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Guest Book - songstress

Guest Book
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22.12.2009 10:53 PST, bisexual
Glad to sea this side
10.10.2009 05:29 PDT, melayabali
15.06.2009 12:54 PDT, Y.a.b
Thank you Rosario :) Have a wonderful week ahead.
10.05.2009 13:09 PDT, ~*Faith*~
I will be very happy to leave greeting good sunday to you as a good, healthy Ann.
congratulation to all
07.01.2009 18:21 PST, rahajusi
congratulation to all
07.01.2009 18:19 PST, rahajusi
ExTRaoRDInarY SITE!..viSIt ma sYT!
07.01.2009 15:43 PST, !_Young~W@ndi_!
Merry Christmas dear Ann... God bless you!
24.12.2008 17:52 PST, L•V•P•V•S
Hi Ann I just read your answer-email .I'm fine,thank you!Christmas time is not so far nd I'm smiling.1 smile for you :-) See you soon bye God bless you
13.12.2008 08:26 PST, L•V•P•V•S
08.12.2008 07:37 PST, thapedi hamese
Thanks for vry nice ur site.Sumi.Bangladesh
09.11.2008 12:23 PST, Shohag amin
06.11.2008 03:37 PST, ©иoιя
23.10.2008 13:40 PDT, Love is forever
How are you today friend?
18.10.2008 08:17 PDT, Suryoko Putra
16.10.2008 21:09 PDT, exit 4ever
15.10.2008 04:12 PDT, sirajatega
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26.09.2008 14:07 PDT, HN143
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12.09.2008 01:20 PDT, Hersheyz
02.09.2008 21:31 PDT, Hezron Leekweed
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02.09.2008 07:06 PDT, selamat tinggal peperon
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02.09.2008 06:15 PDT, AuReL
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27.08.2008 12:45 PDT, ---
thank u very much :) your site is delicious and sweety :) one kiss
26.08.2008 13:18 PDT, XxPSICHExX
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17.08.2008 10:29 PDT, orangefubar©
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22.07.2008 14:11 PDT, gaie
It's ok Anne :) Kiss
22.07.2008 13:27 PDT, ©иoιя
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14.07.2008 13:26 PDT, freestyler
Great site :) Check out for free chat and downloads.
09.07.2008 16:36 PDT, eurogirl
07.07.2008 15:46 PDT, XxPSICHExX
30.06.2008 08:02 PDT, 4all2008
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23.06.2008 17:19 PDT, bahtiar_rifai
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22.06.2008 10:02 PDT, AJENONY
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22.06.2008 06:14 PDT, Amit
06.06.2008 05:42 PDT, super-man
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31.05.2008 02:05 PDT, Johnmack
a kiss 4you Anne :) nuances
16.05.2008 05:25 PDT, ©иoιя
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02.05.2008 22:23 PDT, creativelord
Hello :-) how are you? X---( - _ - )---X embrace
29.04.2008 14:16 PDT, bambolinadipezza
(all ok, good luck)
(my friend)
hello dear :) how are you? embrace for you :*
10.03.2008 16:50 PDT, ©иoιя
09.03.2008 04:53 PDT, CATALIN
Great site im sure i know you, thats if ur the same person that goes to mig, please visit my site thank you
01.03.2008 08:02 PST, samanthaworld
Just dropped by showing your guestbook page some love. You've got cool sites. Like dave kozz, too. Have you ever listened 'Eenie Meenie' by Jeffrey Osborne? 'Louisiana 1927' by Aaron Neville and 'Louisiana Sunday Afternoon' by Diane Schuur !?
28.02.2008 07:02 PST, _._._nobody_._._
24.02.2008 00:24 PST, jewelrydesigner
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23.02.2008 15:10 PST, Blair Witch
YoU hAvE vErY-vErY cöOL siTE. pLeAsE ViSiT tO-
21.02.2008 20:10 PST, Pratik Sardar
Creative strong wild heart of gold! Yet fragile! Speaks through her art has alot 2 say! Glad i listened! Hugz Ann!!!
