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•´¯`•)»(Pista chio)«(•´¯`• | a1.fruit

•´¯`•)»(Pista chio)«(•´¯`•
pista chio
Delicious Pistachio nuts!
Pistachios are being cultivated in
large scale in the orchards in
United States of America, Iran,
Syria, Turkey and China. After
plantation, the plant takes
approximately eight to ten years
until it produces its first major
The fruit, in fact, is a drupe and the
seed kernel is actually the edible
portion. They are borne in heavy
clusters somewhat like grapes
bunch. Exteriorly, the mature fruit
features off white colored, hard,
shell with splits part way open
exposing the yellow-light green
colored oblongkernel which
measures about 1 inch in length
and 1/2 inch in diameter.
Health benefits of Pistachios
*.Pistachios are rich source of
energy and contain many health
benefiting nutrients, minerals,
antioxidants and vitamins that are
essential for optimum health.
*.These nuts are rich in
monounsaturated fatty acids like
oleic acid and an excellent source
of antioxidants. Regular intake of
pistachios in the diet help to lower
total as well as LDL or “bad
cholesterol” and increaseHDL or
“good cholesterol” levels inthe
blood. Research studies suggest
that Mediterranean diet that is rich
in dietary fiber, monounsaturated
fatty acids andantioxidants help to
prevent coronary artery disease
and strokes by favoring healthy
bloodlipid profile.
*.They are rich source of many
phyto-chemical substances that
may contribute to their overall
antioxidant activity, including
carotenes , vitamin E, and
polyphenolic antioxidant
compounds. Research studies have
been suggestive of that these
compounds help body remove
toxic oxygen free radicalsand thus,
protect body from diseases,
cancers as well as infections.
*.Pistachios are an excellent source
of vitamin-E , especially rich in
gamma tocopherol; contain about
23g per100 g. vitamin E is
apowerful lipid soluble antioxidant,
essential for maintaining the
integrity of cell membrane of
mucus membranes and skin; offers
protection from harmful oxygen
free radicals.
*.The nuts are packed with
manyimportant B-complex groups
of vitamins such as riboflavin,
niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid,
vitamin B-6, and folates.
*.These nuts are store
house ofminerals like copper ,
manganese,potassium, calcium,
iron , magnesium, zinc and
*.Pistachio oil has flavorful nutty
aroma and has an excellent
emollient properties; helps to keep
skin well protected from dryness. It
has also been used in cooking, and
as “carrier or base oil” in
traditional medicines in massage
therapy, aromatherapy, in
pharmaceutical and cosmetic
Just a hand full of pistachios a day
provides enough recommended
levels of phenolic anti-oxidants,
minerals, vitamins and protein.
Pistachio nutrition facts
Wonderfully delicious pistachio
nuts are popular dry fruits revered
as symbol of wellness and robust
health since ancient times. The
nuts are enriched withmany health
benefiting nutrients
that are essential for optimum
Pistachio nuts are dry fruits of
species of trees belonging to the
anacardaceae family; of the genus:
Pistacia . The plant is a medium
sized broad, bushy, dioecious,
deciduous tree, believed to be
originated in mountain ranges of
western Asianregion. Several
cultivars exist butthe most popular
variety grown for commercial
purpose is the kerman .

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