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¸.•♥ •Bf vs Gf• ♥•.¸ | a-smstrick

¸.•♥ •Bf vs Gf• ♥•.¸
A nice pick-up line:
Boy: Hey girl! Is ur name Google.?
Girl: No-But why..?
Boy: because youu have all the things
I'm searching for .... ***************** Why boys are so careless &
because they know that somewhere a
sweet & innocent girl
is learning to be responsible for them. ***************** Boy to girl before exam: Hey all the
Girl: All the best to you too
But girl scored 80 marks & boy failed . Moral: Only boys wish with true heart. ***************** there are 3 types of Men: 1- Europians
they have wife & 1 girlfriend
But they love their girlfriend
the most. 2- Americans
they have 1 wife & 1 girlfriend
But theylove their wife
the most. 3- Pakiztanis
they have 1 wife & 4 girlfriend
But they love their Secretary
the most.. ***************** Boys ki zindagi k 2 asool hain...
Wo kisi ajnabi larki ko lift nahi
karwaty.... Aur
Wo kisi larki ko ajnabi nahin
smajhtay....! ***************** Q: Why do Girls live Longer then Boys?
Ans: Shopping never Causes Heart Attacks,
But Paying da Bill does. ***************** Boyfriend, Do u think my salary is
sufficient for you?
Funny Girlfriend: It's sufficient for me,
But how will you survive? ***************** Boy: Boys are intelligent then girls!
Girl: Any proof ?
Boy: you always say intelliGENTS
but you never say intelliLADIES!
Great people Great thoughts. ***************** Boy:Main tmhy apna bana k chorga.
Girl: realy?
Boy: yes.
After marriage boy left her
with in week
Grl: why you did? Boy: jan mainy kha tha
tumhy apna bna k choro ga. ***************** 1st boy: you have got 15 girl friends,
how do you recognize them? 2nd boy:
oh i remember them by the parts i like
the best. ***************** Newton 2nd law of ishq:
A boy in love with a girl continue to be
in love with her
girl in love with a boy continue to be in
love with him, until or unless any external agent
(brother or father of the girl) come
into the play & break the legs of the
boy. ***************** Boy in restaurant sees a girl sitting.
Boy asks politely:Is this seat empty?
Girl(furiously):Yes! & once u sit on it,
my seat would also b empty.. ***************** Larkee apny bf sy
Mayra Jaanu
Mayra ladlaa
mayra guglaa
Tm mujhsy shadi karogy?
Bolo kichu pichu! Bf: Tum mujhay propose karna chah
rahi ho
ya adopt karna hai? ***************** Girl to boy: Shaadi k liye kaun see date
Boy: 22nd decembr
Girl: Koi khaas wajah?
Boy: han, Saal ki sb say lambi raat isi
date ko hoti hai.. ***************** Boys have fun by teasing girls,
then girls cry for few mins. Girls have fun by loving boys
then boys cry for life time
Funny but its a fact ***************** Boy: BUS or LARKEE
1 jaisy hote hain,
1 jati hai to dusri aa jati hy.
1 jaizay hotay hain,
1 ko bulao 5 chalay atay han ***************** Usually boys believe in what they see
and girls believe in what they hear,
that is why .... boys lie and girls wear
make up .. ***************** Most common chat on facebook: Boy:
hey (after few second boy thinks
kamini reply to degi hi nahi) Girl: hey
hi (aa gaya kamina) Boy: hows u?
(chudail ko kya hoga bhala) Girl: m
fine (puch to aise raha hai jese hospital me admit hu) Boy: bf hai? (kamini sb
ko add karti hai kitno ko fasa ke
rakha hoga) Girl: kyu btau? (kamina
shuru ho gaya line marna).. ***************** 1 larke ne achanak 1 larki ko dekh
kar bola : Lafz tere geet mere, Gazal koi
sunao kya ... Larki Replied : Haat mere
gaal tere, Kan ke niche bajaoo kya.... ***************** Girl: Plz Send Me Some Good Jokes.
BOY: Sorry Main Namaz pharny ja raha
hun.. Girl: Hahahaaa, Bas isi tarah k 2,
3 or send kar do.... Girl: How much do
u love me? Boy: Look up at the sky.
Girl: Don�t change the subject! Boy: Just do it! Girl: Alright! What am I
looking at? Boy: Count how many
stars there are. Girl: Impossible. Boy:
So is explaining how much I love
you ... ***************** Girl: Touch your Heart, You will feel the
rhythm of your heartbeat. Boy: Touch
your Head, You will feel the rhythm of
empty pot. Tin� Tin� Tin� *****************

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