15.02.2008 19:35 PST, ★BOOPFANATIK★
a kiss4you my dear Anne
15.02.2008 10:50 PST, ©иoιя
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15.02.2008 02:30 PST, R@J RuLeZ
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15.02.2008 01:41 PST, Sanju
11.02.2008 07:21 PST, 6thsense
Hello, healthy way to enjoy and good luck.
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Just a visit to sign in,nice site frm
03.02.2008 01:59 PST, zimbad
A kiss for you Anne, Good Week
02.02.2008 15:39 PST, ©иoιя
cum sa pun melodyy pe siteul meu nu ma pricep
30.01.2008 09:20 PST, danyelmaryus
Hi, sorry for late answer. Dear, thankx for your gentility..! I have appreciated a lot, too much! I add ur lovely site in my: (fans club) with much pleasure, u 'have a beautiful site, congrats. So thanks again, take care. Kisses =) Nadine --,{@
Hi! Friend.. .how are you? Plz visit
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27.01.2008 02:11 PST, kanishkaja
Hello, you are a very vr lovely site, too nice! My best congrats. Hugs&kisses From Italy =) Nadine
Thank you my friends... For the lyrics you're adding to the song in my heart :)
25.01.2008 05:48 PST, ~*Faith*~
Hello Anne :) a kiss, I hope you have passed one good day. Today althoug the times is winter here has been wonderfun and also my humor. I hope you one serene night. A big big one I embrace you :)
23.01.2008 15:41 PST, ©иoιя
23.01.2008 11:12 PST, °<Ξ>° smartgirls °<Ξ>°
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22.01.2008 19:51 PST, ------
Welcum back. Visit my site
22.01.2008 19:08 PST, || ROMEL 4m Ask.Help ||
And I am happy for having found again you, a six wonderful spirit beloved Anne, than your days they can always shine of the sunlight. I want to you well. Thanks
22.01.2008 17:54 PST, ©иoιя
hallo Anne :) how are you? do you remember me? listen your hearth
22.01.2008 03:08 PST, ©иoιя
Helo frnd.. Pls visit my simple site.. Thank u..
18.01.2008 22:11 PST, Ðєэη°
Hello my friend, your sites are beautiful. Congratulations and good luck.
youve gone a long way friend good luck...
16.01.2008 13:10 PST, Bamboo
16.01.2008 13:09 PST, Bamboo
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16.01.2008 09:15 PST, openspace
Grazie x la visita :-) Http://
13.01.2008 14:04 PST, m0nica
Pa kabare bro?
13.01.2008 03:00 PST, udhenk
sweet site!
05.01.2008 08:08 PST, Spn Davillain
Somgtress, u r nice friend with pure n mature thinking, nice comes frm within
04.01.2008 19:14 PST, windster
Hello and congratulations for your site, I found him very pleasant, keep it up.
26.12.2007 16:51 PST,
22.12.2007 19:15 PST, ★BOOPFANATIK★
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22.12.2007 14:46 PST, breckhele
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09.11.2007 13:18 PST, ★BOOPFANATIK★
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03.10.2007 14:46 PDT, mgwpwpw
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15.09.2007 15:17 PDT, intense4u
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08.09.2007 07:00 PDT, johnparah
08.09.2007 06:07 PDT, Lally-Nijjar
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28.08.2007 02:24 PDT, Eleni
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11.08.2007 01:44 PDT, cheezybone
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17.06.2007 16:46 PDT, sassil
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11.06.2007 03:10 PDT, Chªk¡ε°S¡ηodª
09.06.2007 09:35 PDT, I BOY
i find ur syte very inspiring & up lifting in a spiritaul way plus ur blessed as an person also!
