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Solution by PEPERONITY |

Solution by PEPERONITY
peperonity - Logos

January 21, 2010
¤ wapfaisal.p.c - the site didn't get enough vote.
¤ anilnk666.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ musha4u.p.c - the site has "HOUSE WIFE VIDEO 18+".
¤ gamenext.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ masud73.p.c - site has "Bangla sex story"
¤ x-clusivez.p.c - Site not found.
¤ - ok for Just Modified.
¤ hot09.p.c - obviosly his site doesn't get enough hits.
¤ power.mix.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ about.india.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ zone.p.c - not enough content.
¤ - not enough content, only external links.
¤ desi-kand.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ desi.kand.p.c - hasn't enough content.
¤ Gamezplanet.p.c will come tomorrow
¤ drp78.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ sonu141.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ onlyhot.p.c - free from adult tag.

January 15, 2010
¤ s.b.r.sonu.p.c - sorry but this site can't come in Just Modified for 3 reasons. 1. contains words like sex, 2. contains adult links, 3. isn't much more than a collection of external links
¤ america2010.p.c - Free from Adult Tag.
¤ news-videos.p.c - Free from Adult Tag.
¤ Reggaeton.mp3.p.c - Free from Adult Tag.
¤ Reggaeton.2009.p.c - Free from Adult Tag.
¤ ayur0.p.c - the site is available for most hits but there is not enough and unique enough content on the site.

January 14, 2010
. bigandsexy - is he sure that he hasn't changed the mail address and hasn't disabled the option "Be informed about new messages by e-mail"? Otherwise it could have something to do with gmail, maybe gmail blocks peperonity mails now, thinking it is spam, must be checked by others who have a gmail account, too.
. moon-star.p.c - this site contains adult text "Home made sex video" much other adult text and ault links, I tagged the site yesterday
.funzclub.p.c - has gotten the second place in site of the week, the fake detection has deteced the fake votes but though his votes weren't better than teh ones of
. f.c.m.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
. anilnk666.p.c - the following text cause warning - "HOT XXX SITES", "+18 XXX 18+", "FREE XXX DOWNLOADS
FROM SITES BELOW", "DESI HOMESEX", "SEX GALLERY", "Student fucks teacher" and many more

January 13, 2010
¤ alif-software.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ m.gamez.p.c- site will appear in Editors Picks next week.
¤ sarwar4all.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ anilnk666.p.c -The highlighted text cause warning "HOT XXX SITES", "+18 XXX 18+", "GET FREE XXX DOWNLOADS" and all of his porn links from "Student fucks teacher" to "RAPED VDO s" everything is in! And pep deleted the rape link!
¤ vs1960@ It seems that the problem is caused by the browser (OpenWave). This is a browser which isn't used as often as other ones and pep not tested peperonity for OpenWave, so the best and first step the user should try is, to install opera mini.

January 11, 2010
¤ talibmahammad.p.c - contains porn text and rape I admonished him, if he won't
remove it, the site will be blocked
¤ ani0009.p.c - about site move : if you have pictures them on a page, please go to
the page and click the picture, then "go to picture", there you find the option
"Delete file". If you don't have them on a page please go to "my area", "my
media files", "my pictures" and click the picture which should be removed and
move it to a page. Then go to the page and delete it there as
¤ free.gamez.p.c - not enough content
¤ anilnk666.p.c - contains adult
¤ saud3.p.c - there are not only files but text like "film
porno" , so it will not come in Just Modified.
¤ rinku73.p.c - adult tag successfully removed.
¤ user name: . . . . made a request about "Site Of Week". here is the solution what pep replied- that's not possible, because the ip changes
and many phones who access through the same gateway have the same

January 10, 2010
¤ - ok for Just Modified.
¤ hotcoll.p.c - the site don't have any adult picture but has adult links and it abuse adult tag.
¤ sarwar4all.p.c - the porn picture sexystef.jpg cause adult tag.
¤ - free from adult tag.
¤ hot-star.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ Girls.dreams.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ Girls.timepass.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ latestgamez.p.c - available for MOST HITS.
¤ musha4u.p.c - site has adult text.
¤ anilnk666.p.c - >hot adult sites<

January 06, 2010
¤ love.solution.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ mistermyth sorry, pep have rules and according to it they can't publish users information out.

