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MY GUESTBOOK | alphabetical

-my guestbook-
my guestbook is now
open for german
Visit my site please only images and animation
14.07.2006 06:45 EDT,
Add ur site 2 2 boost ur site traffic
17.06.2006 23:40 EDT,
got a site as good as this one add it to my topllist @
17.06.2006 17:44 EDT,
Yes its possible take an old nickname, but is so long time. If you want i can try
09.06.2006 21:55 EDT,
Mmm strange bro. Please try again when you can. Mopilot is great (pablo.a.f.00)
09.06.2006 08:33 EDT,
Hey bro come on visite me in Mopilot. Wich was your nickname? Please exchange links.
08.06.2006 09:56 EDT,
Please try download my videos again (pablo.a.f.00)
07.06.2006 12:55 EDT,
Hy Anthony,j am ok mate,here in Serbia everything is ussually like before :) MILENKO (vojaseselj)
31.05.2006 12:08 EDT,
--;--;-<{@ thx, dear. help with u pray for indonesia.
29.05.2006 07:38 EDT,
Pozz admin!!Poseti: (poruka)
27.05.2006 18:09 EDT,
Pozz admin!!Poseti: (poruka)
27.05.2006 18:09 EDT,
Hello :) have a nice weekend (poruka)
26.05.2006 07:07 EDT,
anymore,because that country do not exist anymore.Milenko (jastreb)
23.05.2006 11:24 EDT,
Hy Anthony,my mig do not work good in last few days.We have our president,and they have their.President of Serbia and Montenegro do not work (jastreb)
23.05.2006 11:23 EDT,
Really j dont know what j am :(. My mother is from Montenegro, my father is from Serbia and we live in Serbia. J dont know what to say about this vote :(. (poruka)
22.05.2006 08:12 EDT,
The worst was happend Anthony :-( Serbia&Montenegro don't exist anymore.About 55,5% people vote for indipendent,so from now we are two countries :-( J can't belive what hapened with my country.Milenko (kruna)
21.05.2006 23:35 EDT,
J dont play basketball so good but my country is famous in that sport (poruka)
20.05.2006 18:24 EDT,
Hi! check your gala mail i have sent you a matching set for your new frontpage. Best wishes Lioness (lavica.2k)
19.05.2006 15:26 EDT,
O yes j like football very much :) have a nice weekend (poruka)
19.05.2006 08:31 EDT,
J forgot,main reason why they want them is this:in 1993 moslem soldiers ocuppy one our town Srebrenica,in Bosnia.Our army with his command attack that town,and in only one day,we free that town,and killed about 7-8000 moslem soldiers.All NATO countries and of course USA,say that that was G E N O C I D,that was war crime.Nobody of them never say,that only 3 days before that,moslem soldiers killed over 3000 Serbs civilians near that town,and burned all Serbian villages near Srebrenica,that they silent.Milenko (kruna)
18.05.2006 08:17 EDT,
In Holland in that preason,are manu our heroes,our presidents,presidents of gueverments,generals...For USA and NATO they are all war criminals,because we fight for freedom in our own country.You don't remember when j was on mywap,j was put his picture on my site,and write:HE IS NOT WAR CRIMINAL,HE IS SERBIAN HERO.Mywap write me that j am N A C I S T and delete me.Milenko West countries in Europe say that we never be part of Europe Union,if we don't find him,if we don't forgot that two our republics. (kruna)
18.05.2006 08:01 EDT,
NATO countries,and USA,say that he is war criminal,thay want to Serbia find him,and send in prison for war crimes,in Hag,that is in Holland.We don't know were is he last 10 years,nobody know that.For us he is one of greatest Serbian heroes in 20 century. (kruna)
18.05.2006 07:53 EDT,

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