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My place, all mine n nobody elses. Come on in. - sexysmackhead

My place, all mine n nobody elses. Come on in.
u - My place, all mine n nobody elses. Come on in. Newest pictures
10MARCH Hello. Just poppin in 2say hi. No cred. I rly want 2 chat n i cant! I will ansa msgs asap but im ok hope every1 else is. Nydya thanx 4tip gonna get bolton when i top up. Bear wiv me. Love all the nice ppl, indifferent 2 the rest. X

24FEB heyho. Summats up wiv me site everytime i try send a msg it diverts me 2stallions pic. Which is vry nice but gettin slightly irritated wiv it poppin up on my screen. Im so totally nackd im procrastinatin b4 i av 2make biggies packup 4 school trip. Honest uv nvr seen ne1 more excitd bout a museum as she is! I feel sick. Too many rice crispie cakes that i made 4 girls. Oh i cant b arsd byebye x
Well its later on n im bored. Waitin 4skins 2start. U seen it? It wasnt like that when i was a kid. I always wantd 2b like that but i wasnt in wiv that lot. I was the 1they were bullyin. Not proper makin life a misery stuff. Just lettin me know theyd nvr deign 2b friends wiv me. Id nvr b1 of them. I could nvr work out y. I mean i wasnt a swot, or a 'retard', i didnt smell n im not ugly. My face wouldnt av lookd out of place among theirs so y did i barely exist 2them? How do we make those decisions bout ppl? Wot is it that makes 1prsn 'popular' n not anova? How does that work?
FEB14 Happy valentines day sexy peeps! How r we all? Missd u! Not been in 4a bit, cred n that u know how it is. Had lots of lovely msgs of support 2come bk2, always nice. Nvr bin popular b4 in me life this is good! Maybe if i had i wouldnt b ere now so its all good. Circle of life n that. It might sound like im talkin bollocks but i know wot i mean. Its a deep thing. Or just bollocks. I dint realise i was smashd til now! Likesay ta 4 lovely msgs. Typically (ud understnd if u knew me) i missd me appt at BARCA cos kids were off school, they all had terrible chest n ear infections bless em. So im still waitin 4 anova appt. Hope it wont b much longer lifes gettin a slightly desperate edge 2it. One can only grit ones teeth n smile 4so long!
JAN22 poo. Im skint. Proper skint n iv no1 2brrw off oh bugger. Cant stop monkey wants a dig. Really wish he aint strtd diggin but since he has wish he'd do it his bloody sen!
LATER! Im tired n scared n worried. Dunno wot im gon do 4 money all wk. Know this is best time 2get clean but monkeys off away 2get himself clean so il b alone n im terrified. Iv gotta get clean but iv got 3kids 2look afta n gotta get up 4school every day n stress givs me horrendous migraines n i cant slp alone. Gotta stop whinging n b strong but its so hard! I try 2remind myself that everybody manages everyday y shud i be ne different? Im so anxious just thinkin bout it. Oh well. Nite then x
JAN21 Its done it again! I wrote a long entry n it wouldnt save. Its so frustrating! So in brief: thanx 4 msgs of support i nvr realisd this site was gon av such effect on my life; im not bein rude turnin dwn offers of friendship i cant justify callin u a friend if uv nvr even botherd sendin me 1msg. Ppl that collect strngrs names like stamps r hypocrites im my opinion. Gotta go used loads of cred cos iv bin on so long writin 1st entry! Love u all, pls kp up ur support its so good avin friends x
JAN18 i just wrote a rly long profound entry that just would not save does that ever happen 2ne1 else. It was all bout how junkies end up isolated cos only ppl who wanna know u is ova junkies so ur trappd n gettin cleans much hrdr cos ur tryin 2give ur whole life not just a drug. Oh it was dead good. Sod it! Thanx 4 all support much appreciated and im sorry 4me last outburst i rly let mesen down, so sorry aout that. Speak soon, c y'all!
JAN13 hey not bin on 4a bit cant b fuckd. Can i just say its all my fault im dirty baghead scum n im ever so sorry if iv given impression ne1 else is 2blame. Iv nvr stolen from ne1, muggd ne1 burgld sum1s house, but i do brrw $$ n lie bout wot its 4 which is obv not good but i pay it bk soon as i get paid. But who am i kiddin? I dont even know who i am let alone like it. I dunno wot i might do nxt. Nowt left 2sell. Dont know wot im capable of nemore. And b4 u strt wiv nasty msgs, cos its gettin bit soul destroyin, i dont want sympathy its just how it is. Im an intelligent lass, i felt a bit sorry 4 mesen 1day n look wot iv gone n done. IV DONE. Im an idiot. But whos perfect. Let him who is wivout sin n all that. Fuck the lot of u
JAN7 i wrote a rly long entry b4 but it didnt save n im avin a bit of a gouch now so i cant b arsed now. Iv had me 1st nasty comment, expectd it much sooner n as nasty goes it was quite lame. It was only from a little girl wiv no life n altho every1 has the right 2an opinion no1 has the right 2judge (in my opinion!). And i dont think she had even lookd thru my site properly so PI S S OFF U LITTLE C U NT N GROW UP judge that. Sorry, but i try 2avoid negativity i dont nd it in my life i can handle criticism but thes no nd 4that. So, my referrals bin accepted 2 drug unit n i will soon b startin methadone so hurrah 4me! Theres light at the end of the tunnel n i cant wait 4my life bk altho its a seriously scary prospect but every bugger else gets thru it so i will2. Nite all x
JAN5 feelin bit low recently, not like me. Think its cos kids bk at schl mndy n its such hard work! And im anxious cos monkeys ripped neighbour off im scared shel come round iv gota pretend hes not ere. I hate this. Well pay her bk mndy but i rly wish hed not done it. Sort of. Obviously im glad im not rattlin n its not like he robd her he just dint take her change bk. Weve done much worse i spose. She is my mate tho. Sick of this, well n truly.
JAN02 2OO8 Happy new year everybody hope u all had good xmas! Iv not bin on 4a bit no cred but i rly appreciate the lovely msgs ppl send it rly lifts me up, restores faith in ppl, which i nd wiv my life. When uv been 2 the bttm n met the dregs of what life has2 offer its nice 2hear from nice ppl. Il update properly when iv toppd up but pls kp visitin, tell ur friends, put a link on a page, help me get out the msg. Drugs arent fun, n no1s better than ne1 else, respect urself cos it will happen 2u, it sneaks up on u b4 u know where ur. It has 2me neway. I was avin a laugh now its 2yrs later n its not funny! Where did my life go? Im clingin wiv all my strength 2wots left i wake up every day terrified il lose wot im so blessed 2have. Wow, that got deep. Im usually quite optimistic. Well, heres 2 2008! Love u all.
DECEMBER O7 Welcome to my mobile site. Bare wiv me as the name suggests ppl dont usually talk bout this stuff n its hard. Im tryin 2get off gear. I say tryin, thinkin bout it. Monkeys gone 2try n sell a tv cos we nd gas supposedly, its below freezin out n me n bubs r snuggld unda quilt. I bet gas isnt 1st thing we buy tho. Ystrdy monkey went 2his aunts but she told him not 2come bk til he was clean shes sick of him bein on scrounge. She was nice 2. God hell b ages yet. Thanks 4 all msgs of support, u cant understand how good it feels. Please fill in my guestbook or vote 4me, thatd b pretty cool!

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