January 05, 2010
¤ bollyqueens.p.c - adult warning removed.
¤ akshay77.p.c - got warning for using the text 'only s3x'.
¤ josanwap.p.c - adult warning successfuly removed.
¤ user name: sabrina.pc Peperonity send you the password on your mail, if you don't get that then pls let me know.
¤ disco-bandor.p.c - now free from adult tag.
¤ addindiansite.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ - invalid url
¤ wwe.p.c - too much external links.
¤ - free from adult tag.

January 04, 2010
¤ wwe.p.c site is moved to new profile.
¤ gamecus.p.c - site is free from adult tag.
¤ cc.history.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ - contains porn
¤ neha15.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ argentinamusic.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ zone-f305.p.c - adult - text: "VIDEOS.PICS.HOT.HARD.SEX.SEX.S EX"
¤ sarwar4all.p.c - contains porn
¤ glittergirl.3.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ download-city.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ nero.skynet.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ almz09.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ -

¤ rocky4ever.p.c - in Just Modified since august.
¤ m.gamez.p.c - not enough content for Editors Picks.
¤ almz.26.p.c - not enough content.
¤ girlz-gallery adult - already solved, but now tagged again because of symbols that should mean "sex".
¤ - almost nothing.
¤ latestgamez2.p.c - is now available for most hits
¤ - sh_t.jpg causes the adult tag.
¤ djkalpesh4u.p.c - already in Just Modified since may.
¤ k-hustler.p.c- is already available for most hits, so maybe not enough hits.
¤ imran1992.p.c - already in Just Modified since 24.12.09
¤ mdsohag.p.c - adult warning removed.
¤ - ok for Just Modified.
¤ angelika4baby.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ angelika92.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ girlz-gallery.p.c - adult tag successfully removed.

December 30, 2009
¤ ilu92.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ m.gamez.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ gam3z.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ Jaltadachhora.p.c - site not found.
¤ k-hustler.p.c - the site will come in Editors Picks next week .
¤ s.b.r.sonu.p.c - contains a lot of porn titles .
¤ mobi.rulez.p.c - free from ADULT tag.
¤ stephecy.p.c - is available for most hits, could be that it hasn't enough hits or only many hits from typical users.
¤ eacricket.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ sonamkapoor.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ - free from ADULT tag.
¤ new-software.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ akshay77.p.c - free from ADULT tag.
¤ djkalpesh4u.p.c - is available for most hits, could be that it hasn't enough hits or only many hits from typical users
¤ desi.adda.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ ayur0.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ hot09.p.c - ok for MOST HITS.
¤ como-dicez-q-dijizte.p.c - site not found .
¤ love.rain.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ moonlight.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ payal4love.p.c - still contains a pic with boobs
¤ blue-star.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ hotcoll.p.c - ok for most hits.
¤ hot.girls.videos.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ hot.hits10.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ imran1992.p.c - a lot of external adult links.
¤ gamez.3d.collection.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ avatar.gameloft.p.c - ok for Just Modified.

December 23, 2009
¤ Wallpaper.360 x480.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ Rajmob.p.c - contains boobs picture .
¤ - adult warning removed successfully.
¤ ramdevdarsan.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ Amysh.p.c - free from adult tag.

December 22, 2009
¤ mysteriousworld.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ sexy.girlz.p.c - not enough content.
¤ onlyhot.p.c - free from adult tag.
¤ gorgoroth.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ lovelyworld.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ s.b.r.sonu.p.c - too short for Just Modified.
¤ guachoriental.p.c - site is almost empty and there by it will not come in Just Modified.
¤ dheerajmallika.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ - free from adult tag.
¤ hot-wallpapers.p.c - free from adult warning.
¤ latestgamez2.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ gamezcommunity.p.c - ok for Just Modified.
¤ gamescheatcode.p.c - ok for Just Modified.

December 21, 2009
¤ - ok for Just Modified.

December 20, 2009
¤ eishu.rulez.p.c - adult warning removed successfully.

December 18, 2009
¤ - free from adult warning.
¤ - ok for Just Modified.

December 17, 2009
¤ mysteriousworld.p.c - adult warning has been added before this site.
¤ tareq.p.c - adult warning successfully removed.
¤ waynes.wallpapers.p.c - Ok for Just Modified.
¤ sex4india.p.c - contain porn.
¤ hotcoll.p.c - adult warning successfully removed.

December 16, 2009
¤ tazmohol.p.c - adult warning ...
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