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.:6.3:. DEGREES OF COMPARISON MODEL-III | a-2k-english-grammar

model iii

Positive begins with 'very few'.
Comparative begins with 'than many other (or) than most other.
Superlative begins with 'one of the+adjective+st(or) est.

1. Hyderabad is one of the most populous cities in India. -Superlative Degree
Hyderabad is more populous than many other cities in India. -Comparative Degree
Very few cities in India are as populous as Hyderabad. -Positive Degree
2. 'The Guide' is one of the best books in English. -Superlative Degree
'The Guide' is better than many other books in English. -Comparative Degree
Very few books in English are as good as 'The Guide'. -Positive Degree
3. England is one of the richest countries in the world. -Superlative degree
England is richer than many other countries in the world. -Comparative Degree
Very few countries in the world are as rich as England. -Positive Degree
4. Amala is one of the most beautiful girls in the college. -Superlative Degree
Amala is more beautiful than many other girls in this college. -Comparative Degree
Very few girls in the college are as beautiful as Amala. -Positive Degree
5. Ali is one of the oldest persons in the world. -Superlative Degree
Ali is older than many other persons in the world. -Comparative Degree
Very few persons in the world are as old as Ali. -Positive Degree.

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