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Please let us know your opinion
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Nice islam site :) allah bless u .
08.08.2011 09:26 EDT, Hridoy
Mansha allah that is beautiful poem love it
22.06.2011 16:43 EDT, ayana1
good work. may allah bless you.
19.03.2011 04:24 EDT, Rimon
Alhamdulillah.I am glad 4 being ur frd Cuz i gathered money knowledge and also inviting this site to whom i know.May Allah accept ur all ur good deeds.
18.01.2011 01:52 EST, B 4 u r canciled plse cancil me
U r doing a great thing
03.01.2011 03:01 EST, noufal
Islam is the Religion of peace,honesty and policy!!
29.09.2010 06:45 EDT, sani.rabiu8
Assalamualaekum aap kay kaam par hum ko faqar hai bhai
22.07.2010 05:11 EDT, ¤m€r
why is it that most of the horrible crimes in the world,the usual suspects or the accused were muslims...i was once had a muslim friend before,she said that"i really like our islam religion,but what thing that i cannot stand is our culture."she told me that they have this what we call pride,and if someone will step into it they will fight for it even until death...
04.07.2010 17:51 EDT, dquest22
Va alaikum asalam..proud 2 b a muslim..good work kaif..realy proud of u
20.02.2010 21:05 EST, Abeerkzs
15.10.2009 07:53 EDT, saleem kuresi
Its awsum. Great work. Like the site most. Go ahead.
08.10.2009 13:50 EDT, ... i.cry ...
Words good,fine presentation.I love it .
12.08.2009 06:30 EDT, nina1
19.07.2009 00:42 EDT, kALpEsH
19.07.2009 00:00 EDT, Nf daCutE
Assalamu alaykum. Peace 4 all. Plz visit ma site
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Mas tlong posting TCF(total colour fix)buat hp 6600,ditunggu y
05.02.2009 04:41 EST, teguh.admin
For all islamic believers please visit my site and see why I say Jesus Christ is Lord. and go to the link 'if you are islam'
05.02.2009 04:33 EST, Johan
Askum..nice wr wbt
09.11.2008 13:46 EST, Andhika haryadi
24.10.2008 01:09 EDT, Rehan
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21.08.2008 05:21 EDT, Ì çåñ't wäít
@}>-;- salam from bandung, indONEsia.
19.07.2008 07:45 EDT, islam
Hi kindly vote for thanks so much and have a wonderful day.
14.07.2008 19:39 EDT,
Peace and love for all man's all the world.... your site beautiful smile for you from Italy :) sorry i not speak english :(
03.07.2008 10:17 EDT, Paola
@}>-;- salam from bandung, indONEsia.
28.06.2008 23:14 EDT, islam
assalamualaikum,gud nite fren
18.06.2008 08:21 EDT, Farhan Kudo San
Happiness lies for those who cry, smiles are awaiting who hurt, destination will be determined who have searched, the success is become nearer who have tried, for only they can appreciate of people who have touched their lives and show the perfect way to move your life ahead with his unchanged wills for the solid reason after being his undefeated creation of our existence until our souls will reach him . .
17.06.2008 02:51 EDT
Kalispera my friend your site is super 10point 4ur site and good luck a have always Good night.
16.06.2008 16:45 EDT, Live♀,Laugh☺,Love♥
Your site is very Nice site plz visit my site
13.06.2008 04:11 EDT, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
lyk alwayz . . v wel d0ne site. . wish u da bst luk 0n al u d0 . . thank u 4ur friendshp . . .blezd b
10.06.2008 03:14 EDT, ☀.Ð!VA•luvzSkoty.☀
hi very nice site please visit mine
06.06.2008 10:17 EDT, Letizia Ferreira
Life is composed of insignificance; moments of the year and the mountains of sand grains. So do not underestimate anything, no matter how small you feel." *]I[HOY]I[* EN "ORACIÓN POR LA MUJER EMBARAZADA" (Prayer for Pregnant Women) - EN "LOS AMIGOS" (Friends) - EN "UN DIA DE LUZ Y AMOR PARA TI" (Aday of light and love for you) EN "ESTRENOS DE CINE PARA EL 6 DE JUNIO 2008" ("Premiere theater on 6 June 2008")
05.06.2008 10:40 EDT, AJENONY
Wonderful site,plz visit again,thank u,tgc
05.06.2008 10:23 EDT, SHÉRIÇÉ (2 DÁ WÔRLD)
Assalamu'aleykum, i'm muslim from indonesia, your site very very nice, i like it, visit my site, ok !
04.06.2008 08:44 EDT, Undefinied
23.05.2008 11:42 EDT, ANMOL K SWAMI [thearin]
Love guru, games zone, cricket zone, shaadi zone, cartoon zone, music zone + many more plz visit & vote it
23.05.2008 07:53 EDT, ARSH-9464530228
Assalamu'alaikum! Islam no terrorism
23.05.2008 07:36 EDT, bahtiar_rifai
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22.05.2008 03:42 EDT, ~=>CLICKENJOY<=~
Peacemaker and loving site...keep it up frend...Allah bless u!!
22.05.2008 02:34 EDT, desertrose
Assalamu allaikum nice site. .
21.05.2008 23:31 EDT, milky2008
Thank 4 visit my site, plz feel free 2 visit God bless
20.05.2008 06:27 EDT, Maranata
As u kind weet ons waar ons ware vrede kan vind.Liefdevolle Meester,my liefde vir U styg uit bo al my intellektuele,want dit is op U liefde en krag gebou.Amen.
20.05.2008 06:24 EDT, Maranata
nice site ,free mp3
17.05.2008 02:08 EDT, Free Downloads
A nice site!
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10.05.2008 19:48 EDT, bahtiar_rifai
Nice but 1st page give some downloads link.GET FREE ISLAMIC ALL.
03.05.2008 09:45 EDT, islamicbd
23.04.2008 13:19 EDT, habibkhan
22.04.2008 19:09 EDT, SHÉRIÇÉ (2 DÁ WÔRLD)
@}>-;- salam from bandung, indONEsia.
19.04.2008 00:18 EDT, islam
Καλησπέρα!  hi ! visit my 
09.04.2008 20:44 EDT, Liana
Ηi, my friend how are you?
09.04.2008 19:51 EDT, .....
where is my link to your site? ALL WORLD SITES
17.02.2008 13:12 EST, all world sites
Vizitati un super site adica: si dati un vot la more options daca va placut.
12.01.2008 07:25 EST, make_money
12.01.2008 06:30 EST, Liana
Super and intersting site
12.01.2008 06:24 EST, Mizan Rahman
Subhanallah mashallah. Keep it up dost.
It's almost done.
Keep it up rab.
Allah will help you to finished it.
27.12.2007 00:02 EST, °CUmarTE°
Assalamualaikum? Ur site was really great cool.. Keep it up..
26.12.2007 03:21 EST, Redgreen W5
what to say RAB ?? you are really true beliver of ALLAH it seems that.....keep it up...1 thing i dont understand why their is a different btw Jesus and Allah...Christian and Muslim ??? as u said that Jesus is the messenger of the Allah
25.12.2007 23:35 EST, usu143
Subhanallah,mashallah. Weldone my dost.
22.12.2007 12:23 EST, Mohammad Azam

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