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Dun wanna write in my GuEsTBoOk?!? »Enter °121212° as a Password to post TxTz hea«©
Just droPPing by. Good day to all the visitors!
08.04.2007 05:36 EDT,
Great site!!! Meet my french trance crew...
15.03.2007 19:43 EDT,
I hear you talking. Well,it's my turn now. I'm talking back. Look into my eyes. So you can see just where I'm at. I walked thousand miles to find out one river of peace. I walked a million more to find out what this SHIT means. I'm a bad ass guy in this messed up world. I'm the awkward in this crazy world. I'm a simple in this complex world. A nasty. You want to get with me? You want to mess with me?
05.04.2006 10:14 EDT,
MMMMMMMWWWAAAHHZ sexy eyez.Lol i still think u should keep ur pics up in my room.Lol they Extremely gud :) And tjz pic is soooo cute.Lil heartbreaker.Lol oh and KEWL site as u already knw mr perfect.Lol lucky lucky wifey ;p mmmwwahz luv ya Sindz :)
23.03.2006 11:11 EST,
Hey Bhaizz u freaky broo lmao....nice site man..better than mine ways best of luck for wat eva u do...n hope u'll b success in alll tc ur BhaiS ~SATPAL aka niceboy~
19.03.2006 16:11 EST,
MMMMMMMWWWWAAAHHHZZzZ SMASH!!Herez a humongous*HUG*to the sweetest funniest guy i knw.Yea yea u gonna say dat NT TRUE but shuddup and accept it ok?Lol You got a good heart and i hope we fwendz fa a Long Tym.Take care and drop in more.Love Skye/Mz BreeZy lol :p
27.01.2006 05:19 EST,

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