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°:..Green~ßlue..:° | angelika4baby

~V~ Evergreen<>ßluemoon ~V~
a birds ilu - Animated Animals/Nature Newest pictures

# L0VE & L0SS #

When you told me
you were leaving
it had all just started,
The hapiness in my
heart, had slowly
You gave me a rose
before you went away
I did nothing at all but
reminisce & cry all day
I put the rose in a vase
and I watched it
fade away, from a
beautiful color of red
To a dark and ugly gray.
Tear Drop by tear drop,
I cried and i cried
As piece by piece
the rose slowly died.
# THE M0RE #

The more i see you, the
more i like you the more
i like you, the more i
want you_the more i
want you, the more i..
Love you_the more..
i Love you. The more..
i want to kiss you and
the more you, leave me
the more i miss you..!

When you need me
as a Love a helper
or a friend, I'll be
there for you To do,
what ever I can..
When you feel sick
Have a fever...
Have a çold and
or need a tissue
I'll be there at the
ring of a bell, To
help you get well.
When you're a
little upset, when
you sad or when
you just don't
feel right..!!
I'll be there for
you anytime, Day
or Night what I
speak from my mind
My heart and my soul,
Is all true, when I say
I'll be there for you.
I know that you
will be there for me
So, there for you
I will be.

0ne small table
Two opens seats
A table for two set
for you & me to eat.
Romantic music
playing with two
candles lit. There's
two open çhairs
waiting for us to seat.
There's an elegant
dinner cooked just
right, A beautiful table
Set for us tonight.
So, I'll take my seat &
you'll take yours too
As we share this
Dinner for Two..!!

Love don't always
come, Every single time
& day So want you just
Let Love lead the way
Don't go hugging
on someone...
You know you,
really don't Love,
And don't even,
try kissing...!
If you know your
heart for them is
missing, Your own
heart Love knows
When you've, Really
Fell in Love so no
matter what no
one else say...!
Let Love lead the way
And if you and
Your Love one,
Ever split apart
Then it wasn't
The true Love from
Your Heart..!

He was here and
I was there,
I look for him
every where, It was
A very long time
Since I seen his face
I felt lost without him,
Scared and Lonely.
Finally I saw him
Running to me...
I was oh so happy,
I was back with my
Love, my very ßest
We was together..
Together at Last..!

Every time I take
looks at you ßoy.
I reminisce on what
used to ße...!
And since I çan't get
you out of my mind,
I ask if you çan
Please çome back to me
See you're the one
I dream about
When I sleep at night
And you're the one
I can get out of
my sight, So if you will
Please come back to me
And lets get this thing
back like it used to ße
Lets forget about
those things that
broke us apart...
Lets be lovers again
& çome back to my Heart..!
--Happy Valentine's Day--

I Love You...
you are my man,
you are my Lover,
you are my ßest friend,
you Love me and...
I Love You...
You kiss me and,
I kiss you too,
I have your heart,
& You have mine..
0h! you are my Valentine..
I want the Love,
We have to stay,
So, Happy Happy
Valentine's Day...!

I won't turn you down
And find another man..
I will stay with you,
as long as I çan..
ßecause Love is to good,
To walk away from,
And when I ße with you,
Good times do çome...
I won't turn you down,
And find another Lover..
ßecause like you..
There is no other...
No other Lover..,
That makes me feel,
They way you do,
Making me keep
Wanting to stay with you,
0h! I'll never..
Turn you Down,
And It's True..,
Unless you turn me
Down, Then I'll do
the same to you..!

<">< @ ><">
< @ >

(c) ßy power..!

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