02.06.2007 23:11 PDT, paws13
hi friend :-) I am kelderek :-)
02.06.2007 09:58 PDT, I BOY
Hi there...just saw ur site in recently modified and I want to say a simple and pure "hi"...
21.05.2007 11:31 PDT, 13
... there's no shadow without light.
03.05.2007 09:10 PDT, frabloo
Cute site, but a little bit... naive... There is no light whitout a shadow.
28.04.2007 08:32 PDT, Ryuu
Ur talent never ceasez 2 amaze me... U r truly an exceptional n wise woman... Weneva i cum here n itz been a lng tym i alwayz leave fln inspired...wiser...n wit a broad smile on my glad u r doin so wel...Thnx 4 bein an ispiration in my lyf ~*sOngbiRd*~
01.04.2007 03:14 PDT, Tracey- leigh Kilowan
Hej Sill bash si se potrudila ovde... Jako je fino...Btw kako da nadjem onaj tvoj sajt ...aj mi ponovi link... lol
12.03.2007 10:51 PDT, pedrope
06.03.2007 16:49 PST, Razat (THE cOOlest Boy)
You are re
06.03.2007 16:46 PST, ceram
You are re
06.03.2007 16:43 PST, ceram
16.02.2007 07:41 PST, suzzan indry
Gud site.Nw cm n check it out...
31.01.2007 05:59 PST, Amit Jaswal
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28.01.2007 16:11 PST, Herve Danga
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19.01.2007 05:14 PST, slashero
nice site check out mine its got tons of stuff
19.01.2007 05:08 PST, slashero
i found u in page of the week .. you are .. and the little chick sure got a lot to go through . Nice is not a nice word.. Great is-better u have a great site
17.01.2007 06:18 PST, AntWap
Im going to add your site please visit and sign the poets Guestbook thx
01.01.2007 20:07 PST, Nothing at all
Hi there...!Wonderful site...I like the colours,the menu,the picture from the frontpage...everything!And i LOVE *life=choice*page..regards!by ( )NoMorePain..p.s.:...and i give you a 10=p
29.12.2006 07:09 PST, 13
But Barbara ... (answer on comment somewhere here below) ... if you know me - and I'm sure you do - you SHOULD know that the LOUDER I shout I'm gone definately, the SOONER I'll be back ;-p
13.12.2006 15:19 PST, frabloo
hey! songstress! great! site!!! as always!! Keep it up regards Juju visit
10.12.2006 01:39 PST, jujubee
Hello dear Songstress i've re-opened my site after a month. Have a lovely December =) full of love and peace. Take my greetings to Frabloo if you have the chance. I've read his emails only this morning but i can't to answered to him because he's canceled everything. I'm very sorry about this. I hope he will changes his mind. Kisses by Barbara.
09.12.2006 04:30 PST, Barbara
...ciao da .Al3. passa a trovarmi ..
06.12.2006 02:59 PST, bobeye
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28.11.2006 21:30 PST, Karthick
beautiful!u have a very sweet site --{-{{@ .. pls check
09.11.2006 06:30 PST, 13
08.11.2006 16:49 PST, WiNNiiELICIOUS <3
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28.10.2006 07:18 PDT, 13
Good morning Ann, it's all ok? I hope a nice day for you. Kiss
23.10.2006 00:15 PDT, Ariahs
Hello:) I have a curiosity for all those who have a situated wap.. According to You, how would have to be a friendship between persons that know themselves in the wap? That they are the expectations that should have an individual towards the other one? To be if same or to be like the other it would want you trenches? To all there it is a reason, if you want and when have time answer in my book, you of it really grateful. Thanks:) This message in respect and peace. Ariahs.
22.10.2006 04:42 PDT, Ariahs
Hello. Great site! May l add you 2 my friends list Pls?
27.09.2006 02:07 PDT, Pudditat
Nice site. Some really good links. Add your site to the "mobile hit parade" check it out.
18.09.2006 16:14 PDT, vandamonium

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