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Guestbook | al.islam4alls

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The minority Hindus are barely declining in Pakistan (In Pakistan 16% Hindus in 1947 came down to less than 2% currently and In Bangladesh, i.e. erstwhile East Pakistan, 27% Hindus currently turned into a 8% minority there). In the contrast, the 5 crore Muslims in 1947 have been turned a voluptuous 16 crores now a days as a major threat to dismantle the family planning programme in India. Another 1.5 crores Bangladeshi migrants have been added to the subversive strength in India.
11.10.2014 02:37 EDT, Urdu fun stories
Islam no way hose,the west,russia,china ,japan will resist this insane cult
Islam must learn to live in peace with de other 6 billion unbelievers,wether de be hindu,buhddist,athiest or christian,de west once had a dark age,after fall of roman west,i guess islam must move on from de barbarism n dogma that now plagues it..
Islam hopefuly will grow up n leave fanaticism dat christianity once had,er we use burn witches n heretics,'sound familiar???
How can any one say that islam for all? Islam is only for that who believe in islam not for all
22.11.2013 00:31 EST, anu
23.04.2013 00:24 EDT, QAMAR
Islam is only for muslims not for all human....islam devide the world in two parts one muslim world nd two non muslim world ....islam only the relign believe in violence
07.02.2013 10:13 EST, rajni234
Islam is the best but jamat islami group is not islami group . Its a terrorist group, a part of isi
Ascalamualaikum vai.
25.10.2011 15:20 EDT, No Off Shohel
HADITH: A believer stands duringa portion of the night to perform additional optional prayers, then he wakes up fasting, no sin will be recorded against him. Bukhari » HADITH: The person who fasts enjoys the gardens of Paradise and the angels keep praying for him till he breaks his fast. Bukhari » HADITH: The excess on the mouth of one who fasts is better in the sight of Allah than the sweet smell of musk. Bukhari » HADITH: One who fasts is considered to be adoring his Creator even while sleeping on his bed as long as he does not backbite any Muslim. Bukhari » HADITH: For every...
16.09.2011 03:40 EDT, MY FB ID zafar.shah.777
3 Chizon Ka Ahtraam Karo…. Ustad Waaldain Buzurg 3 Ko Saath Rakho….. Sachaai Emaan Naiki 3 Chizon Ko Yaad Rakho….. AhsaanNasehat Maut 3 Chizon K Ley Laro….. Watan Izat Haq 3 Chizon Py Qaabu Rakho….. Zubaan Ghussa Nafs 3 Chizon Sy Bacho….. Buraai Chughli Hasad (((Clik her ))) Http:// Http://
16.09.2011 03:38 EDT, MY FB ID zafar.shah.777
No its wrong ...islam not for all ...its only for muslims
13.09.2011 13:40 EDT, Sanjna
Salaamz...sincere request for all to Please sign this petition!!! the Petition is against the ban on Niqab! The aim is to get 1000 000 signatures!!Plz sign this & pass it on to your friends, Simply add ur name... its the least we can do... spread the word... JAZAK-ALLAH to all....
19.04.2011 20:29 EDT, gone
Get Daily Free Islamic Massages From Authentic Sources Of Islam. Just Send 1 Sms From Indian Mobile: JOIN SOUNDOFISLAM Send To 09219592195
09.01.2011 07:43 EST, SOUNDOFISLAM

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