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Eradication of Poverty Day 17 october |

Eradication of Poverty Day 17 october

17 october

eradication of poverty day - Newest pictures
International Day For Eradication Of Poverty 2011

Before starting discussion on‘The International Day for theEradication of Poverty’, I want to tell you themeaning of Eradication of poverty. In simple words, we can say that Eradication of poverty means to eliminate or removeor erase poverty. I believe ifwe eradicate poverty through various means then we can create equality in all over the world.
On October 17 of every year, The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is celebrated all over the world. United Nations in 1992 officially recognized it under resolution 47/196 with the motive of promoting awareness among the peopleabout need to eradicate poverty from all the countries, mainly in developing countries. Here, I also want to include that though this International day for the Eradication of Poverty was founded in year1992, but there were severalefforts taking place before this period for eradication of poverty. For Example, in year 1987 on this particular day (17th October) about 100000 people gathered on Trocadero Plaza in Paris to honor the victims of hunger, violence and ignorance to express their objection towards the continuous presence of poverty and to unite to ensure the respect of Human Rights. In 2000 Millennium Summit, leaders of the world committed among themselves that by the end of the year 2015 they will cutby half the number of people living in extreme poverty (people who have income less than one dollar a day). This day presents the effort and struggle of people living in the poverty and how difficult life becomes for these people as they are unable to get basic needs of life. Participation by the poor people themselves has been center of attraction of the Day's celebration since starting. The theme for this year’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty “Working together out of poverty” highlights the importance of a truly global anti-poverty place, where both developed and developing countries can participate actively.
This day is considered as anopportunity where we people can acknowledge the struggleand efforts of those people who are living in poverty, and also giving them the chance to make their concerns heard and recognize that these poor people are the first ones whocan fight against poverty. The main objective of celebrating this day is to make the voice of the poor heard. Its not only Government or social organizations responsibility to remove the poverty, but itis also a major responsibility of every person. Today, every one is running towards growth, money, success, etc but we people are not realizing how poor people are living their life, we are just living our life, and without any aim of helping other. But, this day isa great opportunity which is started by United Nation just with the objective of removing poverty or what allsuggestions or efforts are needed to remove poverty, or we can say this day is made to hear their concerns. Now, let me tell how this day is celebrated, Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental organizations arrange activities or special programs on this day so as to promote this topic and requests the suggestions or assistance on more improvement in the life style of poor. It also reflects the willingness of people living inpoverty to use their expertise for Eradication of poverty. Let’s discuss how the last ‘International Day of Eradication for Poverty’ celebrated. This was held in 17 Oct 2009. This day is celebrated in all over the world. Dramas, stage shows, cultural programs, etc are arranged to show the lifestyle of poor people, and also suggested what steps are to be taken if we wants to eradicate poverty. Apart from these Dramas, there arefew rallies and programs arranged byschools and Educational institutions which try to influence the thinking of people towards the eradication of poverty from all over the world. Here most of the participants are students. In the end I just want to add that it is very necessary to eradicate poverty if we want to see a beautiful world tomorrow. It’s not only government responsibility to erase poverty from world, but also a responsibility of all individuals who is thinking about a better tomorrow.

Best regards

Rakesh khudia

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