets le liya. Aab hum don one hi Ice-cream liya aur thoda time pass karne ke liye bagal k eek Mall mein ghoomne laga. Main baar-baar Sarojni Bhabhi ki chodai karne ki baat soch raha tha.

At about 5.45 pm we again came to cinema hall. After some time we both entered into the hall. The gate-keeper showed us our seats. Humlog sabse peechhe ke row mein aa gaye. Balcony ka bahut sa rows almost khali tha. And I found ki hum log wale row mein sirf hum dono hi baithe the, aur koi nahin tha. I became too happy. Sarojni Bhabhi sat too close to me. Unka arm mere arm ko pura press kar raha tha. I felt her softness. As the film started I took Sarojni Bhabhi's soft hand in mine. She came a bit closer. Wow…. Main aab Sarojni Bhabhi ke palm ko dheere dheere sahlane laga. Sarojni Bhabhi bhi mera saath dene lagi. Taab maine apna arm Sarojni Bhabhi ke peechhe le gaya aur Sarojni Bhabhi ke hot soft badan ko apne arme mein le liya aur ek haath se dheere dheere unke peeth ko sahlane laga, jab ko main doosare haath se unke haath ko sahla raha tha. Maine dekha ko Sarojni Bhabhi mujhe saab kuchh karne de rahi hain to maine Sarojni Bhabhi ko apne baanhon mein aur kareeb kheech liya aur aab maine apne dono haathon ko Sarojni Bhabhi ke dono solid boobs paar sarka diya aur dheere dheere sahlane laga. Main Sarojni Bhabhi ke dono boobs ko sahla raha tha tab Sarojni Bhabhi ne apna haath mere torso paar le aayin aur mere pant aur underwear ke upaar se hi mere LUND paar raakh diya. Mera LUND pehle se hi hard tha. Sarojni Bhabhi mere LUND par apna haath chala rahi thi. Main samajh gaya ki Sarojni Bhabhi ko kya chahiye. In fact mujhe bhi to yehi chahiye than naa.

Aab maine Sarojni Bhabhi ke boobs ko dabana start kaar diya tha. Aur unke soft smooth gaal paar dheere se soft kisses plant karne laga. Mujhe Sarojni Bhabhi ke boobs ko dabane mein bahut mazaa aa raha tha. Main aab thoda zor zor se unke boobs ko dabane laga. Who bhi pura mast thi. Who mere LUND paar apne haath ka pressure kuchh jyada hi exert karne lagi. Maine apna dono haath Sarojni Bhabhi ke small scanty blouse ke andaar slip kaar diya aur unke dono boobs ko pura pura thaam liya. Aur dabane laga. Who dheere suppressed voice mein siskiyan bhaarne lagi. Aab maine Sarojni Bhabhi ke blouse ke hooks ko one by one khol diya aur peechhe se unke bra ke hooks bhi khol diye. Aur unke breasts ko blouse aur bra ke hold se free karke zee bhar ke dabane laga. Sarojni Bhabhi puri masti mein thi aur mere pant ke zipper ko khol kaar apna haath mere underwear ke andar le aayin aur mere hard LUND ko apne haath mein le liya aur dheere se sahlane lagi aur phir mere LUND ko mere underwear se baahar nikaal diya aur aab who freely mere LUND ko sahla rahi thi.. Maine aab Sarojni Bhabhi ke sari aur saya (petticoat) ko dheere se pura upaar unke ke upaar taak sarka siya. Aur apna ek haath unke panty ko explore karne laga aur at last maine apna finger inke chut mein slowly ghusane laga.. Sarojni Bhabhi ne apna dono jaangh (thighs) thoda separate (faila diya) kaar diya jisase mujhe finger ghusane mein asaani ho. Mera ek finger Sarojni Bhabhi ke hot wet chut mein pura ghus gaya. Mera ek haath abhi bhi Sarojni Bhabhi ke boobs ko squeeze kane main busy tha. Maine Sarojni Bhabhi ko dheere se kaha (just whisper) …."… Sarojni Bhabhi tum bahut hot ho…." Sarojni Bhabhi aab really bahut sexy ho gayi aur unki sansein tez chalne lagi. Aab film ka scene bhi hot tha. Sarojni Bhabhi mujhse dheere se boli "….dear please aab chalo…..yahan se aab chlo na…..mere flat mein chalo …tumne mujhe really bahut hi hot kaar diya hai…aab main aur wait nahin kaar sakti hoon…..please chalo naa…..waise bhi.yahan hall mein iss tarah kahin kisi ne dekh liya to gazab ho jaayega…." .She readjusted her clothes right in position.

Hum dono hi hall ke bahar aa gaye. Abbhi interval bhi nahin hua tha. Maine Sarojni Bhabhi ko propose kiya "…kyon na hum log kisi restaurant mein pehle kuchh khaa lein…." Sarojni Bhabhi ne dheere se "…huunn…" kaar diya. Hum log ek restaurant mein tandoori rot,i chicken aur egg curry khaya. Aur wahan se Sarojni Bhabhi ke flat mein aa gaye. Sarojni Bhabhi ne jaise hi door close kiya maine Sarojni Bhabhi ko apne baanhon mein le liya aur choomane laga. Main unke hoothon ko chosne laga. Who bhi mujhse jyada se jyada satne lagi thi. Sarojni Bhabhi ka dono hi sexy straight fleshy round breasts mere chest mein buri tarah press hone laga, rather mash and crush hone laga. That was giving me great excitement and stimulation. Sarojni Bhabhi bhi kaam nahin thi. Who bhi pure josh mein thi aur pura satne lagi mujhse. Maine Sarojni Bhabhi ke kapde utarne start kaar diye. Iss paar who husky voice mein sexy andaaz mein boli "…ooohh…please….yahaan nahin….udhar beed room mein…" Again ussi excitement mein Sarojni Bhabhi ne softly husky voice mein demand kiya "…dearr…. please ….aab bed room mein chalo na….. aab aur derr maat karo na ddearr…."

Maine Sarojni Bhabhi ko apne baahon mein utha liya aur unke cozy bed room mein le aaya. Maine aab Sarojni Bhabhi ko nangi karma shuru kaar diya. Aab who zara sa bhi object nahin kar rahi thi. Maine Sarojni Bhabhi ke sari, blouse saya (petticoat), bra aur panty saab kuchh utaar diya. Usne iss kaam mein mujhe pura co-operate kiya, as if she was waiting for that, who shayad meri haathon se puri tarah nangi hone ke liye hi intezaar kar rahi thi. Puri tarah nangi hone ka baad Sarojni Bhabhi bilkul APSARA lag rahi thi. Wow….kya breasts tha Sarojni Bhabhi ka…..itna fleshy 36" size hone ke bawzood bhi bilkul round, pure shape mein, bulging aur straight tha. Aur hips bhi kuchh kaam nahin tha. Bahut inviting lag raha tha. Sarojni Bhabhi aab puri nangi ho kaar sexy angdaiyan lene lagi, jisase aur bhi jaan lewa lagne lagi. Maine apna pura clothes utaar diya. Aur sexy Sarojni Bhabhi ke smooth hot sexy badan ko apne banhon mein le kaar unke gaalon ko choomna shuru kaar diya. Main Sarojni ...

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