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.:3.1:. PRESENT TENSE | a-2k-english-grammar

present tense
1. Simple present: It is used to talk about habitual actions and universal truths.
e.g.: I drink milk everyday.
I get up at 6'O' clock in the Morning.
The sun rises in the east.

*Structure: subject+present form of the verb.

2. Present continuous: It is used to talk about on going actions.
e.g.: Iam reading a book.
She is writing a letter.
They are playing a game.

*Structure: subject+ am (or) is (or) are+ verb+ing.

3. Present perfect: It is used to talk about actions that are just completed.
e.g.: I have just finished my homework.
He has just come in.
She has just started her performance.

*Structure: subject+have (or) has+past participle form.

4. Present perfect continuous: It is used to talk about actions which began at some time in the past and are still
e.g.: I have been waiting here for two hours.
They have been playing cricket since this morning.
He has been studying in this school for 10 years.

*Structure: subject+have been (or) has been+ verb+ing.

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