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Animals day |

Animals day

4 october

animals day - Newest pictures
World Animal Day2011

World Animal Day is the day which is entirely dedicated to the animals. On this very special day, the lives of the animals in all the forms are celebrated and unique events are also planned in the different locations in the entire world. Finally 4th October was chosen as World Animal Day because this is feast date of supporter saint of the animals and the nature lover,Francis of Assisi. The large number of the churches all through globe observe Sunday nearest to 4th October (World Animal Day) with blessings for animals. Therefore, the entire world celebrates the 4th October as the World Animal Day.
Nevertheless, now World Animal Day 2009 has gone further than celebrations of Christian saint but is currently celebrated by the animal- lovers from the different nationalities, backgrounds and beliefs. Theblessings for the animals areorganized in the synagogues, self- sovereignAnimal Chaplains in different fields and parks and also in the churches. The rescue shelters for the animals hold open days and the fundraising events, the group of the wildlife arrangesthe information displays, and schools undertake the project work which is related to the animals and the group of the friends, co- workers or the individuals contributesto the charities of the animalsor promise to sponsor shelter to the animals.
World Animal Day for appreciating and celebrating the relationships of the human beings with animals who share our earth and different ways in which animals enhance our lives. This World Animal Day 2009 also provides the very special opportunity in speaking for ensuring caring treatment for the farm animals and also to promote for the fortification of habitats which are residence to wild animals. This was started in Florence by the ecologists in the year 1931, who wanted to bring the attention to troubles of rare animals. Today World Animal Day is celebrated in the countries throughout the globe.
Now the question arises that how you can contribute in helping the animals? So the answer is very simple. The most wonderful and the commanding ways to help the animals is to become vegetarian, which will highly help in saving the animals, will help in the ecology of earth and will also help you in enhancing your health. Theother prevailing way to help the animals that you can perform is to stop purchasingthe things that are prepared from the animals as the fur and leather- in certain casesthere are numerous of synthetic or the plant alternatives. Do not purchasethe personal and the household products which are tested on the animals. Get yourself concerned in or donate to the animal welfare organizations and local animal rights. The World Animal Day 2009was intendedas the celebration day for everyone in entire globe whocares about the animals. World Animal Day is not restricted to any creed, ideology, nationality, political belief or religion.

Best regards

Rakesh khudia

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