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Pillers of Islam | al.islam4alls

Pillers of Islam
Eeman-e -Kaamil
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Islam have five basic pillers, on them the structure of Islam stands.
SHAHADAT;- its the first step towards Islam, in first part " LA ILA HA ILLALLAHO" in it a person accept that ALLAH is one and there is no other like ALLAH, means that everything is in its hand, and in second part " MUHAMMAD-UR-RASOOL ALLAH" it means that he/she accept Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) as prophet of ALLAH. . .it also means that MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) was last prophet, and islam is the last and final religion that ALLAH gives mankind.
PRAYER ;- It is second step after Shahadat, its must to pray five times a day and in every situation...its differentiate Muslims from other, and its also shows the relation toward ALLAH. . .the person who follow it, really feels that he/she born in this world for a mission, and that mission is to obey the message of ALLAH. . . .
ROZA (Ramadan) ;- its the third part of the base of Islam, in it muslims take fasting in a month called Ramadan in Islamic calendar. Its not only a part of our Islam, also very accelent for our body and soul's health. . . .whole body feel tuneup after Roza. . . . .
ZAKAT ;- Islam gives us also a very good system of finance. . .its fourth base of Islam. In which a person gives its 2.5% from his total income of a year to needy gives a balance of society. Its also the promise of ALLAH that Zakat refunds us in our life after death, that is forever. . . . . .
HAJJ ;- its the fifth part of islam, in which the person who afford. ,to go to MAKKAH and MADINA for Hajj in the month of Zilhaj in islamic calander. . . .it is must one time for every muslim whos have its strength. . . . . .

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